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UKT 141026: The word "Para-Medicine" is my coined word from
Bur-Myan {pa.ra.hs:} - MLC MED2006-252
The word is probably derived from the name of an ancient pioneer, Parāśara (3100 BCE?).
This section was under the name MYANMAR MEDICINAL PLANTS , and it needs a thorough review, and I am going through it very slowly because of other works and also because of its large size. I am splitting it into the following:

Para-Medicine -- MP-Para-indx.htm - update 141130
  MMPD Bur-Myan Akshara index -- MMPD-indx.htm - update 141130
    A compilation by U Kyaw Tun, U Pe Than, and staff of TIL. 
  Botanical Names of Myanmar Plants of Importance -- MP-LSR-indx.htm - update 141130
  Medicinal Plants of Myanmar - MP-KS-indx.htm - update 141130
    by Dr. Kyaw Soe & Daw Tin Myo Ngw -
  Vṛkṣāyurveda (Plant Science) - MP-VR-indx.htm - update 141130
    by Parāśara (3100 BCE?)
  Plant Taxonomy -- taxon-indx.htm - update 141130
    by George H. M. Lawrence, Cornell University, 1951.

-- the following from old set-up are in one of the above
MMPD Genus-Species Alphabetical index -- MMPD-alph-indx.htm
   changed, and  names given by LSeikShin may no longer be current.
   CAUTION: A plant is named by Family/Genus/Species. However, it can have its family and/or genus
     UKT note to TIL editor: the following two indices are so intertwined that to separate them would be
    a major task. Don't meddle with them unless you have at least two assistants to assist you.
Over 200 species of plants are listed in this DB.
The compilation is based on publications, both in Bur-Myan and English, which are not readily available
   outside Myanmar. The Bur-Myan (& Romabama) names are in accordance with the names listed
   by MLC (Myanmar Language Commission).
      However, be careful of MLC transcriptions, where the phoneme /ʃ/ pronounced as <sh> is given as
   {ra. ha.hto:}. This is because Bur-Myan Palatal-stop {sa.} cannot take a {ha.hto:}, and MLC has to use
   the Dental-fricative {ra.} /r/ with a {ha.hto:}. This is wrong phonetically. MLC should adopt a new glyph
   to stand for /ʃ/. Otherwise, the Bur-Myan word for 'gold', would continued to be spelled {rhw} in Bur-Myan.
The family names have been updated to those given in A Checklist of the Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, and Climbers of Myanmar (Chklist) --by W. J. Kress, R. A. DeFillipps, Ellen Farr, and Daw Yin Yin Kyi, (Revised from the original works by J.H. Lace, R. Rodgers, H.G. Hundley, and U Chit Ko Ko, on the "List of Trees, Shrubs, Herbs and Principal Climbers, etc. Recorded from Burma"), Department of Systematic Biology - Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC, 2003, pp 590.Online: http://persoon.si.edu/myanmar/index.cfm
Some of the Myanmar sources:
- Botanical Names of Myanmar Plants of Importance, an Index in order of Bur-Myan akshara, by Agricultural Department (Planning), Government of Union of Myanmar, 2000, pp 65.
- Medicinal Plants of Burma (LSR) (in Burmese) {l-seik-rhing:}, (former name: Agricultural Department, Government of Burma) 1978, pp 513
- Pictorial Herbal Dictionary (in Bur-Myan) by Shin Nagathein, vols. 1 to 4, 1976.
- Burmese Indigenous Medicinal Plants (in English) by Daw Mya Bwin and U Sein Gwan, Pharmacology Research Division, Department of Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Rangoon, 1973.


UKT notes :
Doggie's Tale
 - copy and paste


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UKT notes

Doggie's Tale

-- UKT 130613

Mnemonic The Doggie Tale: 
Little doggie cringe in fear -- ŋ (velar),
  Seeing Ella's flapping ears -- ɲ (palatal)
  And, the Shepard's hanging rear -- ɳ (retroflex).
Doggie so sad he can't get it out
  What's that Kasha क्ष when there's a Kha ख ?
  And when there's Jana ज्ञ what I am to do with Jha झ?
On top of all there're hissers, Sha श /ʃ/ and Ssa ष /s/,
  when I am stuck with Theta स /θ/ !" 

Note to digitizer: you can copy and paste the following:
Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū
Ḍ ḍ Ḥ ḥ Ḷ ḷ Ḹ ḹ Ṁ ṁ Ṃ ṃ
Ṅ ṅ Ṇ ṇ Ṛ ṛ Ṝ ṝ Ś ś Ṣ ṣ Ṭ ṭ ɕ ʂ
Instead of Skt-Dev ः {wic~sa.} use "colon" :
Avagraha ऽ use apostrophe
Root sign √ ; approx ≅
IAST Dev: च ca छ cha  श ś [ɕ] /ʃ/ ; ष ṣ [ʂ] /s/; स s [s] /θ/ ; ऋ {iRi.} & ॠ {iRi},
  viram ् , rhotic ऋ ृ
Skt-Dev special phonemes: Ksa
Undertie in Dev transcription: ‿ U203F
IPA-, Pali- & Sanskrit nasals: ŋ ṅ ṅ ,  , ɳ ṇ ṇ, n n n , m m m
  Pali- & Skt {::ting}: aṁ , aṃ 
IPA symbols: ɑ ɒ ə ɛ ɪ ɯ ʌ ʊ ʃ ʧ ʤ θ ŋ ɲ ɳ ɴ ɔ ɹ ʔ /kʰ/ /ː/
  <church> /ʧɜːʧ/ (DJPD16-097)
  <success> /sək'ses/ (DJPD16-515)
  <thin> /θɪn/ (DJPD16-535), <thorn> /θɔːn/ (DJPD16-535)
  circumflex-acute :
  ấ U+1EA5 , ế U+1EBF
  upsilon-vrachy  ῠ 
  small-u-breve  ῠ ŭ

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