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U Kyaw Tun and Family 


U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Associate Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry (retd.), Taunggyi Degree College (now University of Taunggyi), University of Mandalay, Myanmar. Officially residing with son Dr. Zin Tun at 691 Upper Wentworth Street,
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA  L9A 4V6 . Engaged in research work in multi-disciplines for Tun Institute of Learning, in Yangon, MYANMAR.

UKT 191205: The nucleus of family, shown in the black and white photograph, is beginning to faint. I , the father, is now 85. Mother is gone for 15 years. Son is now over 60, and daughter is going to be 60 soon. Eventually the remaining family members will die: everyone will be forgotten. This is the story of every family. Death is the final result. What is more dangerous? It is the carbon-based body getting older, and getting infirm. What about memory that is situated in the brain? With the carbon-based brain gone it will also go.

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U Kyaw Tun (father) and Daw Than Than (mother)  - UKT-home.htm - update 2019Dec 
• Founder and president of Tun Investment Limited, incorporated in Ontario, CANADA
• Retired Professor of Chemistry
• Interests: Linguistics. English literature. Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Computer and Internet Tech
Daw Than Than (1931-2004)
• Co-founder of TIL
• Retired Instructor in Chemistry
• Painter • Than's Gallery: Room 1 | Room 2 | Room 3

• Who we are : more about the family and
read a poem by Daw Than Than: the Mother's wish
who knew she was going to die shortly.

Dr. Zin Tun
• National Research Council Canada
• Interests: Physics. Neutron scattering
See a list of publications by Dr. Zin Tun from 1982 to the present (2012) is included.

Daw Nini Tun
• Technical Manager, TIL Computing and Language Centre, Yangon, Myanmar
• Interests: Sample of webpages designed by TIL team in Yangon.
   Teaching of Biology at high school level
• Distance Education -- Daw Nini Tun, Daw Thetthet Theinthan
  Sample of teaching biology on Internet 

Maung Kan Tun

Maung Thit Tun
• Tun family home in Canada

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U Khin Maung Latt and Daw Khin Myo Chit
• Author - See Biographical sketch by her son Dr. Khin Maung Win
• Some publications:
  Her Infinite Variety and other stories - preface
  Stories and Sketches of Myanmar - preface
  Thirteen Carat Diamond and other stories - preface
  Electra Triumphs
  - Electra-triumphs.htm (link chk 141031)
  Facets of Life at Shwedagon Pagoda
Facets_at_Shwedagon.htm (link chk 141031)

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U Aye Maung and Daw Than Yin (note: Homepage_UAyeMaung.htm is yet to be written)
• Author -
• Some publications:
  Buddha and Buddhism


UKT notes
• Doggie's Tale


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UKT notes

Doggie's Tale

-- UKT 130613

Mnemonic The Doggie Tale:  
Little doggie cringe in fear -- ŋ (velar),
  Seeing Ella's flapping ears -- ɲ (palatal)
  And, the Shepard's hanging rear -- ɳ (retroflex).
Doggie so sad he can't get it out
  What's that Kasha क्ष when there's a Kha ख ?
  And when there's Jana ज्ञ what I am to do with Jha झ?
On top of all there're husher and hisser, Sha श /ʃ/ and Ssa ष /s/,
  when I am stuck with Theta स /θ/ !" 
Little Doggie don't be sad,
  You are no worse than a Celtic Gnome
  Losing G in his name, he is just a Nome!

Note to digitizer: you can copy and paste the following:
Ā ā ă ấ  Ē ē ĕ ế  Ī ī ĭ  Ō ō ŏ  Ū ū ŭ ː
Ḍ ḍ Ḥ ḥ Ḷ ḷ Ḹ ḹ Ṁ ṁ Ṃ ṃ
Ṅ ṅ Ρ ρ Ṇ ṇ ɴ Ṛ ṛ Ṝ ṝ Ś ś Ṣ ṣ Ṭ ṭ ɕ ʂ
Book marks: * star, † dagger (alt0134), ‡ double dagger (alt0135).
Bur-Myan: for {gna.}-onset use c ċ (U010B) - unfortunately ċ is non-ASCII
• Instead of Skt-Dev ः {wic~sa.} use "colon" :
• Avagraha ऽ use apostrophe
• Repha spelling: exemplified by
  € dharma: ध र ् म --> धर्म 
  € spota: ष ् प र ् श ा ः --> ष्पर
• Root sign √ ; approx ≅
• IAST Dev: भ आ इ ई उ ऊ
  ऋ ऌ ऍ ऎ ए ऐ ऑ ऒ ओ औ
  च «ca» छ «cha»  श ś [ɕ] /ʃ/ ; ष ṣ [ʂ] /s/; स s [s] /θ/ ; ऋ {iRi.} & ॠ {iRi},
  viram ् , rhotic ऋ ृ
• Skt-Dev Row #3: ट ठ ड ढ ण ; conjunct ट ् ठ = ट्ठ
• IAST Dev: Repha & Viram-position, e.g. तर्ज «tarj» [ targ ] = त र ् ज
• Skt-Dev special phonemes: Ksa क ् ष = क्ष
• Undertie in Dev transcription: ‿ U203F
• Using ZWNJ (ZeroWidthNonJoiner), e.g. , क्‌ष (code: क्‌ष)
  See Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-width_non-joiner 150630
• IPA-, Pali- & Sanskrit nasals: ŋ ṅ ṅ ,  ɲ ρ ρ , ɳ ṇ ṇ, n n n , m m m
  Pali- & Skt {ώι:ώι:tνn}: aṁ , aṃ 
• IPA symbols:
 ɑ ɒ ə ɛ ɪ ɯ ʌ ʊ ʃ ʧ ʤ θ ŋ ɲ ɳ ɴ ɔ ɹ ħ ʔ /ˌ / /ʰ/ /ʳ/ /ː/
  <king> /kɪŋ/ (DJPD16-300) 
  <kick> /kɪc/ (DJPD16-299 gives /kik/) and <kiss> /kɪs/ (DJPD16-301)
  <church> /ʧɜːʧ/ (DJPD16-097)
  <success> /sək'ses/ (DJPD16-515)
  <thin> /θɪn/ (DJPD16-535), <thorn> /θɔːn/ (DJPD16-535)
  circumflex-acute :
  ấ U+1EA5 , ế U+1EBF
  upsilon-vrachy  ῠ 
  small-u-breve  ῠ ŭ
• Subscripts: ₀ ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ : CO₂

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