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Our Family Home in Canada


Photographs by Maung Thit Tun (summer) and by Maung Kan Tun (winter).
Story by Maung Thit Tun.

I live with my paternal grand-parents U Kyaw Tun and Daw Than Than, and my maternal grand-mother Daw Khin Than, my parents U Zin Tun and Daw Kay Thwe Win, and my elder brother Ko Kan Tun.

We live in Deep River, Ontario, Canada.

Picture on 2003Aug20
We live on Frontenac Cresent. Here you see our street in summer (2003). Of course, everything is green in summer, but in winter (2003-2004), everything is covered with snow. Our house is on the left and you cannot see it. The trees on our street are pines and they do not shed leaves in winter.
We continue walking down the street, and now you can see our house -- the one partially hidden by our neighbour's tree in summer. But, in winter, you can see it. The lawns are green in summer, but in winter, they are under a couple of feet of snow.
Now, you can see the house. It is a five bed-room house, with a large basement which you cannot see. In winter the snow on the roof builds up to a foot or more, and there's the danger of the roof caving in. So, the snow has to be shoveled off.
This is our front door. There are flowers around in summer, but in winter, brrr ... , it is cold and bleak. But everything is warm and cozy in the house.

Please pay us a visit whenever you wish.


Update: 2013-10-19 06:35 PM +0630
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