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/ {i./I.} इ i (i)
  - i1r1r2-033b2-6.htm
  - i1r3r4-033b3-3.htm
  - i1r5-034b3-4.htm
  - i1r6r7-034b3-8.htm  (pronunciation change in Tib-Bur {oac~} to IE {aik~})

/ {i/I} ई ī (ii) - i2-035top-4.htm

Checking the "long" vowels, such as {aak~}, is almost unknown in Bur-Myan (Burmese-Myanmar ) except in those imported from Pali-Myan as in the Bur-Myan word for "petrol" aka "gasoline". You'll come across similar problem in words involving - (formal) with phonemes /- {u.}-{u}/ in the following files. You'll also come to the split into two schools of writing on the phoneme /ʊ/ (the vowel found in English words such as /pʊt/): - .


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