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The Bur-Myan {a.sa.} is pronounced in Hindi-Dev as / {a.kya.}/ which sounds like / {a.hkya.}/ to the Western ears. When {sa.} becomes the coda, it becomes a palatal-plosive, {ic}, with a change in the nuclear vowel as well. - UKT110624

Original folder from Univ. of Wash. - download-prem\a.htm

{a.sa.} अच - a1sa1.htm :
{a.hsa.} अछ - a1hsa1.htm
{a.za.} - a1za1.htm : this and the following two need thorough reviews. - UKT110624
{a.Za.} - a1Za1.htm : includes conjunct ज्ञ = ज ् ञ corresponding to {z~a}.
{a.a.} - a1nya1.htm

<Nyale> {a.} in the coda position imparts a nasal sound to the rime, {i}, with a change in the nuclear vowel. The resultant vowel is a front vowel. The nasal is realized in three pitch-registers in Bur-Myan: {i.}, {i}, {i:}

{a.Ta.} - MW-a1t3a1.htm : the following folders of r3 have been merged into this folder
{a.HTa.} - MW-a1ht3a1.htm
{a.a.} - MW-a1d3a1.htm
{a.a.} - MW-a1dd3a1.htm
{a.Na.} - MW-a1nna1.htm :

<Nakri> {Na.} in the coda position gives a nasal sound to the rime, {N}, with a change in the nuclear vowel. The resultant vowel is a back vowel. As with other syllables ending in nasal sounds, it has three pitch-registers: {N.}, {N}, {N:}. A very common word found in Bur-Myan is {BN} 'a financial institution - a bank' .

{a.ta.} - MW-a1ta1.htm
{a.hta.} - MW-a1hta1.htm
{a.da.} - MW-a1da1.htm
{a.Da.} - MW-a1dda1.htm
{a.na.} - MW-a1na1.htm

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