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Sanskrit-English Dictionary


by Monier Monier-Williams, 1899,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MWScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 111123
http://faculty.washington.edu/prem/mw/a.html 111123  Downloaded and edited by by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) .

in Burmese-Myanmar (Bur-Myan) by U Hoke Sein, Pali-Myanmar Dictionary, {pa.dat~hta.mi-zu-a}, 1st printing ca. 1959, Ministry of Religious Affairs publication, Rangoon , p1180.

Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm

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UKT notes

The following 3 indices are my attempt to split MW into smaller portions. As they have proved to be time-consuming, I have to stop this approach and proceed with linking to the downloaded files which still retained the file-names given by Prem.
{a.ka.}  {a.hka.}  {a.ga.}  {a.Ga.}  {a.nga.} - a1row1-indx-htm
{a.sa.}  {a.hsa.}  {a.za.}  {a.Za.}  {a.nya.} - a1row2-indx.htm
{a.Ta.}  {a.HTa.}  {a.a.}  {a.a.}  {a.Na.} - a1row3-indx.htm


The following will take you (offline) to the downloaded files which are being provided with a TOC showing the original pages.

In dealing with vowels, use vowel signs with {a.} as a stand-in for consonant, with the possible exception of  {u.} where the vow-let {U.} is sometimes more convenient.

Vowels: {a.wuN} 'paired' 
{a.} p001-126 - a.html
{a} p126-163 - aa.html
{i.} p163-170 - i.html
{i} p170-171 - ii.html
{u.}/ {U.} p172-221 - u.html
{u} p221-223 - uu.html

Vowels: Sanskrit
{iRi.} p223- ? - RR.html
{iRi} no bookmark - RRRR.html
{Li.} no bookmark - lR.html
{Li} p ? - 227 - IRR.html
   UKT: {La.}, {Li.}, {Li} are well-realized in Pal-Myan and Bur-Myan,
   but their equivalents are almost absent in Skt-Dev. I am placing them
   against IR and IRR tentatively. - UKT111203

Vowels: {a.a.wuN} 'non-paired'
{} p227-233 - e.html
{:} p233-235 - ai.html
{o}/ {au:} p235- 236 - o.html
{au} p236-240 - au.html

Consonants: {wag}-inner
{ka.} p241-334 - k.html
{hka.} p334-341 - kh.html
{ga.} p341-375  - g.html
{Ga.} p375-380 - gh.html
{nga.} p380 - gg.html
{sa.} p380-404 - c.html
{hsa.} p404-407 - ch.html
{za.} p407-428 - j.html
{Za.} p428-429 - jh.html
{a.} p429? - jj.html
{Ta.} p429-430 - tt.html
{HTa.} p430 - tth.html
{a.} p430 - dd.html
{a.} p430 - ddh.html
{Na.} p430 - nn.html

Consonants: {wag}-outer
{ta.} p431-464 - t.html
{hta.} -p464 - th.html
{da.} p464-508 - d.html
{Da.} p508-523 - dh.html
{na.} p523-573 - n.html
{pa.} p573-715 - p.html
{hpa.} p715-719 - ph.html
{ba.} p720-742 - b.html
{Ba.} p742-771 - bh.html
{ma.} p771-838 - m.html

Semi-consonants: {a.wag}-consonants aka semi-vowels.
The term "Semi-consonants" is more suitable for Bur-Myan because these are consider to be consonants - not vowels.
{ya.} p838-859  - y.html
{ra.} p859-891 - r.html
{la.} p891-910 - l.html 
{wa.} p910-1043 - v.html 

Semi-consonants: {a.wag}-consonants - Sibilants, Thibilant, and Deep-h
{sha.} p1043- 1107 - z.html
   MLC versions are: {rha.} and {hya.}. The IPA for this phoneme is /ʃ/.
   {rha.} is phonemically unacceptable, whilst {hya.} is objectionable because it uses a digraph.
{Sa.} p1107-1112 - ss.html
   Romabama has to let grapheme represent two phonemes: /c/ and /s/.
   The Skt-Dev and Romabama for /c/ is च {sa.}, and for /s/ is ष {Sa.}.
{a.} p1112-1286 - s.html
   The IPA for this phoneme is /θ/. It is a thibilant. However,
   Skt-Dev cannot pronounce it, and so they pronounce it as a sibilant.
{ha.} 1286-1308 - h.html 


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