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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
 - http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com 

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{a.nga.} / { n } : look also for {n} - there is no Skt-Dev words beginning with r1c5 & r2c5 consonants
{ n~ka} : letters n must be taken together: n stands for nga and not na .
{ n~ga.}

{a.sa.} / {ic} : {a.} checked by killed tenuous-voiceless palatal plosive-stop
{a.sa} : alternate form - {a.sa}
{a.sau:} : alternate form - {a.sau:}
{ic~sa.} : Pali entries


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UKT notes :

UKT 150227, 180812: Mauk'cha-Weik'cha Rule in Romabam: Though the in {weik-hkya.}-form is the current form, I prefer the {mauk-hkya.}-form, I have adopted a general rule for Romabama: "for one-circle use {mauk-hkya.}-form, but for two-circle use {weik-hkya.}-form". However, U Tun Tint, my close associate from MLC would not accept my rule.

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{a.gna.} / { n } (in form of Kin'si {  : look also for {n}

UKT 150110, 160501, 180812: My differentiation of Semi-nasals , r1c5, r2c5, and r3c5, from True-nasals, r4c5, and r5c5, has clarified the Nasal Endings shown on the right.

Since in {ing} involves row1-column5 ङ /ŋ/, Shin Kicsi {kic~s:} aka Kachchayano has used {n} in place of {ing}. Secondly, it is the aim of Romabama to get away from digraph.

You will find { n} in U Hoke Sein's Pali-Myan Dictionary as Kin'si  {kn:si:} 'literally meaning ridden by a centipede'.
See {kn~si:}-sign  in Romabama: introduction - RBM-intro-indx.htm > Romabama-rule4-9.htm 
" {kn:si:} {king:si:} /{kin: si:}/ - n. ortho. miniature symbol of de-vowelized nga {nga.} superscripted on the following letter. -- MED2010-016"


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{ n~ka} :

letters n must be taken together: n stands for nga and not na . Compare this
to {i} in p005.htm - there is no Skt-Dev words beginning with r1c5 & r2c5 consonants

p004c1-b00/ p010-021 

अङ्कास्य [ aṅka‿sya ]
- n. concluding scene which prepares for the next act.
21) अङ्कास्य (p. 10) aṅka̮sya scene which prepares for the next act.


p004c1-b01/ p010-020

अङ्कुर [ aṅk-ura ]
- m. shoot, sprout; grass.
20) अङ्कुर (p. 10) aṅk-ura shoot, sprout; grass.


p004c1-b02/ p010-019

अङ्कुरण [ aṅkurana ]
- n. shooting up, sprouting.
19) अङ्कुरण (p. 10) aṅkurana shooting up, sprouting.


p004c1-b03/ p010-011

अङ्कुरय aṅkuraya, ˚राय [ -rya ]
- den. . sprout.
11) अङ्कुरय (p. 10) -rya . sprout.


p004c1-b04/ p010-010

अङ्कुरवत्् [ aṅkura-vat ]
- a. having shoots.
10) अङ्कुरवत्् (p. 10) aṅkura-vat having shoots.


p004c1-b05/ p010-009

अङ्कुरित [ aṅkurita ]
- pp. sprouted, having sprouts; combined with (in.).
9) अङ्कुरित (p. 10) aṅkurita sprouted, having sprouts; combined with (in.).


p004c1-b06/ p010-008

अङ्कुश [ aṅkus ]
- m. hook, goad; stimulus; remedy.
8) अङ्कुश (p. 10) aṅkus hook, goad; stimulus; remedy.


p004c1-b07/ p010-007

अङ्कुशिन्् [ aṅkusn ]
- a. hooked, attractive.
7) अङ्कुशिन्् (p. 10) aṅkusn hooked, attractive.


p004c1-b08/ p010-006

अङ्केशय [ aṅke-saya ]
- a. lying --, sitting on the lap.
6) अङ्केशय (p. 10) aṅke-saya lying --, sitting on the lap.



-- 3 s . of √ag


p004c1-b10/ p010-005

अङ्क्य [ aṅkya ]
- fp. to be marked, -branded.
5) अङ्क्य (p. 10) aṅkya to be marked, -- branded.



[aṅkhya] X. P.
-- mingle. pari , . embrace


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{ n~ga.}


[AṄG] I. P.
-- go. pli (=pari), cs. aṅga-ya , stir: ps. revolve


p004c1-b13/ p010-004

अङ्ग [ 1. aṅg ]
- pcl. . emphatic: just, only; especially; . exhortative: w. voc. or impv.; . intr.: kim aṅga, how much more?
4) अङ्ग (p. 10) 1. aṅg 1. emphatic:


p004c1-b14/ not online

अङ्ग [ṅga ]
Skt: अङ्ग [ṅga ] - m. pl. N. of a people and their country - Mac004c1
BPal: {n~ga.} - UHS-PMD0011
  UKT from UHS: n. part, part of body, limbs and torso. m. the country of Anga (Bur-Myan: Inga ).


p004c1-b15/ p010-003

अङ्ग [ 3. ṅg-a ] n. (a. -- f. ) limb, member, part, membrum virile; body; constituent; secondary part; supplement (esp. the six of the Veda); resource; base (gr.); -ka, n. member, part; body.
3) अङ्ग (p. 10) 3. ṅg-a ) limb, member, part, membrum virile;


p004c1-b16/ p010-002

अङ्गक्रिया [ aṅga-kriy ]
- f. anointing the body.
2) अङ्गक्रिया (p. 10) aṅga-kriy anointing the body.


p004c1-b17/ p010-001

अङ्गग्लानि [ aṅga-glni ]
- f. bodily languor.
1) अङ्गग्लानि (p. 10) aṅga-glni bodily languor. 


p004c1-b18/ p010-031

अङ्गज [ aṅga-ga ]
- a. produced in, on or from the body, bodily; -gta, m. son: pl. children.
31) अङ्गज (p. 10) aṅga-ga produced in, on or from the body, bodily;


p004c1-b19/ p010-030

अङ्गण [ aṅg-ana ]
- n. court.
30) अङ्गण (p. 10) aṅg-ana court. 


p004c1-b20/ p010-029

अङ्गत्व [ aṅga-tva ]
- n. abst. n. from 3. ṅga.
29) अङ्गत्व (p. 10) aṅga-tva 3. ṅga.


p004c1-b21/ p010-028

अङ्गद [ aṅga-da ]
- m. N.; n. bracelet (on the upper arm); -dvpa, m. N. of a cosmic island.
28) अङ्गद (p. 10) aṅga-da bracelet (on the upper arm);


p004c1-b22/ p010-022

अङ्गन [ aṅg-ana ]
- n. court.
27) अङ्गन (p. 10) aṅg-ana court.


p004c1-b23/ p010-026

अङ्गना [ aṅgan ]
- f. woman; female (animal).
26) अङ्गना (p. 10) aṅgan woman;


p004c1-b24/ p010-025

अङ्गबन्धन [ aṅga - bandhana ]
- n. catching, snaring; -bhaṅga, m. collapse of the body; -bh, m. son; -bheda, m. self-betrayal; self deception; -mudr, f. a position of the fingers.
25) अङ्गबन्धन (p. 10) aṅga - bandhana catching, snaring;


p004c1-b25/ p010-024

अङ्गमेजयत्व [ aṅgam-egaya-tva ]
- n. trembling of the body.
24) अङ्गमेजयत्व (p. 10) aṅgam-egaya-tva trembling of the body.



-- f. slender body


p004c1-b27/ p010-023

अङ्गरक्षक [ aṅga-rakshaka ]
- m. body-guard; -raksh, f. id.; -rga, m. powder, paint, unguent; -ruha, a. growing on the body, n. hair on the body; hide; feather; -latik, f. slender body; -vat, a. possessed of limbs.
23) अङ्गरक्षक (p. 10) aṅga-rakshaka body-guard;


p004c1-b28/ p010-022

अङ्गवाक्पाणिमत्् [ aṅga-vk - pni-mat ]
- a. endowed with body, speech, and hands.
22) अङ्गवाक्पाणिमत्् (p. 10) aṅga-vk - pni-mat endowed with body,


p004c1-b29/ p010-018

अङ्गविकार [ aṅga-vikra ]
- m. bodily defect; -vidy, f. palmistry; -vyath, f. bodily pain; -samskra, m. adornment of the person; -sam--khyyam, abs. naming the limbs; -sparsa, m. bodily contact, with (saha); -h ra, m. gesticulation; -hna, pp. deficient in a limb: -tva, n. want of a limb.
18) अङ्गविकार (p. 10) aṅga-vikra bodily defect;


p004c1-b30/ p010-017

अङ्गाङ्गि [ aṅga‿aṅgi ]
- ind. limbs and body, reciprocally; -bhva, m. reciprocal relation of limbs and body, -of whole & parts &c.
17) अङ्गाङ्गि (p. 10) aṅga̮aṅgi limbs and body, reciprocally; -bhva, m. reciprocal relation of limbs and body, -- of whole & parts &c.


p004c1-b31/ p010-016

अङ्गानुकूल [ aṅga‿anukla ]
- a. pleasant to the body.
16) अङ्गानुकूल (p. 10) aṅga̮anukla pleasant to the body.


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p004c2-b00/ p010-015

अङ्गार [ ṅgra ]
Skt: - m. (n.) coal; stain; planet Mars; -nikara, m. heap of coals. -- Mac004c2
  15) अङ्गार (p. 10) ṅgra coal; stain;
BPal: {n~ga-ra.} -- UHS-PMD0012
  UKT from UHS: m. glowing ember, ember, coal


p004c2-b01/ p010-014

अङ्गारक [ aṅgra-ka ]
- m. coal; N. of an Asura; -karma‿anta, m. charcoal-kiln.
14) अङ्गारक (p. 10) aṅgra-ka coal; N. of an Asura; -karma̮anta, m. charcoal-kiln.


p004c2-b02/ p010-013

अङ्गारकारक [ aṅgra-kraka ]
- m. charcoal burner; -gvik, f. business in which coal is used; -vat, f. N.; -vra, m. Tuesday.
13) अङ्गारकारक (p. 10) aṅgra-kraka charcoalburner;


p004c2-b03/ p010-012

अङ्गारिन्् [ aṅgrin ]
Skt: अङ्गारिन् [aṅgrin] - a. just left by the sun.
  12) अङ्गारिन्् (p. 10) aṅgrin just left by the sun.
BPal: {n~ga-ri} - UHS-PMD0012
  UKT from UHS : mfn. burning as a live ember, what has the ember-red color


p004c2-b04/ p010-056

अङ्गिन्् [ aṅg-n ]
- a. having members; having all members; -resources; m. living being.
56) अङ्गिन्् (p. 10) aṅg-n having members;


p004c2-b05/ p010-055

अङ्गिर ṅg-ira, ˚स्् [ -s ]
- m. messenger between gods and meṅ (Agni being the chief of them);
- N. of a Rishi; a star in the Great Bear: pl. N. of the Atharva-veda and of a family of seers.
55) अङ्गिर (p. 10) -s messenger between gods and meṅ (Agni being the chief of them);


अङ्गिरस् [ng-iras]
Skt: अङ्गिरस् [ng-iras] - N. of a Rishi; a star in the Great Bear: pl. N. of the Atharva-veda and of a family of seers. Mac004c2
BPal: {n~gi-ra.a.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. descendants of Angira. m. the planet Jupiter.


p004c2-b06/ p010-054

अङ्गीकरण [ aṅg-karana ]
- n. concession; acquiescence.
54) अङ्गीकरण (p. 10) aṅg-karana concession;



- m. id.



- P. make one's own, subject; submit to, assent to; promise; concede, admit (ac.); cs. induce to agree to (ac., ab.).


p004c2-b09/ p010-053

अङ्गुरि [ aṅgri ]
- f. finger; toe.
53) अङ्गुरि (p. 10) aṅgri finger; toe.


p004c2-b10/ p010-022

अङ्गुरीयक [ aṅguryaka ]
- n. finger-ring.
52) अङ्गुरीयक (p. 10) aṅguryaka finger-ring. 


p004c2-b11/ p010-051

अङगुल [ aṅgula ]
- m. n. breadth of the thumb (as a measure = 1/24 hasta); -ka, a. measuring (so many) finger-breadths (--).
51) अङगुल (p. 10) aṅgula breadth of the thumb


p004c2-b12/ p010-050

अङ्गुलि [ aṅgli ]
- f. finger; toe.
50) अङ्गुलि (p. 10) aṅgli finger; toe.



[ aṅguli-k]
- f. kind of ant


p004c2-b14/ p010-049

अङ्गुलित्र [ aṅguli-tra ]
- n. (bowman's) finger guard; -trna, n. id.
49) अङ्गुलित्र (p. 10) aṅguli-tra fingerguard;


p004c2-b15/ p010-048

अङ्गुलिपर्वन्् [ aṅguli-parvan ]
- n. finger-joint; -pranegana, n. water for washing the fingers; -mukha, n. finger-tip; -mudr, - f. seal-ring; -sphotana, n. cracking the fingers.
48) अङ्गुलिपर्वन्् (p. 10) aṅguli-parvan finger-joint;


p004c2-b16/ p010-047

अङ्गुली [ aṅgul ]
- f. finger; toe; -mudr, f. finger-mark.
47) अङ्गुली (p. 10) aṅgul finger;


p004c2-b17/ p010-046

अङ्गुलीय [ aṅgulya ]
- n. finger-ring; -ka, n. id.; -mudrak, f. seal-ring.
46) अङ्गुलीय (p. 10) aṅgulya finger-ring;


p004c2-b18/ p010-045

अङ्गुल्यग्र [ aṅguli‿agr ]
- n. finger-tip: -nakha, m. tip of finger-nail.
45) अङ्गुल्यग्र (p. 10) aṅguli̮agr finger-tip:


p004c2-b19/ p010-044

अङ्गुष्ठ [ aṅg-shtha ]
- m. thumb; breadth of the thumb (as a measure); great toe.
44) अङ्गुष्ठ (p. 10) aṅg-shtha thumb; breadth of the thumb (as a measure); great toe.


p004c2-b20/ p010-043

अङ्गुष्ठपर्वन्् [ aṅgushtha-parvan ]
- n. thumb joint; -mtraka, a. of the size of a thumb; -mla, n. root of the thumb.
43) अङ्गुष्ठपर्वन्् (p. 10) aṅgushtha-parvan thumbjoint;


p004c2-b21/ p010-042

अङ्गुष्ठ्य [ aṅgushth-ya ]
- a. pertaining to the thumb.
42) अङ्गुष्ठ्य (p. 10) aṅgushth-ya pertaining to the thumb.


p004c2-b22/ p010-041

अङ्घ्रि [ ṅghri ]
- m. foot; root; -pa, m. tree.
41) अङ्घ्रि (p. 10) ṅghri foot; root; -pa, m. tree.


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{a.sa.} / {ic} : {a.} checked by killed palatal plosive-stop

UKT 150111, 160420: Note the difference between {ic} and {iS}.


p004c2-b23/ not online

अच् [1. ak ]
-- ka , ka , bend; go; honour: pp. akita , bent, curly; distinguished, extraordinary: -m , ad. carefully; cs. akaya , P. produce, cause, anu , follow, - one another. ava, sink; pp. sunk. , bend; gd. kya : pp. kna. ud, draw up: pp. ud-akta; utter, sound. vi‿ud, raise up. sam-ud, raise up: pp. -akta. ni, bend down; sink, hang down. pari, turn round, vi , bend asunder; spread out. sam, press together.


p004c2-b24 / not online

अच् [2. ak ]
-- grammatical term for vowel


p004c2-b25/ not online

अच् [3. a-k]
-- sx. -a , as krit expressing the agent


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p004c2-b26/ p010-040 

अचकित [ a-kakita ]
= अ च क ि त
- pp. not tottering, firm.
40) अचकित (p. 10) a-kakita not tottering, firm.


p004c2-b27/ p010-039

अचक्षुर्विषय [ a-kakshur-vishaya ]
= अ च क ् ष ु र ् व ि ष य
- a. beyond eye-shot; m. what is beyond the reach of vision.
39) अचक्षुर्विषय (p. 10) a-kakshur-vishaya beyond eye-shot;

UKT 160420: Notice the transformation from Skt to Pali:
{a.sak~Sa.} (hissing at the end) --> {a.sak~hka.} (non-hissing at the end)


p004c2-b28/ p010-038

अचक्षुस्् [ a-kakshus ]
= अ च क ् ष ु स ्
Skt: अचक्षुस् [a-kakshus] - a. eyeless, blind -- Mac004c2 (p004c2end)
  38) अचक्षुस्् (p. 10) a-kakshus eyeless, blind.
BPal:   {a.sak~hku.ka.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS - mfn - without knowledge or education. 


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p004c3-b00/ p010-037

अचण्ड [ a-kanda ]
- a. not impetuous, measured.
37) अचण्ड (p. 10) a-kanda not impetuous,


p004c3-b01/ p010-036

अचन्दन [ a-kandana ]
- a. without sandal ointment.
36) अचन्दन (p. 10) a-kandana without sandal ointment.


p004c3-b02/ p010-035

अचर [ a-kara ]
Skt: अचर [a-kara] - a. immovable. -- Mac004c3
  35) अचर (p. 10) a-kara immovable.
BPal: {a.sa.la.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. immovable. m. mountain

UKT 130614, 160420: Notice Skt rhotic {ra.} becoming Pali lateral {la.}
e.g. {a.sa.ra.} -->  {a.sa.la.}
This transformation has been notice by F. Edgerton. In his An 'original language' of Buddhism  in Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, he notes
  1.22. Take Lāghula  = Rāhula  (fn003-09); l  for r  does indeed agree with Māgadhī, ..."
See: - BHS-indx.htm > i02original.htm
  fn003-09. Lāghulovāde musāvādaṃ adhigicya , in the Aśokan edict ...


p004c3-b03/ p010-034

अचरम [ -karama ]
- a. not the last; best.
34) अचरम (p. 10) -karama not the last;


p004c3-b04/ p010-033

अचरमवयस्् [ akarama-vayas ]
- n. youth.
33) अचरमवयस्् (p. 10) akarama-vayas youth.


p004c3-b05/ p010-032

अचरित [ a-karita ]
- n. abstention from food.
32) अचरित (p. 10) a-karita abstention from food.


p004c3-b06/ p010-085

अचल [ a-kala ]
- a. immovable; m. mountain.
85) अचल (p. 10) a-kala immovable;



-- m. N. of a scribe


p004c3-b08/ p010-084

अचलन [ a-kalana ]
- n. immovableness; persistence in (ab.); f. , earth.
84) अचलन (p. 10) a-kalana immovableness;



-- n. N. of a town


p004c3-b10/ p010-083

अचलेन्द्र [ akala‿indra ]
- m. Himlaya.
83) अचलेन्द्र (p. 10) akala̮indra Himlaya.

अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra]
= अ च ल े न ् द ् र
Skt: अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra] - m. Himlaya. -- Mac004c3

UKT 130727: The way indra is used shows it is an "office of kingship" or a "ruler" -- not a given name. अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra] literally means 'immovable ruler'.



-- m. id.


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{a.sa} : alternate form - {a.sa}

p004c3-b12/ p010-082

अचापल्य [ a-kpalya ]
- n. discretion, steadiness.
82) अचापल्य (p. 10) a-kpalya discretion, steadiness.


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अचित/ not online  acita
-- adj. suitable, fit, proper -- SpkSkt


p004c3-b13/ p010-081

अचिकित्सनीय [ a-kikitsanya ]
- fp. incurable.
81) अचिकित्सनीय (p. 10) a-kikitsanya incurable.


p004c3-b14/ p010-080

अचित्् [ a-kt ]
- a. foolish.
80) अचित्् (p. 10) a-kt foolish.


p004c3-b15/ p010-079

अचित्त [a-kitta] = अ च ि त ् त
Skt: अचित्त  [a-kitta] - pp. unnoticed, unseen. -- Mac004c3
  79) अचित्त (p. 10) a-ktta unnoticed, unseen.
Skt: अचित्त acitta - adj. inconceivable, destitute of intellect or sense, unnoticed, unexpected, not an object of thought -- SpkSkt
BPal: {a.sait~ta.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. what cannot be thought of. n. a sound or word which is utterly senseless


p004c3-b16/ p010-078

अचित्ति [ -kitti ]
- f. lack of wisdom, folly.
78) अचित्ति (p. 10) -kitti lack of wisdom, folly.

p004c3-b17/ p010-077

अचित्र [ a-kitr ]
- a. dark; n. darkness.
77) अचित्र (p. 10) a-kitr dark; n. darkness.


p004c3-b18/ p010-076

अचिन्तनीय [ a-kintanya ]
- fp. not to be thought of; inconceivable.
76) अचिन्तनीय (p. 10) a-kintanya not to be thought of;


p004c3-b19/ p010-075

अचिन्ता [ a-kint ]
- f. thoughtlessness, disregard; absence of brooding.
75) अचिन्ता (p. 10) a-kint thoughtlessness, disregard; 


p004c3-b20/ p010-074

अचिन्तित [ a-kintita ]
- pp. unexpected.
74) अचिन्तित (p. 10) a-kintita unexpected.


p004c3-b21/ p010-073

अचिन्त्य [a-kintya] = अ च ि न ् त ् य
Skt: अचिन्त्य [a-kintya] - fp. inconceivable. -- Mac004c3
  73) अचिन्त्य (p. 10) a-kintya inconceivable.
BPal: {a.sain~t-y~ya.} - UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: mfn. inestimable. n.  something beyond comprehension


p004c3-b22/ p010-072

अचिर [ a-kira ]
- a. brief, short, momentary: --, -m, ad. a short time ago; shortly; at short intervals, repeatedly: in., ab. without delay, soon: often with present=future.
72) अचिर (p. 10) a-kira brief, short, momentary:


p004c3-b23/ p010-071

अचिरद्युति [ akira-dyuti ]
- f. lightning; -pra bh, -bhs, -rokis, -‿amsu, -‿bh, f. id.
71) अचिरद्युति (p. 10) akira-dyuti lightning;


p004c3-b24/ p010-070

अचिरोढा [ akira‿dh ]
- f. woman newly married.
70) अचिरोढा (p. 10) akira̮dh woman newly married. 


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p004c3-b25/ p010-069

अचेतन [a-ketana]
Skt: अचेतन [a-ketana] - a. senseless; unconscious, inanimate; thoughtless; -t, f. -ness. -- Mac004c3
  69) अचेतन (p. 10) a-ketana senseless;
BPal: {a.s-ta.na.} - UHS-PMD0014 
  UKT from UHS: mfn. without urge, without good intention


p004c3-b26/ p010-068

अचेतस्् [ a-kets ] = अ च े त स ्
Skt: अचेतस् [a-ketas] - a. senseless, foolish; unconscious. - Mac004c3
  68) अचेतस्् (p. 10) a-kets senseless, foolish;
Skt: अचेतस् acetas - adj. imprudent, unconscious, insensible -- SpkSkt
BPal: {a.s-ta.a.} -  UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: mfn. insensible, without good intention


p004c3-b27/ p010-067

अचेतित [ a-ketita ]
- pp. disregarded; thoughtless.
67) अचेतित (p. 10) a-ketita disregarded;


p004c3-b28/ p010-066

अचेष्ट [ a-keshta ]
- a. motionless: -m, ad. without stirring; -t, f. -ness.
66) अचेष्ट (p. 10) a-keshta motionless:


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p004c3-b29/ p010-065

अचैतन्य [ a-kaitanya ]
- n. lack of intelligence, unconsciousness.
65) अचैतन्य (p. 10) a-kaitanya lack of intelligence, unconsciousness.


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{a.sau:} : alternate form - {a.sau:}

p004c3-b30/ p010-064

अचोद्यमान [ a-kodya-mna ]
- pr. pt. ps. unurged.
64) अचोद्यमान (p. 10) a-kodya-mna unurged.

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{ic~sa.} अच्च

अर्चयति  = अ र ् च य ति 
Skt: अर्चयति { अर्च् } arcayati {arc} - caus. form. praise -- SpkSkt
BPal: {ic~sa.ti.} - UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: to praise, to salute, to puja


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p004c3-b31/ p010-063

अच्छ [kkha] = अ च ् छ = {ic~hsa.}
Skt: अच्छ  [kkha]- ad. near at hand; -or prp. with ac. to, towards. -- Mac004c3
   63) अच्छ (p. 10) 1. kkha near at hand; -- or prp. with ac. to, towards.
Skt: अच्छ  accha -- adj. clear, not shaded, not dark, lucid, pellucid, pure, transparent. m. bear, crystal [transparent] -- SpkSkt
BPal: {ic~hsa.} - UHS-PMD0016
  UKT from UHS: . mfn. clear. . m. ape, bear. mfn. (an animal) that can hurt (harm) you.


p004c3-b32/ p010-062

अच्छ [ 2. akkha ]
Skt:  अच्छ  [akkha]
- a. clear; bright, pure. -- Mac004c3
  62) अच्छ (p. 10) 2. akkha clear;
BPal: {ic~hsa.} -  UHS-PMD0016 
  UKT from UHS: . mfn. clear (transparency)


p004c3-b33/ p010-061

अच्छन्द [ a-kkhanda ]
- m.: in. against the will of (g.); ab. involuntarily.
61) अच्छन्द (p. 10) a-kkhanda against the will of (g.);


अच्छरा  accharā = अ च ् छ रा
Skt: अप्सरस् apsaras - f. fairy, nymph, f. gandhava female wives of the gandhavas -- SpkSkt 
BPal: {ic~hsa.ra} - UHS-PMD0016
  UKT from UHS: . cupped hands (for clapping), a snap of finger and thumb. . celestial dancer
  (differentiate from devi or female deva).

UHS uses a non-specific word {nt a.mi:} 'daughter of {nt} someone who should be worshipped'. He should have used the compound {de-wic~hsa.ra} 'dancer of the deva-world'.


p004c3-b34/ p010-060

अच्छल [ a-kkhala ]
- n. no deception, truth.
60) अच्छल (p. 10) a-kkhala no deception, truth.


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p004c3-b35/ p010-059

अच्छाच्छ [ akkha‿akkha ]
- a. perfectly clear or transparent.
59) अच्छाच्छ (p. 10) akkha̮akkha perfectly clear or transparent.



[a-kkhnta ]
-- 2 pl. impf. of √2. khad


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p004c3-b37/ p010-058

अच्छिद्र [ a-kkhidra ]
- a. intact; uninterrupted; faultless: -m, in., ad. uninterruptedly, from beginning to end.
58) अच्छिद्र (p. 10) a-kkhidra intact;


p004c3-b38/ p010-057

अच्छिन्न [ -kkhinna ]
- pp. not cut off; intact.
57) अच्छिन्न (p. 10) -kkhinna not cut off; intact.


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p004c3-b39/ p010-087

अच्छेद्य [ a-kkhedya ]
- fp. not to be cut off; indivisible.
87) अच्छेद्य (p. 10) a-kkhedya not to be cut off;


p004c3-b40/ p010-086

अच्युत [ -kyuta ]
- pp. firm, imperishable; m. epithet of Vishnu. (p004c3end)
86) अच्युत (p. 10) -kyuta firm, imperishable;

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