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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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UKT notes :
UKT 151204: To the chemist, the word saltpetre rings a bell. Saltpetre is Potassium nitrate, KNO3 , abundantly found in guano the old droppings of bats. Almost all interiors of caves and old buildings in our regions are where bats - who eats flying insects - nests. The air in these places are nauseating and causes people who are not used to these places to sneeze. Guano is used as fertilizer, but most importantly to make explosives by mixing with charcoal powder and sulphur. The ancients must have known about these things and might have been used in military campaigns.

You will find that the meanings of many entries below are related when you think in terms of military campaigns - one of the disasters of {kp kri: on: pa:} feared by ordinary people. They wish in their daily prayers [note: Theravada Buddhists do not pray technically to any Almighty God, which they do not think, exist.] that they be spared from these disasters.

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{kSa.ma.} : cont


p078c1-b01/ not online

क्षमिन् [ksham-in]
Skt: क्षमिन् [ksham-in] - a. id., towards (lc.). -- Mac078c1
Skt: क्षमिन् kṣamin - adj. patient, forbearing, enduring -- SpkSkt


p078c1-b02/ p059-059

क्षम्य [ kshm-ya ]
- a. earthly.
59) क्षम्य (p. 59) kshm-ya earthly.


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p078c1-b03/ p059-058

क्षय [ . kshy-a ]
- a. dwelling; m. abode, seat; tribe, people.
58) क्षय (p. 59) . kshy-a dwelling;


p078c1-b04/ p059-057

क्षय [ . kshay-a ]
- m. decrease; depreciation; decline, loss, destruction; end: ac. with verbs of going: decrease, come to an end, be lost, perish; -kara, -kartri, -krit, a. destroying (--).
57) क्षय (p. 59) . kshay-a decrease;

क्षय [ . kshay-a ]
Skt: क्षय [ . kshay-a ] - m. decrease; depreciation; decline, loss, destruction; end: ... - Mac078c1
Skt: क्षय kṣaya - adj. dwelling. m. abode, end, family, wasting or wearing away, ... ... - SpkSkt
BPal: {hka.ya.} - UHS PMD0345
  UKT from UHS: . m. depletion. . residence. 


p078c1-b05/ p059-056

क्षयण [ kshay-ana ]
- a. destroying (--).
56) क्षयण (p. 59) kshay-ana destroying


p078c1-b06/ p059-055

क्षयदिवस [ kshaya-divasa ]
- m. day of the world's destruction; -paksha, m. fortnight of the moon's wane; -yukta, pp. ruined, fallen; -yukti, f. destruction, ruin; -rog-in, a. consumptive [UKT: tuberculosis - an incurable lung disease - which makes the person suffering from it as if slowly being dried up and burnt away by an internal fire]: -i-tva, n. consumption.
55) क्षयदिवस (p. 59) kshaya-divasa day of the world's destruction


p078c1-b07/ not online

क्रयिता [kshay-i-t]
- f., -tva , n. annihilation; transitoriness; -in , a. decreasing; transitory; consumptive; -ishanu , a. transitory : destructive


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p078c1-b08/ not online 

क्षर् [ kshar ]
- i. p. () kshra , flow; pass away, perish; pour forth, discharge, yield; emit a stream; cs. ...


p078c1-b09/ p059-054

क्षर [ kshar-a ]
- a. passing away, transitory; -ana, n. flowing; effusion.
54) क्षर (p. 59) kshar-a passing away,


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p078c1-b10/ not online

क्षल् [ kshal ]
- x. p. kshlaya , wash; cleanse, purify, remove. pra , wash, cleanse. abhi-pra , cleanse. vi , wash away


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p078c1-b11/ p059-053

क्षव [ kshva ], ˚थु [ -thu ]
- m. sneezing, sneeze.
53) क्षव (p. 59) -thu sneezing,


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p078c1-b12/ p059-052

क्षा [ . KSH ]
- v.  kshai
52) क्षा (p. 59) . KSH  KSHAI.


p078c1-b13/ p059-051

क्षा [ . ksh ]
- f. earth; abode.
51) क्षा (p. 59) . kshaN earth;

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p078c1-b14/ p059-050

क्षात्र [ kshtra ]
= (क ् ष ा) (त ् र )
- a. () peculiar to the military caste; n. royal dignity.
50) क्षात्र (p. 59) kshtra () peculiar 


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p078c1-b15/ p059-049

क्षान्त [ kshn-ta ]
= (क ् ष ा न ्) (त )
Skt: क्षान्त [ kshn-ta ] - pp. √ksham; n. patience, forbearance. - Mac078c1
  49) क्षान्त (p. 59) kshn-ta √ksham; n. patience, f
BPal: {hkn~ta.} - UHS PMD0344
  UKT from UHS: mfn. forbearance


p078c1-b16/ p059-048

  क्षान्ति [ kshn-ti ]
- f. id.; mat, a. patient, forbearing; -sla, m. N. (patient).
48) क्षान्ति (p. 59) kshn-ti patient,


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p078c1-b17/ p059-047

क्षाम [ ksh-m ]
- a. singed, scorched; parched, dried up; emaciated, slender; weak, little, insignificant: -kshma, a. quite emaciated.
47) क्षाम (p. 59) ksh-m singed,


p078c1-b18/ p059-046

क्षामन्् [ ksh-man ]
- n. earth, ground.
46) क्षामन्् (p. 59) kshaN-man earth, ground.


p078c1-b19/ not online

क्षामीकृ [kshm-kri ]
- shorten, entrail


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p078c1-b20/ p059-077

क्षार [ ksh-ra ]
- a. caustic, salty; sharp, cutting (wind); m. (n. rare) burning or corrosive substance; saltpetre, potash, etc.: -kshata, pp. corroded by saltpetre; -kshna, pp. id.: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -lavana, n. du. caustic & salt.
77) क्षार (p. 59) ksh-ra caustic,

UKT 151204: To the chemist, the word saltpetre rings a bell. Saltpetre is Potassium nitrate, KNO3 , abundantly found in guano the old droppings of bats. Almost all interiors of caves and old buildings in our regions are where the bats - who eats flying insects - nests. The air in these places are nauseating and causes people who are not used to these places to sneeze. Guano is used as fertilizer, but most importantly to make explosives by mixing with charcoal powder and sulphur. The ancients must have known about these things and might have been used in military campaigns.

p078c1-b21/ not online

क्षारयितृ [kshr-ay-i-tri ]
- a. causing to flow 


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p078c1-b22/ p059-076

क्षाल [ kshl-a ]
- m. washing; -ana, n. id.; a. washing, wiping away (also fig.).
76) क्षाल (p. 59) kshl-a washing;

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p078c1-b23/ not online

क्षि [ kshi ]
- . (v.); p. ii. ksh-ti , iv. kshiy , dwell, abide; inhabit; cs. kshayya or kshapaya , cause to dwell peacefully, pacify, adhi , dwell in or near, rest upon; spread over (ac., lc.) upa , dwell in, abide by (also fig., w. ac.). pari , dwell around (ac.)


p078c1-b24/ not online

  क्षि [ kshi ]
- . i. p. kshya , (v.) possess, rule over (g.)


p078c1-b25/ not online

क्षि [ kshi ]
- . p. ix. kshi-n , (v.); v. kshino ; i. kshay-a , (e.) destroy; oppress; ps. kaya , decrease, wane; ceases; be exhausted; disappear, perish : pp. ...


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p078c2-b01/ p059-075

क्षित् [ kshi-t ]
- a. n. dweller; ruler (--).
75) क्षित् (p. 59) kshi-t dweller;


p078c2-b02/ p059-074

क्षिति [ . kshi-t ]
- f. abode, dwelling; earth, land: pl. the tribes, races, peoples, men.
74) क्षिति (p. 59) 1. kshi-t abode,


p078c2-b03/ p059-073

क्षिति [ . ksh-ti ]
- f. destruction.
73) क्षिति (p. 59) 2. ksh-ti destruction.


p078c2-b04/ p059-070

क्षितिकम्प [ kshiti-kampa ]
- m. earthquake; -kshit, m. king, prince; -kshoda, m. dust of the earth; -tala, n. surface of the earth: -‿apsaras, f. Apsaras dwelling on earth; -dhara, m. mountain; -dhenu, f. the cowlike earth; -pa, -pati, -pla, -bhug, m. king; -bhrit, m. mountain; king; -rasa, m. sap of the earth; -lava-bhug, m. petty prince; -sakpati, m. king; -sata-kratu, m. id.; -‿indra, -‿sa, -‿svara, m. king.
70) क्षितिकम्प (p. 59) kshiti-kampa earthquake;

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p078c2-b05/ not online

क्षिप् [ kship ]
- vi. kship , throw, cast, discharge (at, upon, d., g., lc., or upari ); move rapidly; utter (words); direct (thoughts or gaze); hit; strew, pour, put (into, lc.); set down; throw off; let go; cast blame on (lc.); inveigh against, abuse, mock; destroy, lose; pass, bide (time); cs. kahepaya, cause to be thrown into (antar), cause to descend into (lc.); crack. adhi, throw dirt on, revile, insult, offend, mock at. abhi, hit sharply (with a whip). ava, cast down, let fly; throw into (lc.). , throw upon (lc.), at (d.); cast ashore; touch (ac.) with (in.); pull or carry away; take away from (ab.); withdraw; rob; attract (fig.), absorb; expel from (ab.); put into (lc.); refer to; raise and objection to (ac.); reproach with; insult; produce, effect.

pari‿ , entwine with (in.). vi‿ , stretch out; carry away, captivate: pp. --, full of. sam-, accumulate; insult; indicate. ud, throw up, raise; place upon. sam-ud, throw up, raise; free from (ab.). upa, hint at, allude to. ni, throw down; throw upon (lc. or upari), put down, place upon or in (lc.); direct the gaze towards (lc. or ad. in -tas); abhandon, give up, hand over, deliver, entrust, to (lc.); bestow; appoint to (lc.); cs. cause to be drawn up. upa-ni, put down, vi-ni, throw or put down; entrust; pp. placed in (--). pari, throw along (a distance); wind round; surround; embrace. pra, cast, throw at or in, plae in (lc.); put before; let down. vi, throw about, cast hither and thither, scatter; *handle; distract; pp. distraught. pra-vi, pp. agitated. sam, heap up; compress, curtail, diminish; destroy: pp. contracted condensed; narrow; short, concise.


p078c2-b06/ p059-069

क्षिप्् [ kshp ]
- f. (only nm. pl.) finger: -, f. (only in. pl.) id.
69) क्षिप्् (p. 59) kshp finger:


p078c2-b07/ p059-068

क्षिप्त [ kship-t ]
- pp. √kship; n. (shot) wound: -kitta, a. distraught: -t, f. absence of mind; -yoni, a. of contemptible birth.
68) क्षिप्त (p. 59) kship-t √kship;


p078c2-b08/ p059-067

क्षिप्र [ kship-r ]
- a. elastic (bow); quick, rapid: -m or ab. quickly, directly, at once: ‿ishu, a. having swift arrows.
67) क्षिप्र (p. 59) kship-r elastic (bow); quick, rapid:


p078c2-b09/ not online

क्षिलिका [kshilik]
- f. N.


p078c2-b10/ p059-066

क्षीण [ kshn ]
- pp. √3. kshi: -karman, a. whose desire for action is at an end; -kosa, a. whose treasury is exhausted; -tamas, m. N. of a Vihra; -t, f. injury, damage; -tva, n. disappearance; -vritti, a. whose provisions are exhausted; -‿dhi, a. freed from distress; -‿yus, a. moribund.
66) क्षीण (p. 59) kshn √3. kshi: -karman, a. whose desire for action is at an end;

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p078c3-b00/ p059-065

क्षीब [ kshba ], क्षीव [ kshva ]
- a. intoxicated; excited: -t, f., -tva, n. intoxication.
65) क्षीब (p. 59) kshva intoxicated; excited:


p078c3-b01/ p059-064

क्षीर [ kshr ]
- n. milk; milky sap (of plants).
64) क्षीर (p. 59) kshr milk;


p078c3-b02/ p059-089

क्षीरकुण्ड [ kshra-kunda ]
- n. milk-pot; -kshaya, m. failure of milk (in the udder); -dhi, m. ocean of milk; -nidhi, m. id.; -nra, n. milk and water (--); -pa, a. drinking only milk; m. suckling, infant, child; -bhrita, pp. paid with milk; -maya, a. representing milk; -mahrnava, m. ocean of milk; ()-vat, a. full of milk; -vridhi, m. ocean of milk; -vriksha, m. tree with milky juice, the common name of the Nyagrodha, Udumbara, Asvattha, and Madhka; -shshtika, n. sixty days' rice with milk; -samudra, -sgara, m. ocean of milk; -snigdha, pp. moist with milky juice; -svmin, m. N. of a grammarian.
89) क्षीरकुण्ड (p. 59) kshra-kunda milk-pot;


p078c3-b03/ p059-088

क्षीरान्न [ kshra‿anna ]
- n. rice boiled in milk; -‿abdhi, m. ocean of milk; -‿ambudhi, m. id.
88) क्षीरान्न (p. 59) kshra̮anna rice boiled in milk;


p078c3-b04/ p059-087

क्षीराय [ kshr-ya ]
- den. . become milk.
87) क्षीराय (p. 59) kshr-ya . become milk.


p078c3-b05/ p059-086

क्षीरिन्् [ kshr-n ]
- a. abounding in milk; containing milky juice.
86) क्षीरिन्् (p. 59) kshr-n abounding in milk;


p078c3-b06/ p059-095

क्षीरोद [ kshra‿uda ]
- m. ocean of milk: -dhi, m. id.; -‿rmi, m. f. wave of the ocean of milk.
95) क्षीरोद (p. 59) kshra̮uda ocean of milk:


p078c3-b07/ p059-094

क्षीव [ kshva ]
- v. kshba. |
94) क्षीव (p. 59) kshva kshba.

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p078c3-b08/ not online

क्षु [ kshu ]
- ii. p. kshau-ti , sneeze; pp. kshuta , having sneezed; n. sneeze. ava , pp. sneezed upon


p078c3-b09/ p059-093

क्षु [ ksh ]
Skt: क्षु [ ksh ] - n. [gh(a)s-] food, nutriment. - Mac078c3
  93) क्षु (p. 59) ksh [gh(a)s-] food, nutriment.
Skt: क्षु  kṣu - n. food - SpkSkt
BPal: {hku.} - UHS PMD0349
  UKT from UHS: non-gender  actuality 'substantial'

UKT 151205: I wonder why Pal & Skt meanings are apparently very different. It may be the same if we take "what is substantial to the human body" is "food".


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p078c3-b10/ p059-092

क्षुण [ kshun-na ]
- pp. √kshud.
92) क्षुण (p. 59) kshun-na √kshud.


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p078c3-b11/ p059-091

क्षुत्् [ ksh-t ]
- f. sneezing.
91) क्षुत्् (p. 59) ksh-t sneezing.


p078c3-b12/ p059-085

क्षुत्क्षाम [ kshut-kshma ]
- a. emaciated with hunger: -kantha, a. hvg. a throat --; -pipsita, pp. tormented with hunger and thirst.
85) क्षुत्क्षाम (p. 59) kshut-kshma emaciated with hunger:


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p078c3-b13/ not online 

क्षुद् [ kshud ]
- i. p. kshda , pound : pp. ksunna , troden; crushed, broken; pierced. pra , goad, urge on. vi , pound ; urge on


p078c3-b14/ p059-084

क्षुद्र [ kshud-r ]
- a. small, tiny; low, mean, base; wicked (in jest): (a)-ka, a. small, tiny; *-ghantik, f. small bell (ornament).
84) क्षुद्र (p. 59) kshud-r small, tiny;


p078c3-b15/ p059-083

क्षुद्रजन्तु [ kshudra-gantu ]
- m. small animal; insignificant person; -pasu, m. small live stock: -mat, a. possessing --; -buddhi, m. N. of a jackal (base-minded); -satru, m. insignificant foe; -skta, n. short hymn; m. author of short hymns.
83) क्षुद्रजन्तु (p. 59) kshudra-gantu small animal;


p078c3-b16/ p059-082

क्षुद्राक्ष [ kshudra‿aksha ]
- a. having small meshes; -‿karita, pp. frequented by low persons; -‿antra, n. small cavity of the heart.
82) क्षुद्राक्ष (p. 59) kshudra̮aksha having small meshes;


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p078c3-b17/ not online

क्षुध् [ kshudh ]
- iv. p. ksdhya , be hungry: pp. kshudhita , hungry


p078c3-b18/ p059-081

क्षुध्् [ kshdh ]
- f. hunger.
81) क्षुध्् (p. 59) kshdh hunger.



क्षुधा [ kshudh- ]
- f. id.: -kara, a. causing hunger; -‿rta, pp. tortured with hunger.
80) क्षुधा (p. 59) kshudh- causing hunger;


p078c3-b20/ p059-079

क्षुधालु [ kshudh-lu ]
- a. hungry.
79) क्षुधालु (p. 59) kshudh-lu hungry.


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p078c3-b21/ p059-078

क्षुन्निरोध [ kshun-nirodha ]
= क ् ष ु न ् न ि र ो ध
- m. suppression of hunger, starvation; -mat, a. hungry.
78) क्षुन्निरोध (p. 59) kshun-nirodha suppression of hunger,


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p078c3-b22/ p059-035

  क्षुप [ kshupa ]
- m., , f. shrub, bush; a-ka, m., a-k, f. id.
35) क्षुप (p. 59) kshupa shrub, bush;


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p078c3-b23/ p059-034

क्षुब्ध [ kshub-dha ]
= क ् ष ु ब ् ध
- pp. √kshubh: -t, f. commotion.
34) क्षुब्ध (p. 59) kshub-dha √kshubh:


क्षुब्ध [ kshub-dha ] (pp.) m. churning-stick. - Mac-orphan
33) क्षुब्ध (p. 59) kshub-dha churning-stick.


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p078c3-b24/ not online

[ kshubh ]
- i. . kshobha , (v.); iv. p. . kshubhya , sway, tremble, become agitated; pp. ...


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