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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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{kr~pa.}/ {kaar~pa.} कार्प : Repha on long a {kr~}: contd.
{kr~ma.}/ {kaar~ma.} कार्म

{kr~ya.}/ {kaar~ya.} कार्य
{kr~sha.}/ {kaar~sha.} कार्श
{kr~Sa.}/ {kaar~Sa.}कार्ष

UKT 140301, 181225, 200216: I've formulated Lepha form (or super-L) {kl~} to be comparable to Repha form (or super-R) {kr~}. It is also possible that, I may not need to use the {k} or {kaa} for 2 blnk, once I do not have to use the super-akshara. More simpler {ka} may do.

Skt Roots: entered below:
Whitney: none

UKT notes :
Blood-red wood {nn.a-ni}?

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{kr~pa.} कार्प

p067c1-b00/uchg p054-006कार्पटिक
कार्पटिक [ krpat-ika ]
- m. poorly clad pilgrim.


p067c1-b01/uchg p054- कार्पण्य 
कार्पण्य [ krpan-ya ]
- n. poor-spiritedness; poverty; meanness, avarice; compassion.


p067c1-b02/uchg p054-कार्पाण
कार्पाण [ krpn ]
- n. sword-fight.


p067c1-b03/uchg p054-कार्पास
कार्पास [ krpsa ]
- n. cotton; cotton cloth; a. made of cotton: , f. cotton shrub;
  -ka, a. made of cotton;
  -tntava, n. cotton cloth; -sautrika, n. id.


p067c1-b04/uchg p054-कार्पासास्थि
कार्पासास्थि [ k rpsa‿asthi ] = का र ् पा सा स ् थि
- n. seed of the cotton shrub.


p067c1-b05/uchg p054- कार्पासिक 
कार्पासिक [ krps-ika ]
- a. () made of cotton;
  -ik, f. *cotton shrub.

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{kr~ma.} कार्म

p067c1-b06/uchg p054-कार्मण
कार्मण [ krman-a ]
- a. relating to or proceeding from action; enchanting
 (-tva, n. abst. ɴ.); n. sorcery, magic;
  -ika, a. produced by magic.


p067c1-b07/uchg p054- कार्मरङ्ग 
कार्मरङ्ग [ krma-raṅga ] = क ा र ् म र ङ ् ग
- a. deep red.

UKT 200217: Notice the spelling of र ङ ् ग [raṅga]. It is spelled with {gna.}/ {ng}. I opine that this phoneme was not present in Sanskrit, and a {::tn} "dot-above" has to be used in its place. 

p067c1-b08/uchg p054-कार्मार 
कार्मार [ krmr ]
- m. smith.


p067c1-b09/ not online
Skt:  [krm-ika] - figured web - Mac067c1
Skt: कार्मिक kārmika - m. engaged in action. n. manufactured, embrodered, any variegated texture - SpkDict
Skt: कार्मिक kārmika - a. (-की f.) [कर्मन्-ठक्] . Manufactured, made.
  -. Embroidered, intermixed with coloured thread (as cloth).
  -. Any variegated texture; Y.2.18. - Apte:SktDict


p067c1-b10/ not online
[krm-uka ]
- . a. efficacious; . a. (i.) made of Krimuka wood; n. bow;
  -bhrit , a. bearing a bow

See my note on Blood-red wood {nn.a-ni}?

p067c1-b11/uchg p054-कार्मुकाय
कार्मुकाय [ krmuk-ya ]
- den. . represent a bow.


p067c1-b12/uchg p054-कार्मुकिन्् 
कार्मुकिन्् [ krmuk-in ]
- a. wearing a bow.

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{kr~ya.} कार्य

p067c1-b13/uchg p054-कार्य 
कार्य [ kr-y ]
- fp. to be done, made, performed, employed, &c. (v. √kri);
  n. design, purpose, object, interest; duty; business; service;
  matter, affair; lawsuit; effect, product:
   -m, with in. of thing and g. of pers., something is of use to, some one cares about;
   in. on account of. 

कार्य [ kr-y ]
Skt: कार्य [ kr-y ] - ... n. design, purpose, object, interest; ... - Mac067c1
Skt: कार्य - kārya - n. function, act, deed - SpkSkt


p067c1-b14/uchg p054-कार्यकरणापेक्षा
कार्यकरणापेक्षा [ krya-karana‿apeksh ]
- f. view to carrying out one's design;
  -kartri, m. promoter of the cause of (g.);
  -krana, n. a special object as a cause, special reason:
  -tas, ad. from special motives,
  -tva, n. being effect and cause;
  -kla, m. time for action;
  -kintaka, m. manager of a business.


p067c1-b15/uchg p054-कार्यतस््
कार्यतस्् [ krya-tas ]
- ad. as a matter of fact;
  -t, f., -tva, n. fact of being a product or effect;
  -darsana, n. (legal) investigation of a case;
  -darsin, a. sagacious, acute;
  -dhvamsa, m. abandonment of a cause;
  -nirnaya, m. legal decision of a case;
  -parikkheda, m. correct judgment of a case.


p067c1-b16/uchg p054-कार्यरूप 
कार्यरूप [ krya-rpa ]
- a. having the form of a product (ph.).


p067c1-b17/uchg p054-कार्यवत््
कार्यवत्् [ krya-vat ]
- a. having business to attend to; busy; having an object:
  -t, f. business;
  -vasa, m. influence of an object: ab. from interested motives;
  -vinimaya, m. mutual engagement to do something;
  -vinirnaya, m. legal decision of a case;
  -vipatti, f. failure of an object; -vrittnta, m. fact of a matter; -vyasana, n. failure of an object;
  -sesha, m. what remains to be done, completion of undertakings;
  -siddhi, f. success of a matter;
  -hantri, m. thwarter of one's interest;
  -hetu, m. motive of carrying out one's designs: ab. with a view to one's interests.


p067c1-b18/uchg p054-कार्याकार्य
कार्याकार्य [ krya‿akrya ]
- n. right & wrong (-).


p067c1-b19/uchg p054-कार्यातिपात
कार्यातिपात [ krya‿atipt-a ]
- m. neglect of business: -in, a. neglecting business;
  -‿adhikrin, m. minister of policy;
  -‿antara, n. another business; leisure hour:
  -sakiva, m. companion of a prince's leisure or amusements;
  -‿apekshin, a. having a special object in view.


p067c1-b20/uchg p054-कार्यार्थ
कार्यार्थ [ krya‿artha ]
- m. undertaking:
  -m, ad. for a special end, for the purpose of business or work:
  -siddhi, f. success of an undertaking;
  -‿arthin, a. concerned about a matter; demanding justice.

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p067c2-b00/uchg p054-कार्यिक
कार्यिक [ kry-ika ]
- a. id.; m. litigant;
  -in, a. id.; m. official.


p067c2-b01/uchg p054-कार्योपेक्षा
कार्योपेक्षा [ krya‿upeksh ]
- f. neglect of official duty;
  -‿uparodha, m. interruption of business.

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{kr~sha.} कार्श्

p067c2-b02/uchg p054-कार्श्य 
कार्श्य [ krs-ya ]
- n. emaciation; smallness; diminution.

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{kr~Sa.} कार्ष

कार्ष kṛṣ
Skt: कार्ष kṛṣ - m. "one who ploughs", a peasant, husbandman - SktDict-MonierWilliams

See my note on Terminalia bellirica,


p067c2-b03/uchg p054-कार्षक
कार्षक [ krsha-ka ] = क ा र ् ष क
- m. agriculturist, husband man.


p067c2-b04/ not online
- m. n. coin of the weight of a Karsha

Karsha, Karshapaṇa, S. &c. ( ) A weight of gold or silver equal to 16 mshas, or about 180 troy grains; in Uriya, it is written Karisa, and means a brass weight of four mṛhas. - H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 265
- https://sizes.com/units/karsha.htm 171213,
See downloaded Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms, etc., by H. H. Wilson, 1855
- HHWilson-JudicialRevenueTerms<> / Bkp<> (link chk 200217)
UKT 190410: H. H. Wilson writing in 1855, after Second Anglo-Burmese War (1852-1853) has only a few lines on Bur-Myan language in Preface, p.roman024.

"In India, at least as early as the 4th century BCE 19th century, a unit of mass = 16 suvarna-mashas. Also called a suvarna. Perhaps about 6.8 grams." - https://www.sizes.com/units/karsha.htm 181229


p067c2-b05/uchg p054-कार्षिक
कार्षिक kars-ika
- a. weighing a Karsha.


p067c2-b06/uchg p054-कार्ष्ण
कार्ष्ण [ krshna ]
- a. () coming from the black antelope;
 belonging to or composed by Krishna; n. hide of the black antelope.


p067c2-b07/uchg p054-कार्ष्णायस
कार्ष्णायस [ krshna‿ayasa ]
- a. () made of iron; n. iron.


p067c2-b08/uchg p054-कार्ष्ण्य  
कार्ष्ण्य [ krshn-ya ]
- n. blackness; darkness.

UKT 140301, 181225: I've to accept Lepha form (or super-L) {kaal~} to be comparable to Repha form (or super-R) {kaar~}.

( end of old p067-1.htm )

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UKT notes

Blood-red wood

UKT 170223:

Krimka wood is mentioned in Satapatha Brahmana Part III (SBE41), as translated by Julius Eggeling tr. (1894) at sacred-texts.com
"6:6:2:11. It should be one of krimuka wood. Now, the gods and the Asuras, both of them sprung from Pragpati, strove together. The gods [Dvas], having placed Agni in front, went up to the Asuras. The Asuras cut off the point of that flame held forward. It settled down on this earth, and became that krimuka tree: hence it is sweet, for there is vital essence (in it). Hence also it is red, for it is a flame, that krimuka [p.255] tree being the same as this Agni: it is (in the shape of) fire that he imparts growth to it."

I wonder whether it is {nn.a-ni}, an essential of {w:hsw:} "blood tonic" of Indigenous Burmese medicine. In Pictorial Herbal Dictionary (in Bur-Myan) by Shin Nagathein, 1976, vol. 2, p152 (available in TIL Library at 35 Thantadalan, Sanchaung, Yangon, in ink-on-paper book form), {nn.a-ni} is given as Skt-Dev: रल च्नदन rala cindana.

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