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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A compilation from:
1. A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell (Mac), 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
  link: uchicago
Skt-Doc Glossary online:
- https://sanskritdocuments.org/dict/dictall.html 190701
  Downloaded (unedited) in TIL non-PDF & non-SD libraries,
  Web-Archive section.

2. The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 200501) 

3. Student's Pali-English Dictionary, by Maung Tin (U Pe Maung Tin), (UPMT-PED) in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)

4. Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan) (UHS-PMD), by U Hoke Sein, 1954, with English translation by U Kyaw Tun (UKT)
This dictionary in ink-on-paper form is in TIL research library at 35 Thantada St., Sanchaung, Yangon, Myanmar.

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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UKT 200507: Note the presence of look-alike's which are clearly differentiated in BEPS:
  r2c1 Palatal-stop {sa.}/ {c}, and Dental-fricative hisser {Sa.}/ {S}.
Note also that {Ska.} as in English "skin" is different from {kSa.} - the Pseudo-Kha. In both cases : S is commonly de-capitalized as {ska.} and {ksa.}


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{ka.kSa.} कक्ष :
  a special case of {kak} resulting from break up of Pseudo-Kha.
{ka.gna.} कङ
{kn~ka.} कङ् - :  Kin'si is found only in Bur-Myan & Pali-Myan
{ka.sa.} कच : Palatal stop {sa.}/ {c}
{ka.za.} कज
{ka.a.} कञ  : Nya-minor 
{ki~a} : written as in Pal . 
  Note how I've use the colour-scheme to show that Nya-major aka Nyagyi is a conjunct. In Bur-Myan the word is {ka.a}.

UKT notes :


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{ka.kSa.} कक्ष : a special case of

 कक्ष kakṣa
कक्ष kakṣa, or kacche, s. Armpit; lap; -- circumstance. -- tyas k˚ mā or tyaso bhaekā k˚ mā in that case. [lw. Sk. id.] -- Turn066

 कक्षा kakṣā
कक्षा kakṣā ,s. Waist-band, girdle; -- (more usu.) rank, class. -- Exx. ... ... -- Turn066

p061c1-b00/uchg p050-कक्षीवत््

 कक्षीवत kākṣīvata
Skt: कक्षीवत् [ kaksh-vat ] - m. N. of a Rishi. - Mac061c1
  See a note by Ambassador O. P. Gupta on the ancestry of Rishi Kaksivat काक्षीवत kākṣīvata

p061c1-b01/uchg p050-कक्ष्या

कक्ष्या kakṣyā
Skt: कक्ष्या [ kakshytilda; ] - f. girdle, girth; circular wall, enclosure; orbit of a planet; balance, scale (also a, n.). - Mac061c1
Skt: कक्ष्या kakṣyā - f. girth, wall, orbit of a planet, scale of a balance [UKT: range of load that can be weighed], class, enclosure ... - SpkSkt.

UKT: the following is out of place
kṣatra = kṣetra क्षेत्र
BHS: kṣetra field [ cf. Srikshetra {a.r-hkt~ta.ra} ] -- Edgerton198c2
BPal: {hkt~ta.} - n. field, cultivated field, wife, own physical-body -- UKT:UHS-PMD0351


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{ka.gna.} कङ  / {kn~}


{kn~ka.} : Kin'si {kn:si:}/  

p061c1-b02/uchg p050-कङ्क

कङ्क kaṅka
Skt: कङ्क [ kaṅk ] - m. heron; N.: pl. a people. - Mac061c1
IPal: kaṅka - m. a heron - UPMT-PED062
BPal:  {kn~ka.} - m. 3 local names of a large bird given. - UKT:UHS PMD0276
  See my note on Heron

p061c1-b03/uchg p050-कङ्कट

कङ्कट kaṅkaṭa -- > {kn~ka.Ta.}
Skt: कङ्कट kankata - m. armour, mail; a Dnava. - Mac061
IPal: kaṅkaṭa - m. a coat of mail - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {kn~ka.Ta.} -  m. elephant harness, mail - UKT:UHS-PMD0276
  See my note on Danava Asura

p061c1-b04/uchg p050-कङ्कण 

कङ्कण kaṅkaṇa
Skt: कङ्कण [ kaṅ-kan-a ] - n. ring, ring-shaped ornament, bracelet; wedding band: -dhara, m. bridegroom, , f. bride; -pura, n. N. of a town;
 -varsha, a. raining bracelets: m. man's N.; -varsh-in, a. id.: (i)-t, f. abst. ɴ. - Mac061c1

कङ्कण kaṅkaṇa : {kn-ka.Na.}
Skt: कङ्कण [ kaṅ-kan-a ] - n. ring, ring-shaped ornament, bracelet; wedding band:- Mac061c1
IPal: kaṅkaṇa - n. a bracelet - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {kn-ka.Na.} -  n. bracelet, armlet - UKT:UHS- PMD0276

p061c1-b05/uchg p050-कङ्कणिन्् 

कङ्कणिन्् [ kaṅkan-in ]
Skt: कङ्कणिन्् [ kaṅkan-in ] - a. wearing a bracelet. - Mac061c1

p061c1-b06/uchg p050-कङ्कत

कङ्कत [ kaṅkat-a ]
Skt: कङ्कत [ kaṅkat-a ] - m. comb; -ik, f. id. - Mac061c1

p061c1-b07/uchg p050-कङ्कपत्‍त्र

कङ्कपत्‍त्र [ kaṅka-pattra ]
Skt: कङ्कपत्‍त्र [ kaṅka-pattra ] - n. heron's feather (on arrow); a. having herons' feathers; m. such an arrow: -pattrin, a. having herons' feathers; -vadana, n. (heron-faced), tongs, pincers. - Mac0161c1

p061c1-b08/uchg p050-कङ्काल

कङ्काल [ kaṅkl-a ]
Skt: कङ्काल [ kaṅkl-a ] - m. n. skeleton; -in, f. a form of Durg. -- Mac061c1
BHS: Kaṅklī - (cf. Skt. Kaṅklin , n. of a yakṣa; linī - a form of Durgā), n. of a yoginī ; ... - BHS163-2c2-b06
Nep: कङ्काल् kaṅkāl - (l.) s. Skeleton. [lw. Sk. kaṅkāla-.] - Turn066
BPal: {kn~ka.la.} - m. heap of bones, skeleton - UKT:UHS-PMD276c2
  UKT 190123: "a form of Durg" is more likely to be Kali (southern-Indian goddess). Durg was a Bengali goddess.

p061c1-b09/uchg p050-कङ्केल्लि

कङ्केल्लि [ kaṅkelli ]
Skt: कङ्केल्लि [ kaṅkelli ] - m. Asoka-tree; , f. id. - Mac061c1
  See my note on Asoka-tree

p061c1-b10/ not online

क्ङकोल [kaṅkola]
Skt: क्ङकोल [kaṅkola] - m. a plant - Mac061c1
Skt: kaṅkola - Piper cubeba Linn.F. (G.J. Meulenbeld (1974), 533) - SktDict
IPal: {kaṅkoli} - m. the amherstia tree - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {kn~kau:la.ka.} - Cinnamon {ka.ra.w:} Cinnamomum inunctum  Lauraceae - entry no 02-0046- UKT: UHS PMD0276c2

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{ka.sa.} कच / {kic} कच् / {kic~} 

p061c1-b11/uchg p050-कच

कच [ kaka ]
Skt: कच [ kaka ] - m. hair; N. of a son of Brihaspati; -graha, m., -na, n. seizing by the hair. - Mac061c1
BHS: kaca - m., Mvy 5870, acc. to Tib. srin bal = cotton or raw silk ... - FE-BHS163-2c2-b07

कच [ kaka ] 
Skt: कच [ kaka ] - m. hair; N. of a son of Brihaspati; - Mac061c1
BHS: kaca - m., Mvy 5870, acc. to Tib. srin bal = cotton or raw silk ... - FE-BHS163-2c2-b07
Nep: कच् kac - (l.) s. The hair of the head. [lw. Sk. kaca-.] - Turn066
IPal: {kaca} - m. the hair, cloud; f. a she-elephant, beauty, - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {ka.sa.}  m. head hair - UKT:UHS PMD0276 
  See my note on Brihaspati बृहस्पति bṛhaspati - m. lord of prayer or devotion name of a deity - SpkSkt

p061c1-b12/ not online

कचटतपगजडदब kacaṭatapagajaḍadaba
Skt: कचटतपगजडदब kacaṭatapagajaḍadaba - n. example of a meaningless word. - Wikipedia

See Wikipedia in German - http://wiki.yoga-vidya.de/Kachatatapagajadadaba 150927
"Kachatatapagajadadaba , Sanskrit कचटतपगजडदब kacaṭatapagajaḍadaba, Beispiel fr eine sinnlose Rede. Kachatatapagajadadaba ist ein Sanskrit Substantiv schlichen Geschlechts und wird bersetzt mit Beispiel fr eine sinnlose Rede."
Google translation:
"Kachatatapagajadadaba , कचटतपगजडदब kacaṭatapagajaḍadaba, example of a meaningless speech . Kachatatapagajadadaba is a Sanskrit noun neuter gender and is translated as an example of a meaningless speech".

p061c1-b13/uchg p050-कचभार

कचभार [ kaka-bhra ]
Skt: कचभार [ kaka-bhra ] - m. wealth of hair. - Mac061c1

p061c1-b14/uchg p050-कचाकचि

कचाकचि [ kak-kaki ]
Skt: कचाकचि [ kak-kaki ] - ad. seizing one another by the hair. - Mac061c1

p061c1-b15/ not online

कच्चिद् [kak-kid] 
Skt: कच्चिद् [kak-kid] -- v. kad  - Mac061c1

p061c1-b16/uchg p050-कच्छ

कच्छ [ kakkha ] = क च ् छ --> {kic~hsa.}
Skt: कच्छ [ kakkha ] - m. bank; marshy land; *m., , f. edge, border;  -pa, m. tortoise; N. of a Nga; N. of a country (Cutch). - Mac061c1
BHS: kaccha - ... . arm-pit: ... . hem of (lower) garment: ... . ... possibly edge (of a needle)? ... - FE-BHS164c1-b02

कच्छ [ kakkha ]
Skt: - m. bank; marshy land; -- Mac061c1
IPali: {kaccha} - m. the armpit,*a creeper, swamp; f. a girdle. {Kaccham bandhati} - to gird up the loins - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {kic~hsa.} - . m. marshy land, land near bank of a river or creek. Cedrela toona . reed, arrow made from reed. . mfn. what is to be said. . armpit - UKT: UHS-PMD0277c1

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{ka.za.} कज

p061c1-b17/uchg p050-कज

कज [ ka-ga ]
Skt: कज [ ka-ga ] - n. lotus. - Mac061c1
IPal: kaja - adj. watery; n. a lotus - UPMT-PED062

p061c1-b18/uchg p050-कज्जल

कज्जल [ kag-gala ]
Skt: कज्जल [kag-gala] - n. lamp-black; collyrium prepared from it. -- Mac061c1
IPal: kajjala - m. a cloud ; n. collyrium - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {kiz~za.la.} - n. soot, eye salve - UKT:UHS-PMD0277

UKT 120820: As a chemist, I must note that the "soot" from different fires (or fuels) would have differing chemicals included. Of course, the main ingredient would be elemental carbon, but the other extraneous chemicals can give unwanted results.


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{ka.a.} कञ

p061c1-b19/uchg p050-कञ्चुक

कञ्चुक [ kakuk-a ]
Skt: कञ्चुक [ kakuk-a ] - m.n. () jacket, doublet; mail; skin of a snake (a. --, f. ); -ita, pp. wearing a coat of mail;
  -in, a. wrapped in (--); m. chamberlain;   -a‿upnahin, n. wearing a doublet and shoes. - Mac 061c1
BHS: kacuka - m., or , f. (doubtless = Skt. kacuka, also fem. , bodice; coat of armor; covering, sheath;
  skin of a snake), covering, downy coat (of flowers) ... - FE-BHS164c1

  कञ्चुक kancuka [kakuk-a] = क ञ ् च ु क
Skt: कञ्चुक kancuka - m.n. () jacket, doublet; mail; skin of a snake -- Mac061c1
IPal: kancuka - m. the slough of a snake, a jacket, sheath, envelope - UPMT-PED062
BPal: {ki~su.ka.}  m. tunic, slough of snake, armour, shirt. - UKT:UHS-PMD0278

slough n. . The dead outer skin shed by a reptile or an amphibian. . Medicine A layer or mass of dead tissue separated from surrounding living tissue, as in a wound, a sore, or an inflammation. . An outer layer or covering that is shed. -- AHTD

कञ्चन kacana
Skt: काञ्चन kācana - n. gold - SpkSkt
BPal: {k~sa.na.} - n. gold - UKT:UHS PMD0277c2

p061c1-b20/ not online

कञ्जिक [kagik]
Skt: कञ्जिक [kagik] - f. a plant - Mac061c1
Skt: कञ्जिका kajika - f. bleeding heart flower Siphonantus indica , medicinal plant, edible legume, kind of creeping plant - SpkSkt

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{ki~a} कञ्ञा

Note how I've used the colour-scheme to show that Nya-major is a conjunct in Pal-Myan. In Bur-Myan, Nya-major is a basic akshara resulting in {ka.a}. In Pal-Myan {k~a}, the Nya-major is a conjunct made up of two Nya-minors. The two words have differing pronunciations. See my note on the long-lost Bur-Myan Nya'major  {a}/ {}, which is stable under Virama {a.t}.

कञ्ञा ka~a = क ञ ् ञ ा
IPal: kaā - f. a girl, maid, virgin, the orchid plant - UPMT-PED063
BPal: {ka.a} - f. bride, young maiden, the Kanyā कन्या Rasi aka the Virgo Zodiacal Constellation, the Rasi {ra-i} , where the full-moon of {tau-a.ln:la.} resides. - UKT:UHS-PMD0278



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