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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

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{Sna} : cont
{Sn} स्ने
{Sn:} स्नै
{SpRRi.} स्पृ
{SpRa.} स्प्र


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{Sna} स्ना = स ् न ा : cont


स्नानोदक [snna̮udaka] = स ् न ा न ो द क
- n. bathing water; -̮upakarana, n. accessories of the bath.


स्नापक [sn-p-aka]
- m.[fr. cs. of √sn] bather; -ana, n. bathing, ablution.


स्नायिन् [sny-in]
- a. [√sn] bathing: (-i)t, f. ablution.


स्नायु [snaNyu]
- n. V., C.: tendon, sinew, muscle: C.: vein: bowstring: -nirmita, pp. made of sinews; -psa, -bandha, m. (sinewband), bowstring; -maya, a. () made of sinews; -spanda, m. beat of the pulse.


स्नावन् [snaN-van]
- (or -vn) tendon, sinew; bowstring (rare).


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स्निग्ध [snig-dha]
- pp. (√snih) sticky, unctuous, smooth; soft, mild, bland, gentle; oily, greasy; glossy, glistening; attached to (lc.); tender, affectionate, friendly; dense (shade): -m, ad. gently; -tama, spv. very oily; very affectionate; -t, f. softness; oiliness; attachment, affection; -tva, n. attachment to (lc.); -bhinna̮agana, n. glossy pounded collyrium; -mudga, m. kind of bean; -starksha, a. slippery, cool, and rough: -tva, n. abst. n.; -̮agana, n. glossy collyrium.



- IV. P. (A. metr.) sniya, become oily; be fixed (eye) on (lc.); become attached to, feel affection for (g., lc.): pp. snigdha, q. v.; cs. smehaya, P. make unctuons (C.); render plaint, subject (RV.). upa, cs. win the affections of (ac.). pra, pp. very oily; very soft or tender (note).


स्निह् [snh]
- f. (nm. k) moisture (V., rare).


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स्नीहन् [snh-n]
- m. or -aN, f. [√snih] moisture of the nose (SB.).


स्नीहिति [snh-iti]
- f. moisture (V., rare); carnage (V., very rare).


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- II. P. snauti, emit fluid, yield milk: pp. snuta, flowing (esp. of the maternal breast). pra, emit fluid, drip: pp. yielding milk.


स्नु [sn]
- n. [=snu] surface, height (V.).


स्नुषा [snushaN]
- f. daughter-in-law: -ga, a. having sexual intercourse with a daughter-in-law; -tva, n. condition of a daughter-in-law.


स्नुह् [snuh]
- f.(nm. k) a plant (wolf's milk): -, -, f. id.


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स्नेह [sneh-a]
- m. [√snih] unctuousness, stickiness; smoothness (also fig.); fatty substance, oil, grease; attachment, tenderness, fondness, affection, love, for (g., lc., --; ord. mg.); friendship with (saha): -- a. fond of (rare); -ana, a. () feeling affection; n. unctuousness; feeling of affection.


स्नेहच्छेद [sneha-kkheda]
- m. breach of friendship; -pravritti, f. course of love; -prasrava, m. effusion of love; -bhmi, f. worthy object of affection; -maya, a. () full of affection; consisting of or called love.


स्नेहल [sneha-la]
- a. full of affection, fond of any one (lc.): -t, f. tenderness, affection.


स्नेहवत् [sneha-vat]
- a. oily, fatty; full of love, tender, fond; -vyakti, f. display of affection; -samgvara-vat, a. filled with the ardour of love.


स्नेहिन् [sneh-in]
- a. liking, fond of (--).


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स्नैग्ध्य [snaigdh-ya]
- n. [snigdha] smoothness.


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- I. A. (P.) spanda, throb, palpitate, quiver; kick (of animals); pp. spandita, quivering; cs. spandaya, P. (A. metr.) cause to quiver; move (tr.): pp. spandita, set in motion, produced. pra, A. quiver,start. vi, id.; struggle; be manifested.



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स्पन्द [spand-a]
- m. quivering; motion; -an, m. a tree (V., C.); n. (C.) quivering, palpitation; quickening (of an embryo); motion; -ita, pp. n. quivering, palpitation (sts. pl.); activity (of the mind, --); -in, a. quivering, throbbing.


स्परण [spr-ana]
- V. a. () saving, delivering √spri].


स्पर्धा [spardh-]
- f. [√spridh] rivalry, emulution, competition, for (in.), with (in.saha, g., --); desire for (--; rare): in. in rivalry or emulation, vying with one another: -kara, a. () emulating, vying with (--); -vat, a. id.


स्पर्धिन् [spardh-in]
- a. id.; -ya, fp. desirable, valuable.


स्पर्श [spars-]
- a. (--) [√spris] touching (rare); m. touch, contact; feeling, sensation, of (--, headache, jealousy); pleasant feeling (rare); sense of touch; (contact=) mute or nasal letter (gr.); sts. incorr. for spasa: -klishta, pp. painful to the touch; -kshama, a. tangible.


स्पर्शन [spars-ana]
- n. touching, contact; feeling, sense of touch; -anya, fp. to be touched.


स्पर्शरसिक [sparsa-rasika]
- a. fond of sensation, sensual, lustful; -vat, a. tangible; pleasant to the touch; -samkrin, a. transmitted by contact, infectious (disease); -̮anukla, a. pleasant to the touch, cooling.


स्पर्शिन् [spars-in]
- a. (--) touching; reaching to; penetrating to.


स्पर्शोपल [sparsa̮upala]
- m. (touch-=) philosopher's stone (the contact of which produces gold).


- pr. base with loss of initials, pasya, q.v.; pf. paspase (V.) and oar. 3 eg. A. aspashta (RV.1), see, behold, perceive: pp. spashta (V., C.), clear, distinct, evident, manifest: straight (rare): -m. ad. distinctly etc.; straight in the face (look); straight out (ask); cs. spasaya (V.), make evident, show; observe, anu, pf. pt. paspasana, having shown (RV.): pp. anuspashta, observed. vi, pp. manifest, clear, bright (night); distinct, intelligible. sam, pp. famous.


- m. water, spy.(V.).


स्पश [spas-a]
- m. id. (Br., C.): -adhyakaha, m. chief of the spies.


स्पष्ट [spash-ta]
- pp. √spas: -t, f. clearness.


स्पष्टय [spashta-ya]
- den. P. make clear; make straight (a hunchback).


स्पष्टाक्षर [spashta̮akshara]
- a. distinctly uttered; -̮artha, a. having a clear sense, intelligible.


- make clear, illumine.


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स्पार्ह [sprh-]
- a. [√sprih] desirable, charming (RV., rarely P.).


- [collateral from of spridh, very rare], VI. P. -spurdha,inf. spurdhase, for stirring rivalry (RV.). pra, enter into strife (RV.1).


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- V. sprinuti, sprinute, (V.) release, deliver, from (ab.); gain, win: pp. sprita (V.): cs. sparaya, P. id (V.). apa, A. (V.) free from (ab.); repel. ava, set free (RV.). nis, id. (RV.). vi, sever (V.).



- I. A. (P. metr) spardha, amulate, compete, vie, with (ac., in. saha); race; struggle for (lc.): pp. spardhita, w. act. and ps. mg. pra, vie with (in., lc.), in (lc.).


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स्पृध् [sprdh]
- f. (RV.) conflict; rival, adversary; m. (P.) rival: -- a. (P.) vying with; desiring.


- VI. P. (A. metr.) sprisa, touch (ac.; ord. mg.); lay the hand on (lc.), stroke; touch water (apah, udakam, galam) = wash certain parts of the body with water, rinse the mouth, etc. (rarely w. ac. of part and in. of water): perceive by touch, feel (rare); touch = reach or penetrate to (ec., lc.); affect unpleasantly, injure (rare); equal (ac., rare); act upon, influence, affect (ac.); befall, come upon any one (ac.; common mg.); obtain, attain, experience (common mg.): karnam -, come to the ears; kriyam -, rise to an action; gira -, equal with words = be able to describe: pp. sprishta, touched; being in contact (said of mates and nasals: semivowels being ishat-sprishta, and sibilants and h nema-sprishta); affected by or with (in., -); cs. sparsaya, P. (A. metr.) cause to touch (2 ac.), bring into immediate contact with (in., lc.); perceive by touch, feel (rare); make anything over to (d.), give, present to. upa, touch, reach to; fondle, caress; touch water ( apah, galam, vari) = dip the hand in water, rise the mouth with or sip water, bathe, perform an ablution, in (lc.; sts. with ac. of the part of the body in. of water): pp. upasprishta, having touched water, sipped (both of the water and of the person). sam-upa, touch with water (in.); bathe in sam-upa, touch with water (in.); bathe in (lc.). ni (RV.), touch caressingly. sam, P. touch, bring into contact with (in.; A. with middle sense or metr.); reach or penetrate to (ac.); attain; come into close relations with (ac.); come upon, befall, seize, afflict: pp. afflicted with (in.); cs. bring into contact (V.).




- a. - (nm. k) touching; reaching to; affected by, experiencing, showing, betraying.


स्पृश [spris-a]
- a. (--) touching, reaching to; -ya, fp. to be touched; tangible; to be appropriated.


स्पृष्ट  [sprish-ta]
- pp. √spris: -ka, n. kind of embrace; -t, f. contact (in the pronunciation of mutes and nasals).


स्पृष्टि [sprsh-ti]
- f. contact.


स्पृष्टिक [sprisht-ik]
- f. touching (the body or feet, --, while taking an oath).


स्पृष्टिन् [sprisht-in]
- a. having touched (--).


- [collateral of SPRIDH], sprihaya, P. (A. metr.) be eager, long, for (ac., d., g.); be jealous, envy (ac., d., g.). sam, desire eagerly (ac.).


स्पृहणीय [sprih-anya]
- fp. desirable, pleasing, charming, attractive, to (in., g.); enviable, envied by (g.): -t, f., -tva, n. desirableness.


स्पृहयाय्य [sprih-ayaNyya]
- a. desirable (RV.); -aylu, a. longing for, delighting in (d., lc.): -t, f. desire for (--).


स्पृहा [sprih-]
- f. eager desire, longing for, pleasure in (lc., --; rarely d., g.); envy (rare): -m kri or bandh, long for (lc., --); -m kri, envy any one (lc.): -vat, a. desirous of, delighting in (lc.).



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{SpRa.} स्प्र

स्प्रष्टव्य [sprash-tavya]
- fp. to be touched.


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- pp. sphatita, burst (very rare); cs. pp. sphatita (rare), burst, split, cleft; torn (garment).


स्फटिक [sphat-ika]
- m. crystal: -mani, m. id.; -maya, a. () made of crystal; -yasas, m. N. of a fairy; -sikharin, m. ep. of Mount Kailsa; -sil, f. crystal.


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