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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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सूचक [sk-aka]
- a. (ik) indicating, showing, designating (g., --); m. informer; -ana, n. indication, communication; -anya, fp. to be indicated.


सूचय [skaya]
- den. P. (fr. ski) indicate, point out, show, reveal, betray; indicate (to the spectator) by dumb show (dramatic term): pp. ita, indicated, revealed, betrayed, by (in., --).


सूचयितव्य [skay-itavya]
- fp. to be found out or ascertained.


सूचि [sk-i]
- f. needle; sharp point or tip; kind of military array, pointed column; (pointer), index (common in Indian editions -- w. -pattra, n.): -ka, m. tailor; -kul-ya, den. . appear like a collection of needles.


सूचित [sk-ita]
- pp. 1. of skaya; 2. su̮ukita (√uk), very suitable.


सूचिपत्‍त्र [ski-pattra]
- n. index; -bhinna, pp. split at the point (bud); -bhedya, fp. so dense as to be capable of being pierced with a needle (darkness); -sikh, f. point of a needle.


सूची [sk-]
- f. needle: -bhedya, fp. to be pierced with a needle, dense, palpable (darkness); -mukha, n. point of a needle: -̮agrasambhedya, fp. so dense as to be capable of being pierced by a needle (darkness); -mukha, a. () having a beak (etc.) as sharp as a needle; sharp as or pointed like a needle (C.); m. (C.) bird, kind of bird, or N. of a bird.


सूच्यग्र [ski̮agra]
- n. point of a needle; -̮sya, a. having a mouth pointed like a needle; m. mosquito.


सूत 1. [s-ta]
- pp. of √1. 2. s.


सूत 2. [st]
- m. charioteer (in V. a royal servant often mentioned with grman; in E. also a royal herald; in C. a mixed caste, offspring of Kshatriya and Brhman or of Brhmana and Kshatriy).


सूतक [sta-ka]
- n. birth; calving; impurity (of the parents) caused by childbirth; impurity (in general): -bhogana, n. natal feast; -̮anna, (V.) n.: -̮dya, (C.) n. food rendered impure by childbirth.


सूतत्व [sta-tva]
- n. office of a charioteer; -putra, m. (son of a) charioteer; ep. of Karna.


सूति [s-t]
- f. V., C.: birth, production (also -a.); C.: delivery; productionof crops; birthplace; cause or manner of production; offspring.


सूतिका [suNt-ik]
- f. woman lying in; cow that has recently calved ( go): -̮agra, -griha, -geha, n. lying-in room; -mruta, m. vital air of childbirth.


सूत्कार [st-kra]
- m. sound st; also of the snorting of horses; -krita, n. id.


सुत्थान [su̮utthna]
- a. very strenuous.


सूत्र [suN-tra]
- n. [√sv] V., C.: thread, string, cord (ord. mg.); C.: sacred cord (worn over the left shoulder by the three upper castes); measuring line; fibre; line; sketch, plan; (thread running through and holding together=) concise rule or aphorism; manual consisting of aphoristic rules: -ka, n. thread, cord; -kra, m. author of a Stra work or manual; -tantu, m. thread; -daridra, a. (poor in threads=) threadbare: -t, f. threadbare condition; -dhra, m. [holder of the measuring line] carpenter, builder, architect; wire-puller=] stage-manager; -- m., , f. leading spirit in; -pta, m. drop of the measuring line: -m kri or kar, measure, compare; -pitaka, m. n. (basket=) collection of the Buddhistic Stras; -prota, pp. attached to (=worked by) strings (puppet); -bhrit, m. stage-manager.



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सूत्रय [stra-ya]
- den. P. . string or put together; contrive, effect, produce; compose or teach in the form of a Stra. , contrive, effect. sam-, id. vi, drive away, dispel, remove; throw into confusion.


सूत्रयितव्य [stray-itavya]
- fp. to be composed in the form of a Stra.


सूत्रात्मन्् [stra̮tman]
- m. thread-soul, i. e. intellect conditioned by the aggregate and therefore passing through all things like a thread (ph.).


सूत्रिका [str-ik]
- f. macaroni; -ita, pp. (of straya): -tva, n. fact of being stated in a Stra; -in, a. provided with threads; m. stage-manager.


- III. P. sushuda, (V.) guide aright;l cs. sudaya, P. V.: id.; arrange; prepare, effect; C.: settle= put an end to, kill, destroy (animate and inanimate objects); press, crush. ni, cs. -shudaya, P. (C.) kill, destroy: sulayam-, impale.


सूद [suNda]
- m. well (RV.); mud of a driedup pool (V.); C.: hot spring; cook (ord. mg.); kind of broth: -karman, n. art of cookery; -tva, n. condition of a cook.


सूदन [suNd-ana]
- a. (, ) guiding aright (courser; RV.1); putting an end to, destroying (gnly. --; C.); m. (C.) slayer or destroyer of (--); n. destruction (C.).


सूदशाला [sda-sl]
- f. kitchen.


सून [sna]
- n. sprout: old pp. √2. s] blossom, flower: -sara, m. (flower-arrowed) god of love.


सूनर [s-nra]
- a. () glad, joyous (V.); delightful (RV.).


सूना [s-naN]
- f. [√sv: cp. stra] V.: woven basket or dish (V.); C.: slaughter-house, shambles; means of producing death: -kakradhvaga-vat, m. pl. butchers, oil manufacturers, and distillers (or publicans).


सूनिक [sn-ika]
- m. butcher; -in, m. id.


सूनु [s-nu]
- m. 1. [√1. su] Soma-presser (RV.); 2. [√2. s] son (V., C.); coll. offspring (RV., rare); younger brother (C., rare): -t, f. sonship.


सूनृत [s-nrta]
- a. glad, joyful (V.); kind, courteous, agreeably true (speech; C.): , f. V.: gladness, glee, song of joy (in. pl. joyfully); C.: friendliness, kind speech; truth (opp. anrita); n. (V.) joy, gladness; -nrtvat, a. glad, joyous (V.); -nrit-var, a. f. id. (RV.1).


सूप [spa]
- m. broth, soup: -kra, -krit, m. (soup-maker), cook.


सुपवञ्चन [su̮upavakan]
- a. easy of access (RV.1); -̮upya, m. good expedient; -̮upyan, a. easy of access (RV.).


सुभर्व [suN-bharva]
- a. well-nourished (bull; RV.); -yvasa, a. having good pasturage.


- = suar, sun, heaven (V.): only -a, -as, -e.


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सूर 1. [suN-ra]
- m. Soma flowing from the press (√1. su); 2. suNr-a, m. [fr. svar] sun; (suNra)-kakshas, a. bright as the sun (RV.).


सूरि [s-r]
- m. [inciter: √1. s] V.: institutor of a sacrifice (who rewards the priests =yagamna in C.); lord, chief; presser or sacrificer of Soma [√1. su]; C.: wise man, sage, great scholar.


- SURKSHY, P. surkshati, surkahyati, care or trouble, about (ac., g.; V., rare).


सूर्त [suNr-ta]
- V. pp. (√sri) trodden.


सूर्मि [srm]
- surmi, f. pipe (for conducting water; V.); tubular lamp (V.); hollow metal image by means of which, when made red hot, criminals, especially adulterers, are executed (C.).


सूर्य [suNr-ya]
- m. [svar] sun; sun-god; N. (C.): -ka, m. N.; -kara, m. sunbeam; -knta, m. (beloved of the sun), sun-stone, suncrystal; -kandra, m. N.; -tapas, m. N. of a sage; -tegas, n. sunshine; (suNrya)-tvak, a. having a sun-bright skin or covering (RV.); -pda, m. sunbeam; -putra, m. son of the sun, pat. of the Asvins, planet Saturn, and Yama: , f. daughter of the sun, the Yamun; -prabha, a. sun-bright; m. N. among others of the king after whom the eighth Lambaka of the Kathsaritsgara is called: -t, f. abst. n.; -prabhava, a. sprung from the sun (race); -prabhya, a. belonging to king Sryaprabha; -prasishya, m. ep. of Ganaka; -bimba, m. or n. disc of the sun; -mandala, n. id.; -mat, f. N. of a princess; -ratha, m. car of the sun; -rasmi, m. sunbeam; -ruk, f. sunlight; -vamsa, m. solar race of kings; -vams-ya, a. belonging to the solar race; -varman, m. N. of a Dmara; -vra, m. Sunday; -sishya, m. ep. of Ygavalkya: -̮antevsin, m. ep. of Ganaka; -samkrama, m. entrance of the sun into a new sign of the zodiac; -samkrnti, f. id.; -siddhnta, m. T. of an astronomical treatise ascribed to the Sun; -suta, m. (son of the sun) planet Saturn; the monkey Sugrva; -stuti, f., -stotra, n. praise of the sun.




सूर्या [sryaN]
- f. female personification of the Sun; hymn of the wedding of Sry (RV. X, 85).


सूर्यांशु [srya̮amsu]
- m. sunbeam; -kandrams- (V.) or -au, m. nm. du. sun and moon; -̮tapa, m. heat of the sun: e d, expose to the sun; -̮apya, m. departure of the sun, sunset; (suNrya)-̮abhyudita, pp. risen upon while sleeping by the sun (V.); -vasu, a. whose wealth is Srya (Asvins; RV.1); vid, a. knowing the Sry hymn (RV. X, 85); -skta, n. the Sry hymn (RV. X, 85); a̮asta, m. sunset.


सूर्योढ [srya̮dha]
- pp. brought by the setting sun, arriving at sunset (guest); -̮udaya, m. sunrise.


- I. P. sara, III. P. (sts. A.) sisarti (RV.), V., C.; run swiftly, speed, flow, glide; pursue (ac.); C.: blow (wind); run or slip away, escape; betake oneself to (ac., tatra); assail (ac.); traverse, cross (ac.): ajim sri, run a race, = exert oneself; ukkakais-, spring up (bow): pp. arita, running: bahis-, having slipped or come out; surta, trodden (V., rare); cs. saraya, P. cause to run; set in motion, strike (lute-string); push aside, remove (braid of hair), from (ab.); make visible, show; A. cause oneself to be driven, drive (in a carriage, S.); sarayate, flow (RV.1); des. sisirshati, wish to run (V.); intv. (C.) sarisarti, stride back wards and forwards; blow violently (wind). anu, flow towards (RV.); C.: walk along (thle course of a river), follow (a path etc.), pursue, traverse: direct one's course to, betake oneself to (ac.); reach (ac., also U.); conform to (ac.); get at, ascertain (ac.): pp. anuarita, following (ac.); proceeding from (ab.); followed, pursued (track etc.); attended, by (in., -); traversed; afflicted with, subject to (ab.); cs. cause to follow, draw after; follow, pursue; gd. anusritya, in accordance with (ac.). apa, alip down from (a car, ab.; RV.); C.: roll backwards (car, with paskat); withdraw, retire, depart, from (ab.; ord.mg.); pass, elapse (day); deviate from a previous statements; cs. remove, put away. vi apa, depart. abhi, RV.: speed towards (ac.); C.: approach any one (ac.); assail; betake onesel to; go to meet or to the house of (a lover, by appointment: ac.): pp. abhiarita, come; gone to (ac.); gone to attack (-); visited by (in.); cs. bring; make an appointment with (a mistress; A.); visit. a, V.; speed hicherward; C.: approach; attack. apa a (metr for spa), pass by (ab.). ud, leap up (v. r. ud+plu); be stretched out (hand); cs. drive or scare away, dispel, disperse, remove; throw off or away; give up, abandon; dismiss (a statement); scatter. anu ud, abd. anutsaram, leaving the place in succession (Br.). praud, cs. drive away, disperse, dispel; offer: pp. protsarita, offered (seat). sam-ud, cs. send away, dismess; disperse, despel. upa, goto (for help, advice etc.; Br.); approach, visit (ac.; C.). ni, pp. misrita (metr. for nih.), departed; drawn (sword). nis, flow or go out, come forth, emerge, issue, depart, from (ab. bahis), to (ac.): pp. niharita, gone out, issuing (etc.), form (ab., -); protruding (eyes); cs. drive out, expel, eject, remove, from (ab.). abhi-nis, pp. issuing from (ab.): pp. issuing, proceeding etc., from (-). pari, flow or walk around: pp. having traversed (ac.); diffused in all directions. pra, stream, gush, break, or come froth, break out (disease), issue, proceed, rise, be diffused (odour), be manifested, from (ab.); extend (fire); set out, advance (for, against, ac.); pass, elapse (night, etc.); commence (spring, festival); prevail; proceed with (work, undertaking, lc.); be extended (hands); stretch out (arms: RV.): pp. prasrita, streaming forth, overflowing; set in (darkness); resounding (tones); issuing, proceeding, from (ab., -) wide-apreading, proceeding, form (ab., -); wide-spreading, extending, to (lc.); prevailing, ordinary; intense (brilliance), great (frindship); set out; fled; outstretched (hand, arm); devoted to (-); incorr. for prasrita, modest, quiet; cs. prasaraya, P. stretch out, extend (hand etc: ord. mg.); spread out (snares) expose for sale; open wide (eyes, mouth, etc.): diffuse, circulate, publish (rare); prosecute, transact. vi-pra, be far extended. prati, return; cs. push back, restore to its place; (cause to go back=) dispel (darkness). vi, flow through (RV.1); be spread out (RV., C.); come forth, issue, from (ab.; C.): pp. stretched out, extended; issuing, proceeding from (-). pra-vi, pp. gushing forth; violent, intense. sam, RV.: flow together with (in.); C.: go about, wander, walk; undergo transmigration, obtain or enter into (ac.) in the course of transmigration; cs. cause to transmigrate; introduce (a thread) into (lc.); put off, defer.















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