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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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{n-ha.} संह


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{n-ha.} संह


संहित [sam-hit] --> {n-hi.ta.}
- pp. (√dh) put together, composed of, etc.:
  , f. union (rare, U.); euphonic combination (=samdhi); Vedic text treated according to the rules of euphonic combination (opp. pada or word text); systematically arranged text; extensive compilation (Rmyana, legal codes, Purnas, etc.); complete system of astrology (opp. scientific astronomy); -hriti, f. 1. destruction of the world; conclusion, end; 2. the root hri + sam; -hotr, n. community of sacrifice (RV.1); -hrda, m. loud noise or shout etc.; Shouter, N. of an Asura, son of Hiranya-kasipu; -hrdin, a. making a loud noise, tinkling; -hldin, a. refreshing; -hvayitava, d. inf. of sam + √hv.



सक [sa-k]
- dim. (of prn. s), aN, f. (V., very rare).

सकच्छप [sa-kakkhapa]
- a. along with tortoises.

सकटान्न [sakata̮anna]
- n. food of impure persons.

सकण्टक [sa-kanta-ka]
- a. thorny, prickly; having the hair erect; -kamala, a. provided with lotuses; -kampa, a. trembling: -m, ad.; -karuna, a. piteous; compassionate: -m, ad.; -karna, a. having ears, hearing: -ka, a. having ears; -kartri-ka, a. having an agent; -karma-ka, a. effective; connected with an object, transitive (verb); -karma-t, f., -tva, n. transitiveness; -karman, a. transitive.

सकल [sa-kala] consisting of parts (kal), divisible, material (rare); having all its parts, entire, complete, whole, all (ord. mg.); whole, sound (opp. vi-kala; rare); paying interest (rare); m. every one; n. everything: -kma-dugha, a. fulfilling all wishes; -gana, m. everybody; -rpaka, n. complete metaphor; -loka, m. every one; -vidy-maya, a. containing all knowledge; -̮arthi-srthakalpa-druma, m. wishing-tree for the multitude of all supplicants.


सकलिक [sa-kalika]
- a. provided with buds; -kala̮indu, m. full moon; -kalpa, a. including the Kalpas (sacrificial Stras); -kasmra, a. together with Cashmere; -kashya, a. dominated by passion; -kkola, a. together with the hell Kkola; -ktara, a. cowardly, dastardly; (s)-kma, a. satisfying desires (rare); having one's wish fulfilled, satisfied; consenting, willing (girl); desiring (--); full of love, enamoured; amorous (speech); -kra, 1. m. letter s; a. incorr. for skra; 2. a. active, courageous; -krana-ka, a. (ik) due to a specific cause; -ksa, m. (visibleness), presence, vicinity: ac. -m, to (gnly. a prs.; w. vbs. of coming, going, taking, or sending); lc. in the presence of, before, near; ab. or -tas, from (come, go, be produced, deprive of, be freed from, hear, ask, buy; w. g. or --); -kshya, a. wearing a brownish-red garment; -kutumba, a. together with his family; -kuthala, a. impelled by curiosity: -m, ad. with curiosity; -kula, a. along with his family; m.=nakula, ichneumon (as a pun): -ga, a. belonging to the same family as (g.); -kulya, a. id.; m. relation; -kusa, a. holding Kusa grass in one's hand; -kusuma̮starana, a. strewn with flowers.




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सकृत् [sa-krt]
- a. acting at the same time (AV., very rare); ad. at once, suddenly (V., rare in C.); C.: once (ord. mg.); at one and the same time (not by instalments); once, some time or other (rare); once, formerly (rare); once for all, for ever: m --, never: d-ukta-grihta̮artha, a. grasping the sense of what has once been said; n-narsamsa, a. provided once with the Narsamsa bowls (Br.).

सकृपणम् [sa-kripanam]
- ad. piteously; -kripam, ad. compassionately.

सकेत [s-keta]
- a. having one intention (RV.1); -ketu, a. having a banner; -kesa, a. along with the hair; containing hair (food); -kaitava, m. cheat; -kopa, a. angry, enraged: -m, ad. angrily, -vikriti, a. agitated with anger; -kautuka, a. curious, eager, for (-- w. vbl. n.): -m, ad.; -kauthalam, ad. with curiosity.

सक्त [sak-ta]
- pp. √sag: -t, f. attachment to worldly objects; -tva, n. addiction to (--); -vaira, a. engaged in a feud with (in.).

सक्ति [sak-ti]
- f. [√sag] connexion, union; attachment or addiction to (lc., --); attachment to worldly objects.

सक्तु [sak-tu]
- m. [√sag] coarsely ground meal, esp. of barley (gnly. pl.): sts. mixed with fluids as a drink: -ghata̮khyyik, f. story of the pot of meal.

- a. (i) = sakthan.

सक्थन् [sakthn]
- skthi, n., f. thigh.

सक्मन् [sk-man]
- n. [√sak] intercourse (RV.1).

सक्रतु [sa-kratu]
- a. being of one accord, with (in.; RV.); -kriya, a. acting, active; -krudh, a. angry, enraged; -krodha, a. angry: -m, ad. angrily, -hsam, ad. with an angry laugh.

- only pr. pt. sakshat, seeking (?; RV.1).

सक्षण 1. [saksh-na]
- a. conquering, victorious (RV.1).

सक्षण 2. [sa-kshana]
- a. having leisure for (lc.).

सक्षणि 1. [sak-shni]
- a. [√sak] connected with (g.), united with (in.; RV.); m. companion, possessor (RV.).

सक्षणि 2. [sak-shni]
- a. [√sah] vanquishing (ac.; RV.).

सक्षित् [sa-ksht]
- a. dwelling or lying etc. side by side (RV.); -kshra, a. provided with milk, milky (plant).

सख [sakh-a]
- m. comrade, friend (=sakhi), -- w. a. or n. in g. sense; -- a. accompanied by; being a friend of=resembling (the moon).

- m. (nm. a) companion, associate, comrade, friend (sts. referring to a f., esp. = i -, metr.)


सखिता [sakhi-t]
- f. association, friendship; -tv, n. id., for (g.), with (in. w. saha, --); -prva, n., -bhva, m. id.


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सखी [sakh-]
- f. female companion or friend (of a woman); beloved; sharer of, participator in (--): -ka, -- a. id.; -gana-samvrita, pp. surrounded by the company of her female friends; -gana, m. female friend (of a woman): also coll.

सखीय [sakh-ya]
- den. only pr. pt. associating oneself with, seeking the friendship of (in.; RV.).

सखेदम् [sa-khedam]
- ad. sadly.

- N. of a locality.

सख्य [sakh-y]
- n. association, friendship, for (lc.), with (in. samam, saha, skam, srdham; --): -m vi-dh, look kindly (eyes) on (lc.).

सगण [s-gana]
- a. attended by a troop, surrounded by (in.; V.); attended by his retinue (C.); -gadgada, a. falteringly uttered: -m, ad. falteringly; -gadgada-gir, a. with a faltering voice; -gandha, a. smelling; having the same smell as (in., --); related (Pr.); proud (v. r. -garva); (s)-gara, m. [provided with moisture], atmosphere, air (V., rare); N. of a mythical king of Ayodhy, whose 60,000 sons while digging up the earth to recover a sacrificial horse, were burnt by the sage Kapila; the Ganges, brought down from heaven by Bhagratha, a descendant of Sagara, to purify their remains, flowed with their ashes into the sea, which was called Sgara in their honour (C.): pl. the sons of Sagara; -garbha, a. pregnant, by (in., ab.); (s)-garbh-ya, a. born from the same womb; -garva, a. exulting, arrogant; proud of (lc., --): -m, ad. proudly; -guna, a. furnished with a string; together with the string; possessed of qualities or virtues; -gun-in, a. virtuous (rare); -gulika, a. along with a pill; -gotra, a. being of the same kin, related to (g., --); -gauravam, ad. with dignity.



सग्धि [s-gdhi]
- f. [sa(ga)gdhi] meal in common (V.).

सग्रह [sa-graha]
- a. filled with crocodiles (river).

- [=SAH] , V. P. saghnoti, take upon oneself, be able to bear (V., rare).

सघन [sa-ghana]
- a. thick (hair); -ghrina, a. compassionate; disliking (lc.).

संकट [sam-kata]
- a. [put together: Pr.= krita] contracted, narrow; dense, impervious (forest); difficult, critical; --, full of (dangerous things); N.; Slender, N. of a gander; n. contracted space, narrow passage, defile; strait, difficulty, critical condition, distress, danger (to, from, --): -ya, den. . grow too narrow; become contracted, grow less; -kathana, n. conversation, with (in. saha, --); -kath, f. conversation, talk, with (in. saha, --), about (--); -kara, m. commingling, mixture; intermixture of castes by unequal marriages (=varna-); action equivalent to the mixture of castes (sts. n. in E.); mixture of figures of speech: -krity, f. act degrading to a mixed caste, -karana, n. act which degrades to the position of a mixed caste; -karshana, m. Plougher, ep. of Halyudha, elder brother of Krishna, among Vishnu worshippers identified with the second person in the quaternity of Purushottama (=the soul); n. extraction; means of uniting; -kalana, n. putting or holding together; n., , f. addition; -kalita, pp. added together.



संकल्प [sam-kalp]
- m. resolve of the mind (manas), will, purpose, definite intention, determination, desire (for, to, etc., d., le., --): --, = by the mere wish, according to desire, for a particular purpose: -ga, a. originating in the will, produced by the mere will; arising from interested motives; m. desire; love; -ganman, a. produced from desire; m. love, god of love; -mla, a. based on interested motives; -yoni, a. originating in mere will; m. (produced from desire), love, god of love; -vat, a. possessing decision.



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