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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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शुक्लागुरु [sukla̮aguru]
- n. white aloe; -̮apṅga, m. (having white eye-corners), peacock: -̮ambara, a. having a white garment.


शुक्लिमन् [sukl-i-man]
- m. whiteness, white colour.


- make white; -bhu, become white.


- m. N.; N.of a dynasty following the Mauryas (pl.); king of the Sunga dynaty: a, f. sheeath of a bud (esp. of figs).


- I. soka, IV. P. -sukya (Br., very rare), flame, gleam, glow, burn V.); mourn, grieve, in, for (lc.); lement, bewail (ac.); cs. sokaya, P. set on fire, burn (V.); cause to suffer pain (V., E.); feel sorrow, mourn (C.); bewail, lement (ac.; C.); purify (RV.). anu, regretfully long for, mourn for, bewail (ac.); grieve; cs. bewail, regret (ac.). apa, intv. drive away with flames (RV.). (V.); grieve (E.). a, shine hither, shine anything (ac.) down on (RV.). ud, shine forth (RV.). pra, (RV.) shine forth; intv. id. sam, flame together (Br.); regret, bewail (E.); IV. P. sam-sukya, cause pain to (g., Br.); cs. bewail (E.).





- f. flame, glow, heat (V.); (inward burning), torment, sorrow, grief, for (-; V., C.; sts. pl.): in. suka, through grief.


शुचद्रथ [sukd-ratha]
- a. having a shining car (RV.1).


- only pr. pt. sukayat, flaming, shining, radiant (RV.).


शुचि [sk-i]
- a. (f. id., i in pl. y-ah) bright, radiant (V.); shining white (C.); clear, pure (V., C.); pure, undefiled, guileless, honest, upright (V., C.); ritually pure (S., C.): --, rid of (C., rare); m. purity, uprightness (C., very rare); fire (P.); a summer month, hot season (V., C.); N.


शुचिकाम [suki - kma]
- a. loving purity; (ski)-kranda, a. clear-voiced (RV.1); -karita, a. upright in one's dealings; (ski)-ganman, a. having a pure or radiant birth (RV.); -t, f., -tv, n. clearness, pureness; uprightness, integrity; (ritual) purity; (ski)dant, a. bright-toothed (RV.); -paN, a. drinking clear Soma (RV.); (ski)-pesas, a. radiantly adorned (RV.1); (ski)-pratka, a. radiant-faced (RV.1); (ski)-bhrgas, a. radiantly refulgent (RV.1); -mnasa, a. purehearted; -vsas, a. wearing a pure garment; (ski)-vrata, a. pure in one's actions or dealings; -smita, a. having a bright smile, smiling sweetly.




- a. f. of suki (very rare).


- purify; -bhu, become (ritually) pure.


शुच्युपचार [suki̮upakra]
- a. of pure conduct.


शुण्ठी [sunth]
- f. (i metr.) dry ginger.


शुण्डा [sund]
- f. elephant's trunk.


शुण्डार [sundra]
- m. trunk of a young elephant.


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शुण्डिन्् [sund-in]
- m. distiller (a mixed caste).


- f. N. of a river in the Panjab (RV.), later Satadru, now Sutlej.


- indecl. (abbrevialion for sukla or suddha+dina), - w. the N. of a month, in the bright fortnight of.


शुद्ध [sud - dh]
- pp. (sudh) pure etc.; m. bright fort night (in which the moon increases): -karman, a. pure in one's actions, upright; -krti, m. N.; -t, f., -tva, n. purity, uprightness; -dh, a. pure-hearted, guileless; -paksha, m. bright fortnight (in which the moon increases); -pata, m. (wearing clean garments), N.; -prshni, a. having one's rear covered; -buddhi, a. pure-hearted; -bhva, a. id.; -mati, a. id.; -vamsya, a. of pure race; -vat, a. containing the word suddha: -, f. pl. N. of the verses RV. VIII, 84, 7-9; -vesha, a. wearing pure garments; -sla, a. having a pure character, guileless; -snna, n. washing in pure water (without unguents etc.); -hridaya, a. pure-hearted.




शुद्धात्मन्् [suddha̮tman]
- a. id.; -anta, m. (pure interior), women's apartments in the interior of a royal palace, seraglio: pl. wives of a king: -kara, -krin, a. attending on the harem, -raksh, f. female guardian of the harem; -̮bha, a. perfectly clear; -̮saya, a. pure-hearted, having a clear conscience.



शुद्धि [sud-dhi]
- f. purification, from (--), purity (also fig.); clearing of what is dangerous, rendering secure (rare); exculpation, acquittal, by (--; rare); (proof of) genuineness, correctness (rare); settlement, payment (of a debt etc.); clearness, accurate knowledge regarding (g., --): -m kri, procure accurate information; -m labh, receive certain news.


शुद्धिमत्् [suddhi-mat]
- a. pure, spotless; innocent, proved guiltless, acquitted.


शुद्धोदन [suddha̮odana Skyas]
- m. N. of a king of the race of the Sakyas, father of Buddha.


- I. P. sundha (V.), II. P. only 2 impv. sund-dhi (S.), purify, A. purify one's-, become pure (V.); IV. P. (A. metr.) sudhya, (C.; V. rare) become pure (also of persons); correct (reading etc.); faultless, of good quality (field), free from blemishes; pure, simple, unmixed (opp. misra); unmodified (vowel; opp. nasalized); mere, simple = without any addition (washing, i.e. without unguents); unqualified (capital punishment); complete, entire, examined, investigated; cs. sundhaya, P. purify (V., very rare); sodhaya, P. id. (rare in V.; C.); C.: correct; remove (impurity etc.); clear off, pay (debt); exculpate; test (any one); examine; make clear, explain: pp. sodhita, pari, (C.) IV. P. be washed off; A. exculpate oneself; cs. P. cleanse; clear off; A. exculpate oneself; cs. P. cleanse; clear off, defray, pay; test, examine; explain. vi (C.), IV. P. A. become perfectly pure (sp. in ritual sense): pp. perfectly cleansed, purified, clear, or pure (also fig.); brilliantly white (teeth); throughly settled, fully established; having (cleared off =) completed (apprenticeship, -); cleared = examined and found to be secure; cleared out, exhausted, empty (treasury); cs. P. purify (also in ritual sense); exculpate; justify; clearly determine. sam, pp. purified pure; removed (impurity); cleared off, defrayed, paid; searched, examined, found to be safe; cs. P. cleanse, purify; clear off, defray, pay; clear, secure against attack (road).







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शुन [sun]
- n. growth, prosperity, luck (V.): -m, ad. for growth or prosperity (V.).


शुनंहवीया [sunam-havy]
- f. N. of RV. III, xxx, 22 (which commences with the words ʻsunam huvemaʼ; Br.).


शुनःपुच्छ [sunah-pukkha]
- m. (Dog's tail), N.


शुनक [suna-ka]
- m. (little) dog; N.: pl. descendants of Sunaka.


- m. kind of rural genius.

शुनपृष्ठ [sun-prishtha]
- a. having a suitable back (RV.1).


शुनःशेप [snah-spa]
- m. (Dog's tail), N.


शुनाशीर [sn-sra]
- m. du. N. of two genis favourable to the growth of grain (V.); m. sg. ep. of Indra (V., C.): -̮asana, n. (Indra's bow), rainbow.


- f. of svan.


शुनोलाङ्गूल [suno-lṅgla]
- m. (Dog's tail), N.


- v. [SUDH]


शुन्ध्यु [sundh-y]
- a. (uN) bright, beauteous (V.).


शुप्ति [sp-ti]
- f. shoulder (RV.1).


- (RV., rare), only sumbhante, subhana, sumbhmana, glide along. pra, id.


- I. A. sumbha (V.), VI. P, sumbha (V.), I. A. sobha (V., C.), adorn, self, look beautiful or handsome, appear to advantage, be resplendent, with (in.); prepare, make suitable or propitions for, A. prepare, oneself for (d; V.): with iva or yatha or pred. a., shine or look like: w. na, not shine, appear to disadavantage; cs. sobhaya, P. cause to shine (also fig.), adorn: pp. adorned, resplendent, with (in., -). abhi, A. adorn oneself with (ac.; RV.); look beautiful (E.); cs. pp. abhi-sobhita, adorned or looking handsome with (in.). upa, A. look beautiful; cs. P. adorn, with (in., -). pra, A. be resplendent. vi, A. look very beautiful or handsome; cs. pp. adorned with (in., -). sam, look beautiful (V., E.); shine equally with (in.; RV.); cs. P. adorn: pp. adorned with (in.).





शुभ्् [sbh]
- f. (V.) 1. swift course or flight (esp. of the Maruts); 2. splendour, beauty; readiness.



शुभ [subh-a]
- a. splendid, beautiful, handsome; pleasant, agreeable; useful (animals); serviceable, good (land, seed, etc.); able (artist); correct, true (law, etc.); auspicious, lucky (day, etc.); good, virtuous; pure (action); m. N.; n. charm, grace (rare); welfare, prosperity, good fortune, happiness (ord. mg.; sts. pl.); benefit, service (rare); good or virtuous action.




शुभंया [subham-yaN]
- a. flying swiftly (RV.1); -yaNvan, a. (RV.) id. (Maruts); -y, a. loving adornment (RV.1); splendid, beautiful (C.).



शुभकर [subha-kara]
- a. auspicious; -karman, n. good work; a. acting nobly; -m-kara, m. (propitious), N. of an Asura; -datta, m. N.; -darsana, a. beautiful; -dina, n. auspicious day; -dhara, m. N.; -naya, m. N. of a sage; -prada, a. auspicious; -bhvan, f. good opinion of men; -maṅgala, n. good fortune, prosperity; a. fortunate; -maya, a. () splendid, beautiful; -m-bhvuka, a. looking beautiful, splendid.



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