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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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विशद   [vi-sada]
- a. [distinct: √1. sad] clear, bright, brilliantly white, spotless, pure (also fig.); cheerful (mind); distinct, evident, audible, intelligible; soft to the touch (food, wind, perfume; rare); dexterous in (--, rare): -m, ad. brightly, -t, f. clearness; -sada-ya, den. P. purify; make clear, explain: pp. ita.



  विशय   [vi-saya]
- m. [√s] uncertainty, doubt: -vat, a. doubtful; -sayin, a. id.; -sarada, a. incorr. for visrada; -sarru, a. falling to pieces, scattering; frail, perishable: -t, f. frailness; (v)-salya, a. pointless (arrow); freed from an arrow-head, healed of an arrowwound; freed from pain: , f. N. of various plants, also of a specific for arrow-wounds: (a)-karana, a. () healing arrow-wounds: , f. a certain miraculous herb; -salya-ya, den. P. free from an arrow-head or a pain; -ssana, a. () deadly; m. sword; n. slaughtering, cutting up (RV., C.); slaughter (C.); cruel treatment (C.); -sasitri, m. slaughterer; -sastr, m. id.



- (AV. also- sakha), branched, forked (V.); branchless (E.); handless (E.); m. (C.) ep. of Skanda; a manifestation of Skanda, regarded as his son; N.; n. fork: a, f. sg., du., pl. the fourteenth (later sixteenth) lunar asterism; -akha-ka, a. (ika) forked; -sakha-datta, m. N. of the auther of the Mudrarakshasa (seventh; or eighth cent. A. D.); -sakhika, f. forked pole: -danda, m. id.; sakh-ila, m. N. of a merchant; -satana, a. (i) destroying; n. cutting off; hewing donw, destroying; -sapa, a. freed from a curse; -sarada, a. experienced, skilled, or proficient in, conversant with (lc., -; ord. mg.); clever (speech); beautifully autumnal; lacking the gift of speech; bold, impudent; -sala, a. [ = *vi-sara, extended: sri] extensive, spacious, brond, wide; large, great; powerful (army); illustrious (family): -, full of; m. N. of the father of Takshaka; N. of varoius kings; N. of an Asura: a, f. N. of the town of Uggayuint; -sala-ta, f. great extent; -sala-lokana, f.  large-eyed woman; -sala-varman, m. N.; -sala-vigaya, a. (i) large-eyed; m. ep. of Siva, sp. as author of a Sastra.





विशिख   [v-sikha]
-  (or -skha) lacking a top-knot; bald; blunt (arrow); flameless (fire); m. blunt arrow; arrow: , f. street: -̮antara, n. (interior of a) street: -ni̮atipat, traverse the streets; -siras, a. headless; topless: -ka, a. headless; -si-ss-ishu, des. a. prepared to slaughter; -si-sram-ishu, des. a. wishing to rest; -sishta, pp. √sish: -t, f. distinction, excellence, superiority, -tva, n. id.; difference, distinction; -sishta-varna, a. of choice colour; -sishta̮advaita, n. distinct entity, entity with attributes: -vda, m. doctrine of an entity with attributes; -srna, pp. √sr, scattered, trampled upon etc.: -t, f. crumbling condition, -mrti, a. having his body destroyed (Kma); (v)-srshan, a. (n) headless; -sla, a. ill-behaved, badlyconducted.



विशुद्ध   [vi-suddha]
- pp.(sudh) pure etc.: -ta, f., n. pureness; -dh, a. pureminded; -prshni, a. whose rear is covered; -bhva, a. having a pure nature or mind; -vamsya, a. of pure descent; -sattva-vigna, a. whose character and nature are pure; -̮tman, a. having a pure nature or character.



विशुद्धि   [vi-suddhi]
- f. purification, sanctification, purity (also fig.); settlement of a debt (rare); perfect knowledge (rare): -mat, a. pure (rare); -sushka, a. dried up, withered, parched.



विशून्य   [vi-snya]
- a. perfectly empty; -sla, a. spearless.


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विशृङ्खल   [vi-sriṅkhala]
- a. unfettered, unrestrained, unbounded; sounding or tinkling excessively; abounding excessively in (--): -m, ad. unchecked.



विशेष   [vi-sesha]
- m. [√sish] difference, between (2 g., 2 lc., g. & in.); characteristic difference, peculiarity, specific property, differentia; species, individual; special objects, particulars (pl.); distinction, superiority, excellence, pre-eminence; special distinction; special place, wonderful object, extraordinary thing; individualization, variation (rh.); particularity (opp. smnya): -- (sts. also --)= a definite, special, or particular (pl. different kinds of, various); extraordinary, pre-eminent, choice, distinguished: d. for the enhancement of (beauty, --); in., ab., --, exceedingly, pre-eminently, especially, particularly, very; ab. by special reason of, in consequence of (--); yena yena viseshena, in any way whatever; a. extraordinary, abundant (increase, v. r. visesht): -ka, -- a. = visesha, particularity; a. distinguishing, qualifying; m. n. forehead mark; m. a figure of speech in which two objects are at first represented as similar, but finally as different (e.g. ʻthe crow and the cuckoo are black; spring causes their difference to be heardʼ); -karana, n. improvement; -ga, a. knowing the differences of things, discriminative, judicious; --, knowing various --.




विशेषण   vi-seshana
- a. distinguishing, particularizing; n. that which differentiates, viz. attribute, adjective, adverb, apposition, or predicate; distinguishing; particularization; species, kind; surpassing (rare): -tva, n. adjectival nature; -pada, n. honorific title; -viseshya-t, f., -viseshya-bhva, m. relation of predicate and subject.



विशेषतस्   [visesha-tas]
- ad. according to the difference of, in proportion to (--); specifically, singly, in particular; especially, particularly, above all; -tva, n. distinction; notion of the particular; -mandana, n. costly ornament; -vakana, n. adjective, apposition; -vat, a. distinguishing (in a-); -vid, a.= -ga; -slin, a. distinguished, excellent; -̮arthi-t, f. want of something better; -̮ukti, f. statement of the difference of two otherwise similar objects (a figure of speech).



विशेष्य   [vi-sesh-ya]
- cs. fp; (sish) to be qualified particularized; n. substantive, subject.



  विशोक   vi-soka
- a. free from sorrow; removing sorrow; m. N. of the charioteer of Bhma; N. of a Dnava: -t, f. freedom from sorrow; -sodha, incorr. for -sodha, pp. √sah; -sodhana, cs. (√sudh) a. () cleansing; washing off; n. purification (also in the ritual sense); -sodh-in, a. cleansing: (-i)-tva, n. clearing, freeing from obstruction; -sodhya, fp. to be subtracted from (ab.); -sosha, m. dryness; -soshana, a. drying; healing (wounds, --); n. desiccation, drying up; -soshin, a. drying up, withering; making dry.



विश्पति   [vis-pti]
- m. (V.) chief of the settlement or tribe, lord of the house: du. master and mistress of the house; -ptn, f. mistress of the house; -pl, f. N. of a woman whose leg was replaced by the Asvins (RV.).



विश्य   [vis-y]
- a. forming a --, belonging etc. to the community (RV.); m. man of the people or of the third caste (V.).



विश्यापर्ण   [vi-syparna]
- a. conducted without the Syparnas (sacrifice); -srabdha, pp. (√srambh) confident: -- or -m, ad. confidently, unhesitatingly; -srama, m. rest, relaxation; -sramana, n. resting, relaxation; -srambha, m. cessation (rare); confidence, in (lc., --, rarely g.); familiarity, intimacy: -m kri, gain the confidence of (g.): ab. or --, confidentially; kasmai visrambham kathaymi, whom shall I make a confidant of? -kath, f. confidential or familiar conversation, -kathita, (pp.) n. pl. id.; -srambhana, n. confidence; gaining the confidence of (--); -srambhanya, fp. inspiring any one (g.) with confidence; -srambha-t, f. confidence; -srambha-bhritya, m. confidential servant; -srambha-samkath, f. familiar or confidential conversation; -srambha̮lpa, m. id.; -srambhin, a. trusting, placing confidence in (--); enjoying confidence; confidential (conversation); (v)-sravas, a. famous; m. N. of a Rishi, son of Pulastya and father of Kubera, Rvana, etc.; -srnana, n. bestowal, gift, of (g., --); sacrifice of (life); -srnta, pp. (√sram) rested etc.; -srnti, f. rest, repose, relaxation; cessation, end (rare): -bhmi, f. means of relaxation; -srma, m. rest, repose, relaxation (ord. mg.); heaving sigh after exertion; resting-place (rare); cessation, relaxation, abatement: -bh, f. resting-place, -vesman, n. resting-chamber, -sthna, n. resting-place of a person=means of recreation; -srva, m. noise; renown.




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- (rob of = ) surpass in beauty.



  विश्रुत   [vi-sruta]
- pp. famous etc.; m. N.; -sruti, f. fame, renown.



विश्््लथ   [vi-slatha]
- a. relaxed, loose: -̮aṅgam, ad. with languid limbs; -slesha, m. loosening, severance, falling asunder; hiatus (with sandhau or sandhi-); separation (of lovers); -sleshin, a. loosened; separated (from a beloved object).



विश्व   [vs-va]
- a. [pervading: √vis] every, all, whole, entire (in Br. and later supplanted by sarva); all-pervading or all-containing (Vishnu, soul, intellect); m. every one; intellect conditioned by the individual (in Vednta); N. of a king: vsve devaNh, all the gods; All-gods (as a class); n. the All, universe, world.



विश्वक   [vsva-ka]
- m. N. of a protege of the Asvins; -kartri, m. creator of the universe; -karman, n. every action (only --); ()karman, a. accomplishing or creating everything (V., E.); N. of the architect of the universe, resembling Pragpati and often not distinguished from him; in C. he is the architect and artificer of the gods, also called Pragpati, and with the pat. Bhauvana, father of Barhishmat and Samg; ep. of the sun (rare); -krt, a. creating everything; m. creator of the universe; the architect and artificer of the gods, Visvakarman; ()-krish- ti, a. dwelling among all men, universally known (RV.); -kshaya, m. destruction of the world; -gata, pp. omnipresent; -guru, m. father of the universe; ()-kakshas, a. all-seeing (RV.); ()-karshani, a. = -krishti (RV.); -gan, m. mankind; -ganna, a. containing all kinds of people (V.); ruling all people (V.); benefiting the whole world (V., C.); ()-ganya, a. containing all men (heaven and earth: V.); universal, dear to all men (V.); universally beneficial (discussion); -gt, a. all-subduing (V., P.); m. N. of an Ekha in the Gavmayana rite, the fourth day after the Vishuvat (Br., S., C.); -gva, m. universal soul; -guN, a. all-impelling (RV.1); ()-tas, ad. from or on all sides, everywhere; ()-to-mukha, a. having a face on every side, facing in all directions; ()tra, ad. everywhere; always; ()-th, ad. in every way, always (V.); -datta, m. N. of a Brhman; ()-darsata, a. visible to all (RV.);




-daNnm, ad. always (V.); ()-deva, a. all-divine; m. pl. the All-gods, the Visve devs; ()-devya, a. relating, dear etc. to all gods (RV.); ()-devy-vat, a. id.; accompanied by the Visve devs (Indra); ()-dhă̂, ad. in every way, always (RV.); -dharana, n. preservation of the universe; ()dhyas, a. all-supporting (RV.); -dh-vrya, a. effective in every way (AV.); ()-dhena, a. all-feeding (RV.); -ntha, m. lord of the universe, ep. of Siva; N.; -m-tara, a. all-subduing (Buddha); m. N. of a king with the pat. Saushadmana; -pvana, a. all-purifying; -ps, a. all-adorned (RV.); -praksa, m. All-enlightener, T. of a dictionary; ()psnya, a. all-nourishing (V.); -bhug, a. all-consuming; ()-bheshaga, a. () all-healing (V.); n. dry ginger (C.); ()-bhogas, a. all-supporting; -maya, a. containing the universe; -maha, m. a kind of personification; -mahesvara, m. great lord of all (Siva); -minv, a. (RV.) all-moving; all-containing; -mrti, a. whose body is the universe or having all forms; -m-bhar, a. all-supporting; m. ep. of Vishnu: , f. earth: -bhug, m. king; -yoni, m. f. source or creator of the universe; -ruki, m. N. of a Dnava; -rpa, n. sg. all kinds of shapes; ()-rpa, a. (, ) many-coloured, variegated (V.); wearing all forms, manifold, various; N. of a son of Tvashtri, whose three heads were struck off by Indra; , f. dappled cow (V.); N. of certain verses (Br.); (-)vra, a. containing, bestowing etc. all treasures (V.); -vikhyta, pp. known in the whole world; -vd, a. all-knowing; -visruta, pp. known in the whole world; ()-vedas, a. all-knowing; ()-sambh, a. beneficial to all; -sk, a. all-enlightening (RV.1); ()-skandra, a. all-glittering (RV.); -samvanana, n. means of enchanting all; -samhra, m. general destruction; -sakha, m. universal friend.





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