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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

Edited by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint, Daw Zinthiri Han and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL). Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR 
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विकारित   [vi-krita]
- cs. pp. √kri; -kri-tva, n. alteration, change; -krin, a. liable to change, changeable; changing into (--); susceptible of emotion or love; becoming disloyal, rebellious; producing a change in, corrupting (the mind); -krya, fp. liable to change; -kla, m. evening; -ksa, m. 1. brightness; 2. inaccurate spelling for -ksa; -ksin, a. shining, radiant; --, illustrating, explaining; -ksa, m. [√kas] expanding, blowing (of flowers); opening (of the mouth or eyes); opening of the heart, susceptibility; expansion, development: -ka, a. (--) expanding the mind=making wise; -ksana, a. causing to expand; n. developing; -ksit, f. expansion, development; -ksin, a. blossoming, blowing; open (eyes); expanding, developing; extensive, great (fortune); abounding in (--).




विकिर   [vi-kira]
- m. rice (etc.) scattered as an offering to conciliate beings obstructive of sacrifice; (scraper), kind of gallinaceous bird; -kirana n. scattering, strewing; -krna, pp. (√kr) scattered etc.



  विकुक्षि   [vi-kukshi]
- a. having a prominent belly; m. N. of a son or grandson of Ikshvku; -kuntha, a. sharp, penetrating, irresistible (rare); m. ep. of Vishnu; Vishnu's heaven (=vaikuntha); -kgita, (pp.) n. humming, warbling; -knana, n. contraction.



विकृत   [vi-krita]
- pp. (√kri) changed etc.; n. deformity; abortion; transformation, change: -tva, n. modification, change; -damshtra, m. (having ugly teeth), N. of a fairy; -buddhi, a. changed in mind, alienated; -̮kra, a. having a misshapen aspect; altered in appearance.



- f. transfromation, alteration, change, modification, variation, changed condition; apparition, spectre; product; derivative of Prakriti (= vikara in Samkhya phil.); derivative form ( in gr.; rare); development (of seed; Br. ); change of the nomal mental condition, perturbation; change of feeling, hostility, defection: -m gam, ya, varg, or pra-pad, be changed; -mat, a. liable to change; indisposed, ill.



विकृष्ट   [vi-krishta]
- pp. √krish.



विकोश   [vi-kosa]
- a. unsheathed, drawn (sword etc.); lacking a foreskin.



विकौतुक   [vi-kautuka]
- a. lacking curiosity or interest.



विक्रम   [vi-kram]
- m. V., C.: grave accent (gr.); non-change of Visarga into a sibilant (gr.); N.; also=Vikramditya: ab. vikramt, by force; na̮asti vikramena, it cannot be done by forcible means; vikramam kri, display one's prowess or courage: -kesarin, m. N. of a king; N. of a minister; -kanda, m. N. of a prince of Benares; -karita or -karitra, n. Adventures of Vikrama (-̮ditya), T. of a collection of tales.



विक्रमण   [vi-krmana]
- n. striding, stride, step (of Vishnu); might, prowess, valour (C.).


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विक्रमतुङ्ग   [vikrama-tuṅga]
- m. N. of two kings; -nidhi, m. N. of a warrior; -pattana, n. Vikrama's city, Uggayin; -pati, m. =Vikrama̮ditya; -pura, n. N. of a town; -bhu, m. N. of various kings; -rga, m. N. of a king; -lkhana, m.=Vikrama̮ditya; -sakti, m. N. of various warriors; -simha, m. N. of various kings; -sena, m. id.; -sthna, n. walking-place, promenade; -̮aṅka, m. =Vikramditya: -deva, m. id.: -karita, n. Adventures of Vikramṅka-deva, T. of a poem; -̮ditya, m. Sun of Valour, N. of various kings, esp. of one accounted the conqueror of the Sakas and founder of the Vikrama era (56 b. c.).



  विक्रमिन्   [vikram-in]
- a. striding, -- through (Vishnu); valiant.



[vikrama isvara]
- m. N. of a temple erected by Vikramdditya.



विक्रमोर्वशी   [vikrama̮urvas]
- f. Urvas won by valour, T. of a drama ascribed to Klidsa.



विक्रय   [vi-kray]
- m. [√kr] sale: (a)-pattra, n. deed of sale; -krayika, m. seller; -krayin, a. selling; m. seller; -kray-ya, fp. to be sold.



विक्रान्त   [v-krnta]
- pp. (√kram) valiant etc.; m. (passed over), the Sandhi in which Visarga is left unchanged; n. pace taken, step; gait; prowess, valour; (v)-krnti, f. all-pervading power (V.); prowess, valour (C.).



विक्रायक   [vi-krya-ka]
- m. seller.



विक्रिया   [vi-kriy]
- f. [√1. kri] transformation, alteration, change, modification; vitiation, disfigurement; failure, misadventure, harm (dpasya --, extinction); unwonted phenomenon; product (e. g. of milk); contraction, knitting (of the brows); sudden movement (of the hair=thrill); change in the normal bodily condition, ailment, affection; change in the normal mental condition, perturbation, agitation; change of feeling, alienation, hostility, defection: -m y, undergo a change for the worse, deteriorate, come to nought: -̮upam, f. transformation simile (in which one thing is represented as produced from another: e. g. ʻthy face is as it were taken from the disc of the moonʼ).



विक्रीड   [vi-krda]
- m. playground; toy: , f. play, sport; -krdita, (pp.) n. play, sport; child's play, action performed with the greatest ease; -krta, pp. (√kr) sold; n. sale; -krushta, pp. (√krus) n. cry for help; -kretavya, fp. [√kr] to be sold, salable; -kretri, m. seller; -kreya, fp. to be sold, vendible; n. (?) selling price; -krosa, m. cry, -- for help; -krsana, m. N. of a mythical being; N. of a king; -kroshtri, m. one who calls out or cries for help.



  विक्लव   [vi-klava]
- a. overcome with agitation, confused, bewildered; alarmed, frightened, timid, shy; hesitating; distressed; overcome with (--); averse from (the chase, --); troubled, discomposed (face, glance), faltering (speech), unsteady (gait), impaired (senses); n. confusion, embarrassment; despondency: -t, f., -tva, n. trepidation, timidity, etc.; -klav-kri, depress, trouble; -klavbh, grow despondent; -kleda, m. [√klid] getting wet; moisture; dissolution, decay.



विक्षत   [vi-kshata]
- pp. √kshan; n. wound; -kshar, a. pouring out (--); m. effluence (V.); -ksharana, n. flowing out; -kshudra, a. differing in smallness, one smaller than the other (Br.).



विक्षेप   [vi-kshepa]
- m. scattering about; casting, throwing; moving to and fro, waving, tossing (ord. mg.); inattention, distraction; projection or extension (a power of ignorance which causes the world to seem real: Vednta phil.); -kshepana, n. moving to and fro; -kshepa-sakti-mat, a. possessing the power of projection or extension.


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  विक्षोभ   [vi-kshobha]
- m. agitation; mental agitation, perturbation; distraction; laceration.



विख्याति   [vi-khyti]
- f. fame, renown; -khypana, n. making known, declaring.



विगणन   [vi-ganana]
- n. paying off.



विगत   [vi-gata]
- pp. √gam: -gvara, a. from whom the fever has departed, freed from sorrow; -tva, n. disappearance; -bhaya, a. fearless; m. N.; -lakshana, a. luckless, unfortunate (man); -samkalpa, a. irresolute; -̮anusaya, a. free from remorse.



- I. m. confused shouting (RV.1); 2. a, a. healthy; -gandha, a. ill-smelling; odourless; -gandhi, a. ill-smelling; -gama, m. departure, disappearance, cessation; absence, lack; avoidance; -garhana, n., a, f. censure, blame: -m kri, blame; -garhya, fp. censurable, blameworthy: -ta, f. blame: -m pra-ya, incur censure; -galitasuk, a.  freed from sorrow.



विगान   [vi-gna]
- n. contradiction, inconsistency; repugnance; -ghya, fp. to be entered (Ganges).



विगीतत्व   [vi-gta-tva]
- n. contradictoriness; inconsistency; -gti, f. dissonance, discord.



विगुण   [vi-guna]
- a. lacking a string; lacking in some quality, deficient, in (--); ineffective (command, i. e. one not carried out); adverse (fate); lacking qualities; destitute of merits, worthless, bad (person); changed in quality, disordered (bodily humour): -t, f. disordered condition; -gun-kri, detach the string of a bow (ac.); -gulpha, a. abundant (S.).



 - I. fp. (in gr.) appearing separately or independently ( in the Padatext); 2. gd. aggressively: -gamana or -yana, n. hostile advance; -asana, n. besieging and sulking with (in.).



विग्रह   [vi-graha]
- m. separation; division; independence of a word (opp. composition; gr.); analysis of a compound (gr.); discord, quarrel, strife, war (ord. mg.), with (in. saha, srdham, skam, g. with upari, lc., --); (separate=) individual form or shape, body (common mg.; also of the shape of a rainbow); element (in Smkhya phil.); ornament (E.): -m kri, make war; -m kri, grah, or upa̮-d, assume a form.



विग्रहय   [vigraha-ya]
- den. P. fight or contend with (srdham).



विग्रहराज   [vigraha-rga]
- m. N.; -vat, w. embodied, incarnate.



विग्रहिन्   [vi-grah-in]
- a. waging war; m. minister of war; -grah-tavya, fp. (corrupt); -graha̮ikkhu, des. a. eager for battle; -grhya, fp. to be waged war with.



विग्रीव   [v-grva]
- a. having the neck twisted (V.).



विघटन   [vi-ghatana]
- n. separation, destruction; -ghattana, a. opening; n. friction; moving to and fro, shaking; striking against; hewing in pieces; untying: , f. friction; striking against; separation; -ghattin, a. rubbing, clashing (--); -ghan, a. 1. injuring; 2. a, not or very stiff (--); cloudless; -gharshana, n. rubbing; -ghasa, m. n. leavings of food; -ghta, m. blow, with (--); breaking in pieces (rare); warding off; destruction; removal, interruption, impedi ment, obstacle (ord. mg.): -ka, a. warding off; -ghtin, a. contending with, routing; removing, interrupting, impeding; -ghrnana, n., , f. swaying to and fro.




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