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Practical Sanskrit Dictionary for Buddhists and Hindus


A Practical Sanskrikt Dictionary, by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg; 1929.
- Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012.
- https://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 190516
The Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, BHS, vol.2, by F. Edgerton, pp. 627.
- FEdgerton-BHSD<> / Bkp<> (link chk 180627)
The Student's Pali English dictionary , by U Pe Maung Tin, 1920.
- (ref: UPMT-PEDxxx).  Downloaded copies in TIL HD-PDF and SD-PDF libraries:
- UPMT-PaliDict1920<> / bkp<> (link chk 190113)
  Pali-Myanmar Dictionary (in Pal-Myan), by U Hoke Sein,
- (ref: UHS-PMD). The dictionary in printed form is in TIL Research Library.
Latin-English Vocabulary II, by Hans H rberg, 1998
- HHOrberg-LinguaLatina<> / Bkp<> (link chk 190624)

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राजकीय   [rgak-ya royal; m. servant of a king.



राजकुमार   [rga-kumra]
- m. prince: i-k, f. princess; -kula, n. royal family (pl. kings); royal palace (serving also as a court of justice); high road: -bhatta, m. N. of a poet; -krt, m. king-maker; -kritya, n. duties of a king, state affairs; -kriy, f. business of a king; -gmin, a. brought before the king (slander); -giri, m. N. of a locality; -guru, m. king's counsellor or minister; -griha, n. royal dwelling, palace; N. of the capital of Magadha (also , f.); -ghtaka, m. regicide; -kihna, n. pl. royal insignia; -gamb, f. a tree.



राजत   [rgata]
- a. () made of silver; n. silver.



राजतनय   [rga-tanaya]
- m. king's son, prince: , f. princess; -taramgin, f. Stream (= continuous history) of Kings, T. of various chronicles of Cashmere; N.; -t, f. kingship, royalty.



राजताद्रि   [rgata̮adri]
- m. silver mountain, Mount Kailsa.



राजताली   rga-tl betel-nut tree; -tuṅga, m. N.; -tva, n. kingship, royalty; -danda, m. royal authority; punishment inflicted by a king; -datt, f. N.; -danta, m. (chief=) front tooth; -darsana, n. sight of the king, royal audience: -m kraya, conduct any one (ac.) before the king; -dra, m. pl. wife or wives of a king; -duhitri, f. king's daughter, princess; musk-rat: -maya, a. () consisting of princesses; -drv, f. kind of tall Drv grass; -daivika, a. proceeding from the king or fate (misfortune); -dvr, f., -dvra, n. king's gateway, palacegate; -dvrika, m. royal janitor; -dharma, m. duties of a prince: pl. rules relating to kings: -bhrit, a. maintaining or fulfilling the duties of a king; -dhn, f. royal city, capital: -tas, ad. from the capital; -dhnya, n. kind of grain; -dhman, n. royal palace or residence.




राजन्   1. [raNg-an]
- m. king is applied to Varuna and other gods); ep. of the moon (C.); man of the warrior caste. Rgan is rarely used -- in Tatpurushas except in a few cases with names of towns or peoples in E., rga being otherwise substituted for it.



- n. (?) guidance (RV.1)



राजनय   [rga-naya]
- m. royal policy, statesmanship; -nirdhta-danda, a. having the staff wielded over him by the king, punished by the king; -nivesana, n. royal palace; -nti, f. royal policy, statesmanship.



राजन्य   [rgan-y]
- a. royal; m. royal personage, noble; man of the warrior caste (of which this is the oldest designation): -ka, n. assemblage of warriors; -kumra, m. prince; -tva, n. condition of belonging to the warrior caste; ()-bandhu, m. companion of kings (gnly. used contemptuously: Br.); man of the military caste, Kshatriya.



राजन्वत्   [rgan-vat]
- a. having or ruled by a good king.


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राजपट्््ट   [rga-patta]
- m. kind of  gem, diamond of inferior quality; -patn, f. consort of a king; -patha, m. royal road, highway; -paddhati, f. id.; -pitri, m. royal father; -putr, 1. m. king's son, prince; Rjput (a mixed caste, offspring of Vaisya and Ambashth or Kshatriya and Karan); son of the moon, planet Mercury: , f. king's daughter, female Rjput; (raNga)-putra, 2. a. having kings as sons (RV.1); -putraka, m. king's son, prince: ik, f. princess; -putra-loka, m. assemblage of princes; -pums, m. royal servant or official; -pura, n. Kingstown, N. of a town; -pur, f. N. of a town; -purusha, m. king's man, royal servant or official; -prusha, m. metr.=-purusha; -paurushika, a. being in the service of a king; -prakriti, f. king's minister; -priy, f. mistress of a king; mistress of the moon; -preshya, m. king's servant; n. royal service; -bandin, m. N.; -bndhava, m. relation of a king: , f. female relation of a king; -bgin, a. of royal descent; -bhakti-puraskrita, pp. distinguished by devotion to their king; -bhata, m. royal mercenary, soldier; -bhaya, n. fear of a king; danger from a king; -bhavana, n. royal palace; -bhry, f. king's spouse; -bhrita, m. soldier; -bhritya, m. king's servant; -bhauta, m. fool of a king; -bhratr, m. king's brother; -mani, m. kind of jewel; -mandira, n. royal palace; -mahish, f. chief consort of a king; king's wife; -mtri, f. king's mother, queenmother.





राजमानत्व   [rga-mna-tva]
- n. brilliance, splendour (abst. n. fr. pr. pt. of √rg).



राजमानुष   [rga-mnusha]
- m. king's man, royal official; -mrga, m. royal road, highway; procedure of kings, war; -mukh, n. king's countenance; -muni, m. royal sage.



  राजयक्ष्म   [rga-yakshm]
- m. kind of dangerous disease; later: pulmonary consumption; -yakshman, m. id.; -yakshm-in, a. consumptive; -yaga, m. royal sacrifice; -yna, n. royal vehicle, palanquin; -ratha, m. royal carriage; -rambh, f. kind of plantain; -rkshasa, m. demon of a king; -rg, m. king of kings, emperor; moon; -rga, m. king of kings; ep. of Kubera: -giri, m. ep. of the Himavat; -t, f., -tva, n. dignity of a sovereign lord; -rgya, n. sovereignty over all kings; -̮rishi, m. royal sage; -lakshana, n. mark indicative of (future) royalty; -lakshman, n. royal emblem; -lakshm, f. regal glory or majesty; N. of a princess; -loka, m. assemblage of kings; -vamsa, m. royal race, dynasty; -vamsya, a. of royal descent; m. Kshatriya; -vat, 1. ad. like a king (nm. or ac.); as in the case of a king; 2. a. having a king; abounding in kings: lc. =in the presence of a king; m. N.: -, f. N.; -vadana, m. N.; -vandin, m. N. (=-bandin); -varkasin, a. being in royal service; -vallabha, m. royal favourite: -turamgama, m. favourite steed of a prince; -vasati, f. life at the court of a king; -vahana, a. bearing or ridden by kings; -vhana, m. N. of a king; -vidy, f. kingcraft, statesmanship; -vihra, m. royal pleasure-seat; royal monastery; -vth, f. royal road, highway; -vriksha, m. kind of tree; -vritta, n. procedure or vocation of a king; -vesman, n. royal palace; -vesha, m. royal costume; -srdla, m. (tiger-like=) illustrious king; -ssana, n. royal command; -sr, f. glory or majesty of a king.






राजस   [rgas-a]
- a. () belonging or relating to the quality ragas, endowed with passion: -tva, n. subjection to the quality of passion.

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राजसंश्रय   [rga-samsraya]
- a. dependent on or protected by kings; -samsad, f. judicial sitting held by a king; -sattra, n. royal sacrifice; -sadman, n. royal palace; -sabh, f. royal court; judicial sitting held by a king; -samiti, f. assembly of kings; -sarshapa, m. black mustard; black mustard seed (as a weight)=three likshs; -skshika, a. witnessed by a king (document); -simha, m. (lion of a king=) illustrious king; -sukha, n. happiness of a king; -suta, m. king's son, prince; -snu, m. id.; -sya, m. n. royal inaugural sacrifice: i-ka, a. () relating to or treating of the Rgasya sacrifice; -sena, m. N.; -sevaka, m. servant of a king; Rjput; -sev, f. royal service: -̮upagvin, m. servant of a king; -sevin, m. id.; -saudha, royal palace; -str, f. wife of a king; -sthna̮adhikra, m. vice-regency; -sthnya, m. viceroy, governor; -sva, n. property of a king; -svmin, m. lord of kings, ep. of Vishnu; -hamsa, m. (, f.) kind of goose or swan, flamingo; N.; -harmya, n. royal palace; -̮aṅgana, n. courtyard of a royal palace.




राजादन   [rga̮adana]
- m. [food of kings], a tree; -̮desa, m. king's command; -̮adhikrin, m. judge; -̮adhikrita, m. id.; -̮adhirga, m. paramount sovereign; -̮adhishthna, n. royal residence, capital; -̮adhna, m. servant of a king; -̮adhvan, m. king's road, highway.



राजानक   [rgna-ka]
- m. petty prince.



राजानुजीविन्   [rga̮anugvin]
- m. servant of a king; -̮anna, n. food given by a king or Kshatriya; -̮anya-tva, n. change of sovereign; -̮apasada, m. fallen king; -̮abhisheka, m. royal inauguration.



राजाय   [rg-ya]
- den. . behave like a king, play the king.



  राजार्ह   [rga̮arha]
- a. worthy of or due to a king; -̮varta, m. n. lapis lazuli; -̮valĭ̂, f. Line of Kings, T. of royal chronicles: -patk, f. T. of a royal chronicle; -̮sana, n. royal seat, throne.



राजि   [rg-]
-  [distinet mark: √rag], line, streak, row.



राजिक   [rg-ika]
- a. relating to kings (only --): , f. black mustard; black mustard seed (used as a measure of weight).



राजिचित्र   [rgi-kitra]
- m. (variegated with stripes), a kind of snake.



राजिन्   [rg-in]
- a. shining.



राजिमत्   [rgi-mat]
- a. striped; m. kind of snake; -la, m. (striped), kind of snake.



- f. = rag-i



राजीकृत   [rg-krita]
- pp. striped, forming streaks; -mat, a. striped; m. species of snake.



  राजीव   [rg-va]
- a. striped; m. kind of fish; n. blue lotus: -netra, a. lotus-eyed; -mukha, a. lotus-faced: , f. woman with a lotus-like face; -lokana, a. lotus-eyed; -vilokana, a.id.



राजीविनी   [rgv-in-]
- f. lotus (Nelumbium speciosum: the plant); group of lotuses: -gvita-vallabha, m. moon.



राजेन्द्र   [rga̮indra]
- m. chief of kings, illustrious king, paramount sovereign; -̮svara, m. N.; -̮upakarana, n. pl. royal insignia; -̮upakra, m. attention paid to a king; -̮upasev, f. royal service; -̮upasevin, m. royal service.



राज्ञी   [raNg-]
- f. (of raNgan) queen.



राज्य   [rg-y]
- a. royal; n. (raNgya or rgy) dominion, sovereignty (over, lc.; of, --); king dom, realm: -m upa̮s, kri, kraya, or vi-dh, rule, govern.

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