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BEPS Sanskrit Dictionary


by U Kyaw Tun, M.S. (I.P.S.T., U.S.A.), Daw Khin Wutyi, B.Sc., and staff of TIL Computing and Language Centre, Yangon, Myanmar. Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone.

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{a.ta.} - a1ta1-005b3-2.htm : here, we have the free vowel {a.}, and
    in the next file we will see this vowel checked.
  {t} /ʌt/- a1t-t-006b1-4.htm : checked vowel {} /ʌ/
  - also pay attention to medial-like onsets such as {ya.ping.}, {ra.ric}, {wa.hsw:}
{a.hta.} - a1hta1-006b2-5.htm
{a.da.} - a1da1-006b3-4.htm
{a.Da.} - a1dda1-007top-5.htm
{a.na.} - a1na1-008b2-7.htm
  {n} - a1n-t-011b3-2.htm : the pronunciation of / {n}/ is the same as / {n}/ .

{a.pa.} - a1pa1-013top-3.htm
{a.ba.} - a1ba1-014b3-5.htm
{a.Ba.} - a1bba1-015top-3.htm
{a.ma.} - a1ma1-016b3-4.htm
  {m} - a1m-t-017b1-3.htm

{a.ya.} - a1ya1-017b2-5.htm : {} not found
{a.ra.} - a1ra1-017b4-2.htm
  {r} - a1r-t-018top-5.htm
{a.la.} - a1la1-019b1-2.htm : {a.l} included
{a.wa.} - a1va1-019b3-2.htm (labio-dental /v/ is absent in Bur-Myan.)
  {a.bya.} - a1vya1-021b2-5.htm (the /vy/ is usually represented as {bya.} in Bur-Myan.)

The fricatives are so mixed up that you should study them together. An additional problem met in Sanskrit (Skt-Dev), but not in Bur-Myan and Pal-Myan, is due to the Sanskrit speakers (presumably belonging to the Indo-European linguistic group) being unable to differentiate the true hissing sound /ʃ/ from the bidental thibilant /θ/ realized in both Burmese (Tibeto-Burman linguistic group) and English (denoted in Romabama as {} = <th> - Latin small letter thorn).

/ {a.Sha.}/ {a.rha.}/ {a.hya.} - a1Sha1-022top-2.htm (fricative sibilant)
  {aSh} - a1Sh-t-022b2-4.htm  : pronounce <ash> /ʃ/ ( ʃ - Latin small letter esh)
{a.Sa.} a1Sa1-023top-7.htm (fricative sibilant)
  See also / {a.sa.}/{a.kya.} - a1ca1-004b3-7.htm (plosive stop)
{a.a.} - a1a1-023b1-3.htm (fricative thibilant, {} = <th> - Latin small letter thorn)
  {a}/{ath} - a1-t-024b1-4.htm

  {a.ha.} - a1ha1-025top.htm : includes other glottal sounds such as
  {ak~} - moved into its own folder - a1k-thut-025b2-2.htm - 110619
  ज्ञ {-z~a.} - {iz~a.} अज्ञ p025b3-2 - still in this folder - 110619

See inset pix for enlarged {a.sha.} and {i:sh} /ʃ/ graphemes   

Note to digitizer/Devanagari transcriber : you can copy and paste the following:
Ā ā  Ē ē  Ī ī  Ō ō  Ū ū
Ḍ ḍ  Ḥ ḥ  Ḷ ḷ  Ḹ ḹ Ṁ ṁ  Ṃ ṃ  Ṅ ṅ    Ṇ ṇ  Ṛ ṛ  Ṝ ṝ  Ś ś  Ṣ ṣ  Ṭ ṭ    ɕ ʂ
Instead of Devanagari ः {wic~sa.} use "colon" :
Root sign √
Sanskrit-Devanagari : श ś [ɕ]; ष ṣ [ʂ]; स s [s] 

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