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from: Online Sanskrit Dictionary , February 12, 2003 . http://sanskritdocuments.org/dict/dictall.pdf  090907

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{hka.} as {kSa.} क्ष = क ् ष - ksa1-219top-3.htm
{hki.} as {kSi.} क्षि  = क ् ष ि - ksi1-219b2-8.htm
   The problem with this phoneme क्ष = क ् ष is two-fold:
   1. absence of /k/ in English unless preceded by /s/, and,
   2. presence of the highly sibilant /s/ in Sanskrit
{z~ņa.} as ज्ञ (Gya) = ज ् ञ - znya1-220b2-2.htm

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