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ṭh {HTa.}
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ṭha 1
ṭha the aspirate of the preceding consonant
⋙ ṭhakāra
○kāra m. the letter ṭh Pāṇ. 8-4, 41 Kāś.
○raya Nom. (Desid. ṭiṭh"ṣ "ṣyiṣatī), 54 Kāś.
ṭha 2
ṭha m. a loud noise (ṭhaṭhaṃ ṭhaṭhaṃ ṭhaṃ ṭhaṭhaṭhaṃ ṭhaṭhaṃ ṭhaḥ, an imitative sound as of a golden pitcher rolling down steps Mahān.2 iii, 5) L.
• the moon's disk L.
• a disk L.
• a cypher L.
• a place frequented by all L.
• Śiva L.
ṭhaṃsarī f. N. of a stringed instrument
ṭhakka m. a merchant (= ṭakka) Inscr. (Ist century AḌ.)
ṭhakkana m. N. of a prince Rājat. vi, 230ff. and 236 (vv.Il. ḍkakk○, thakk○)
ṭhakkura m. a deity, object of reverence, man of rank, chief (the modern 'Thākūr, Tagore' added to names), vii f. Dhūrtas. i, . 19/20
ṭhaṭhaṃ ṭhaṭhaṭhaṃ, See 2. ṭha
ṭhāt-kāra m. = ṭāṃ-k○ Bālar. iii
ṭhāra rime KātyŚr. xv, 4, 38 Sch.
ṭhiṇṭhā f. a gaming-house Kathās. xcī, 15 and 21 (ṭiṇ○), cxxiv, 211
• N. of a woman Rājat. vii, 103
⋙ ṭhiṇṭhākarāla
○karāla m. N. of a gaming-house keeper Kathās. cxxi, 71f
ṭhet-kṛta n. the roaring (of a bull) Alaṃkārat.
ṭhoṇṭha-paddhahati f. N. of wk., Śūdradh.


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