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th {hta.}
UKT: This downloaded file is very extensive and is very difficult to search. To make searching easy I have inserted the following TOC. - 111201

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UKT notes

UKT: There is always confusion in the pronunciation of Skt-Lat «th». It is /tʰ/ - not /θ/. /tʰ/ corresponds to Bur-Myan {hta.},  /θ/ corresponds to {þa.} realised in English words such as <thin>. To mitigate the confusion Romabama uses the Old-English 'thorn' character <þ> instead the digraph <th>. - UKT111205

tha 1
tha aspirate of the preceding letter
⋙ thakāra
○kāra m. the letter or sound th
≫ tha 2
tha m. a mountain L.
• a protector L.
• a sign of danger L.
• N. of a disease L.
• eating L.
• n. preservation L.
• fear L.
• an auspicious prayer L.
thakkana m. ṭhakk○ Rājat.
thakriya m. N. of a man, iv, 493
thakviyaka N. of a man, v, 151
tharatharāya Nom. Ā. (p. ○yamāna) to grow giddy, tumble, Kārāṇḍ. xi, 130
tharv cl. 1. P. to go Nir. xi, 18
thalyoraka N. of a village Rājat.
thuḍ cl. 6. ○ḍati, to cover Dhātup.
thut-kāra m. = thūt-k○ W.
≫ thutthukāraka
thutthu-kāraka mfn. one who smacks his lips in eating (not admitted into the Buddh. brotherhood) L.
≫ thuthu
thuthu = thūthū
⋙ thuthukṛt
○kṛt m. N. of a bird Npr.
thurv cl. 1. p. thū́rvat, (Agni) hurting (cf. Dhātup. xv, 62
√.turv) MaitrS. ii, 10, 1
thūt ind. (fr. ṣṭhyūta ?)
⋙ thūtkāra
○kāra m. the sound made in spitting Rājat. vii f
⋙ thūtkṛta
○kṛta n. id., vii, 1116
⋙ thūtkṛtya
○kṛtya ind. spitting ib. [Page 464, Column 3]
⋙ thūthū
thūthū imitative sound of spitting, Sûktik
thaithai (in music) imitative sound of a musical instrument
thoḍana n. fr. √thuḍ W.
thauṇeya ○yaka n. = sth○ Car. vi f


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