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ṇa 1
ṇa the cerebral nasal TPrāt. xxi, 14
⋙ ṇakāra
○kāra m. the letter or sound , vii, 1 ; xiii, 6
ṇa 2
ṇa m. knowledge L.
• certainty, ascertainment L.
• ornament L.
• a water-house L.
• = nirvṛti (invented for the etymology of kriṣṇa,) MBh. v, 70, 5 Sch.
• a bad man L.
• N. of Śiva or of a Buddh. deity L.
• the sound of negation L.
• gift L.
ṇya m. (etymological) N. of an ocean in the Brahma-loka ChUp. viii, 5, 3


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