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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{a.nga.} / { n } : look also for {n} - there is no Skt-Dev words beginning with r1c5 & r2c5 consonants
{ n~ka} : letters n must be taken together: n stands for nga and not na .
{ n~ga.}

{a.sa.} / {ic} : {a.} checked by killed tenuous-voiceless palatal plosive-stop
{a.sa} : alternate form - {a.sa}
{a.sau:} : alternate form - {a.sau:}
{ic~sa.} : Pali entries


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UKT notes :

UKT 150227, 180812: Mauk'cha-Weik'cha Rule in Romabam: Though the in {weik-hkya.}-form is the current form, I prefer the {mauk-hkya.}-form, I have adopted a general rule for Romabama: "for one-circle use {mauk-hkya.}-form, but for two-circle use {weik-hkya.}-form". However, U Tun Tint, my close associate from MLC would not accept my rule.

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{a.gna.} / { n } (in form of Kin'si {  : look also for {n}

UKT 150110, 160501, 180812: My differentiation of Semi-nasals , r1c5, r2c5, and r3c5, from True-nasals, r4c5, and r5c5, has clarified the Nasal Endings shown on the right.

Since in {ing} involves row1-column5 ङ /ŋ/, Shin Kicsi {kic~s:} aka Kachchayano has used {n} in place of {ing}. Secondly, it is the aim of Romabama to get away from digraph.

You will find { n} in U Hoke Sein's Pali-Myan Dictionary as Kin'si  {kn:si:} 'literally meaning ridden by a centipede'.
See {kn~si:}-sign  in Romabama: introduction - RBM-intro-indx.htm > Romabama-rule4-9.htm 
" {kn:si:} {king:si:} /{kin: si:}/ - n. ortho. miniature symbol of de-vowelized nga {nga.} superscripted on the following letter. -- MED2010-016"


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{ n~ka} :

letters n must be taken together: n stands for nga and not na . Compare this
to {i} in p005.htm - there is no Skt-Dev words beginning with r1c5 & r2c5 consonants

p004c1-b00/ p010-021 

अङ्कास्य [ aṅka‿sya ]
- n. concluding scene which prepares for the next act.
21) अङ्कास्य (p. 10) aṅka̮sya scene which prepares for the next act.


p004c1-b01/ p010-020

अङ्कुर [ aṅk-ura ]
- m. shoot, sprout; grass.
20) अङ्कुर (p. 10) aṅk-ura shoot, sprout; grass.


p004c1-b02/ p010-019

अङ्कुरण [ aṅkurana ]
- n. shooting up, sprouting.
19) अङ्कुरण (p. 10) aṅkurana shooting up, sprouting.


p004c1-b03/ p010-011

अङ्कुरय aṅkuraya, ˚राय [ -rya ]
- den. . sprout.
11) अङ्कुरय (p. 10) -rya . sprout.


p004c1-b04/ p010-010

अङ्कुरवत्् [ aṅkura-vat ]
- a. having shoots.
10) अङ्कुरवत्् (p. 10) aṅkura-vat having shoots.


p004c1-b05/ p010-009

अङ्कुरित [ aṅkurita ]
- pp. sprouted, having sprouts; combined with (in.).
9) अङ्कुरित (p. 10) aṅkurita sprouted, having sprouts; combined with (in.).


p004c1-b06/ p010-008

अङ्कुश [ aṅkus ]
- m. hook, goad; stimulus; remedy.
8) अङ्कुश (p. 10) aṅkus hook, goad; stimulus; remedy.


p004c1-b07/ p010-007

अङ्कुशिन्् [ aṅkusn ]
- a. hooked, attractive.
7) अङ्कुशिन्् (p. 10) aṅkusn hooked, attractive.


p004c1-b08/ p010-006

अङ्केशय [ aṅke-saya ]
- a. lying --, sitting on the lap.
6) अङ्केशय (p. 10) aṅke-saya lying --, sitting on the lap.



-- 3 s . of √ag


p004c1-b10/ p010-005

अङ्क्य [ aṅkya ]
- fp. to be marked, -branded.
5) अङ्क्य (p. 10) aṅkya to be marked, -- branded.



[aṅkhya] X. P.
-- mingle. pari , . embrace


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{ n~ga.}


[AṄG] I. P.
-- go. pli (=pari), cs. aṅga-ya , stir: ps. revolve


p004c1-b13/ p010-004

अङ्ग [ 1. aṅg ]
- pcl. . emphatic: just, only; especially; . exhortative: w. voc. or impv.; . intr.: kim aṅga, how much more?
4) अङ्ग (p. 10) 1. aṅg 1. emphatic:


p004c1-b14/ not online

अङ्ग [ṅga ]
Skt: अङ्ग [ṅga ] - m. pl. N. of a people and their country - Mac004c1
BPal: {n~ga.} - UHS-PMD0011
  UKT from UHS: n. part, part of body, limbs and torso. m. the country of Anga (Bur-Myan: Inga ).


p004c1-b15/ p010-003

अङ्ग [ 3. ṅg-a ] n. (a. -- f. ) limb, member, part, membrum virile; body; constituent; secondary part; supplement (esp. the six of the Veda); resource; base (gr.); -ka, n. member, part; body.
3) अङ्ग (p. 10) 3. ṅg-a ) limb, member, part, membrum virile;


p004c1-b16/ p010-002

अङ्गक्रिया [ aṅga-kriy ]
- f. anointing the body.
2) अङ्गक्रिया (p. 10) aṅga-kriy anointing the body.


p004c1-b17/ p010-001

अङ्गग्लानि [ aṅga-glni ]
- f. bodily languor.
1) अङ्गग्लानि (p. 10) aṅga-glni bodily languor. 


p004c1-b18/ p010-031

अङ्गज [ aṅga-ga ]
- a. produced in, on or from the body, bodily; -gta, m. son: pl. children.
31) अङ्गज (p. 10) aṅga-ga produced in, on or from the body, bodily;


p004c1-b19/ p010-030

अङ्गण [ aṅg-ana ]
- n. court.
30) अङ्गण (p. 10) aṅg-ana court. 


p004c1-b20/ p010-029

अङ्गत्व [ aṅga-tva ]
- n. abst. n. from 3. ṅga.
29) अङ्गत्व (p. 10) aṅga-tva 3. ṅga.


p004c1-b21/ p010-028

अङ्गद [ aṅga-da ]
- m. N.; n. bracelet (on the upper arm); -dvpa, m. N. of a cosmic island.
28) अङ्गद (p. 10) aṅga-da bracelet (on the upper arm);


p004c1-b22/ p010-022

अङ्गन [ aṅg-ana ]
- n. court.
27) अङ्गन (p. 10) aṅg-ana court.


p004c1-b23/ p010-026

अङ्गना [ aṅgan ]
- f. woman; female (animal).
26) अङ्गना (p. 10) aṅgan woman;


p004c1-b24/ p010-025

अङ्गबन्धन [ aṅga - bandhana ]
- n. catching, snaring; -bhaṅga, m. collapse of the body; -bh, m. son; -bheda, m. self-betrayal; self deception; -mudr, f. a position of the fingers.
25) अङ्गबन्धन (p. 10) aṅga - bandhana catching, snaring;


p004c1-b25/ p010-024

अङ्गमेजयत्व [ aṅgam-egaya-tva ]
- n. trembling of the body.
24) अङ्गमेजयत्व (p. 10) aṅgam-egaya-tva trembling of the body.



-- f. slender body


p004c1-b27/ p010-023

अङ्गरक्षक [ aṅga-rakshaka ]
- m. body-guard; -raksh, f. id.; -rga, m. powder, paint, unguent; -ruha, a. growing on the body, n. hair on the body; hide; feather; -latik, f. slender body; -vat, a. possessed of limbs.
23) अङ्गरक्षक (p. 10) aṅga-rakshaka body-guard;


p004c1-b28/ p010-022

अङ्गवाक्पाणिमत्् [ aṅga-vk - pni-mat ]
- a. endowed with body, speech, and hands.
22) अङ्गवाक्पाणिमत्् (p. 10) aṅga-vk - pni-mat endowed with body,


p004c1-b29/ p010-018

अङ्गविकार [ aṅga-vikra ]
- m. bodily defect; -vidy, f. palmistry; -vyath, f. bodily pain; -samskra, m. adornment of the person; -sam--khyyam, abs. naming the limbs; -sparsa, m. bodily contact, with (saha); -h ra, m. gesticulation; -hna, pp. deficient in a limb: -tva, n. want of a limb.
18) अङ्गविकार (p. 10) aṅga-vikra bodily defect;


p004c1-b30/ p010-017

अङ्गाङ्गि [ aṅga‿aṅgi ]
- ind. limbs and body, reciprocally; -bhva, m. reciprocal relation of limbs and body, -of whole & parts &c.
17) अङ्गाङ्गि (p. 10) aṅga̮aṅgi limbs and body, reciprocally; -bhva, m. reciprocal relation of limbs and body, -- of whole & parts &c.


p004c1-b31/ p010-016

अङ्गानुकूल [ aṅga‿anukla ]
- a. pleasant to the body.
16) अङ्गानुकूल (p. 10) aṅga̮anukla pleasant to the body.


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p004c2-b00/ p010-015

अङ्गार [ ṅgra ]
Skt: - m. (n.) coal; stain; planet Mars; -nikara, m. heap of coals. -- Mac004c2
  15) अङ्गार (p. 10) ṅgra coal; stain;
BPal: {n~ga-ra.} -- UHS-PMD0012
  UKT from UHS: m. glowing ember, ember, coal


p004c2-b01/ p010-014

अङ्गारक [ aṅgra-ka ]
- m. coal; N. of an Asura; -karma‿anta, m. charcoal-kiln.
14) अङ्गारक (p. 10) aṅgra-ka coal; N. of an Asura; -karma̮anta, m. charcoal-kiln.


p004c2-b02/ p010-013

अङ्गारकारक [ aṅgra-kraka ]
- m. charcoal burner; -gvik, f. business in which coal is used; -vat, f. N.; -vra, m. Tuesday.
13) अङ्गारकारक (p. 10) aṅgra-kraka charcoalburner;


p004c2-b03/ p010-012

अङ्गारिन्् [ aṅgrin ]
Skt: अङ्गारिन् [aṅgrin] - a. just left by the sun.
  12) अङ्गारिन्् (p. 10) aṅgrin just left by the sun.
BPal: {n~ga-ri} - UHS-PMD0012
  UKT from UHS : mfn. burning as a live ember, what has the ember-red color


p004c2-b04/ p010-056

अङ्गिन्् [ aṅg-n ]
- a. having members; having all members; -resources; m. living being.
56) अङ्गिन्् (p. 10) aṅg-n having members;


p004c2-b05/ p010-055

अङ्गिर ṅg-ira, ˚स्् [ -s ]
- m. messenger between gods and meṅ (Agni being the chief of them);
- N. of a Rishi; a star in the Great Bear: pl. N. of the Atharva-veda and of a family of seers.
55) अङ्गिर (p. 10) -s messenger between gods and meṅ (Agni being the chief of them);


अङ्गिरस् [ng-iras]
Skt: अङ्गिरस् [ng-iras] - N. of a Rishi; a star in the Great Bear: pl. N. of the Atharva-veda and of a family of seers. Mac004c2
BPal: {n~gi-ra.a.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. descendants of Angira. m. the planet Jupiter.


p004c2-b06/ p010-054

अङ्गीकरण [ aṅg-karana ]
- n. concession; acquiescence.
54) अङ्गीकरण (p. 10) aṅg-karana concession;



- m. id.



- P. make one's own, subject; submit to, assent to; promise; concede, admit (ac.); cs. induce to agree to (ac., ab.).


p004c2-b09/ p010-053

अङ्गुरि [ aṅgri ]
- f. finger; toe.
53) अङ्गुरि (p. 10) aṅgri finger; toe.


p004c2-b10/ p010-022

अङ्गुरीयक [ aṅguryaka ]
- n. finger-ring.
52) अङ्गुरीयक (p. 10) aṅguryaka finger-ring. 


p004c2-b11/ p010-051

अङगुल [ aṅgula ]
- m. n. breadth of the thumb (as a measure = 1/24 hasta); -ka, a. measuring (so many) finger-breadths (--).
51) अङगुल (p. 10) aṅgula breadth of the thumb


p004c2-b12/ p010-050

अङ्गुलि [ aṅgli ]
- f. finger; toe.
50) अङ्गुलि (p. 10) aṅgli finger; toe.



[ aṅguli-k]
- f. kind of ant


p004c2-b14/ p010-049

अङ्गुलित्र [ aṅguli-tra ]
- n. (bowman's) finger guard; -trna, n. id.
49) अङ्गुलित्र (p. 10) aṅguli-tra fingerguard;


p004c2-b15/ p010-048

अङ्गुलिपर्वन्् [ aṅguli-parvan ]
- n. finger-joint; -pranegana, n. water for washing the fingers; -mukha, n. finger-tip; -mudr, - f. seal-ring; -sphotana, n. cracking the fingers.
48) अङ्गुलिपर्वन्् (p. 10) aṅguli-parvan finger-joint;


p004c2-b16/ p010-047

अङ्गुली [ aṅgul ]
- f. finger; toe; -mudr, f. finger-mark.
47) अङ्गुली (p. 10) aṅgul finger;


p004c2-b17/ p010-046

अङ्गुलीय [ aṅgulya ]
- n. finger-ring; -ka, n. id.; -mudrak, f. seal-ring.
46) अङ्गुलीय (p. 10) aṅgulya finger-ring;


p004c2-b18/ p010-045

अङ्गुल्यग्र [ aṅguli‿agr ]
- n. finger-tip: -nakha, m. tip of finger-nail.
45) अङ्गुल्यग्र (p. 10) aṅguli̮agr finger-tip:


p004c2-b19/ p010-044

अङ्गुष्ठ [ aṅg-shtha ]
- m. thumb; breadth of the thumb (as a measure); great toe.
44) अङ्गुष्ठ (p. 10) aṅg-shtha thumb; breadth of the thumb (as a measure); great toe.


p004c2-b20/ p010-043

अङ्गुष्ठपर्वन्् [ aṅgushtha-parvan ]
- n. thumb joint; -mtraka, a. of the size of a thumb; -mla, n. root of the thumb.
43) अङ्गुष्ठपर्वन्् (p. 10) aṅgushtha-parvan thumbjoint;


p004c2-b21/ p010-042

अङ्गुष्ठ्य [ aṅgushth-ya ]
- a. pertaining to the thumb.
42) अङ्गुष्ठ्य (p. 10) aṅgushth-ya pertaining to the thumb.


p004c2-b22/ p010-041

अङ्घ्रि [ ṅghri ]
- m. foot; root; -pa, m. tree.
41) अङ्घ्रि (p. 10) ṅghri foot; root; -pa, m. tree.


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{a.sa.} / {ic} : {a.} checked by killed palatal plosive-stop

UKT 150111, 160420: Note the difference between {ic} and {iS}.


p004c2-b23/ not online

अच् [1. ak ]
-- ka , ka , bend; go; honour: pp. akita , bent, curly; distinguished, extraordinary: -m , ad. carefully; cs. akaya , P. produce, cause, anu , follow, - one another. ava, sink; pp. sunk. , bend; gd. kya : pp. kna. ud, draw up: pp. ud-akta; utter, sound. vi‿ud, raise up. sam-ud, raise up: pp. -akta. ni, bend down; sink, hang down. pari, turn round, vi , bend asunder; spread out. sam, press together.


p004c2-b24 / not online

अच् [2. ak ]
-- grammatical term for vowel


p004c2-b25/ not online

अच् [3. a-k]
-- sx. -a , as krit expressing the agent


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p004c2-b26/ p010-040 

अचकित [ a-kakita ]
= अ च क ि त
- pp. not tottering, firm.
40) अचकित (p. 10) a-kakita not tottering, firm.


p004c2-b27/ p010-039

अचक्षुर्विषय [ a-kakshur-vishaya ]
= अ च क ् ष ु र ् व ि ष य
- a. beyond eye-shot; m. what is beyond the reach of vision.
39) अचक्षुर्विषय (p. 10) a-kakshur-vishaya beyond eye-shot;

UKT 160420: Notice the transformation from Skt to Pali:
{a.sak~Sa.} (hissing at the end) --> {a.sak~hka.} (non-hissing at the end)


p004c2-b28/ p010-038

अचक्षुस्् [ a-kakshus ]
= अ च क ् ष ु स ्
Skt: अचक्षुस् [a-kakshus] - a. eyeless, blind -- Mac004c2 (p004c2end)
  38) अचक्षुस्् (p. 10) a-kakshus eyeless, blind.
BPal:   {a.sak~hku.ka.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS - mfn - without knowledge or education. 


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p004c3-b00/ p010-037

अचण्ड [ a-kanda ]
- a. not impetuous, measured.
37) अचण्ड (p. 10) a-kanda not impetuous,


p004c3-b01/ p010-036

अचन्दन [ a-kandana ]
- a. without sandal ointment.
36) अचन्दन (p. 10) a-kandana without sandal ointment.


p004c3-b02/ p010-035

अचर [ a-kara ]
Skt: अचर [a-kara] - a. immovable. -- Mac004c3
  35) अचर (p. 10) a-kara immovable.
BPal: {a.sa.la.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. immovable. m. mountain

UKT 130614, 160420: Notice Skt rhotic {ra.} becoming Pali lateral {la.}
e.g. {a.sa.ra.} -->  {a.sa.la.}
This transformation has been notice by F. Edgerton. In his An 'original language' of Buddhism  in Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, he notes
  1.22. Take Lāghula  = Rāhula  (fn003-09); l  for r  does indeed agree with Māgadhī, ..."
See: - BHS-indx.htm > i02original.htm
  fn003-09. Lāghulovāde musāvādaṃ adhigicya , in the Aśokan edict ...


p004c3-b03/ p010-034

अचरम [ -karama ]
- a. not the last; best.
34) अचरम (p. 10) -karama not the last;


p004c3-b04/ p010-033

अचरमवयस्् [ akarama-vayas ]
- n. youth.
33) अचरमवयस्् (p. 10) akarama-vayas youth.


p004c3-b05/ p010-032

अचरित [ a-karita ]
- n. abstention from food.
32) अचरित (p. 10) a-karita abstention from food.


p004c3-b06/ p010-085

अचल [ a-kala ]
- a. immovable; m. mountain.
85) अचल (p. 10) a-kala immovable;



-- m. N. of a scribe


p004c3-b08/ p010-084

अचलन [ a-kalana ]
- n. immovableness; persistence in (ab.); f. , earth.
84) अचलन (p. 10) a-kalana immovableness;



-- n. N. of a town


p004c3-b10/ p010-083

अचलेन्द्र [ akala‿indra ]
- m. Himlaya.
83) अचलेन्द्र (p. 10) akala̮indra Himlaya.

अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra]
= अ च ल े न ् द ् र
Skt: अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra] - m. Himlaya. -- Mac004c3

UKT 130727: The way indra is used shows it is an "office of kingship" or a "ruler" -- not a given name. अचलेन्द्र [akala‿indra] literally means 'immovable ruler'.



-- m. id.


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{a.sa} : alternate form - {a.sa}

p004c3-b12/ p010-082

अचापल्य [ a-kpalya ]
- n. discretion, steadiness.
82) अचापल्य (p. 10) a-kpalya discretion, steadiness.


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अचित/ not online  acita
-- adj. suitable, fit, proper -- SpkSkt


p004c3-b13/ p010-081

अचिकित्सनीय [ a-kikitsanya ]
- fp. incurable.
81) अचिकित्सनीय (p. 10) a-kikitsanya incurable.


p004c3-b14/ p010-080

अचित्् [ a-kt ]
- a. foolish.
80) अचित्् (p. 10) a-kt foolish.


p004c3-b15/ p010-079

अचित्त [a-kitta] = अ च ि त ् त
Skt: अचित्त  [a-kitta] - pp. unnoticed, unseen. -- Mac004c3
  79) अचित्त (p. 10) a-ktta unnoticed, unseen.
Skt: अचित्त acitta - adj. inconceivable, destitute of intellect or sense, unnoticed, unexpected, not an object of thought -- SpkSkt
BPal: {a.sait~ta.} - UHS-PMD0013
  UKT from UHS: mfn. what cannot be thought of. n. a sound or word which is utterly senseless


p004c3-b16/ p010-078

अचित्ति [ -kitti ]
- f. lack of wisdom, folly.
78) अचित्ति (p. 10) -kitti lack of wisdom, folly.

p004c3-b17/ p010-077

अचित्र [ a-kitr ]
- a. dark; n. darkness.
77) अचित्र (p. 10) a-kitr dark; n. darkness.


p004c3-b18/ p010-076

अचिन्तनीय [ a-kintanya ]
- fp. not to be thought of; inconceivable.
76) अचिन्तनीय (p. 10) a-kintanya not to be thought of;


p004c3-b19/ p010-075

अचिन्ता [ a-kint ]
- f. thoughtlessness, disregard; absence of brooding.
75) अचिन्ता (p. 10) a-kint thoughtlessness, disregard; 


p004c3-b20/ p010-074

अचिन्तित [ a-kintita ]
- pp. unexpected.
74) अचिन्तित (p. 10) a-kintita unexpected.


p004c3-b21/ p010-073

अचिन्त्य [a-kintya] = अ च ि न ् त ् य
Skt: अचिन्त्य [a-kintya] - fp. inconceivable. -- Mac004c3
  73) अचिन्त्य (p. 10) a-kintya inconceivable.
BPal: {a.sain~t-y~ya.} - UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: mfn. inestimable. n.  something beyond comprehension


p004c3-b22/ p010-072

अचिर [ a-kira ]
- a. brief, short, momentary: --, -m, ad. a short time ago; shortly; at short intervals, repeatedly: in., ab. without delay, soon: often with present=future.
72) अचिर (p. 10) a-kira brief, short, momentary:


p004c3-b23/ p010-071

अचिरद्युति [ akira-dyuti ]
- f. lightning; -pra bh, -bhs, -rokis, -‿amsu, -‿bh, f. id.
71) अचिरद्युति (p. 10) akira-dyuti lightning;


p004c3-b24/ p010-070

अचिरोढा [ akira‿dh ]
- f. woman newly married.
70) अचिरोढा (p. 10) akira̮dh woman newly married. 


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p004c3-b25/ p010-069

अचेतन [a-ketana]
Skt: अचेतन [a-ketana] - a. senseless; unconscious, inanimate; thoughtless; -t, f. -ness. -- Mac004c3
  69) अचेतन (p. 10) a-ketana senseless;
BPal: {a.s-ta.na.} - UHS-PMD0014 
  UKT from UHS: mfn. without urge, without good intention


p004c3-b26/ p010-068

अचेतस्् [ a-kets ] = अ च े त स ्
Skt: अचेतस् [a-ketas] - a. senseless, foolish; unconscious. - Mac004c3
  68) अचेतस्् (p. 10) a-kets senseless, foolish;
Skt: अचेतस् acetas - adj. imprudent, unconscious, insensible -- SpkSkt
BPal: {a.s-ta.a.} -  UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: mfn. insensible, without good intention


p004c3-b27/ p010-067

अचेतित [ a-ketita ]
- pp. disregarded; thoughtless.
67) अचेतित (p. 10) a-ketita disregarded;


p004c3-b28/ p010-066

अचेष्ट [ a-keshta ]
- a. motionless: -m, ad. without stirring; -t, f. -ness.
66) अचेष्ट (p. 10) a-keshta motionless:


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p004c3-b29/ p010-065

अचैतन्य [ a-kaitanya ]
- n. lack of intelligence, unconsciousness.
65) अचैतन्य (p. 10) a-kaitanya lack of intelligence, unconsciousness.


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{a.sau:} : alternate form - {a.sau:}

p004c3-b30/ p010-064

अचोद्यमान [ a-kodya-mna ]
- pr. pt. ps. unurged.
64) अचोद्यमान (p. 10) a-kodya-mna unurged.

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{ic~sa.} अच्च

अर्चयति  = अ र ् च य ति 
Skt: अर्चयति { अर्च् } arcayati {arc} - caus. form. praise -- SpkSkt
BPal: {ic~sa.ti.} - UHS-PMD0014
  UKT from UHS: to praise, to salute, to puja


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p004c3-b31/ p010-063

अच्छ [kkha] = अ च ् छ = {ic~hsa.}
Skt: अच्छ  [kkha]- ad. near at hand; -or prp. with ac. to, towards. -- Mac004c3
   63) अच्छ (p. 10) 1. kkha near at hand; -- or prp. with ac. to, towards.
Skt: अच्छ  accha -- adj. clear, not shaded, not dark, lucid, pellucid, pure, transparent. m. bear, crystal [transparent] -- SpkSkt
BPal: {ic~hsa.} - UHS-PMD0016
  UKT from UHS: . mfn. clear. . m. ape, bear. mfn. (an animal) that can hurt (harm) you.


p004c3-b32/ p010-062

अच्छ [ 2. akkha ]
Skt:  अच्छ  [akkha]
- a. clear; bright, pure. -- Mac004c3
  62) अच्छ (p. 10) 2. akkha clear;
BPal: {ic~hsa.} -  UHS-PMD0016 
  UKT from UHS: . mfn. clear (transparency)


p004c3-b33/ p010-061

अच्छन्द [ a-kkhanda ]
- m.: in. against the will of (g.); ab. involuntarily.
61) अच्छन्द (p. 10) a-kkhanda against the will of (g.);


अच्छरा  accharā = अ च ् छ रा
Skt: अप्सरस् apsaras - f. fairy, nymph, f. gandhava female wives of the gandhavas -- SpkSkt 
BPal: {ic~hsa.ra} - UHS-PMD0016
  UKT from UHS: . cupped hands (for clapping), a snap of finger and thumb. . celestial dancer
  (differentiate from devi or female deva).

UHS uses a non-specific word {nt a.mi:} 'daughter of {nt} someone who should be worshipped'. He should have used the compound {de-wic~hsa.ra} 'dancer of the deva-world'.


p004c3-b34/ p010-060

अच्छल [ a-kkhala ]
- n. no deception, truth.
60) अच्छल (p. 10) a-kkhala no deception, truth.


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p004c3-b35/ p010-059

अच्छाच्छ [ akkha‿akkha ]
- a. perfectly clear or transparent.
59) अच्छाच्छ (p. 10) akkha̮akkha perfectly clear or transparent.



[a-kkhnta ]
-- 2 pl. impf. of √2. khad


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p004c3-b37/ p010-058

अच्छिद्र [ a-kkhidra ]
- a. intact; uninterrupted; faultless: -m, in., ad. uninterruptedly, from beginning to end.
58) अच्छिद्र (p. 10) a-kkhidra intact;


p004c3-b38/ p010-057

अच्छिन्न [ -kkhinna ]
- pp. not cut off; intact.
57) अच्छिन्न (p. 10) -kkhinna not cut off; intact.


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p004c3-b39/ p010-087

अच्छेद्य [ a-kkhedya ]
- fp. not to be cut off; indivisible.
87) अच्छेद्य (p. 10) a-kkhedya not to be cut off;


p004c3-b40/ p010-086

अच्युत [ -kyuta ]
- pp. firm, imperishable; m. epithet of Vishnu. (p004c3end)
86) अच्युत (p. 10) -kyuta firm, imperishable;

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