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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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मिश्रय misraya [ misra-ya ] den. P. mix, mingle, combine, with (in.); add: pp. misrita, mixed, blended, with (--°ree;); promiscuous (taste). vi, mix up: pp. intermingled or combined with (in. or --°ree;).

मिश्््ल misla [ mis-la ] a. =misra (--°ree; with &asharp;, nķ, sįm).

मुक्तक muktaka  [ mukta-ka ] a. detached, independent; n. independent sloka (the meaning of which is complete in itself); simple prose (without compound words); -kantha, a. or -m, ad. with krand or rud, shout or cry (with relaxed throat=) at the top of one's voice; -kara, a. open-handed, liberal; -kesa, a. (ā, ī) having loose or dishevelled hair; -tā, f., -tva, n. deliverance from the bonds of existence, final emancipation; -nidra, a. awakened; -bandh ana, a. released from bonds; -buddhi, a. having one's soul emancipated; -vasana, m. (having cast aside raiment), Jain monk (=dig-ambara); -sāpa, a. having a curse laid aside, released from a curse; -sikha, a. having the top-knot loosened, having the hair hanging down; -saisava, a. (having left childhood behind), grown up; -samsaya, a. free from doubt, undoubted; -sūryā, a. f. with dis, quarter just quitted by the sun; -svāmin, m. N. of a temple; -hasta, a. open handed, bountiful, liberal.

मुक्ता mukta [ muk-tā ] f. [pp. &root;muk, secreted by the oyster], pearl: -kana, m. N.; -kalāpa, m. pearl necklace: ī-kri, turn into a pearl necklace; -½ākāra, a. looking like a pearl: -tā, f. pearl-like appearance; -kesava, m. N. of a statue of Krishna; -guna, m. string or necklace of pearls; excellence of a pearl, pearl of pure water; -gāla, n. pearl necklace: -maya, a. (ī) consisting of pearls; -½ātman, a. whose soul is delivered, emanci pated; -dāman, n. string of pearls; a½āpad, a. rescued from misfortune; -½āpīda, m. N. of a prince and of a poet; -pura, m. N. of a mythical town in the Himālaya.

मुक्ताफल muktaphala [ muktā-phala ] n. pearl: -ketu, m. N.; -gāla, n. pearl necklace; -tā, f. state of a pearl; -dhvaga, m. N. of a prince; -maya, a. consisting of pearls; -latā, f. string of pearls.

मुक्तामणि muktamani [ muktā-mani ] m. pearl: -sara, m. string of pearls; -maya, a. (ī) consisting of pearls.

मुक्तामुक्त muktamukta [ mukta½amukta ] pp. cast and not cast (said of a missile which can be used as a hand-weapon); -½ambara, m. Jain monk (=dig-ambara).

मुक्तारत्न muktaratna [ muktā-ratna ] n. pearl; -rasmi maya, a. radiant with pearls; -latā, f. N.; -½āvali (or ī), f. string of pearls; N.; -sukti, f. pearl oyster.

मुक्तासन muktasana [ mukta½āsana ] n. sitting posture of the emancipated; a. having risen or rising from one's seat.

मुक्तासेन muktasena [ muktā-sena ] m. N. of a prince of the fairies; -sthūla, a. large as pearls (tears); -hāra, m. string of pearls, pearl necklace: -latā, f. pearl necklace; a½āhāra, a. taking no food.

मीमांसा mimaṃsa [ mī-mām-s&asharp; ] f. [des. fr. &root;man] deep reflexion, inquiry, examination, discus sion; opinion; discussion of a sacred text; designation of a philosophical system, which is divided into two distinct branches: the former, called Pūrvaor Karma-mīmāmsā, and founded by Gaimini, is chiefly concerned with the correct interpretation of Vedic ritual; the latter, called Uttara-, Brahma-, or Sārī raka-mīmāmsā, but best known under the name of Vedānta, and founded by Bādarā yana, is a pantheistic system discussing chiefly the nature of Brahman or the uni versal soul.

मीमांस्य mimaṃsya [ mīmāms-ya ] fp. to be investi gated or called in question.

मीलन milana [ mīl-ana ] n. closing of the eyes, wink ing; closing (int., of eyes or flowers); implicit simile; -ita, pp. closed, etc.; n. implicit simile (e. g. young women wearing linen gar ments and jasmine wreaths etc. are invisible in the moonlight=they are shining white like the moonlight).

मुकुट mukuta [ mukuta ] m. n. diadem, tiara, crest.

मुकुन्द mukunda [ mukunda ] m. ep. of Vishnu; kind of treasure.

मुकुर mukura [ mukura ] m. mirror; bud.

मुकुल mukula [ mukula ] n. bud (also fig. of the teeth); m. N.; a. closed (eye).

मुकुलय mukulaya [ mukula-ya ] den. P. close (the eyes): pp. mukulita, having buds, blossoming; shut like buds (eyes, hands, flowers); closed.

मुकुलाय mukulaya [ mukulā-ya ] den. Ā. shut like a bud, resemble a closed bud.

मुकुलिन्् mukulaya [ mukul-in ] a. having buds, blos soming.

मुक्त mukulin [ muk-ta ] pp. (&root;muk) set free, released, from (in., ab.); loosened, detached, fallen or dropped down (fruit); relaxed, languid (limbs); loose (reins); quitted, left free (road), left bare (bank); just left by the sun (cardinal point); abandoned, given up; laid or cast aside (clothes); deposited (flowers); gone, vanished (esp. --°ree;, a.); shed (tears); uttered (sound); sent forth, emitted; thrown down, cast, discharged, hurled; applied (kick); having cast oneself down; delivered from sin or the bonds of existence, emancipated; destitute of (in. or --°ree;); m. N. of a cook.

मिश्रधान्य misradhanya [ misra-dhānya ] n. mixed grain; -bhāva, m. N.

मिष misa  [ mish-a ] n. fraud, deception, delusive appearance, disguise; pretext: gnly. in., ab., or -tas (--°ree; with the cause of the deception or what is pretended).

मिष्ट mista [ mish-ta [pp.=mrishta] ] a. savoury, dainty; pleasant (smell); sweet (speech); n. savoury dish, dainty: -kartri, m. preparer of dainty dishes, skilful cook; -tā, f. sweetness; -pākaka, a. cooking savoury dishes; -vākya, a. speaking sweetly; -½anna, n. sweet food.

मिह्् mih [ mķh ] f. mist, vapour (sts. pl.; RV.).

मिहिका mihika [ mih-ikā ] f. snow.

मिहिर mihira [ mihira ] m. sun: -kula, m. N. of a prince; -datta, m. N.; -pura, m. N. of a town; -½āpad, f. eclipse of the sun; -½īsvara, m. N. of a temple.

मिहिलारोप्य mihilaropya [ mihilāropya ] N. of a town (v. l. mahilā-).

मीढ midha [ mīdha ] pp. &root;mih: ā, f. N.; n. dhį, mīlhį, reward; contest; dha, excrement.

मीढ्वस््midhvas [ mīdh-vįs ] pf. pt. (weak base lhśsh) bountiful.

मीन mina [ mīna ] m. fish; Pisces (sign of the zodiac): -ketu, m. (fish-bannered), god of love; -dhvaga, m. id.; -rāga, m. king of the fish; -lāńkhana, n. god of love.

मीमांसक mimaṃsaka [ mī-mām-sa-ka ] m. investigator, examiner (--°ree;); follower of the Mīmāmsā philosophy.

मिश्रण misrana [ misr-ana ] n. mixing, mixture.


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