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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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मिथु mithu [ mth-u (or ) ] ad. (V.) alternately; wrongly.

मित्रोदय mitrodaya [ mitra½udaya ] m. sunrise; welfare of a friend.

मित्रिय mitriya [ mitr-ya ] a. derived from or relat ing to a friend, friendly.

मिथिल mithila [ mithila ] m. N. of a people (pl.); N. of a prince, founder of Mithil: , f. N. of the capital of Videha.

मित्रेश्््वर mitresvara [ mitra½svara ] m. (with hara) N. of a temple of Siva erected by Mitrasarman.

मित्रावरुण mitravaruna [ mitr&asharp;-vruna ] m. du. Mitra and Varuna: -devatya, a. having Mitra and Varuna as a deity.

मित्रीय mitriya [ mitr-ya ] den. P. desire to make a friend of; regard or treat as a friend; incline to friendship or an alliance.

मिथस्् mithas [ mith-s ] ad. together, with (in.); to each other, mutually, reciprocally; alter nately; privately, in secret.

मिथ्या mithya [ mithy&asharp; ] in. ad. [later form of mithuy] wrongly, incorrectly; falsely, untruly, deceit fully; not in reality, only in appearance; to no purpose, fruitlessly, in vain: -kri, act wrongly; break (one's word: w. na, keep --); deny; -br, -vak, -vad, state falsely, lie, feign; -bh, turn out or prove false; -pra vrit, behave in an unseemly manner towards (lc.).

मित्राचार mitracara [ mitra½kra ] m. proper conduct towards a friend; -½atithi, m. N.; -½abhi droha, m. seeking to injure a friend, treachery.

मिथ्याकोप mithyakopa [ mithy-kopa ] m. feigned anger; -kraya, m. false price; -graha, m. fruitless obstinacy; -½kra, m. wrong or improper conduct; a. acting hypocritically; -galpita, (pp.) n. wrong or false talk; -gna, n. mis apprehension, error; -tva, n. falseness, un reality; -darsana, n. false appearance; -drish- ti, f. heresy; -½adhta, n. wrong course of study; -½adhyavasiti, f. false supposition (a figure of speech in which the impossibility of a thing is expressed by making it depend on an impossible contingency: e. g. only one who wears a garland of air will secure the affec tions of a courtesan); -pandita, a. learned or clever only in appearance; -purusha, m. man only in appearance; -pratiga, a. false to one's promise, faithless; -pravdin, a. speaking falsely, lying; -phala, n. imaginary advantage or reward; -buddhi, f. misappre hension; -½abhidh, f. false name; -½abhi dhna, n. false statement; -½abhiyogin, a. making a false charge; -½abhisamsana, n. false accusation; -½abhisamsin, a. accusing falsely; -½abhisasta, pp. falsely accused; -½abhisasti, f. false charge; -½abhispa, m. id.; false prediction; -yoga, m. false em ployment; -½rambha, m. wrong treatment; -vakana, n. telling an untruth; -vkya, n. false statement, lie; -vk, a. speaking falsely, lying; -vda, m. false statement, lie; a. tell ing an untruth, lying; -vdin, a. id.; -vy pra, m. wrong occupation, meddling with what is not one's concern; -skshin, m. false witness; -stava, m. unfounded praise (pl.); -stotra, n. id. (pl.); -½hra, m. wrong diet; -½upakra, m. pretended service or kind ness; wrong (medical) treatment.

मिन्दा minda [ mind- ] f. bodily defect (V.1).

मिन्वत्् minvat [ minu½t ] pr. pt. &root;1. mi.

मिमङ्क्षु mimanksu [ mi-ma&ndot;k-shu ] des. a. [&root;magg] about to enter the water.

मिमर्दयिषु mimardayisu [ mi-mard-ay-ishu ] des. cs. a. about to crush; -ishu, des. a. id.

मिमारयिषु mimarayisu [ mi-mray-ishu ] des. cs. a. wish ing to slay.

मिमीयात्् mimiyat [ mim-yt ] opt. &root;m.

मिलद्व्याध miladvyadha [ milad-vydha ] a. (having hunters thronging around=) surrounded by hunters.

मिलन milana [ mil-ana ] n. meeting, encountering, contact.

मिलिन्द milinda [ milinda ] m. bee: -ka, m. kind of snake.

मिश्र misra [ mis-r ] a. mixed, mingled, blended, combined; various, manifold, diverse; intertwined, tangled; mixed, connected, or associated with (in. samam, g. or --ree;, rarely ree;--); --ree; (w. names) accompanying, -and his com panions (like di or dya, --ree;); --ree; w. honorific epithets=our &open;etc. etc.&close; (e. g. rya-misra, honourable, etc. etc.); often --ree; (sts. ree;--) with names, esp. of scholars, as an honorific desig nation; --ree;, mixing, adulterating; m. abbre viation for names ending in misra; N.; n. capital together with interest.

मिश्रक misraka[ misra-ka ] a. mixed, not pure; mis cellaneous; mixing, adulterating (grain etc.); -kes, f. N. of an Apsaras.

मित्र mitra[ 1. mitra ] den. P. behave as a friend.

मित्र mitra[ 2. mi-tr ] m. [prob. for mit-tra, either fr. &root;mith, accompany, or &root;mid, be oily, ad here: cp. sneha], companion, friend; N. of an ditya, generally invoked with Varuna (mostly V.); sun (C.); n. friendship (RV.); friend (ord. mg. and gender; in polity the prince whose territory adjoins that of an immediate neighbour is called a &open;friend&close;); friend=image of: --ree;,=resembling: -kar man, n. friendly act or service; friendship: -karma kri, conclude friendship with (in.); -kma, a. wishing for friends; -krya, n. business of a friend, friendly service; -kriti, f. friendly act; -kritya, n. business of a friend, friendly service; ()-gupta, pp. guarded by Mitra; m. N.; -t, f. friendship; similarity with (--ree;); -tva, n.id.; -druh, a. (nm. -dhruk) seeking to injure a friend, treacherous; -droha, m. injury of a friend, treachery; -drohin, a. treacherous; -bandhu-hna, pp. desti tute of friends and relations; -bhva, m. friendship; -bheda, m. separation of friends, breach of friendship; T. of the first book of the Pakatantra; -mhas, a. having abun dance of friends (gnly. vc.; RV.); -mitra, n. friend's friend (in polity a prince whose dominions are separated from those of an other by the territories of three other princes); -lbha, m. acquisition of friends; T. of the first book of the Hitopadesa; -vat, ad. like a friend (ac.); a. possessed of friends; -vat sala, a. devoted to one's friends; -varana, n. choice of friends; -varman, m. N.; -vi dhvasta, pp. ruined by a friend; -vaira, n. dissension among friends; -sarman, m. N. of various men; -samprpti, f. acquisition of friends, T. of the second book of the Paka tantra; -saha, m. (indulgent to friends), N. of a prince; -sha, a. indulgent towards friends; -sneha, m. friendly affection, friend ship; -han, -hana, a. murdering a friend.

मिथुन mithuna [ mith-un ] a. forming a pair; m. pair (a male and a female), couple (in general: in V. gnly. du., in C. mostly n. sg.); twins; n. other part, complement (rare); pairing, copulation; Gemini (sign of the zodiac); root compounded with a preposition (gr.): -tv, n., -bhva, m. forming a pair.

मिथुनीचारिन्् mithunicarin [ mithun-krin ] a. practising cohabitation; -bhva, m. cohabitation, with (in.).

मिथुया mithuya [ mithu-y&asharp; ] in. ad. [conflictingly], wrongly, falsely (V.): -kri, undo.

मित mita [ 2. mi-t ] pp. &root;1. mi.

मितज्ञु mitajnu [ mit-gu ] a. strong-kneed; -dru, a. strong-legged, running well (RV.).

मितंपच mitampaca [ mitam-paka ] a. cooking a mea sured amount, -little, moderate-sized (cook ing utensil); niggardly.

मितशायिन्् mitasayin [ mita-syin ] a. sleeping little.

मिताक्षर mitaksara [ mita½akshara ] a. composed in mea sured syllables, metrical; measured, brief, concise (speech): , f. T. of various concise commentaries, esp. of one on Ygavalkya; -½artha, m. well-weighed matter; a. acting cautiously; kind of emissary: -ka, m. kind of emissary; -½asana, a. eating sparingly; -½h ra, m. sparing diet; a. eating sparingly.

मिति miti [ mi-ti ] f. 1. [&root;m, measure] measure, weight, value; correct knowledge; 2. -t, &root;1. mi] setting up, erection.

मितोक्ति mitokti [ mita½ukti ] f. measured speech.



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