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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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मास्य masya [ mās-ya ] a. a month old.

मार्जित marjita [ mārg-ita ] (cs.) pp. cleansed etc. (&root;mrig).

मार्डीक mardika [ mārd-īkį ] n. [&root;mrid] compassion, mercy.

माहित्र mahitra [ māhitra ] n. designation of RV. X, 185 (so called because it begins with the words &open;mahi trīnām&close;).

माहिन mahina [ m&asharp;hin-a ] a. (RV.) glad, blithe, joy ous; gladdening (fr. mah-ķn).

माहिष mahisa [ māhisha ] a. (ī) belonging to or de rived from the buffalo: i-ka, m. keeper of buffaloes; paramour of an unchaste woman.

माहेन्द्र mahendra [ māhendrį ] a. (ī) relating or belong ing to the great Indra; eastern, easterly: with ambhas, n. rain-water; w. dhanus, n. rain bow; w. dis or āsā, f. east; ī, f. east; Indra's energy (one of the seven divine mothers).

माहेय maheya [ māheya ] a. [fr. mahī] earthen; m. met. son of earth, planet Mars.

माहेश्््वर mahesvara [ māhesvara ] a. (ī) belonging or re lating to the great lord (Siva); worshipping Siva; m. worshipper of Siva: -tā, f. worship of Siva.

मित्् mit [ 1. mķ-t ] f. erected post, pillar (RV.1).

मित्् mit [ 2. m-it ] a. having m as an indicatory letter (root).

मित mita [ 1. mi-ta ] pp. (&root;mā) measured etc.

मास masa [ m&asharp;s-a ] m. month: -m, for a month; māsam ekam, for one month; in. in the course of a month; lc. in a month=after the lapse of a month. (The twelve months of the Indian calendar, which do not exactly cor respond to ours, are Kaitra, Vaisākha: March --May; Gyaishtha, Āshādha: May--July; Srāvana, Bhādra: July--Sept.; Āsvina, Kārt tika: Sept.--Nov.; Mārgasīrsha, Pausha: Nov.--Jan.; Māgha, Phālguna: Jan.--March.)

मासक masaka [ māsa-ka ] m. month; -kālika, a. monthly; -traya, n. three months; -dhā, ad. month-wise; -nāman, n. name of a month; -pravesa, m. commencement of a month; -sįs, ad. month-wise; -samkayika, a. hav ing provisions for a month; -½anumāsika, a. occurring every month, monthly; -½anta, m. end of a month; -½āhāra, a. eating only once a month.

मासिक masika [ mās-ika ] a. (ī) connected with the month (--°ree;); performed or given every month, monthly; lasting or being for a month; hap pening or being finished within or at the end of a month; n. monthly srāddha.

मासीन masina [ mās-īna ] a. monthly.

मासूर masura [ māsūra ] a. (ī) made of lentils or pulse (masūra).

मासोपवास masopavasa [ māsa½upavāsa: -ka ] m. fasting for a month; -½upavāsinī, f. (woman who fasts for a month, ironically=) procuress.

माहात्मिक mahatmika [ māhātm-ika ] a. belonging to an exalted person, majestic, glorious; -ya, n. magnanimity, noble-mindedness; exalted position, majesty, dignity.

माहानामन mahanamana [ māhā-nāman-a ] a. belonging to the Mahānāmnī verses.

माहाराज्य maharajya [ māhā-rāgya ] n. sovereignty; -rāshtra, a. (ī) belonging to Mahārāshtra or the Mahratta country: ī, f. the Mahratta language, Mahrattī; -vratī, f. the doctrine of the Pāsupatas.

मालि mali [ māl-i ] a. --°ree;=mālin; -ika, m. gar land-maker, florist, gardener; -ikā, f. gar land; necklace; row, series; -ita, den. pp. wreathed or surrounded with (--°ree;); -in, a. wreathed, with (in.); gnly.--°ree;, having a gar land of, wearing a necklace of, encircled by; m. garland-maker, florist, gardener: -ī, f. wife of a florist or gardener; N. of a celestial virgin; N.; N. of a town and of various rivers.

मालिन्य malinya [ mālin-ya ] n. [fr. malina] dirtiness, impurity; blackness; troubled or shamefaced appearance.

मालु malu [ māl-u ] m. a mixed caste; f. a creeper: -dhāna, m. kind of animal: ī, f. a creeper.

मालोपमा malopama [ mālā½upamā ] f. compound simile (in which an object is compared with several others instead of with one only) or concate nated simile (e. g. &open;as heat on the sun, as the sun on the day, and as the day on the sky, so has valour conferred lustre on thee&close;).

माल्य malya [ māl-ya ] n. garland: -gunāya, den. Ā. become the string of a garland; -gīvaka, m. garland-seller; -dāman, n. garland of flowers; -pana, m. garland-market; -vat, a. wreathed, adorned with garlands; m. N. of a Rākshasa; N. of an attendant of Siva; -vritti, m. garland-seller.

मावत्् mavat [ m&asharp;-vat ] a. like me (RV.).

माविलम्बम््mavilambam[ mā-vilambam ] ad. without de lay (in commands); -vilambitam, (pp.) n. ad. id.

मार्जालीय marjaliya[ mārg-āl-&isharp;ya ] a. fond of being cleansed; m. mound to the right of the Vedi on which the sacrificial utensils are cleansed.

माष  masa [ m&asharp;sha ] m. bean (sg. the plant, pl. the seed); a certain weight (also of gold)=one-sixteenth Suvarna, etc.: -ka, m. little bean; m. n. a certain weight (also of gold); -taila, n. oil extracted from beans; -pishta, n. ground beans; -pesham, abs. with &root;pish, crush any one (ac.) like beans; -mantha, m. beverage mixed with bean-flour; -maya, a. consisting of beans.

माषीण masina [ māsh-īna ] n. bean-field.

मास््mas  [ 2. m&asharp;s ] m. [measurer of time: &root;mā], moon (in. pl. mādbhķh; RV.); month.

मार्त्तिक marttika[ mārtti-ka ] a. (ī) made of clay, earthen; n. earthenware vessel.

मार्दङ्गिकmardangika [ mārda&ndot;g-ika ] m. drummer.

मार्दव mardava [ mārdav-a ] n. [fr. mridu] softness; pliancy; mildness, gentleness; leniency, to wards (g.): ī-kri, make soft or lenient.

मार्ष marsa [ mārsha ] m. worthy man (only as a term of address in vc.=mārisha).

मार्ष्टव्य marstavya [ mārsh-tavya ] fp. [&root;mrig] to be cleansed or swept.

माल mala [ māla ] m. N. of a people (pl.); N. of a district; n. field.

मालती malati [ mālatī (rarely i) ] f. kind of jasmine with fragrant white flowers which open to wards evening (Jasminum grandiflorum); N.: i-kā, f. N.; ī-mādhava, n. Mālatī and Mādhava (names of the hero and heroine), T. of a play by Bhavabhūti; -mālā, f. wreath of jasmine.

मालभारिन्् malabharin [ māla-bhārin ] a. wearing a wreath of (--°ree;).

मालय malaya [ 1. māla-ya ] den. wreathe.

मालय malaya [ 2. mālaya ] a. coming from the Ma laya range; n. caravanserai.

मालव malava [ mālava ] m. N. of a country in central India, now Mālva: pl. N. of a people; a. belonging or relating to the people of Mālva; m. prince of Mālva; N.: -vishaya, m. country of Mālava.

मालविका malavika [ mālav-ikā ] f. N.: -½agnimitra, n. Mālavikā and Agnimitra (names of the heroine and hero), T. of a play attributed to Kālidāsa.

मालवी malavi  [ mālav-ī ] f. princess of Mālava; -īya, a. coming from Mālava.

माला mala [ mālā ] f. garland, wreath; rosary (rare); necklace; line, row, streak, series: nāmnām mālā, collected series of words, dictionary (excluding roots).

मालाकार malakara [ mālā-kāra ] m. maker of gar lands, gardener (a mixed caste); -dāman, n. garland of flowers; -dīpaka, n. concate nated climax (a figure of speech); -dhara, a. wearing a garland; m. N.; -maya, a. con sisting of series or layers of (--°ree;); -rūpa, a. having the form of rows; -vat, a. wearing a wreath.

मार्गावलोकिन्् margavalokin  [ mārga½avalokin ] a. scanning the road, anxiously expectant.

मार्गित margita [ mārg-ita ] pp. &root;mārg; -i-tavya, fp. to be sought; -searched through; -striven after; -in, m. road-keeper or guide.

मार्गेश margesa [ mārga½īsa ] m. road-keeper.

मार्जन marjana [ mārg-ana ] a. (ī) wiping, cleansing; m. washer; n. wiping, -away, cleansing; sweeping away; rubbing a drum-skin with ashes or mud: ā, f. id.; sound of a drum; ī, f. purification; brush or broom.

मार्जार marjara [ mārg-āra ] m. [animal that wipes or cleanses itself: &root;mrig], cat (also ī, f.); pole-cat: -ka, m. cat; -li&ndot;gin, a. having the characteristics of cats.

मार्तण्ड martanda [ mārtanda ] m. (late form of V. mār tānda) bird in the sky, sun, sun-god; statue of the sun-god: -mandala, n. disc of the sun.

मार्तण्डीय martandiya [ mārtand-īya ] a. solar.

मार्ताण्x{093c}ड martanx{093c}da [ mārtāndį ] m. (sprung from a lifeless egg: mrita½anda), bird (RV.); bird in the sky, sun (RV.); statue of the sun-god.



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