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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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मारुक maruka [ m&asharp;ru-ka ] a. perishing.

मारीय mariya [ mār-īya ] a. belonging to the god of love.

मारिन्् marin [ mār-in ] a. (--°ree;) dying; killing; m. murderer (--°ree;).

मार्गशाखिन्् margasakhin [ mārga-sākhin ] m. road-side tree; -siras, m. N. of a month  (November December); -sīrsha, m. (± māsa) month, the full moon of which is in the constellation Mrigasiras (the tenth, later the first month in the year): ī, f. (± paurnamāsī) day in which the full moon is in the constellation Mrigasiras; -stha, a. remaining on the right road (also fig.); -harmya, m. palace on the high road.

मार्गागत margagata [ mārga½āgata ] pp. coming from a journey; m. traveller, wanderer; -½āyāta, pp., m. id.

मार्गाली margali [ mārg-āl-ī ] f. track.

मान्मथ manmatha [ mānmatha ] a. (ī) relating to, pro duced by, or filled with love; belonging to the god of love.

मारुतमय marutamaya [ māruta-maya ] a. consisting or having the nature of wind; -sūnu, m. pat. son of wind, Hanumat; -½ātma-ga, m. son of wind, fire; -½ayana, n. (wind-passage), round window; -½asana, a. subsisting on air only.

मारुति maruti [ mārut-i ] m. pat. fr. Marut, ep. of Hanumat and Bhīma.

मारुती maruti [ mārutī ] f. (sc. dis) north-west.

मार्कट markata [ mārkata ] a. (ī) belonging to the monkey, ape-like.

मार्कण्डेय markandeya [ mārkandeya ] m. pat. son of Mrikanda, N. of an ancient sage: pl. his descendants; a. composed by Mārkandeya: -purāna, n. T. of a Purāna.

मार्ग marga [ mārga ] a. [fr. mriga] belonging to game or deer (flesh etc.); m. (track of wild animals), path, road, way, course (also fig. of the stars and the wind); way to (lc. or --°ree;), -through (--°ree;); right road; right way, pro per course; journey; passage or channel (in the body); way, expedient, means to (g. or --°ree;); way, manner, mode, method; correct usage, old custom; title (of law); way of writing, style, diction; refined (opp. vulgar) dance, pantomime; refined song; the month Mārgasīrsha (November--December); n. flesh of wild animals, game: mārgam or yam, make way for (g.), allow to pass; in. mārg ena, by way of (e.g. the door)=through, across, or along (--°ree;); by means of (--°ree;):--yā, go the way of=suffer the same fate as (--°ree;); mārgaih, through (--°ree;); d. mārgāya, to make way for any one (g.); lc. mārge, on the way: -pra-kal, start on one's way; niga-mārge gam, go on one's way.

मार्गण margana [ mārg-ana ] a. seeking, requiring; m. beggar, supplicant; arrow; search; in vestigation: -tā, f. nature of an arrow: -m gam, become an arrow.

मारिष marisa [ mārisha ] m. [perhaps turned back into Sanskrit from the Pāli mārisa=mādrisa] worthy or excellent man (nearly always used in the vc. as a term of address=my worthy friend).

मारी mari  [ mār-ī ] f. (of māra) killing, slaying; plague, pestilence; (also personified as) Goddess of Death.

मारीच marica [ mārīka ] a. relating to Marīki; m. pat. son of Marīki; N. of a Rākshasa; n. pepper-grove.

मार्गतोरण margatorana  [ mārga-torana ] n. triumphal arch erected over a road; -darsaka, m. shower of the way, guide; -dra&ndot;ga, m., ā, f. town situated on the road; -druma, m. tree by the road-side; -pa, -pati, m. road-keeper (an official); -patha, m. course; -bandhana, n. obstruction of the road; -rakshaka, m. guardian of the road; -rodhin, a. blocking the road.

मार्गवशागत margavasagata [ mārga-vasa½āgata ] pp. lying beside the road; -vasa½anuga, a., -vasa½āyā ta, pp. id.; -vāsas, a. clothed in a deerskin; -vinodana, n. entertainment on the journey.

मार्गवेय margaveya [ mārgav-eya ] m. pat. or met. of a Rāma.

मायु mayu [ mā-yś ] m. bleating, lowing.

मायूर mayura [ māyūra ] a. (ī) belonging to or de rived from the peacock; made of peacocks' feathers; dear to peacocks; drawn by pea cocks (car): -ka, m. peacock-catcher.

मायोभव mayobhava  [ māyo-bhava ] n. well-being, glad ness; -bhavya, n. id.

मार mara [ mār-a ] a. killing, destroying; m. death; plague; killing; obstacle; love, god of love; Tempter, Devil (B.): -ka, --°ree;, a. (i-kā) kill ing; m. murderer; plague, pestilence (also personified).

मारकत marakata [ mārakata ] a. (ī) emerald-like: -tva, n. emerald colour.

मारण marana [ mār-ana ] (cs.) n. killing, slaying, slaughter; calcination; magical ceremony for destroying an enemy: -m pra½āp, suffer death.

माररिपु mararipu [ māra-ripu ] m. foe of the Devil, ep. of Siva (Pr.).

मारव marava [ mārav-a ] a. (ī) forming or situated in a desert (maru).

मारवत्् maravat [ māra-vat ] a. filled with love; -½ātma-ka, a. (murder-natured), murderous; -½abhirāma, a. delighting in slaughter, murderous; -½ari, m. foe of Māra, ep. of Siva.

मारिका marika [ mār-ikā ] f. plague, pestilence.

मारिच marica [ mārika ] a. made of pepper: with kūrna, n. ground pepper.

मान्य manya [ 1. mān-ya ] fp. to be honoured, deserv ing of honour; respected; 2. (į) m. pat. son of Māna.

मापक mapaka [ mā-p-aka ] a. suitable for measuring (g.); -p-ana, n. forming, fashioning: ā, f. measuring; -p-aya, cs. of &root;mā and &root;mī.

माम्् mam [ m&asharp;m ] ac. of ahįm, I.

माम mama [ māma ] m. [belonging to mine: mama], dear friend (only vc., the crane being thus ad dressed in the fable by crabs, tortoises, and fishes, and the ass by the jackal): -kį, a. (ikā, ī) belonging to me, mine, my; -k-īna, a. my, mine.

मामतेय mamateya [ māmat-eyį ] m. met. (fr. mamatā) of Dīrghatamas.

मामह mamaha [ mā-mah-a ] intv. base of &root;mah.

माय maya [ mā-ya ] a. creating illusions (Vishnu): -vat, a. magical (metr. for māyā-).

माया maya [ mā-y&asharp; ] f. art, marvellous power (V.); artifice, device, trick; deceit, fraud; jugglery, witchcraft; illusory image, phantom; illu sion (in the Vedānta=the power which causes the world to appear as really existent and distinct from the universal soul): --°ree;, phan tom in the shape of; °ree;--, phantom, illusory, unreal; disguised; ep. of Durgā; Fraud (personified as a daughter of Anrita and Adharma).

मायाकपोत mayakapota [ māyā-kapota ] m. phantom pigeon: -vapus, a. having the body of a --; -kāra, a. acting deceitfully; -kkhadma para, a. intent on deceit and fraud; -devī, f. N. of the mother of Buddha; -dhara, a. versed in jugglery or witchcraft; m. N. of a prince of the Asuras; -½adhika, a. abound ing in magic arts; -patu, a. skilled in witch craft; -pur, -purī, f. N. of a town; -prayoga, m. trickiness; versatility; -batu, m. N. of a prince of the Sabaras; -½abhyudayana, m. N. of a Kāyastha; -maya, a. (ī) illusory, unreal; m. N. of a Rākshasa; -yantra, n. en chantment: °ree;--=magical; -vakana, n. hypo critical speech; (&asharp;)-vat, a. practising sorcery (RV.); deceitful, cunning; attended with magical arts: -ī, f. kind of personified magi cal art; N. of a fairy's wife; N. of a prin cess; -vāda, m. doctrine of illusion (a term applied to Buddhism and Vedāntism); -vid, a. familiar with magical arts; -vķn, a. skilled in magic; fraudulent; guileful, deceitful; illusory; m. magician, sorcerer, juggler; -sīla, a. deceitful, fraudulent.

मायिक mayika [ māy-ika ] a. illusory; -ķn, a. skilled in art or enchantment; full of guile, wily, cunning; possessed by delusion; m. magi cian, sorcerer, juggler; n. magical art: (-i) tā, f. deceitfulness.

मानवत्् manavat [ māna-vat ] a. enjoying honour: -ī, a. f. angry with jealousy; f. sulking woman.

मानिता manita [ māni-tā ] f. imaginary possession of (--°ree;): honouring (--°ree;); -tva, n. supposing oneself to have or be (--°ree;); pride; being held in honour.

मानिन्् manin [ mān-in ] a. assuming, regarding as (--°ree;); fancying oneself to have or to be (--°ree;); appearing as or passing for (--°ree;); honouring (--°ree;); thinking, being of opinion; thinking much of oneself, proud, haughty, towards (prati); self-respecting; highly honoured: -ī, a. f. disdainful, sulky (towards her lover); f. wife of (--°ree;).

मानुतन्तव्य manutantavya [ mānutantavya ] m. pat. fr. Manu tantu.

मानुष manusa [ m&asharp;nush-a (or į) ] a. (ī) human; humane, kind; m. human being, man; ep. of the three signs of the zodiac, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra: pl. races of men (of which five are assumed); n. manner of men (V.); human condition, humanity; human action or effort.

मानुषक manusaka [ mānusha-ka ] a. human; -tā, f. human condition: -m gam, become a man; -tva, n. id.; -daivika, a. relating to men and to gods; manhood; -rākshasa, m. human devil: ī, f. she-devil in human form; -lauk ika, a. belonging to the world of men, human; -½āda, m. man-eater: -tva, n. cannibalism.

मानुषी manusi [ mānush-ī ] f. woman.

मानुष्य manusya [ mānush-ya ] n. human condition or nature, humanity; a. human.

मानुष्यक manusyaka [ m&asharp;nushya-ka ] a. human; n. hu man condition or nature, humanity: lc. as far as lies in man's power.

मानोत्साह manotsaha [ māna½utsāha ] m. energy caused by self-confidence; -½unnati, f. great honour or respect; -½unmāda, m. infatuation of pride; -½unmukta, pp. destitute of honour.

मान्त्रवर्णिक mantravarnika [ māntra-varn-ika ] a. (ī) con tained in the words of Vedic hymns.

मान्त्रिक mantrika [ māntr-ika ] m. reciter of spells, sorcerer.

मान्थर्य mantharya [ mānthar-ya ] n. slowness; dulness; weakness.

मान्दार mandara [ māndāra ] m. (?) kind of mythical flower: -va, id.

मान्द्य mandya [ mānd-ya ] n. slowness, sluggishness, indolence; stateliness; illness.

मान्धाल mandhala [ māndhāla ] m. an animal, probably the fox bat.

मानवदेव manavadeva [ mānava-deva ] m. god among men, king; -dharmasāstra, n. Manu's law-book; -pati, m. lord of men, king.

मानवर्जित manavarjita [ māna-vargita ] pp. destitute of honour; dishonouring; -vardhana, a. in creasing any one's honour, indicating in creased respect; -vikrayin, a. selling or sacrificing one's honour.

मानवी manavi [ mānav-&isharp; ] f. daughter of men, human female; daughter of Manu: pl. N. of certain verses; -īya, a. derived from Manu; n. kind of penance.

मानवेन्द्र manavendra [ mānava½indra ] m. chief of men, king.

मानवय manavaya [ mānav-ya ] m. pat. descendant of Manu.



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