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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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माङ्गल्य mangalya [ mâ&ndot;gal-ya ] a. portending good for tune, auspicious; n. auspicious object, amu let; benediction; auspicious rite or festival: -mrida&ndot;ga, m. drum beaten on auspicious occasions.

माचिरम्् maciram [ mâ-kiram ] ad. (not long), without delay, quickly, straightway (only in impv. sentences with impv. or augmentless aor., and almost always at the end of a verse).

मातृतमा matrtama [ mât-tamâ ] spv. f. most motherly (waters; V.); (ri)-tas, ad. with regard to or in right of the mother; -tâ, f. motherhood; -datta, m. N.: â, f. N.; -nandana, m. ep. of Skanda; -pâlita, m. N. of a Dânava; -pűgana, n., -pűgâ, f. worship of the divine mothers; -bandhú, m. maternal relative: ű, f. mother in name only, unnatural mother: u, n. maternal relationship; -bândhava, m. maternal kinsman; -mandala, n. circle or group of the divine mothers: -vid, m. priest of the divine mothers; -yaa, -yâga, m. sacrifice to the mothers; -vamsa, m. family of the mother; -vamsya, a. belonging to the mother's family; -vat, ad. like or as a mother; as towards a mother; -vatsala, m. (tender towards his mother); ep. of Skanda; -vadha, m. matricide; -shvasri, f. mother's sister, maternal aunt; -shvaseya, m. mother's sister's son.

मात्र matra [ mâ-tra ] n. element (only P.); --°ree;, mea sure, size, height, depth, length, breadth, distance; quantity, sum (of money); dura tion or space of time; number (redundant with numerals); whole measure, totality, ag gregate or entire class of, so and so in the widest sense; no more than what the preced ing word expresses: to be translated by no thing but, only, merely; --°ree; a. (â, î) as large, high, deep, long, broad, or far as; as much or many as; having no more than, amount ing only to, consisting of nothing but; being nothing but, a simple or mere; following im mediately after: with pp.=no sooner than, scarcely, as soon as, only just; consisting of (so many) morae; lasting (so many) moments; possessing (anything) as one's property.

मात्रक matraka [ mâtra-ka ] n. --°ree;=mâtra, measure, size, etc.; --°ree; a.=id., only, merely; -tâ, f., -tva, n. abst. n. fr. mâtra (--°ree;).

मात्रा matra [ m&asharp;-trâ ] f. measure, measuring rule; extent; quantity; length of time or life; unit of measure, foot; unit of time, moment (in the popular sense); metrical unit (time required to pronounce a short vowel); musical unit of time (of which there are three); cor rect measure, order (RV.); small portion, particle, trifle, a little; importance, account, consideration; element; matter, material world; property, money; furniture; earring, ornament: in. in small portions, in slight measure, moderately; gâ½iti kiyatî mâ trâ, of what account is a king? a king is of no account, is a mere trifle to (g.); kâ mâtrâ samudrasya, what is the importance of the sea?=the sea will be easily settled.

मात्राच्युतक matracyutaka [ mâtrâ-kyuta-ka ] n. (?) game of dropped morae (in which they have to be sup plied); -kkhandas, n. metre measured solely by the number of morae; -bhastrâ, f. money bag, purse; -vritta, n.=-kkhandas; -½âsin, a. eating moderately.

मात्रिका matrika [ mâtr-ikâ ] f. --°ree;=mâtra, measure, size, etc.; metrical unit; model.

मात्रीय matriya [ mâtrî-ya ] den. P. consider or treat as a mother.

मात्सरिक matsarika [ mâtsar-ika ] a. envious, jealous, malicious; -ya, n. envy, jealousy, malice; discontent.

मात्स्य matsya [ mâtsyá ] a. relating or belonging to, derived from fish.

मातरिश्््वन्् matarisvan [ mâtarí-svan ] m. [growing in the mother, concealed in the fire-stick: &root;sű], N. of a divine being, messenger of Vivasvat, who brought down the previously hidden Agni from heaven to the Bhrigus; mystic N. of Agni; wind (ord. meaning in C., but doubtful for RV.); N. of a Rishi.

मातलि matali [ mâtal-i ] m. N. of Indra's charioteer: -sârathi, m. (having Mâtali for his cha rioteer), ep. of Indra.

मातलिन्् matalin [ m&asharp;tal-in ] m. (only nm. ; suffix -in is otherwise almost invariably accented) N. of a divine being abiding with Yama and the Fathers.

माता mata [ mâtâ ] f.=mâtri, °ree;-- in some cpds.: -duhitri, f. du. mother and daughter; -pitri, m. du. father and mother, parents; -putra, m. mother and son; -maha, m. maternal grandfather: du. maternal grandparents; pl. mother's father, grandfather, and ancestors; a. (î) relating or belonging to the maternal grandmother: î, f. maternal grandmother.

मातुल matula [ mâtul-a ] m. mother's brother, (mater nal) uncle (in fables the ass and the jackal speak of each other thus): -ka, m. id. (but more affectionate) dear uncle (in the fable the crane is called the uncle of the crab).

मातुलानी matulani [ mâtul-ânî ] f. wife of a maternal uncle.

मातुलुङ्ग matulunga [ mâtulu&ndot;ga ] m. citrontree; n. citron.

मातुलेय matuleya [ mâtul-eya ] m. son of a maternal uncle, first cousin; -ya, n. (?) house of a maternal uncle.

मातृक matrka  [ mâtri-ka ] a. coming or inherited from a mother; maternal; m. maternal un cle; kâ, f. mother; grandmother; letter writ ten in a diagram and supposed to have a magical power: coll. the letters or alphabet thus used; alphabet: -maya, a. (î) consist ing of mystical letters; -garbha, m. womb; -gupta, m. N. of a prince; -griha, n. tem ple of the divine mothers; -grâma, m. female sex; -ghâtin, m. matricide; -ghna, m. id.; -kakra, n. mystical circle with the divine mothers; group of the divine mothers.

माङ्गलिक mangalika  [ mâ&ndot;gal-ika ] a. (î) anxious for an auspicious issue; conducive to or. indica tive of good fortune; n. (?) auspicious object, amulet; -ikâ, f. N.; -ik-ya, n. (?) amulet.

माञ्जिष्ठ manjistha [ mâńgishtha ] a. (connected with mańgishthâ), coloured with madder, red like madder: -ka, i-ka, a. id.; î-kri, colour red like madder.

माणव manava  [ mânava ] m. boy, lad, youth; sp. Brâhman boy: -ka, m. id.: --°ree;, the Brâhman boy (applied contemptuously to an adult); i-kâ, f. young girl, wench.

माणिक manika  [ mâni-ka ] m. jeweller: â, f. a certain weight.

माणिक्य manikya [ mânik-ya ] n. ruby; m. N.: -maya, a. made or consisting of rubies; -½adri, m. N. of a mountain.

माण्डप mandapa [ mândapa ] a. belonging to a temple.

माण्डलिक mandalika [ mândal-ika ] a. ruling a province; m. ruler of a province.

माण्डव्य mandavya [ m&asharp;ndav-ya ] m. pat. (fr. mandu) N. of a teacher: pl. his descendants.

माण्डूक manduka [ mândűka ] a. (î) derived from the Mandűkas; m. pl. a certain school; -½âyana, m. pl. a certain school; e-ya, m. pat. N. of a teacher: pl. descendants of Mândukeya.

मातङ्ग matanga [ mâta&ndot;ga ] m. elephant: --°ree;, elephant among=chief or best of; man of the lowest caste, Kândâla, kind of Kirâta: -ka, m. N. of a chief of the Kândâlas; -kumâri, f. Kândâla girl; -ga, a. derived from the ele phant; -tva, n. condition of a Kândâla; -nakra, m. crocodile as large as an elephant.

माकिस्् makis [ m&asharp;-kis ] ad. (used only in prohibitive sentences with the subjunctive) may or let not; may no one (RV.).

माक्षिक maksika [ mâkshika ] a. derived from the bee; n. honey; a kind of mineral, pyrites: -svâ min, m. N. of a locality.

माक्षीक maksika  [ mâkshîka ] m. spider; n. honey: -dhâtu, m. the mineral pyrites.

मागध magadha  [ mâgadhá ] a. (î) relating to, derived from, produced or current in Magadha; m. prince of Magadha; mixed caste (offspring of a Vaisya and a Kshatriyâ), professional bard, panegyrist of a prince: pl. people of Magadha; a-ka, a. belonging to Magadha; -desîya, a. coming from the country of Ma gadha; -pura, n. N. of a town.

मागधिक magadhika [ mâgadh-ika ] m. prince of Maga dha; i-kâ, f. sg. & pl. long pepper; -î, f. princess of Magadha; female bard (offspring of a Vaisya and a Kshatriyâ); language of Magadha (one of the Prâkrit dialects); kind of spice.

माघ magha [ mâghá ] a. (î) relating to the asterism Maghâ; m. N. of a month (January-Febru ary); N. of the author of the Sisupâlavadha (composed before the end of the tenth century): -kâvya, n. Mâgha's poem, the Sisupâlavadha.

माघमा maghama [ mâghamâ ] f. female crab.

माघवत maghavata [ mâghavat-a ] a. belonging to Indra: -kâpa, m. n. rainbow.

माघवन maghavana [ mâghavan-a ] a. (î) belonging to Indra: w. kakubh, f. Indra's quarter, the east.

माघी maghi [ mâgh-î ] f. day of full moon in Mâgha.

माघोन maghona [ m&asharp;ghon-a ] n. bountifulness (RV.).

माङ् man  [ mâ&ndot; ] gr. designation of the pcl. mâ.


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