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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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माकन्द makanda [ mkanda ] m. mango tree: , f. N. of a town on the Ganges; i-k, f. id.

माकर makara [ mkara ] a. () relating to the sea monster Makara; with kara, m. mine of Makaras, ocean.

माकरन्द makaranda [ mkaranda ] a. derived from or consisting of the juice of flowers; full of honey.

मह्मन्् mahman [ mah-mn ] m. greatness (AV.1).

मह्य mahya [ mah-ya ] fp. highly honoured.

मह्यम्् mahyam [ mhyam ] d. of ahm, I.

मल्हण malhana [ mahlana ] m. N. of a king: -svmin, m. N. of a temple built by him.

मल्हाणपुर malhanapura [ mahlna-pura ] n. N. of a town.

महेच्छ maheccha [ mah½ikkha ] a. having high aims, ambitious: -t, f. ambition.

मा ma [ 1. m&asharp; ] prohibitive ad. cj. (=Gk. mh/) not, O that not; that not, in order that not: 1. with impv.; 2. with potential (not common), may not! will not, I hope; 3. with subj. impf. (rare), aor. (very common), which in C.=in dicative without the augment (the ind. with the augment occurs, but very rarely, gnly. in E.); 4. with fut.=in order that not (C., E., not common); 5. with pr. pt. (very rare: e.g. m gvan, he deserves not to live); 6. with pp., e.g. gatah sa m, he cannot have gone (very rare); 7. elliptically without a verb, not so! m m, m m½evam, m tvat, not so! yath m, in order that not; bhavatu m v½astu, be it or not; m katham nu bha vatu, how should not be? m bhd gatah, can he not have arrived?=surely he must have arrived; m nma rakshinah, heaven forbid that it should be the warders! m na, with aor. subj.=ind. without a negative (C.; very rare); m&asharp;½u (m), and not (prohibitive; V.); m sma (with impv. or aor. subj.), not (prohibitive), in order that not; sma m&asharp;, m sma, id. (Br.); m -m½uta, not -nor.

मा ma [ 2. m ] encl. ac. of ahm, I.

मा ma [ 4. m ] f. authority, knowledge.

मांस्् maṃs [ mms ] n. flesh (only sts. ree;--).

मांस maṃsa [ mms ] n. sg. & pl. flesh, meat (also of fish, crabs, and fruit); animal food; m. a mixed caste: (a)-tva, n. real meaning or de rivation of &open;flesh&close;; -pinda, m. n. lump of flesh; tumour; -pes, f. piece of flesh; muscle; -bhaksha, a. flesh-eating; -bhiksh&asharp;, f. begging for meat; -bhta, pp. being flesh, forming a bait; combined with meat; -bhet tri, a. making a flesh-wound; -maya, a. () consisting of flesh; -yoni, m. creature of flesh and blood; -ruki, a. fond of animal food.

मांसल maṃsala [ mmsa-la ] a. fleshy; muscular; bulky; powerful, deep (sound).

मांसलता maṃsalata [ mmsa-lat ] f. wrinkle; -lubdha, pp. desirous of meat; -vikraya, m. sale of flesh; -vikrayin, -vikretri, m. vendor of flesh; -½ad, -½da, -½din, a. flesh-eating; -½asana, n. eating of flesh, flesh-food; -½sin, a. eating or subsisting on flesh; -½hra, m. animal food; -½upagvin, m. dealer in meat.

मांस्पचन maṃspacana [ mms-pkana ] a. () suitable for cooking meat.

महीरजस्् mahirajas [ mah-ragas ] n. earth dust; grain of sand; -randhra, n. hole in the earth; -ruh, m. (nm. t) plant, tree; -ruha, m. id.; -vallabha, m. lover of the earth, king; -½s vara, m. lord of earth, king; -sura, m. god on earth, Brhman.

महे mahe [ mah- ] d. inf. to rejoice (RV.).

महेन्द mahenda [ mah½indra ] m. great Indra; chief; N. of a mountain range: -ketu, m. Indra's banner; -kpa, m. Indra's bow, rainbow; -tva, n. name or dignity of great Indra; -dhvaga, m. Indra's banner; -mantrin, m. great Indra's counsellor, planet Jupiter (Brihaspati); -mandira, n. Indra's palace; -varman, m. N. of a prince; -sakti, m. N.; -½ditya, m. N. of a prince.

महेला mahela [ mahel ] f. woman.

महेश mahesa [ mah½sa ] m. great lord, god; ep. of Siva; -½svara, m. great lord, chief; god; ep. of Siva and of Vishnu; N.: pl. the world guardians (Agni, Indra, Yama, and Varuna): , f. ep. of Durg.

महेषु mahesu [ mah½ishu ] m. large arrow; -½ishudhi, f. large quiver; -½ishvsa, m. great bowman.

महैतरेय mahaitareya [ mah½aitareya ] n. T. of a Vedic text; -½aisvarya, n. great power.

महोक्ष mahoksa [ mah½uksh ] m. large or full-grown bull: -t, f. state of a great bull; -½ukkhra ya, a. very lofty or great; -½ukkhrya-vat, a. id.; -½uttama, n. (?) perfume; -½utpala, n. lotus-flower (Nelumbium speciosum); -½ut sava, m. great festival; -½utsavin, a. cele brating a great festival; -½utsha, a. having great power; strong-willed, energetic, per severing; -½udadhi, m. great sea, ocean (of which there are supposed to be four): -ga, m. shell; -½udaya, m. great exaltation, good fortune, or prosperity; a. conferring great good fortune, or blessings; very prosperous; very happy; m. N.; n. ep. of the city of K nyakubga: , f. N. of a hall in the lunar world: (a)-svmin, m. N. of a temple; -½ud ara, n. big belly, dropsy; a. () big-bellied; m. N.: -mukha, m. N. of an attendant of Durg; -½udyama, a. exerting oneself greatly, hard-working, industrious; busily occupied with (inf. or d. of abst. n.); -½unnata, pp. very lofty; -½unnati, f. great elevation, high rank or position; -½updhyya, m. great teacher; -½uraga, m. great serpent; -½uras-ka, a. broad-chested; -½rmin, a. very billowy; -½ulk, f. great firebrand; great meteor.

महौघ mahaugha [ mah½ogha ] a. having a strong current; m. N. of a son of Tvashtri; -½ogas, a. very vigorous or powerful; very mighty; -½audavhi, m. N. of a Vedic teacher; -½au shadha, n. great or sovereign remedy; -½oshadhi (or ), f. very efficacious medicinal herb.

महीकम्प mahikampa [ mah-kampa ] m. earthquake; -kshit, m. ruler of earth, king; -kara, -kr in, a. moving or walking on the earth (opp. air); -ga, m. plant, tree; planet Mars; -tala, n. surface of the earth, ground; -durga, a. inaccessible owing to the nature of the ground; n. fortress protected by the nature of the ground or by earth-works; -dhara, a. sup porting the earth; m. mountain; N., esp. of a commentator on the VS.; -dhra, m. moun tain; -½ina, m. lord of earth, king; -ntha, m. id.; -½indra, m. id.: -½indra, m. an Indra among princes; -pa, m. protector of earth, king; -patana, n. falling on the ground, obeisance down to the ground; -pati, m. lord of earth, king; -pla, m. protector of earth, king; N. of various princes: -putra, m. son of a king, prince; -putra, m. son of earth; planet Mars; -prishtha, n. surface of the earth, ground; -prakampa, m. earthquake; -praroha, m. (growing out of the earth), tree; -bhartri, m. supporter of earth, king; -bhug, m. enjoyer of the earth, king; -bhrit, m. (supporter of the earth), mountain; king; -maghavan, m. lord of earth, king; mand ala, n. circle of the earth, entire earth; -ma ya, a. () earthen; -mahikmsu, m. moon on earth, illustrious king; -mahendra, m. great lord of earth, sovereign.

महीय mahiya [ mah-y ] den. . be joyful, exuber ant, or exalted; enjoy bliss; prosper; be held in high esteem or be highly honoured by (g.).

महीयस्् mahiyas [ mah-yas ] cpv. greater, larger, mightier, more powerful or important, etc.; very great, -mighty, -distinguished, -loud (laughter), etc.

महीया mahiya [ mah-y&asharp; ] f. joyfulness (V.); d. -ya.


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