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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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महता mahata [ maha-t ] f. greatness.

मरन्द maranda [ maranda ] m. (?) flower-juice.

मरीचिन् maricin [ mark-in ] m. (radiant), sun.

मर्मराय marmaraya [ marmar-ya ] den. . rustle, murmur.

मरिच marica [ marika ] m. pepper-shrub; N.

मराल marala [ marla ] a. m., i-k, f. kind of goose, swan, or duck.

मन्दराय mandaraya [ mandar-ya ] den. . represent Mount Mandara.

मरीच marica [ marka ] m. pepper-shrub; N.; n. pepper-corn.

मरकत marakata [ marakata ] n. emerald: -maya, a. formed of emeralds.

मर्मर marmara [ mar-mar-a ] a. rustling (leaves or gar ments); m. rustling, murmur.

महिष mahisa [ mh-isha ] a. () mighty, powerful (V.); m. buffalo (V. C.); N. of an Asura slain by Durg or Skanda.

मल्लिकाख्य mallikakhya [ mallika½khya ] m. kind of goose; -½arguna, m. a form of Siva; n. N. of a Li&ndot;ga sacred to Siva.

महिता mahita [ mahi-t ] f. greatness; -tv, n. id.; might; -tvan, n. id.: in. &asharp;, also ad.

महिन््mahin  [ mah-n ] a. (RV.)=maht, great, mighty; -i-mn, m. greatness, majesty; might, power; exaltation, dignity: in. -mn&asharp; or -n&asharp;, mightily, forcibly (RV.).

महिला mahila [ mah-il ] f. woman: -½ropya, n. N. of a town in the South near Madras.

महिषत्व mahisatva [ mahisha-tva ] n. condition of a buffalo; -pla, m. buffalo-herd: -ka, m. id.; -mardin, f. Slayer of Mahisha, ep. of Durg; -½asura-sdin, f. Crusher of the demon Ma hisha, ep. of Durg.

महिषी mahisi [ mhish ] f. female buffalo; (mighty princess), chief wife of a prince, queen-consort; sts. simply wife of a king: -bhva, m. con dition of a she-buffalo.

महिष्ठ mahistha [ mah-ishtha ] spv. (of mahat) greatest.

मही mahi [ mah-&isharp; ] f. (of mh) earth; ground, soil (also pl.); land; country, kingdom; earth (substance); base (of a geometrical figure); space (RV.); host (RV.); cow (V.): du. heaven and earth (V.); pl. waters, streams (RV.).

महस् mahas [ mh-as ] n. greatness, might, glory (V.: in. pl. mightily); abundance, plenty (V.); light, lustre (C.); gladness (V.); festival, celebration (C.); s, ac. ad. (RV.1) gladly; briskly; swiftly.

महस्वत् mahasvat [ mhas-vat ] a. gladdening (V.); (mahas-), great, mighty; brilliant, lustrous.

महस्विन् mahasvin [ mahas-vin ] a. radiant, brilliant, lustrous.

मरीचिमत् maricimat [ marki-mat ] a. (--ree;) having -as rays; m. sun; -mlin, a. having a wreath of rays (sun); m. sun.

महा maha  [ mah- ] a. great (occurs as an indepen dent adjective only in the RV. ac. mah&asharp;m). This word is very frequent (being both V. and C.) ree;-in the sense of an adjective (great) or an adverb (greatly, very), mahat with few exceptions being used thus only in the sense of a substantive.

महाकथा mahakatha [ mah-kath ] f. great tale; -karu- na, a. very compassionate; -karna, a. great eared (Siva); -karman, n. great work; a. doing great works (Siva); -kal, f. night of new moon; -kalpa, m. great cosmic period; -kavi, m. great or classical poet (such as K lidsa, Bhavabhti, etc.); -kya, a. having a great body, bulky, gigantic; huge (tree): -tva, n. large size; -½kra, a. large, great, extensive; -kla, m. a form of Siva in his capacity of the great destroyer of the world; N. of a temple of Siva Mahkla at Uggay in; n. N. of a famous Li&ndot;ga: -pura, m. city of Mahkla, Uggayin; -kl, f. a form of Durg; -kvya, n. great or classical poem (a term specifically applied to the six poems Raghuvamsa, Kumrasambhava, Meghadta, Kirtrgunya, Sisuplavadha, and Naishadha karita); -kula, n. illustrious or noble family; (), a. of high lineage: -½utpanna, pp. born of a noble family; -kulna, a. belonging to a noble family: -t, f. noble origin, high birth; -kla, a. having high banks; -ketu, a. hav ing a great banner (Siva); -kesa, a. thick haired (Siva); -kosa, a. having large testi cles (Siva): , f. N. of a river; -kaushta ka, n. title of a Vedic text; -kratu, m. great sacrifice (such as the Rgasya and the Asva medha); -krodha, a. very irascible; -ksha tra-pa, m. great Satrap; -½aksha-patalika, m. head-keeper of the archives; -khta, n. deep ditch; -khyta, pp. very famous; -gaga, m. great elephant; elephant supporting the earth (=diggaga); -gan, m. great host, swarm, or body: -pati, m. great lord of hosts, Ganesa; -ganesa, m. id.; -gandha, a. strong scented, very fragrant; -gala, a. having a thick or long neck; -giri, m. great mountain; -guna, a. having great virtues, very merito rious; very efficacious; -guru, a. very rever end person; -griha, n. great house; -gaur, f. one of the nine forms of Durg; -graha, m. ep. of Rhu; -grm, m. great host (RV.1); large village; -grva, a. long-necked (Siva); -ghata, m. large jar; -ghora, a. very terri ble; -ghosha, a. making a loud noise, thun dering (clouds); -½a&ndot;ga, a. having a large body or large limbs (Siva).

महाचक्र mahacakra [ mah-kakra ] n. large wheel or discus; -kakravart-in, m. great emperor, universal monarch: (-i)-t, f. dignity of a great emperor; -katura-ka, m. (very crafty), N. of a jackal; -kam, f. great army; -kar y, f. the great course of life (i.e. that of a Bodhisattva): -m grah, enter upon the life of a Bodhisattva; -½akala, m. great moun tain; -½krya, m. great teacher (Siva); -½ag, m. great he-goat; -gata, a. wearing large braids of hair (Siva); -gatru, a. having a large collar-bone (Siva); -gana, m. sg. (pl.) many people, multitude of men, crowd, popu lace, the people; great or distinguished man or men; a. occupied by many people (house): -virodha, m. hostility of many people or creatures; -gava, a. very swift (horse, arrow); -gihva, a. long-tongued (Siva); -gnin, a. knowing much (Siva); m. great soothsayer; -gyotis, a. having great lustre (Siva); -gvara, m. great distress; -½atav, f. great forest; -½dhya, a. very rich.

महातत्त्व mahatattva [ mah-tattva ] n. the great princi ple, intellect; -tapas, a. greatly distressed; practising great austerities; m. N. of a her mit; -tapasvin, a. greatly afflicted; -tamas, n. great darkness (one of the five stages of Avidy); -tala, n. (great-bottom), a cer tain hell; -tikta, a. very bitter; -tithi, f. (the great=) sixth lunar day; -tegas, a. hav ing great lustre, very glorious (of gods and men); m. ep. of Skanda; N.; -taila, n. pre cious oil or N. of a kind of oil; -½todya, n. great drum; -½tman, 1. m. great spirit, uni versal soul; intellect; 2. a. great-souled, high-minded, noble; of great intellect, highly gifted, very wise; exalted, eminent, illus trious (family), mighty; -½tma-vat, a. highly gifted, very clever; -½atyaya, m. great calamity; -tyga, m. great liberal ity; a. very liberal: -maya, a. consist ing in great liberality; -tygin, a. very liberal (Siva); -damshtra, a. having great tusks; m. N.; -danda, m. great staff or long arm; severe punishment; -daridra, a. extremely poor; -dna, n. valuable gift; a. attended with great gifts (sacrifice); -d ru, n. the Devadru tree (Pinus Deodora); -dis, f. chief cardinal point (N., S., E., W.); -duhkha, n. great sorrow; -durga, n. great danger; place very difficult of access; -driti, m. great bag; -dev, m. the great god, a term sp. applied to Rudra or to one of the gods connected with him (V.); in C.=Siva; N.: -giri, m. N. of a mountain; -dev, f. the great goddess=Prvat; first wife of a king; N.; -½adbhuta, a. very wonderful; n. great marvel; -dyuti, a. of great lustre, brilliant, glorious; -druma, m. large tree; -dvra, m. n. main gate; -dhana, a. costing much money, costly, expensive; having much money, wealthy; m. N. of a merchant; (), n. great battle (RV.); great spoil (RV.1); great wealth (C.): -pati, m. (lord of great wealth), very rich man; -dhanur-dhara, -dhanushmat, m. great bowman; -dhanus, a. bearing a great bow (Siva); -dh, a. of great understanding, very wise; -½naka, m. kind of large drum; -nakha, a. having great nails or claws; -nagn, m. (stark naked), paramour (V.): , f. courtesan; -nada, m. great stream; -nad, f. river; N. of various rivers; -½nana, a. having a great mouth or face; -½nanda, m. great joy or bliss; N.; -naraka, m. a certain hell; -narendra, m. great conjurer or magician; -½anasa, n. freight waggon; kitchen: , f. cook, kitchen-maid; -½anasa½adhyaksha, m. superintendent of the kitchen; -ng, m. great serpent; great elephant; -ntaka, n. great drama; a kind of play; -nda, m. loud sound, shout, roar, etc.; a. making a loud noise, roaring etc.; m. ep. of Siva; -nyaka, m. great leader or chief; large central gem in a pearl necklace; -nsa, a. large-nosed (Siva); -nidra, a. sleep ing soundly or long; -niraya, m. kind of hell; -nis, f. dead of night, second and third watches of the night (9 p.m. to 3 a.m.); -nla, a. dark blue or black; m. sapphire: -maya, a. consisting of sapphire; -½anubhva, a. very powerful or glorious; magnanimous, high-minded, noble: -t, f., -tva, n. high-minded ness, nobility; -netra, a. large-eyed (Siva); -½andhakra, m. dense darkness, complete obscuration of the intellect; -nyya, m. main rule; -½anvaya, a. of high lineage.

महापक्ष mahapaksa [ mah-paksha ] a. having many ad herents, having a large following; -pa&ndot;ka, n. (?) deep mud; -pa&ndot;kti, f. a metre of forty-eight syllables; -pandita, a. extremely learned; m. great scholar; -patha, m. prin cipal street; high road; the great journey, pilgrimage to the other world (-m y, die); a certain hell; a. having a great path: -giri, m. N. of a mountain; -padma, n. a certain high number; m. one of the eight treasures connected with the magic art padmin; N. of a Nga: -pati, m. lord of millions, ep. of Nanda, -saras, n. N. of a lake, -salila, n. id.; -padya-shatka, n. T. of a poem (at tributed to Klidsa) consisting of six classi cal verses; -½apardha, m. great crime or injury; -parvata, m. high mountain; -pasu, m. large cattle; -pta, m. long flight; a. flying far (arrow); -ptaka, n. great crime or sin (of which there are five: killing a Brhman, drinking spirituous liquor, theft, adultery with a teacher's wife, and asso ciation with persons guilty of those four crimes); -ptakin, a. guilty of a capital sin; -ptra, n. prime minister; -pda, a. large footed; -ppa, n. great crime; -ppman, a. very harmful; -pra, 1. m. a certain per sonification; 2. a. having distant banks, wide (sea); -prsva, a. having broad sides (leech); N.; -psupata, a. with vrata, n. the great vow of a worshipper of Siva Pasupati; m. zealous worshipper of Siva Pasupati; -ptha, n. high seat; -pumsa, m. great man; -punya, a. very auspicious (day); very good or beau tiful; very holy; -pur, n. great fortress: , f. great citadel; -purusha, m. great or eminent man; supreme spirit; -pta, pp. extremely pure; -prishtha, a. broad-backed; -pai&ndot;gya, n. T. of a Vedic text; -prakarana, n. main treatment of a subject; -pragpati, m. great lord of creatures, ep. of Vishnu; -pratpa, m. of great dignity, majestic; -prathra, m. head janitor; -pradna, n. great gift; -prapaka, m. the great world; -prabha, a. of great lustre, very splendid; -prabh, f. great brightness; -prabhva, a. very mighty; -prabhu, m. great lord, sovereign; chief; ep. of Vishnu; -pramna, a. very exten sive; -pralaya, m. great dissolution of the universe at the end of a cosmic age: -kla, m. time of the --; -prasna, m. great or im portant question; -prasda, m. great pre sent; a. very gracious; -prasthna, n. great departure, decease; -prga, a. very wise or prudent (person); -prna, m. hard breath ing, aspirate sound; great strength; a. pro nounced with a hard breathing, aspirated; of great endurance or physical strength; -plava, m. great flood, deluge; -phala, n. large fruit; great reward; a. producing a great reward; -bala, a. very strong, power ful, or effective; m. N.; -bdha, a. very in jurious; -bhu, a. long-armed, strong-armed; m. ep. of Vishnu; N.; -bila, n. deep hole; -buddhi, a. of great intellect, extremely clever; m. N. of an Asura; N.; -brihat, f. a metre (8+8+8+8+12 syllables); -brah ma: -n, m. the great Brahman (the god); -brhman, m. great Brhman (also used sarcastically); n. Great (=Tndya) Brh mana; -bhata, m. great warrior; N.; -bha ya, n. great danger or straits; -bhga, a. having great good fortune, very lucky, greatly blessed; greatly distinguished, very illus trious (frequently used as a term of address); -bhgin, a. very fortunate, greatly blessed; -bhgya, n. high position, great importance or power; a. extremely fortunate: -t, f. great good fortune; -bhnda½agra, n. chief treasury; -bhrata, a. ( a word meaning &open;battle&close;), the Great Battle of the Bharatas; n. ( khyna), the Great Story of the Bharatas, T. of the well-known great Epic (which contains about 100,000 slokas); -bhshya, n. the Great Commentary of Patagali on the Stras of Pnini and the Vrttikas of Ktyyana (probably composed in the second century b. c.); -bhikshu, m. the great mendicant, ep. of Skyamuni; -½abhi- gana, m. high descent, noble birth; -½abhi yoga, m. great plaint or charge; -½abhishava, m. N. of a prince; -½abhisheka, m. great inauguration; T. of the fourteenth Lambaka of the Kathsaritsgara; -bhta, pp. greatly terrified; -½abhsu, a. brilliant, lustrous; -bhuga, a. long-armed; -bhta, pp. being great, large (E.); m. great creature; n. gross element (ether, air, fire, water, earth); -bh mi, f. great realm; whole territory (of a king); -½bhoga, a. of great extent, wide spreading; -bhoga, 1. a. having great coils (serpent); m. serpent; -bhoga, 2. m. great enjoyment; -bhoga, m. great prince; -½abhra, n. great or thick cloud; -makha, m. great sacrifice (=-yaga); -mani, m. costly jewel; -mati, a. of great wit, clever; m. N.; (&asharp;) manas, a. lofty-minded, proud, haughty; high-minded, magnanimous; -manushya, m. great man, man of rank; -mantra, m. very efficacious spell (esp. against snake-poison); -mantrin, m. chief counsellor, prime minis ter; -mah, a. high and mighty (RV.); -mah as, n. great luminary; -mahiman, m. true greatness; a. truly great; -mahima-slin, a. possessed of true greatness; -mah½up dhyya, m. very great preceptor (a desig nation applied to great scholars, e.g. Malli ntha); -mmsa, n. delicious flesh (esp. human flesh); -½amtya, m. prime minister; -mtra, a. of great measure, great; greatest, best (of, --ree;); m. man of high rank, high state official, king's minister; elephant-driver; -mnin, a. extremely proud; -mya, a. at tended with great deception; practising great deception; m. N.; -my, f. the great illu sion (which makes the world appear really existent and thus in a sense creates it); -my ra, n. a kind of medicine; kind of prayer (--ree;); -mrga, m. main road: -pati, m. chief inspector of roads; -mhesvara, m. great worshipper of Mahesvara or Siva; -mukha, n. large mouth (also of rivers); a. () large mouthed; -muni, m. great sage; -mdha, a. very stupid; m. great simpleton; -mrkha, m. great fool; -mrdhan, a. large-headed (Siva); -mriga, m. large wild animal; ele phant; -mridha, n. great battle; -megha, m. great or dense cloud; -medha, m. great sacrifice; (&asharp;)-meru, m. the great Mount Meru; -moha, m. great mental confusion or infatuation; -mohana, a. causing great men tal confusion; -moha-mantra, m. very effi cacious spell: -tva, n. abst. n.; -yaksha, m. great Yaksha, prince of the Yakshas; -yag- , m. great or chief sacrifice (one of the five daily sacrifices of the householder, called bhta-, manushya-, pitri-, deva-, and brah ma-yaga); -yantra, n. great mechanical work: -pravartana, n. execution of great mechanical works; -yama-ka, n. a great Yamaka (a stanza, all the four lines of which contain identically the same words but differ in meaning, e.g. Kirtrgunya XV, 52); -yasas, a. very famous, illustrious (person); -yna, n. the Great Vehicle (a later form of Buddhistic doctrine originated by Ngr guna: opp. hna-yna); N. of a prince of the fairies (having a great car); -yuga, n. a great Yuga (equal to four ordinary Yugas or 4,320,000 years); -yuddha, n. great battle; -½yudha, a. bearing great weapons (Siva); -ragana, n. saffron; a. coloured with saffron; -rana, m. great battle; -½aranya, n. great forest; -ratna, n. precious jewel: -maya, a. consisting of costly jewels, -vat, a. adorned with costly jewels; -rath, m. great chariot; great warrior; N.; -rathy, f. main road; -½rambha, m. great under taking; a. enterprising, active; -rava, m. great roar or yell; a. making a loud noise, shouting loud; m. N.; -rasa, a. extremely savoury; -rg, m. great king, reigning prince, sovereign: -½adhirga, m. lord of great kings, emperor; -rg, f. reigning princess, queen; ep. of Durg; -rgya, n. sovereign rule; -rtra, n. advanced time of night, end of the night; -rtri, f. id.; great night follow ing the dissolution of the world; -rva, m. loud yell; -rshtra, m. pl. the Mahrattas: , f. Mahratta language, Mahratt: a-ka, a. (ik) belonging to the Mahrattas; m. pl. the Mahrattas; -rug, -ruga, a. very painful; -roga, m. dangerous disease; -roman, a. very hairy (Siva); -raudra, a. extremely terrible; -½argha, a. of great price, precious, valuable; expensive: -t, f. preciousness, great value, -rpa, a. having a splendid form; -½arghya, a. precious, valuable: -t, f. preciousness; -½arnava, m. great sea, ocean; -½artha, m. great matter; a. having great wealth, rich; of great significance, important; m. N. of a Dnava; -½arha, a. valuable, costly, splen did; -lakshm, f. the Great Lakshm, Nr yana's Sakti; also=Durg or Sarasvat; -li&ndot;ga, n. a great Li&ndot;ga; -vamsya, a. of high lineage; -vanig, m. great merchant; -vada, m. great teacher (i.e. of the most essential Vedic knowledge); (&asharp;)-vadha, a. having a mighty weapon (RV.); -vana, n. great forest; -varha, m. great boar (i.e. Vishnu's incarnation as a boar); N. of a prince; -vall, f. great creeper; -vkya, n. long composition, literary work; great pro position; -vta, m. violent wind, gale; -vyu, m. id.; -vrttika, n. the Great Vrttika, N. of Ktyyana's Vrttikas to the Stras of Pnini; -vstu, n. great space; a. occupy ing a great space; -vikrama, a. of great courage, very valiant; m. N. of a lion; -vighna, m. n. great obstacle; -viga, a. very sensible; -vidagdha, pp. very clever; -viraha, m. grievous separation; -visha, a. very poisonous; -vistara, a. very prolix (book); -vki, m. (having great waves), a certain hell; -vr, m. great hero; large earthenware fire-pot (mostly used at the Pravargya cere mony); N. of various princes; N. of an Arhat, founder of the Jain sect: -karita, n. life of the great hero (Rma), T. of a play by Bhavabhti, -karitra, n. life of Mah vra (the Arhat), T. of a work; (&asharp;)-vrya, a. mighty, very potent; -vriksh, m. great tree; -vriddha, pp. very aged; -vrish, m. great bull: pl. N. of a people in the western Himlayas; -vega, a. greatly agitated (sea); very swift; -vaipulya, n. great extent; -vaira, n. great enmity; -vairga, n. N. of a Saman; -vydhi, m. serious disease; -vyhriti, f. the great exclamation (i.e. bh&usharp;r bhvah svh); -vrat, n. great or fundamental duty; great vow; great religious observance; N. of a S man or Stotra to be chanted on the last day but one of the Gavmayana (also applied to the day and the ceremony); rules of the worshippers of Siva Pasupati; a. having undertaken great duties or a great vow, practising great aus terity, very devotional; following the rules of the Psupatas; m. a Psupata; -vratika, a. following the rules of the Psupatas; m. a Psupata; -vratin, a., m., id.; a. practis ing the five fundamental duties of the Jains; -vratya, a. relating to the Mahvrata cere mony (day); -vrhi, m. large rice; -sakti, a. very mighty (Siva); -sa&ndot;kha, m. great conch; -½asana, a. eating much, voracious (leech); m. great eater, glutton; -½asani dhvaga, m. flag with a great thunderbolt; -sabda, m. loud sound; title beginning with &open;mah&close; or the corresponding office; -½saya, 1. m. ocean; 2. a. high-minded, noble; -sayy, f. splendid couch; -sarra, a. having a large body; -salka, m. kind of sea-crab; -salkalin, a. having large scales (fish); -sastra, n. mighty weapon; -ska, n. kind of vegetable; -skya, m. great or distinguished Skya; -snti, f. great appeasement (a kind of rite to avert evil); (&asharp;)-sla, possessor of a great house, great householder; -slna, a. very modest; -ssana, n. great sway; a. exer cising great sway; -siras, a. large-headed; m. kind of serpent; -sdra, m. Sdra in a high position, upper servant; -saila, m. great rock or mountain; -½asman, m. precious stone; -smsna, n. large cemetery; ep. of Benares; -srotriya, m. great theologian or spiritual teacher; -½asva, m. N.: -sl, f. great stable; office of head groom; -svet, f. N. of a god dess; N.; -samkata, n. great danger or straits; -sat, f. extremely faithful wife, pattern of wifely fidelity; -sattr, n. great Soma sacrifice; -sattva, m. great creature; a. strong-minded; high-minded, noble; very courageous; containing large animals: -t, f. strength of character and containing large animals; -½sana, n. splendid seat; -samdhi- -vigraha, m. office of chief minister of peace and war; -sabh, f. great dining hall; -samudra, m. ocean; -sarga, m. great crea tion (after a great dissolution); -sdhana bhga, m. head of the executive; -sdhu, a. extremely good: v-, f. pattern of wifely fidelity; -smtpana, m. kind of penance; -smdhi-vigrah-ika, m. chief minister of peace and war; -smnya, n. generality in the widest sense; -sra, a. strong; valuable, costly; -srtha, m. great caravan; -shas ika, a. very daring, excessively rash; m. highwayman, robber: -t, f. great energy: in. with the utmost decision; -simha, m. great lion; N.; -siddha, (pp.) m. great saint; -siddhnta, m. great manual of as tronomy, T. of a work by ryabhata the younger; -siddhi, f. great magical power; -subhiksha, n. great abundance of provisions, very good times (pl.); -skta, n. great hymn: pl. the great hymns of the tenth book of the Rig-veda (1 to 128); m. composer of the great hymns of RV. X; -skshma, a. extremely minute; -ski, a. w. vyha, m. kind of array of troops in battle; (&asharp;)-sena, a. having a large army; m. ep. of Skanda; N. of various princes; -sen, f. great army; -stoma, a. having a great Stoma (day); -½astra, n. great or mighty missile; -sthna, n. high place or position; -sthla, a. very gross; -snna, n. great ablution; -½spada, a. mighty; -sva na, m. loud sound; a. loud-sounding, shout ing loud; loud (noise); -½svda, a. very savoury; -hanu, a. having great jaws; -harm ya, n. great palace; -½hava, m. great battle; -hava, m. great sacrifice; -hasta, a. large handed (Siva); -hsa, m. loud laughter; a. laughing loud; -½ah, m. great serpent: -sayana, n. sleep (of Vishnu) on the great serpent (Sesha); -½ahna, m. advanced day time, afternoon; -hrada, m. great pond.

महि mahi [ mh-i ] a. (only nm., ac. sg. n.) =maht, great (V.); ad. greatly, much, very (V.); n. greatness (P.); intellect (P.).

महिका mahika [ mahik ] f. cold (only ree;--): -½amsu, m. (cold-rayed), moon.

महित mahita [ mah-i-ta ] pp. (&root;mah) honoured, etc.

महत् mahat [ mah-t ] a. [old pr. pt. of &root;mah: strong base mahnt; ree;-almost invariably mah, q. v.; in E. ac. n. sg. is sts. used for ac. m.] great; 1. in space: large, big, huge, extensive; high (tree); deep; long (distance); full-grown; gross (element); 2. of time: long; advanced (time of day); 3. of quantity: abundant, ample, copious, numerous; 4. of degree: considerable, important, momentous; high (price); valuable (fee); intense (emo tion), violent (pain); thick (darkness); loud (sound); 5. of rank: high, lofty, eminent, powerful, distinguished, noble; w. gana, m. multitude of people; w. tman, m. the great soul=intellect; m. great, eminent, or noble man; m. (sc. tman), n. (rare, sc. tattva), in tellect; n. great thing; important matter; greatness, power; greater part; also ad. in mahad-bh, become full (moon).

महत्कुल mahatkula [ mahat-kula ] n. great family; -tat tva, n. the principle Mahat, intellect; -tara, cpv. greater, stronger, than (ab.); very great, strong, or mighty; m. elder, chief, head; chamberlain; courtier: -ka, m. courtier, cham berlain, -i-k, f. lady's maid; -t, f. great ness, largeness; exalted position; -tva, n. greatness, great size, magnitude; strength, intensity, violence; exalted position; moral greatness.

महदभिख्य mahadabhikhya [ mahad-abhikhya ] a. having a high-sounding name; -yudha, n. great weapon; -vsa, m. spacious abode; -s, f. great expectation or hope; -sraya, m. tak ing refuge with the great; -guna, a. pos sessing the virtues of great men; -bhaya, n. great danger or extremity; -vat, a. connec ted with the word &open;mahat&close;; -vyatikrama, m. great transgression.

महन् mahan [ mah-n ] n. (V.) greatness, might; abundance: only in. sg. mahn&asharp;, and pl.1 mahabhih: also ad. mightily; right heartily.

महन mahana [ mah-ana ] n. praising; -anya, fp. praiseworthy.

महर् mahar [ mah-ar ] indecl. the fourth of the seven worlds in the ascending series.

महर्षि maharsi [ mah½rishi ] m. great sage; ep. of Siva.

महल्लक mahallaka [ mahalla-ka ] a. (ik) feeble, weak, decrepit; ik, f. N. of a daughter of Prahlda.

मल्लिनाथ mallinatha [ malli-ntha ] m. N. of a poet and celebrated commentator (prob. fourteenth or fifteenth century), called Kolkala, who wrote commentaries on Klidsa's three works Raghuvamsa, Kumrasambhava, and Me ghadta, as well as the Kirtrgunya and Sisuplavadha.

मल्व malva [ malv ] a. thoughtless, foolish (AV.).

मशक masaka [ mas-ka ] m. mosquito, gnat; N. of a teacher.

मषम् masam [ mash-am ] ad. with kraya, pulverise.

मरुद्गण marudgana [ marud-gana ] m. the host of the Maruts or of the gods; -vega, m. (wind swift), N. of a Daitya; n-maya, a. () con sisting of wind.

मरु maru [ mar- ] m. arid tract, sandy waste, desert; mountain, rock; N. of a people (pl.).

मषि masi [ mash-i (or ) ] f. powder (-m kri, grind to powder); bone-black, ink: -krka-ka, m. ink-brush; -patra, n. ink-pot; i-bhnda, n. id.; i-bhvuka, a. becoming as black as ink; i-maya, a. consisting of bone-black, black as ink.

मसक masaka [ masaka ] incorr. for masaka.

मसार masara [ mas-ra ] m. sapphire or emerald.

मसूर masura [ mas-&usharp;ra ] m. lentil: -ka, m. pillow; i-k, f. kind of eruption or small-pox (resembling lentils); mosquito-curtain; -vidala, n. (?) split lentil.

मसृण masrna [ masrina ] a. soft, tender, smooth; unctuous, glistening; mild, gentle (voice).

मसृणय masrnaya [ masrina-ya ] den. P. make soft or smooth: pp. ita.

मस्करिन् maskarin [ maskar-in ] m. (having a bamboo: *maskara), mendicant monk.

मस्तक mastaka [ masta-ka ] m. n. head, skull; summit, top (--ree;, esp. of mountains and trees); -gvara, m., -sla, n. headache; -dru, n. Devadru tree (Pinus Deodora).

मस्तिष्क mastiska  [ mastsh-ka ] m. n. brain.

मस्तु mastu [ ms-tu ] n. sour cream.

मस्तुलुङ्ग mastulunga [ mastu-lu&ndot;ga ] m. n. brain.

मह् mah [ mh ] V. a. (f. id. or -&isharp;) great, mighty; abundant; aged.

मह maha [ 1. mah-a ] m. festival.

मह maha [ 2. mah- ] a. great, abundant (RV.); n. pl. mighty deeds (RV.).

महच्छब्द mahacchabda [ mahat-sabda ] m. the title &open;Great.&close;

मलय malaya [ malaya ] m. N. of a mountain range on the west of Malabar (the western Ghts), abounding in sandal trees: pl. N. of a peo- ple: -ketu, m. N. of a prince; -giri, m. the Malaya range; -ga, a. growing on the Malaya range; m. sandal tree; m. n. sandal wood; sandal: -ragas, n. sandal, -rasa, m. sandal water, -½lepa, m. sandal ointment; -desa, m. country of Malaya; -druma, m. sandal tree; -dhvaga, m. N.; -parvata, m. the Malaya range; -pura, m. N. of a town; -prabha, m. N. of a prince; -bh-bhrit, m. the Malaya range; -marut, m. wind blow ing from the Malaya; -mlin, m. N.; -ruha, m. (growing in the Malaya), sandal tree; -vat-, f. N.; -simha, m. N.; -½udbhava, n. (?) sandal.

मरीचि marici [ mrki ] (m.) f. shining mote (float ing in the atmosphere; V.); ray of light; m. N. of a Pragpati, being one of the seven Rishis; N. of a star in the Great Bear; N. of a Daitya; N.: -k, f. mirage; -toya, n. id.

मलवत् malavat [ mala-vat ] a. dirty; -vad-vsas, a. having a soiled garment, menstruating; -vh in, a. conveying or containing impurities (body); -visodhana, a. washing away dirt; -visargana, n. purification (of a temple); -hraka, a. removing foulness or sin; -½va ha, a. productive of impurity, defiling.

मलिन malina [ mal-ina ] a. dirty, foul, turbid, soiled, stained; unclean, impure, sullied; beclouded (intellect); dark-coloured, dark grey, black; (, f.) menstruating; n. baseness, wicked ness: -t, f. dirtiness, uncleanliness; -tva, n. blackness; wickedness; -manas, a. im pure-minded.

मलिनय malinaya [ malina-ya ] den. P. soil, stain, sully (also fig.): pp. ita, soiled.

मलिनवसन malinavasana [ malina-vasana ] n. soiled gar ment (in token of grief); -½tman, a. spotted (moon); impure-minded.

मलिनिमन् maliniman [ malin-i-man ] m. blackness; baseness, wickedness.

मलिनीकरण malinikarana [ malin-karana ] n. soiling, sul lying; action causing impurity: -ya, a. rendering impure; -kri, soil, dirty; defile; obscure, eclipse; -bh, become dirty; be come obscured, disappear.

मलीमस malimasa [ mal--mas-a ] a. dirty, foul, stained; unclean, impure (also fig.); dirty-coloured, dark grey.

मलूक maluka [ mal-ka ] m. kind of worm.

मल्ल malla [ malla ] m. professional wrestler; ath lete, very powerful man; a mixed caste; N.: -ka, m. N.; N. of a people (pl.); -kta, N. of a village; -koshta, m. N.: -ka, m. id.; -ghat, f. kind of pantomime; -nga, m. ep. of Vtsyyana; -yudha, n. pugilistic en counter, boxing-match.

मरुत्सख marutsakha [ marut-sakha ] a. having the wind as a companion (clouds); m. ep. of fire; (t) sakhi, a. (only nm. m. f. ) having the Ma ruts as a companion; -sahya, a. having the wind as a companion (fire); -suta, m. son of Wind, pat. of Hanumat.

मर mara [ mar-a ] m. dying, death; world of death, earth: -ka, m. plague, epidemic.

मर्मविद् marmavid [ marma-vid ] a. knowing the weak or vulnerable points of any one; -vidrana, a. lacerating the vitals, wounding mortally; -vegit, f. prob. incorr. for -vedi-t; -ved in, a. knowing the vulnerable or weak points: (-i)-t, f. knowledge of the weak points; -spris, a. touching the vitals, cutting to the quick; very cutting or stinging (fig.); -han, a. (-ghn) striking the vitals, exceedingly stinging (speech).

मर्मातिग marmatiga [ marma½atiga ] a. penetrating deep into the joints or vitals, excruciating; -½var ana, n. coat of mail.

मर्माविध् marmavidh [ marm-vidh ] a. piercing a vital spot, very cutting (speech).

मर्य marya [ mr-ya ] m. (V.) man, esp. young man (pl. people, in address); wooer, lover; stallion.

मर्यादा maryada [ mary&asharp;-d ] f. [giving a clear sign: &root;mar*, shine], mark, landmark; boundary, limit; end; goal; verge of the ocean, coast; strictly defined relation; bounds of morality, moral law; established usage; limits of pro priety; definite or fixed rule; fast alliance or contract: -giri, -½akala, m. frontier moun tain; -dhvana, n. running towards a goal; -bhedaka, m. destroyer of landmarks; -maya, a. forming the bounds of morality; -vakana, n. statement of the limit.

मर्यादिन् maryadin [ maryd-in ] m. frontier neighbour; a. keeping within bounds.

मर्शन marsana [ mars-ana ] n. touching; investigating.

मर्षण marsana [ marsh-ana ] a. forgiving (--ree;); n. en durance, forbearance; -anya, fp. to be for given; deserving indulgence; -in, a. endur ing, forbearing, patient, indulgent.

मरुत् marut [ mar-t ] m. pl. storm-gods (companions of Indra); the gods; sg. god of wind; wind; vital air; air; breath.

मरुत maruta [ marut-a ] m. wind.

मरुत्त marutta [ mart-ta ] m. N. of various princes; -tarun, f. (wind-maiden), fairy; -pata, m. sail; -pati, m. lord of the Maruts, ep. of In dra; -patha, m. path of the winds, atmo sphere; -pla, m. guardian of the Maruts, ep. of Indra.

मल mala [ ml-a ] n., C. also m., dirt, filth, impurity (also morally); bodily secretion; n. kind of base metal, brass (?): -karshana, a. remov ing dirt; -gu, a. dirty-kneed; -tva, n. being a stain; -dyaka, a. attaching a stigma to any one; -digdha½a&ndot;ga, a. () having the body soiled with mire; -pa&ndot;ka½anulipta½a&ndot; ga, a. () having the body besmeared with dirt and mire; -pa&ndot;kin, a. covered with dirt and mire; -mallaka, n. loin-cloth; -msa, m. (impure month, no religious rites being performed in it), intercalary month; -mtra-parityga, m. evacuation of excre ment and urine.

मर्द marda [ mard-a ] a. grinding, pounding, crush ing, destroying (--ree;); m. violent pressure or friction: -aka, a. causing acute pain in (--ree;); -ana, a. () grinding, crushing, destroying, harassing, tormenting (g. or --ree;); sorely dis tressing in battle (--ree;); m. N. of a fairy prince; n. grinding, pounding, crushing, de stroying, devastating; rubbing; anointing, with (in.); combing the hair (--ree;); -anya, fp. to be crushed or trodden down.

मर्दल mardala [ mard-ala ] m. kind of drum.

मर्दित mardita [ mard-ita ] cs. pp. (&root;mrid) rubbed, etc.; -i-tavya, fp. to be destroyed or devas tated; -in, a. crushing, breaking in pieces, destroying (--ree;).

मर्मग marmaga [ marma-ga ] a. penetrating the joints, poignant; cutting to the quick (fig.); m. wounding the vitals; -ghn, a. f. of -han; -kkhid, a. penetrating the joints, cutting to the quick, very poignant; m. piercing the vitals, excessive pain; -kkhedin, a. cutting to the quick, very poignant; -ga, a. know ing the weak or vulnerable points (also fig.); knowing the inmost recesses of a thing, hav ing a deep insight, into (--ree;); extremely clever.

मर्मन् marman [ mr-man ] n. joint, exposed or vital part of the body; weak or vulnerable spot (fig.).

मर्मपारग marmaparaga [ marma-praga ] a. having pene trated to the inmost recesses of, having a thorough insight into (--ree;); -bheda, m. hit ting a vulnerable part (fig.); -bhedin, a. piercing a vulnerable point, cutting to the quick (fig.); m. arrow; -maya, a. consisting of or relating to any one's weak points.

मरुधन्वन् marudhanvan [ maru-dhanvan ] m. arid waste, wilderness, desert; -patha, m. arid tract, sandy waste, desert; -bhava, m. inhabitant of the desert; -bhti: -ka, m. N.; -bhmi, f. desert region, wilderness; N. of a country (Mrwr); -mandala, n. (desert region), N. of a country; -mah, f. desert land, wilder ness; -vaka, m. a flower; -sthala, n., -stha l, f. desert tract, wilderness, sandy waste.

मर्क marka [ 1. mark ] m. eclipse of the sun (RV.1).

मर्कट markata [ markta ] m. ape, monkey: , f. female ape; a-ka, m., i-k, f. id.

मर्त [ mr-ta ] m. [old pp. of &root;mri, preserving original strong vowel owing to early shift ing of accent caused by change of meaning] mortal, man (V.).

मर्तव्य marta [ mar-tavya ] fp. n. imps. one must die.

मर्त्य martya [ mrt-ya ] a. [relating to mortals], mor tal; m. mortal, man; world of mortals, earth; n. mortal coil, body: -t, f. mortality; hu man condition; -tva, n. human condition; -dharma, m. pl. laws or conditions of human life; -dharman, m. mortal, human being; -bhva, m. human nature; -bhuvana, n. world of mortals, earth; -mandala, n. id.; -loka, m. id.; -½amrita, n. immortality of a mortal.

मल्लारि mallari [ malla½ari ] m. foe of the Asura Malla, ep. of Krishna and of Siva; -½asura, m. the Asura Malla.

मल्लिका mallika [ mall-ik ] f. kind of jasmine (Jas minum Sambac: both flower and plant); earthen vessel of a particular shape (Pr.).

मरण marana [ mar-ana ] n. dying; death; dying away, cessation; --ree; a. dying by: -m kri, . die; -dharman, a. subject to the law of death, mortal; m. law of death; -niskaya, a. de termined to die; -vydhi-soka, m. pl. death, sickness, and sorrow; -½tmaka, a. (ik) pro ducing death; -½anta, -½antika, a. ending in death; -½andha-tamas-a, n. gloom of death.

मरुत्वत् marutvat [ mart-vat ] a. accompanied by the Maruts; m. ep. of Indra: -&isharp;ya, a. relating to Indra Marutvat; sp. said of three grahas at the midday libation and of the sastra recited after they have been drained.

ममकार mamakara [ mama-kra ] m. (making mine), attachment to, interest in (lc.); ()-t, f. sense of &open;mine,&close; self-interest; interest in, at tachment to (lc.): -snya, a. devoid of in terest for us; -tva, n. self-interest; interest in, attachment to (lc.): -m kri, be attached to; -saty, n. (being mine=) dispute as to ownership (RV.1).

ममाय mamaya [ mam-ya ] den. . envy any one (ac.).

ममृवस् mamrvas [ ma-mri-vs ] pf. pt. &root;mri.

मम्म mamma [ mamma ] m. N.: -ka, m. N.; -ta, m. [orig. mahima-bhatta] N. of the author of the Kvyapraksa.e

मय maya [ 1. may-a ] a. () sx. [formation, make: &root;mi, weak form of &root;m, form], formed, made, or consisting of, full of; m. N. of an Asura (a skilled artificer, magician, teacher of astronomy and the art of war).

मय maya [ 2. may-a ] m. horse (VS.1).

मयग्राम mayagrama [ maya-grma ] m. N. of a village.

मयस् mayas [ my-as ] n. delight, joy (V.).

मयिवसु mayivasu [ mayi-vsu ] a. good in me.

मयु mayu [ may- ] m. Kimnara or kind of animal resembling man.

मयूख mayukha [ may-&usharp;kha ] m. peg (esp. for stretching a web or skin; V.); ray (C.); kind of Agni: -mlin, m. (having a wreath of rays), sun; -vat, a. radiant.

मयूर mayura [ may-&usharp;ra ] m. peacock: -ketu, m. (having a peacock for his emblem), ep. of Skanda; -t, f., -tva, n. condition of a peacock; -pat trin, a. feathered with peacocks' feathers (arrow); -pikkha, n. peacock's tail-feather: -maya, a. () consisting of peacocks' tail feathers; -maya, a. consisting of peacocks.

मयूरी mayuri [ mayr&usharp;- ] f. pea-hen.

मयोभु mayobhu [ mayo-bh (or -bh&usharp;) ] a. (&usharp;) conduc ing to gladness, refreshing, delightful; whole some, beneficent (V.); m. a certain Agni.

मन्दोत्साह mandotsaha [ manda½utsha ] a. discouraged, despondent; -½udaka, a. deficient in water; -½udar, f. N. of the eldest wife of Rvana; -½ushman, a. slightly warm, cool; -½autsuk ya, a. having but slight eagerness, disin clined for (prati).

मन्द्र mandra [ mand-r ] a. pleasant, charming (V.); sounding or speaking pleasantly (V.); deep, low (voice, sound), hollow, rumbling: -gihva, a. sweet-voiced; -snigdha, pp. deep and pleasant (rumblings).

मन्मथ manmatha [ man-math-a ] m. [agitator: intv. of &root;math] love, god of love: -bandhu, m. (friend of love), moon; -math, a. destroying the god of love; -lekha, m. love-letter; -sa mna, a. animated by similar love.

मन्मन् manman [ mn-man ] n. (RV.) mind, thought, understanding; prayer; hymn.

मन्मन manmana [ man-man-a ] m. confidential whisper ing; love, god of love.

मन्मनस manmanasa [ man-manas-a ] a. thinking of me; -maya, a. full of me; -mmsa, n. my flesh: -½arthin, a. eager for my flesh; -mukha, n. my mouth.

मन्य manya [ man-ya ] a. (--ree;) thinking oneself, pass ing for; n. the root man; -ya-ti, m. (3 sg. turned into a noun), the root man.

मन्या manya [ mn-y ] f. du. & pl. muscles of the nape of the neck; neck.

मन्यु manyu [ man-y ] m. mood (V.); mind (V.); ar dour; resentment, anger, wrath, rage, at (lc.); grief, sorrow, distress (less common meaning); Wrath (personified): -m kri, vent one's an ger on, be angry with (lc. or prati): -parta, pp. filled with anger; -pratikriy, f. venting of anger: -m kri, vent one's anger on (lc.); -mt, a. ardent, eager; indignant, angry, wroth.

मन्वन्तर manvantara [ manu½antara ] n. Manu period (con sisting of seventy-one divine yugas and ruled by a special Manu; the present is the seventh, being under the rule of Manu Vaivasvat).

मन्विद्ध manviddha [ mnu½iddha ] pp. kindled by men.

मम mama [ m-ma ] g. of ahm, I.

ममक mamaka [ mma-ka ] a. my (RV.).

मन्दविचेष्टित mandavicestita [ manda-vikeshtita ] pp. moving slowly; -visha, a. containing little poison; m. N. of a snake; -visarpa, m. (gliding slowly), N. of a snake; -visarpin, a. crawling slowly: n-, f. N. of a louse; -vrya, a. deficient in manliness, weak; -vedana, a. hurting slightly; -sisira, a. somewhat cool.

मन्दसान mandasana [ mand-as-n ] pt. joyous, glad, exhilarated, intoxicated (RV.).

मन्दहास mandahasa [ manda-hsa ] m. gentle laugh; a. smiling softly: -m, ad. with a soft smile.

मन्दाकिनी mandakini [ mandk-in- ] f. [having a slow stream, manda½ak-a: &root;ak] N. of a branch of the Ganges and of the celestial Ganges.

मन्दाक्रान्त mandakranta [ manda½krnta ] pp. approach ing slowly: , f. a metre consisting of 4 X 17 syllables ( , ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘ ˘ , ˘ ˘ ) in which the Meghadta is composed; -½ak sha, a. weak-eyed: n. bashfulness; excessive indulgence or lenity; -½agni, m. weak diges tion; a. having a weak digestion; -½kra, a. deficient in good conduct; -½tman, a. dull witted, stupid; -½dara, a. having little re gard for, careless about (lc.); -½anala, a. suf fering from weak digestion: -tva, n. weak digestion; -½abhinivesa, a. having little in clination for (lc.).

मन्दाय mandaya [ mand-ya ] den. . loiter, tarry, de lay; grow faint or dim (light).

मन्दायुस् mandayus [ manda½yus ] a. short-lived.

मन्दार mandara [ mand-ra ] m. coral-tree (Erythrina indica); one of the five trees in Indra's paradise; n. flower of the coral-tree: -ka, m. coral-tree; i-k, f. N.; -deva, m. N. of a prince; -ml, f. wreath of Mandra flowers; N. of a celestial female, a daughter of Vasu; -vat-, f. N.

मन्दिन् mandin [ mand-n ] a. (RV.) gladdening; joyful.

मन्दिमन् mandiman [ mand-i-man ] m. slowness; dul ness, stupidity.

मन्दिर mandira [ mand-ira ] n. [gladdening, pleasant], dwelling, abode, house; mansion, palace; temple.

मन्दु mandu [ mand- ] a. joyful, glad (V.).

मन्दुरा mandura [ mand-ur ] f. [gladdening, cool], stable (for horses): -pla, m. ostler, groom.

मन्थ mantha [ manth- ] m. churning; killing; mixed beverage (gnly. milk with parched barley meal); stirring-spoon; churning-stick; in strument for kindling fire by attrition: (a) danda: -ka, m. churning-stick.

मन्थन manthana [ manth-ana ] a. producing fire by at trition (--ree;); m. churning-stick; n. kindling of fire by the attrition of sticks; shaking or stirring about; churning; churning out (--ree;); m. (?) instrument for kindling fire by attri tion: -danda, m. churning-stick.

मन्थर manthara [ manth-ara ] a. slow, tardy, indolent; dull, stupid, foolish; bent, curved, crooked, humpbacked; --ree;, slow to or in: -m or ree;--, ad. slowly; m. N. of a tortoise: -ka, m. N.; N. of a tortoise; N. of a foolish weaver; N. of a humpback; -t, f. slowness; -½abhidh na, a. named Manthara.

मन्थरित mantharita [ manthar-ita ] (den.) pp. rendered slack.

मन्था mantha [ manth- ] m. (?; only nm. -s) churning stick; f. mnth, id.

मन्थाचल manthacala [ mantha½akala ] m. Mount Man dara (used as a churning-stick in the ocean of milk); -½adri, m. id.

मन्थान manthana [ manth-na ] m. Shaker, ep. of Siva; instrument for kindling fire by attrition; churning-stick: -½adri, m. Mount Mandara.

मन्थिन् manthin [ manth-n ] a. agitating; m. Soma juice mixed with flour (V.).

मन्द manda [ mand-a ] a. slow, sluggish, in (lc. or --ree;); apathetic, indifferent to (d.); weak, slight; faint, low (voice), gentle (rain, wind); dull-witted, stupid, foolish; unhappy; dis eased, ill: -m, ad. slowly, gradually (also ree;--); slightly; faintly, softly, in a low voice: mandam mandam, ad. very slowly, quite gradually; m. the planet Saturn: -ka, a. scanty, little; dull, stupid; -karni, m. N. of a sage; -karman, a. inactive; -krin, a. acting foolishly; -kirana, a. weak-rayed; -ga, a. moving or going slowly; m. planet Saturn; -gati, a. moving slowly: -tva, n. slow pace; -ketas, a. absent-minded; dull witted, stupid, foolish; -kkhya, a. having its beauty dimmed, dull-looking, lustreless; -garas, a. aging slowly; -gta, pp. slowly produced; -t, f. indolence; slightness, in significance; dulness, stupidity, foolishness; -tva, n. slightness, insignificance, feebleness; -dh, a. dull-witted, stupid, foolish; -pla, m. N. of a Rishi; -punya, a. unfortunate, ill-fated; -praga, a. dull-witted; -preman, a. having little affection; -phala, a. bearing little fruit; having an insignificant result; -buddhi, a. dull-witted; -bhgin, a. ill fated, wretched; -bhgya, n. misfortune; a. ill-fated, unlucky, unfortunate, miserable: -t, f. wretchedness; -bhg, a. ill-fated; -ma ti, a. dull-witted; m. N. of a wheelwright; N. of a lion; -mandam, ad. very slowly or gradually, by degrees; very softly; -mand a½tapa, a. having very slight heat, cool.

मन्दय mandaya [ manda-ya ] den. P. lessen, allay (hun ger).

मन्दर mandara [ mand-ara ] m. paradise-tree (one of the five in Indra's heaven); N. of a sacred moun tain with which the ocean was churned; N. of a fairy: -deva, m. N. of a prince of the fairies: , f. N. of his sister; -devya, a. relating to Mandara-deva.

मन्दरश्मि mandarasmi [ manda-rasmi ] a. weak-rayed, dim.

मनोभू manobhu [ mano-bh ] m. (arising in the mind), love, god of love; -mathana, m. (agitator of the soul), god of love; -mya, a. () consist ing of mind, spiritual (not material); -yyin, a. going at will, going wherever one likes; -yg, a. (V.) thought-yoked, i. e. yoked by a mere thought (steeds); suiting the under standing, wise; -ratha, m. (car of the mind), wish, desire; fancy, illusion; indirectly ex pressed wish; N.: -dyaka, m. fulfilling wishes; N. of a Kalpa tree, -prabh, f. N., -siddhi, f. fulfilment of a wish; m. N.: -ka, --ree; a. id.; -rama, a. delighting the mind, attractive, pleasing, charming, lovely, beau tiful; m. N.: -, f. N.; -rgya, n. realm of fancy: -ni kri, build castles in the air; -laya, m. loss of consciousness; -laulya, n. freak of the mind, whim, caprice; -vat-, f. N.; -vallabh, f. mistress of one's heart; -vkhita, (pp.) n. heart's desire; -visud dhi, f. purity of mind; -vritti, f. working of the mind, mental operation; train of thought; mood, temper; -hn, a. mind-destroying; -hara, a. (, ) captivating the mind, fascin ating, attractive; charming, beautiful: -tara, cpv. more beautiful, etc.: -tva, n. greater beauty; -hartri, m. heart-stealer, captivator; -hrik, f. N.; -hrin, a. captivating the heart, enchanting, fascinating, charming, beautiful; -hrit, a. taking away life and de lighting the heart; -hlda, m. gladness of heart; -hldin, a. gladdening the heart, at tractive, beautiful.

मन्तव्य mantavya [ man-tvya (or y) ] fp. to be thought; -deemed (nm.); -assumed or laid down; considered; -regarded or accepted; n. imps. one should think or suppose.

मन्तु mantu [ mn-tu ] m. counsellor, ruler; counsel; affront: -mat, a. (only vc.) wise.

मन्त्र mantra [ man-tra ] m. (n.) pious thought, prayer, hymn; Vedic hymn, sacred text; mystical verse, incantation, spell; consultation, resolution, counsel, plan; secret design: -kara- na, n. Vedic text; -krya, n. subject of con sultation; -kla, m. time of consultation; -kusala, a. skilled in counsel; -krt, m. com poser of hymns; counsellor, adviser; ambas sador; -gandaka, m. kind of amulet; -gupta, m. N.; -gupti, f. keeping of counsel; -griha, n. chamber of deliberation; -gihva, m. fire; -ga, a. knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; -gyeshtha, spv. having precedence according to knowledge of sacred texts.

मन्त्रण mantrana [ mantr-ana ] n., , f. consultation, de liberation.

मन्त्रतत्त्वविद् mantratattvavid [ mantra-tattva-vid ] a. know ing the essence of counsel, very experienced in counsel; -tas, ad. with regard to (the knowledge of) Vedic texts; -toya, n. water sanctified with incantations; -da, a. impart ing or teaching the Veda; giving advice; -darsin, a. knowing the sacred texts; -dtri, m. teacher of the Veda; -dris, a. (seeing=) composing hymns; knowing the sacred texts; experienced in counsel; m. composer of hymns; counsellor; -devat, f. deity invoked in a sacred text; -drashtri, m. (seer=) composer of sacred texts; -dhara, -dhrin, m. coun sellor, adviser; -pattra, n. leaf inscribed with a sacred text; -pada, n. magic word; -ptha, m. recitation of a sacred text; -pust ik, f. book of spells; -pta, pp. purified by a sacred text; -prabhva, m. power of a spell (Pr.); -prayoga, m. employment of a sacred text; magical agency, charm; -pha la, n. fruit or consequence of counsel; -bala, n. magical power; -bga, n. (seed=) first syl lable of a spell; germ of counsel; -brhma- na, n. du. the sacred hymns and the Brh manas: -vid, a. knowing the sacred hymns and the Brhmanas; -bheda, m. a particular spell: pl. various kinds of spells; breach of counsel, betrayal of a design; -maya, a. con sisting of spells; -mrti, a. having a body consisting of spells (Siva); -mla, a. rooted in counsel.

मन्त्रयन्त्र mantrayantra [ mantra-yantra ] n. amulet with a magical formula; -yukti, f. application of spells, charm; employment of a sacred for mula; magic (?); -vat, a. attended with sa cred formulas; enchanted, consecrated with spells; familiar with sacred texts; ad. 1. to the accompaniment of sacred texts; 2. accord ing to the rules of counsel; -varna, m. word ing of a sacred text: pl. the syllables of a sacred formula or spell; -vda, m. substance of a sacred formula; utterance of spells, ma gic: -sloka, m. pl. slokas being sacred verses in substance; -vdin, m. pronouncer of spells, enchanter; -vid, a. knowing sacred texts or spells; -vidy, f. science of spells, magic; -sakti, f. magical power, charm; -sruti, f. consultation listened to; -samvarana, n. con cealment of a consultation or design; -sam skra, m. consecration with sacred texts: -krit-pati, m. consecrated husband; -sam hit, f. the collection of Vedic hymns; -sdh aka, m. performer of an incantation, magi cian; -sdhana, n., , f. performance of an incantation; -sdhya, fp. to be mastered by incantations; attainable by counsel; -sid dha, pp. accomplished by a spell; thoroughly versed in spells; -siddhi, f. effect of a spell; fulfilment of counsel; -stra, n. charm at tached to a cord.

मनुष्यकार manusyakara  [ manushya-kra ] m. human effort; -gandha, m. human odour; -ganman, a. begotten by a man; -gta, (pp.) n. human race; -gti, f. id.; -t, f. human condition; manhood; -tv, n. human condition, human ity: -m y, become men; -dev, m. god among men=Brhman (V.) or king; -dhar man, m. ep. of Kubera; -pota, m. little boy; -prakriti, a. of human origin; -yag, m. offering to men (one of the five Mahyagas) =charity, hospitality; -rath, m. human carriage; -rg, -rgan, m. human king; -rp, n. human form; -lok, m. world of men; -vis, f., -vis, n., -vis, f. human folk; -skshya, n. presence of men as witnesses: lc. before men as witnesses.

मनुष्येन्द्र manusyendra [ manushya½indra ] m. best of men; -½svara, m. lord of men, king.

मनुष्वत् manusvat  [ manush-vt ] ad. (V.) as man or men, as among or for men; like Manu.

मनुस् manus [ mn-us ] m. (V.) human being; man kind; man (opp. woman).

मनुसंहिता manusaṃhita  [ manu-samhit ] f. code of Manu.

मनोगत manogata [ mano-gata ] a. passing in the mind, concealed in the heart, secret; n. thought, notion, opinion; desire, wish; -gati, f. (motion of the mind), desire, wish; a. going at will, going wherever one wishes (car); -grh in, a. captivating the mind, fascinating; -grhya, fp. to be grasped by the mind; fascinating; -glni, f. depression of mind; -ghna, a. intimidating; -ga, -ganman, m. (mind-born), love, god of love; -gav, m. swiftness of thought (V.); a. (mno)-gava, a. swift as thought; (mno)-gavas, a. id. (V.); -gavin, a. id.; (mno)-gavishtha, spv. (conj.) exceedingly swift as thought; -gt, pp. mind-born; -gighra, a. (scenting =) guessing one's thoughts; -g&usharp;, a. swift as thought (RV.); -ga, a. (appreciated by the mind), pleasing, agreeable, beautiful, lovely, charming: -t, f. beauty, loveliness.

मनोता manota [ man-t ] f. [nm. sg. of mantri treated as a f.], RV. VI, i. (which contains the word mant); deity to whom an offering is made while this hymn is recited.

मनोदण्ड manodanda [ mano-danda ] m. complete control over one's thoughts; -duhkha, n. mental pain, heart-ache; -dushta, pp. impure in thought; -(a)navasthna, n. distraction of mind, in attention; -nsa, m. loss of mental power or understanding; -(a)nukla, a. pleasant to the mind; -(a)nuga, a. suiting the mind, pleasing, agreeable; -(a)pahrin, a. captivating the mind, delightful; -(a)peta, pp. destitute of understanding; -bhava, a. originating in the mind, imaginary; love (opp. anger); (sex ual) love, god of love; -(a)bhiprya, m. heart's desire: -ga, a. desirable; -(a)bhi rma, a. pleasing to the mind, gratifying.

मनीषा manisa [ man-sh-&asharp; ] f. (V.) reflexion; conception; understanding; wise utterance, hymn; prayer, desire: i-k, f. understanding, wisdom; expectation; -i-ta, den. pp. wished; wished for, desired, dear; n. wish, desire: -varshin, a. showering desired ob jects; -i-t, f. wisdom; -n, a. thoughtful, wise; praying, devout (V.).

मनु manu [ mn-u ] a. wise (V.); m. man, coll. man kind (V.); thought (pl. mental powers); prayer, spell; N. of a divine being, progenitor of mankind; the most common among the many patronymic terms applied to him are Vaivasvata, Svyambhuva, and Hairanyagarbha. In post-Vedic chronology seven Manus are assumed, each of whom presides over a cosmic period (manu½antara), acting in it as creator and preserver of beings; still later seven more Manus are added.

मनुज manuja [ manu-ga ] m. (sprung from Manu), man: -ntha, m., -pati, m. lord of men, king, -loka, m. world of men, earth, -½tma- g, f. daughter of men, -½adhipa, m. king of men, -½adhipati, m. id.

मनुजेन्द्र manujendra [ manuga½indra ] m. chief of men, king: -putr, f. princess; -½svara, m. lord of men, king.

मनुयुग manuyuga [ manu-yuga ] n. period of a Manu (=311,040,000 years).

मनुर्हित manurhita [ mnur-hita ] pp. kind or beneficial to men (RV.).

मनुवृत manuvrta [ manu-vrita ] pp. chosen by men; -vyghra, m. tiger among=most illustrious of men; -sreshtha, spv. best among men, ep. of Vishnu.

मनुषmanusa [ mn-ush-a ] m. man (RV.).

मनुष्य manusya [ manush-y ] a. (V.) human; suitable for men; friendly to mankind; m. human being; man (opp. woman); husband: pl. (V.) human progenitors (a class of Manes, who receive the Pinda offering).

मन्त्रिपति mantripati [ mantri-pati ] m. prime minister; -putra, m. son of a minister; -pradhna, -mukhya, -vara, -sreshtha, m. prime minis ter; -suta, -snu, m. son of a minister.

मन्त्रोक्त mantrokta [ mantra½ukta ] pp. mentioned in a hymn; -½udaka, n. water consecrated with spells.

मनीमुषग्राम manimusagrama [ manmusha-grma ] m. N. of a village.

मन्त्राक्षर mantraksara [ mantra½akshara ] n. syllabl ein a spell; -½adhirga, m. supreme lord of spells (a Vetla); -½rdhana, n. endeavouring to obtain by incantations, conjuring; -½val, f. series of spells.


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