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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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मधुक madhuka[ madhu-ka ] a. having the colour of honey (only ree;-with lokana, eye); m. a tree; n. liquorice; -kara, m. honey-maker, bee: -maya, a. consisting of bees, -rgan, m. king of the bees=queen-bee.

मनस् manas [ mn-as ] n. mind (in its widest sense as the seat of intellectual operations and of emotions), internal organ; understanding, intellect; soul, heart; conscience; thought, conception; imagination; cogitation, reflexion; inclination, desire, will; mood, disposition; in the philosophical systems manas is regarded as distinct from soul (tman), of which it is only the instrument, and is (except in the Nyya) considered perishable: -kri, make up one's mind, resolve; fix one's heart or affections upon any one (g.); -kri, pra-kri, dh, vi-dh, dhri, bandh, and nivesaya, direct the thoughts to, think of (d., lc., prati, or inf.); -sam--dh, collect oneself; in. mnas, in the mind; in thought or imagination; with all one's heart, will ingly; by the leave of (g.); manas½iva, as with a thought, in a trice; manas man, think of in one's mind, -gam, go to in thought =imagine, remember, -sam-gam, become unanimous; manasi kri, bear or ponder in mind, -ni-dh, impress on the mind, trea sure in the heart; meditate, -vrit, be pass ing in one's mind; manas is often used --ree; a. with an inf. in -tu=wishing or intend ing to (e. g. prashtu-manas, desirous of inquiring).

मनस manasa [ manas- ] n. (--ree;)=manas.

मनसिज manasija [ manasi-ga ] m. (born in the heart), love, passion; god of love; moon: -taru, m. tree of love, -rug, f. pain of love; -saya, m. (lying in the heart), love; god of love.

मनस्क manaska [ manas-ka ] a. (--ree;) having one's mind or thoughts fixed on; -knta, a. dear to the heart, pleasant, agreeable; -kra, m. men tal operation; -ket, m. mental image, con ception, thought; -tpa, m. mental pain, dis tress of mind, anguish; repentance.

मनस्यmanasya [ manas-y ] den. (V.) have in one's mind; think.

मनस्वत् manasvat [ mnas-vat ] a. (V.) spirited.

मनस्विन् manasvin [ manas-vn ] a. (-) intelligent, wise: (-vi)-t, f. intelligence, wisdom.

मनःसंकल्प manhsankalpa [ manah-samkalpa ] m. heart's de sire; -sa&ndot;ga, m. mental attachment, con tinual thinking of a beloved one (second stage of love); -samtpa, m. mental pain, anguish; -samunnati, f. high-mindedness; -sukha, a. pleasant to the (mind=) taste; -stha, a. mental; -sparsa, a. touching the heart; -svmin, m. N. of a Brhman.

मना mana [ man-&asharp; ] f. (V.) desire, zeal, devotion; envy.

मनाक् manak [ mank ] ad. [prob. n. of a. man½ak, deliberately, measuredly], a little, somewhat, slightly; shortly, very soon, at once; only; na mank, na mang api, mang api na, not in the least, not at all; na mank, w. pp. and api, all but: e.g. mang asmi na ptitah, I was all but, or I had almost been, thrown down; klam mank, a short time.

मनायु manayu [ man-y ] a. (RV.) devoted, praying.

मध्यमपदलोपिन् madhyamapadalopin [ madhyama-pada-lopin ] a. in which the middle word is dropped (com pound: e. g. ska-prthiva=vegetable, sc. loving, king); -purusha, m. kind of personi fication; second person (gr.); -prusha, m. mediocre person; -bhva, m. moderate dis tance; -rtra, m. midnight; -loka, m. mid dle world=earth: -pla, m. protector of earth, king, -½indu, m. moon of earth, king; -vayas-, n. middle age; -½ashtak, f. eighth day in the dark fortnight of Mgha.

मध्यमा madhyama [ madhyam ] f. middle finger.

मध्यरात्र madhyaratra [ madhya-rtr ] m. midnight; -r tri, f. id.; -rekh, f. central line (supposed to be drawn to Mount Meru from La&ndot;k, Uggayin, Kurukshetra, and other places); -vayas, a. middle-aged; -vartin, a. being in the midst of, in, or among (--ree;); -sarra, a. moderately stout; -syin, a. lying within; -siddhnta-kaumud, f. medium Siddhnta kaumud, T. of an abridgment of the Sid dhnta-kaumud; -stha, a. being in the mid dle; being in the air; being within; being in, between, or among (g. or --ree;); mediating between (g.); middling; indifferent, impar tial, neutral; standing between=belonging to neither or to both parties (territory etc.): -t, f. indifference; impartiality; -sthala, n. middle part, hip; -sthna, n. middle re gion, atmosphere; -sthita, pp. being between (g.); indifferent: -t, f. indifference.

मध्या madhya [ madhy&asharp; ] in. ad. (RV.) between (g.); meanwhile.

मध्यादित्य madhyaditya [ madhya½ditya ] m. noontide sun: -gate&zip;hani, at midday; -varsha, n. middle of the rainy season; -½ahna, m. midday: -k la, m., -vel, f., -samaya, m. noontide.

मध्येनगरम् madhyenagaram [ madhye-nagaram ] ad. within a city; -nadi, ad. in or into the river; -na resvara-sabham, ad. in the midst of the assembly of the princes; -padmam, ad. in a lotus; -prishtham, ad. on the back; -vin dhya½atavi, ad. in the forests of the Vindhya; -vindhya½antar, ad. in the midst of the Vin dhya; -vyoma, ad. in the air; -sabham, ad. in the assembly, in public; -samudram, ad. in the midst of the sea.

मध्व madhva [ madhva ] m. N. of the founder of a sect: -guru, -½krya, m. id.

मध्वक madhvaka [ madhu½aka ] m. bee; -½aksha, a. hav ing honey-coloured eyes.

मध्वापात madhvapata [ madhu½pta ] m. honey at first sight; -½sava, m. spirituous liquor made of honey.

मध्यकौमुदी madhyakaumudi [ madhya-kaumud ] f. T. of a grammar = madhya-siddhnta-kaumud; -ga, a. moving in the midst of, being in, on, or among, contained in, abiding among, be ing common to (g. or --ree;); -gata, pp. being in the midst of, between, or among (g. or --ree;); -krin, a. moving in the midst of or among (g.).

मध्यतस् madhyatas [ madhya-ts ] ad. from, in, or into the midst of, out of, among (g. or --ree;); of mid dle sort; -t, f. mediocrity; -desa, m. middle region; waist; Midland (the country lying between the Himlaya, the Vindhya, Vina sana in the west and Prayga in the east): pl. the inhabitants of Madhya-desa: -ya, a. be longing to or living in Midland; -desya, a. id.; -deha, m. middle of the body; -nagara, n. interior of a city; -nihita, pp. put inside.

मध्यंदिन madhyandina [ madhym-dina ] m. midday, noon; midday offering (savana).

मध्यपतित madhyapatita [ madhya-patita ] pp. lying be tween; -pta, m. intercourse; -bhga, m. middle part; waist: lc. therein; within (g.); -bhva, m. moderate distance.

मध्यम madhyama [ madhya-m ] spv. middlemost, situ ated between; being in the middle, central; of medium kind or strength, middle-sized, middling, mediocre, moderate; neutral; m. =Madhya-desa; middle=fourth or fifth note in the scale; one of the three musical scales; second person (gr.); m. n. middle of the body, waist; n. middle; meridian.

मध्यमक madhyamaka [ madhyama-ka ] a. (ik) common to (g.); n. interior: -m pra-vis, enter; -ka ksh, f. middle of the courtyard; -gta, pp. born in the middle (son).

मध्यमन्दिर madhyamandira [ madhya-mandira ] n. female or gan; anus.

मनन manana [ man-ana ] n. thinking, cogitation, reflexion; homage: -vat, a. attended with homage, -yukta, pp. id.; -anya, fp. estimable.

मनःशिल manhsila [ manah-sila ] m. or n. (metr.), , f. red arsenic; -sghra, a. quick as thought; -shashtha, a. making six with mind.

मधुलिह् madhulih  [ madhu-lih ] a. having licked the honey from (--ree;); m. (honey-licker), bee; -vat, ad. like honey; -vana, n. Honey-forest (N. of Sugrva's forest); forest of the demon Madhu on the Yamun, where Satrughna founded Mathur; -vra, m. pl. (turns of drink), carousal, drinking-bout; -vidvish, m. ep. of Vishnu or Krishna; (mdhu)-vrata, a. addicted to sweetness (RV.1); m. bee: , f. female bee; -vrata-pati, m. king of bees= queen-bee; -sarkar, f. honey-sugar; -sish- ta, n. (remainder of honey), wax; -sesha, n. id.; -skt, a. distilling or flowing with sweetness; -sr, f. glory of spring (personified).

मधुस् madhus  [ mdh-us ] n. sweetness (V.).

मधुसंदृश madhusandrsa [ mdhu-samdrisa ] a. looking charming; -sahya, m. companion of spring, god of love; -sdana, m. destroyer of the demon Madhu, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna; N. of a scholar: -sarasvat, m. N. of an author; -sena, m. N. of a prince; -srava, a. distilling sweetness; -han, m. collector of honey; slayer of Madhu, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna.

मधूकmadhuka [ madh-ka ] m. bee; a tree (Bassia latifolia); n. its flower.

मधूच्छिष्ट madhucchista [ madhu½ukkhishta ] (pp.) n. (re mainder of honey), wax; -½uttha, a. pro duced from or made of honey; n. wax; -½utsava, m. spring festival on the day of full moon in the month of Kaitra; -½udaka, n. honey-water, hydromel; -½udyna, n. spring garden; -½upaghna, n. (?) N. of a city (= Mathur or Madhur).

मधूलक  madhulaka  [ madhla-ka ] n. honey, sweetness; ik, f. kind of bee; kind of cereal; kind of Bassia latifolia.

मध्य madhya  [ mdhya ] a. middle (in V. like Latin medius=mid-, the middle of); central; mid dling, mediocre, of medium kind; middle sized; moderate; intermediate; neutral ( vritti, f. middle course); (m.) n. middle of the body, esp. woman's waist; n. middle, centre; inside, interior; meridian; interme diate condition between (g.); ten thousand bil lions (as being between koti and parrdha): -m, into the midst of, into, amongst (g. or --ree;); in. in or through the midst of, between (ac., g., or --ree;); ab. from the midst of, out of, from among (g. or --ree;); lc. in the middle, between; in the midst of, within, in, into, among (g. or --ree;); --ree;--=ac. or lc.; madhye kri, place in the middle, make an intermediary of; ac count (--ree;); -kritya, with regard to (ac.).

मधुकराय madhukaraya [ madhu-karya ] den. . represent bees; -karik, f. N.; -karin, m. bee; -kar, f. female bee; N.; -knana, n. forest of the Asura Madhu (on the Yamun); -kra, m. bee: , f. female bee; -krit, a. producing sweetness; m. bee; -gandhika, a. sweetly scented; -kkhattra, m. (?) a tree (having a pleasant shade); -kkhandas, m. N. of a Rishi; N. of the fifty-first of the 101 sons of Visvmitra; -kyut, -kyuta, a. dripping honey; -ga, a. produced from honey; (m dhu)-gihva, a. honey-tongued, sweetly speaking (V.); -taru, m. sugar-cane; -trina, m. n. id.; -tva, n. sweetness; -doham, abs. (milking=) making honey; -dvish, m. foe of Madhu, ep. of Vishnu; -dhr, f. stream of honey; stream of sweet intoxicants; -p, a. drinking sweetness or honey; m. bee; -patala, m. honey-comb; -park, m. honey mixture: a guest-offering usually consisting of curds with honey or butter; the honey mixture ceremony; -parnik, f. N. of various plants; -pavana, m. wind of spring; -ptra, n. wine cup; -pna, n. drinking of honey; -pr, f. wine cup; -pura, n. city of the Asura Madhu, Mathur: , f. city of the Madhus, Mathur; (mdhu)-prasa&ndot;ga madhu, n. honey connected with spring; -psaras, eager for sweetness (RV.1); -bhad ra, m. N.; -bhnda, n. cup for spirituous liquors, wine cup; -bhid, m. slayer of Madhu, ep. of Vishnu; -bhug, a. enjoying sweets or delights; -maksh, -makshik, f. (honey fly), bee; (mdhu)-mat, a. sweet; pleasant, charming; mixed with honey; abounding in honey; containing the word &open;madhu&close;: -, f. N. of a river; N. of a city; N.; -matta, pp. intoxicated by spring; -math, -mathana, m. destroyer of Madhu, ep. of Vishnu; -mada, m. intoxication with wine; -mantha, m. drink stirred with honey; -maya, a. () consisting of honey; sweet as honey, honied; -mdhava, m. du. & n. sg. names of the two spring months (=Kaitra and Vaiskh, March-May); -mdhav, f. spring-flower abounding in honey; kind of intoxicating liquor; -msa, m. spring month: -mahot sava, m. great festival of spring, -½avatra, m. commencement of spring; -mura-nara ka-vissana, m. destroyer of the Daityas Madhu, Mura, and Naraka, ep. of Vishnu.

मधुर madhura [ madhu-ra ] a. sweet; charming, de lightful; mellifluous (words), melodious (sound): -m, ad. sweetly; n. kind manner: in. kindly.

मधुरक madhuraka [ madhura-ka ] a. sweet; -t, f. sweet ness; charm; kindness, amiability; -tva, n. sweetness; tenderness, charm (of voice, speech); -bhshin, a. speaking sweetly or kindly; -maya, a. () full of sweetness; -rvin, a. rumbling pleasantly (clouds).

मधुरस madhurasa [ madhu-rasa ] m. honey-juice; sweet ness, charm: -maya, a. () full of honey-juice.

मधुरस्वर madhurasvara [ madhura-svara ] a. uttering a sweet sound; mellifluous (speech).

मधुरा madhura [ madhur ] f. N. of a city (=Mathur).

मधुराक्षर madhuraksara [ madhura½akshara ] n. pl. kindly words; a. sounding sweetly, mellifluous (speech); -vatta, m. N.; -½svda, a. tast ing sweet.

मधुरित madhurita [ madhur-ita ] pp. sweetened (also fig.).

मधुरिपु madhuripu [ madhu-ripu ] m. foe of Madhu, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna.

मधुरिमन् madhuriman [ madhur-i-man ] m. sweetness (also fig.).

मधुल madhula [ madhu-l ] a. sweet (V.).

मनःक्षेप manhksepa [ manah-kshepa ] m. mental confusion; -pta, pp. mentally pure; -prasda, m. mental calm or composure; -priya, a. dear to the heart; -prti, f. mental satisfaction, delight.

मदिष्ठmadistha  [ md-ishtha ] spv. of madn (V.).

मदीय madiya [ mad-ya ] a. my, mine.

मदुघ madugha [ madgha ] m. kind of liquorice.

मदोत्कट madotkata [ mada½utkata ] a. excited with drink, intoxicated; excited with passion, furious; lustful, rutting (elephant); m. N. of a lion; -½udaka, n. temple-juice; -½uda gra, a. excited with passion, furious; -½ud dhata, pp. puffed up with pride, arrogant; -½unmatta, pp. drunk with passion, rutting; intoxicated with pride.

मद्गु madgu [ madg- ] m. [diver: &root;magg] kind of aquatic bird; galley, kind of vessel of war; a mixed caste: -ra, m. a kind of fish; diver, pearl-fisher (a mixed caste).

मद्देह maddeha [ mad-deha ] m. my body; -bhakta, pp. devoted to me; -bhgya-samkshaya, m. ruin of my fortune.

मद्यmadya [ md-ya ] a. (V.) gladdening, exhilarat ing, intoxicating; n. spirituous liquor, sp. brandy: -kumbha, m. brandy-jar; -pa, a. drinking spirituous liquors; m. drunkard; -pna, n. drinking of intoxicants; spirituous liquor; -bhnda, n. vessel for intoxicating drinks; -vikraya, m. sale of intoxicants; -½kshepa, m. addiction to drink; -½sattaka, m. N.

मद्रिक् madrik [ mad-rik ] ad. [contracted n. of mad ri½ak] towards me (RV.).

मद्वत् madvat [ 1. mad-vat ] ad. like me; as to me.

मद्वत् madvat [ 2. mad-vat ] a. exhilarating (Br.); con taining some derivative of &root;1. mad.

मद्वन् madvan [ md-van ] a. (RV.) addicted to joy or intoxication; exhilarating.

मद्विध madvidha [ mad-vidha ] a. like me, of my sort; -vihna, pp. separated from me.

मधव्य madhavya [ madhav-y ] a. prone or entitled to drink Soma (V.).

मधु madhu [ mdh-u ] a. (u, , or v-) sweet, de licious; pleasant, charming, delightful; N. of the first spring month (=Kaitra, March April); spring; N. of two Asuras; N.; n. nectar, mead, Soma (V.); milk, butter (V.); honey (this sp. meaning is doubtful for RV.); sweet intoxicating liquor (C.).

मदर्थ madartha [ mad-artha ] m. my purpose.

मदर्पतपुर madarpatapura [ mad-arpata-pura ] n. N. of a city; -arpita-pura, n. id.

मदलेखा madalekha [ mada-lekh ] f. streak of temple juice; -vallabha, m. N. of a Gandharva; -vri, n. temple-juice.

मदात्यय madatyaya [ mada½atyaya ] m. excess of intoxi cation, delirium tremens; -½andha, a. blind with intoxication, dead-drunk; blind with passion, rutting; blinded by pride; -½ambu, n. temple-juice (of elephants); -½ambhas, n. id.; -½alasa, a. languid with intoxication: , f. N.; -½avasth, f. wantonness, rut.

मदिन् madin [ mad-n ] a. (V.) gladdening, intoxi cating; lovely.

मदिर madira [ mad-ir ] a. id.: , f. spirituous liquor; ep. of Durg; N. of the mother of Kdambar; (a)-dris, a. having ravishing eyes; (a)-nayana, a. id.; -½aksha, a. () id.; -vat-, f. N. of a girl and title of the 13th Lambaka of the Kathsaritsgara.


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