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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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मत्क matka [ mat-ka ] a. my.

मत्कृतmatkrta [ mt-krita ] pp. done by me.

मत्कुण matkuna [ mat-kuna ] m. bug; tuskless elephant: -tva, n. condition of a bug or of a tuskless elephant.

मदन madana [ mad-ana ] m. sexual love, passion, lust; m. god of love, Kma; N.; a plant: -tantra, n. doctrine of sexual love; -damsh- tr, f. N. of a princess; -damana, m. van quisher of Kma, ep. of Siva; -dahana, m. burner of Kma, ep. of Siva; -dvish, m. enemy of Kma, ep. of Siva; -pla, m. N. of a prince, the reputed author of various works; -pura, m. N. of a city; -prabh, f. N. of a fairy; -makuk, f. N. of a daughter of Madanavega; -magar, f. N.; -maya, a. swayed by love; -maha, m., -mah½utsava, m. great festival in honour of Kma; -ml, f. N.; -mlin, f. N.; -mohana, m. con founder of Kma, ep. of Krishna; -yashti ketu, m. kind of flag; -rga, m. N.; -ripu, m. foe of Kma, ep. of Siva; -lekh, f. love letter; N.; -vega, N. of a prince of the fairies; -salk, f. hooded crow; -sundar, f. N.; -sen, f. N.

मदनादित्य madanaditya [ madana½ditya ] m. N.; -½anta- ka, m. destroyer of Kma, ep. of Siva; -½ari, m. foe of Kma, ep. of Siva; -½avastha, a. enamoured, in love: , f. being in love; -½saya, m. sexual desire.

मदनिका madanika [ madan-ik ] f. N.; -ya, a. intoxicating.

मदनोद्यान madanodyana [ madana½udyna ] n. garden of Kma, N. of a garden.

मदपटु madapatu [ mada-patu ] a. rutting (elephant); ad. clearly with joy (warble); -prada, a. in toxicating and causing pride or conceit; -prasravana½vila, a. turbid with temple juice; -muk, a. discharging temple-juice (elephant).

मदयन्ती madayanti [ mad-ay-ant- ] f. [cs. pr. pt. de lighting], wild jasmine; N. of the wife of Kalmsha-pda (also called Mitrasaha); -ay-i-tri, (cs.) m. delighter, intoxicator.

मत्स्याण्ड matsyanda [ matsya½anda ] n. fish-roe; -½da, a. feeding or living on fish; -½sin, a. id.; -½udar ya, a. coming from the belly of a fish; -½upa- gvin, m. (subsisting on fish), fisherman.

मथ् math [ math ] a. (--ree;) destroying; m. churning stick (weak base of math, q. v.).

मथन mathana [ math-ana ] a. (&asharp;, ) harassing, afflict ing; destroying; n. friction; churning; har assing; destruction: -½akala, m. mountain of churning, Mount Mandara (used by the gods and Dnavas as a churning-stick in churning the ocean).

मथाय mathaya [ math-y ] den. P. (V.) produce (fire) by friction; tear off; shake.

मथि mathi [ math-i ] m. (?) churning-stick (middle base; wk. base math; nm. manths); -ita, pp. churned, etc.; m. N. of the composer of a hymn; n. buttermilk without the addition of water; -i-tri, m. crusher, destroyer; -i tos, g., inf. of &root;math.

मथुर mathura [ math-ura ] m. N.: , f. N. of various cities, esp. of an ancient and famous one situ- ated on the Yamun and held in great sanctity among both Brhmans and Buddhists, now called Muttra.

मद mada [ md-a ] m. hilarity, exhilaration, rap ture, intoxication; passion for (--ree;); wanton ness, lust; rut; pride, arrogance, presump tion, conceit (of, about, g. or --ree;); intoxicating draught; honey; temple-juice of elephants.

मदकर madakara [ mada-kara ] a. intoxicating; -karin, m. elephant in rut; -kala, a. passionately sweet (note); uttering soft sounds of love; drunk with passion; reeling with intoxica tion; being in rut, beginning to rut (elephant); -krin, -krit, a. intoxicating; -kyt, a. 1. (V.) reeling with excitement, exhilarated with Soma; gladdening, exhilarating; 2. distilling temple-juice (elephant); -gala, n. temple juice (of elephants); -gvara, m. fever of pas sion or pride; -durdina, n. stream of temple juice; -dvipa, m. rutting elephant.

मत्त matta [ mat-t ] pp. &root;mad: -ka, a. somewhat overbearing; m. N.; -ksin-, a. f. looking intoxicated (used of fascinating women, esp. as a term of address); -mayra, m. peacock intoxicated with joy; -vrana, m. mad ele phant; n. (?) fence round a house: -vikrama, a. having the might of a mad elephant; n. turret, pinnacle: -vranya, a. attached to the turret (of a car).

मत्य matya [ maty ] n. harrow or roller.

मत्सखि matsakhi [ mt-sakhi ] m. (nm. ) my friend or companion (RV.1).

मत्सर matsara [ mat-sar ] a. [&root;mad] gladdening, intoxicating (V.); joyful (V.); selfish; jealous, envious; m. gladdener=Soma (V.); jealousy, envy, of (lc., --ree;); enmity, hostility; wrath, anger; passion for (lc., --ree;).

मत्सरिन् matsarin [ matsar-n ] a. gladdening (RV.); envious, jealous, of (lc. or --ree;); addicted to, passionately fond of (lc.).

मत्सी matsi [ mats- ] f. female fish (=matsy).

मत्स्य matsya [ mt-sya ] m. [lively: &root;mad] fish; N. of a people (pl.); king of the Matsyas: du. Pisces (sign of the zodiac).

मत्स्यक matsyaka [ matsya-ka ] m. little fish; -ghta, m. killing=catching of fish; -ghtin, a. killing fish; m. fisherman; -gvat, pr. pt., -gvin, m. (subsisting on fish), fisherman.

मत्स्यण्डिका matsyandika [ matsyand-ik ] f. boiled down juice of the sugar-cane; -, f. id.

मत्स्यध्वज matsyadhvaja [ matsya-dhvaga ] m. fish-banner; -purna, n. Purna proclaimed by Vishnu as a fish; -prdurbhva, m. Vishnu's incar nation as a fish; -bandha, m. catcher of fish, fisherman; -bandhin, m. id.; -rga, m. best of fishes (pl.); king of the Matsyas; -hn, m. killer of fish, fisherman.

मताक्ष mataksa [ mata½aksha ] a. skilled in dice; -½anu- g, f. admission of a fallacy in one's own reasoning while insisting on a similar one in that of one's opponent.

मतिकर्मन् matikarman [ mati-karman ] n. matter of the intellect; -gati, f. way of thinking; -garbha, a. (having intellect within), intelligent, clever; -darsana, n. pl. recognition of other's thoughts or intentions; -patha, m. path of reflexion: -m n, subject to mature consideration; -pr va, a. intentional: -m, e, ad. intentionally, wilfully, wittingly; -prvakam, ad. id.; -prakarsha, m. superior cleverness, stroke of genius; -bheda, m. change of opinion; differ ence of opinion; -bhrama, m. mental confusion.

मतिमत् matimat [ mati-mat ] a. intelligent, wise, sensi ble; -vardhana, m. N. of a commentator; -vd, a. knowing one's devotion or mind; -viparyaya, m. erroneous opinion, illusion; -vibhrama, m. mental confusion; infatua tion; -slin, a. possessed of understanding, sensible, wise; -hna, pp. destitute of under standing, witless, stupid.



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