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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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भोःशब्द bhohsabda[ bhoh-sabda ] m. the word bhoh.

मङ्गला mangala [ ma&ndot;gal ] f. a form of Um (Siva's wife).

मकमकाय makamakaya [ maka-mak-ya ] onom. . croak (of frogs).

भ्रातृव्यवत् bhratrvyavat [ bhr&asharp;trivya-vat ] a. having rivals; -hn, a. (-ghn) slaying rivals.

भ्रात्र bhratra [ bhrtr-a ] n. brotherhood (V.); -ya, n. id.

मंहिष्ठ maṃhistha [ mmh-ishtha ] spv. (V.) bestowing most abundantly, most munificent; quite ready for (d.); extremely abundant.

मण्डन mandana [ mand-ana ] a. decorating, adorning; being an ornament to=dwelling in or ruling (a city or country); m. N.; n. adornment; ornament: -½arha, a. worthy of ornaments.

भ्रातृव्य bhratrvya [ bhr&asharp;tri-vya ] m. father's brother's son, cousin; hostile cousin, rival, adversary (this meaning almost exclusively V.).

भ्रान्त bhranta [ bhrn-ta ] pp. &root;bhram; n. roaming or moving about; mistake, error.

मण्डित mandita [ mand-ita ] pp. adorned, decorated; -i-tri, m. one who adorns=ornament (fig.).

मण्डुक manduka [ mandu-ka ] m. (?) grasping (comm.).

मण्डूक manduka [ mand&usharp;-ka ] m. frog: &isharp;, f. female frog; (a)-gati, f. leaping like a frog; a. leaping like a frog: in gr.=skipping several stras; -pluti, f. frog-leap; in gr. = skipping of several stras.

मण्डोदक mandodaka [ manda½udaka ] n. yeast.

मत् mat [ m-t ] ab. (of aham) from me: ree;-used as the base of aham.

मत mata [ ma-ta ] pp. &root;man; n. opinion, view; doctrine.

मतङ्ग matanga [ mata&ndot;-ga ] m. [roaming at will], ele phant; N. of a Dnava; N. of a sage: pl. his race: -ga, m. elephant: -tva, n. state of an elephant; -deva, m. N. of a fabulous being; -pura, n. N. of a town.

मतभेद matabheda [ mata-bheda ] m. difference of opinion, between (g. and in. with saha).

मतल्लिका matallika [ matall-ik ] f. --ree; paragon of a, splendid, excellent; -, f. id.

भ्रातृसिंह bhratrsiṃha [ bhrtri-simha ] m. N.; -sthna, a. taking the place of a brother; m. brother's representative.

मण्डप mandapa  [ manda-pa ] a. drinking the scum of rice, cream, or the froth of wine; n., , f. shed or hall (erected on festive occasions), pavilion; temple; arbour, bower (--ree; with names of plants): -kshetra, n. N. of a sacred territory.

मण्डपिका mandapika  [ mandap-ik ] f. small (open) pa vilion or shed.

मण्डल mandala  [ mnda-la ] a. circular, round; n., , f. (rare), disk, esp. of the sun or moon; orb, circle (in. in a circle), ring, circumference; wheel; charmed circle (of a conjurer); n. orbit (of a heavenly body); n. halo round the sun or moon; n. ball, globe; m. n. circular array of troops; circle=district, province, territory, country; m. n., , f. circle=group, company, assemblage, troop, multitude, crowd; swarm (of bees); whole body, totality; circle of a king's near and distant neighbours (the relations of whom to one another and to him self he should endeavour to regulate advan tageously; four, six, ten, and twelve such princes are spoken of); n. division or book of the Rig-veda (of which there are ten); m. dog.

मण्डलक mandalaka  [ mandala-ka ] n. disk; circle; group; -krmuka, a. having a circular bow (which is therefore completely drawn); -tva, n. roundness; -nbhi, m. (centre=) chief of the circle of neighbouring princes: -t, f. chief ship of the circle of neighbouring princes; -nysa, m. drawing of a circle: -m kri, de scribe a circle; -bandha, m. formation of a circle; -bhga, m. part of a circle, arc; -vata, m. fig-tree forming a circle; -vartin, m. ruler of a province or small kingdom; -varsha, n.(?) local rain (not over the whole country).

मण्डलाग्र mandalagra  [ mandala½agra ] a. having a rounded point; m. curved sword, scimitar; -½adhipa, -½adhsa, m. sovereign of a country.

मण्डलाय mandalaya  [ mandal-ya ] den. . curl (int.).

मण्डलासन mandalasana  [ mandala½sana ] a. sitting in a circle.

मण्डलिका mandalika  [ mandal-ik ] f. group, crowd; -ita, den. pp. rounded, curled; -in, a. form ing a circle or ring; ruling a country: with vta, m. whirlwind.

मण्डलेश mandalesa [ mandala½sa ] m. ruler of a country (-tva, n. sovereignty of a country); -½svara, m. id.

मञ्जीर manjira [ mag-ra ] n. (?) anklet, foot-orna ment.

मञ्जु manju  [ mag-u ] a. lovely, beautiful, charming: -tara, cpv.; -garta, N. of a country, Nepal; -gir, a. sweet-voiced; -ghosha, a. uttering a sweet sound; -bhshin, a. speaking sweetly; -mat, f. N. of a princess.

मञ्जुल manjula [ magu-la ] a. charming, lovely, beauti ful: i-k, f. N.

मञ्जुवादिन् manjuvadin [ magu-vdin ] a. speaking sweet ly: -, f. N.; -sr, f. N. of a celebrated Bodhi sattva of the Northern Buddhists.

मञ्जूषा manjusa [ mag-sh ] f. casket, box, chest, basket.

मटची mataci [ matak ] f. hail.

मट्््ट matta [ matta ] m. kind of drum.

मठ matha  [ matha ] m., , f. hut; solitary hut of an ascetic or student, cell; monastic school, col lege: -kint, f. care of a monastery: -m sam -kar, rule a monastery.

मठय mathaya [ matha-ya ] den. P. build, erect.

मठर mathara [ matha-ra ] a. insisting on (lc.); m. N.

मठाधिपति mathadhipati [ matha½adhipati ] m. head of a monastery or college; -½yatana, n. monas tery.

मठिका mathika [ math-ik ] f. hut, cell.

मणि mani [ man ] m. pearl; gem, jewel; globule; magnet; hump of a camel.

मणिक manika [ mani-ka ] m. large water-pot: pl. fleshy excrescences on the shoulder of an ani mal; -karnik, f. earring of pearls or gems; N. of a sacred pool near Benares; N.; -k r, m. jeweller; -danda, a. having a handle adorned with jewels; -datta, m. N. of a mer chant; -dara, m. N. of a chief of the Yak shas; -darpana, m. jewelled mirror; -dpa, m. jewel-lamp (in which gems supply the place of the burning wick): -ka, m. id.; -dhanu, m., -dhanus, n. rainbow; -pushpa-ka, m. (gem-flowered), N. of the conch of Sahadeva; -pushpa½svara, m. N. of an attendant of Siva; -pra, n. N. of a town in Kali&ndot;ga situated on the sea-coast (also -pura); -pra dpa, m. jewel-lamp (=-dpa); -bandha, m. fastening or putting on of jewels; (place where jewels are fastened), wrist; -bandh ana, n. string or ornament of pearls; wrist; -bhadra, m. N. of a brother of Kubera and prince of the Yakshas; N. of a Sreshthin; -magar, f. rows of pearls; -mandapa, m. hall of crystal, hall resting on crystal columns; -mat, a. jewelled; m. N.; -maya, a. () con sisting of jewels: -bh, a. having floors --; -ml, f. string of jewels, necklace; -yashti, f. id.; -ratna, n. jewel: -maya, a. () con sisting of jewels, crystal; -rga, m. colour of a jewel; -varman, m. N. of a merchant; -sri&ndot;ga, m. sun; -syma, a. blue like a sap phire; -sara, m. string of pearls, pearl necklace; -stra, n. string of pearls; -sopna, n. jewelled or crystal staircase; -stambha, m. jewelled or crystal pillar; -srag, f. wreath of jewels; -harmya, n. crystal palace, N. of a palace.

मणीन्द्र manindra [ mani½indra ] m. chief of gems, dia mond.

मणीय maniya [ man-ya ] den. . resemble a jewel.

मण्ड manda [ mand-a ] m. n. scum of boiled grain; cream; most spirituous part of burnt liquors, alcohol: -ka, a. --ree; (i-k) scum; m. kind of large and very thin cake made of wheaten flour and sugar.

मङ्गलाचरण mangalacarana [ ma&ndot;gala½karana ] n. prayer for the auspicious issue of an undertaking; -½k ra, m. auspicious observances; -½todya, n. drum beaten on auspicious occasions; -½desa vritta, a. subsisting by teaching auspicious rites; professional fortune-teller; -½alamkrita, pp. auspiciously ornamented; -½lpana, n. benediction; -½vsa, m. temple.

मङ्गलीय mangaliya [ ma&ndot;gal-ya ] a. auspicious.

मङ्गल्य mangalya [ ma&ndot;gal-ya ] a. auspicious, fortunate, lucky; m. kind of pulse; n. auspicious prayer; auspicious object: -danda, m. N.; -vastu, n. auspicious object.

मच्छरीर maccharira [ mat-sarra ] n. my body; -khishya, m. my pupil.

मज्जन् majjan [ magg-n ] m. [sunk within], marrow; pith (of plants); scurf.

मज्जन majjana  [ magg-ana ] n. sinking, going under water, immersion; plunging into the water, bathing, ablution, bathe; drowning, over whelming.

मज्जस् majjas [ magg-as ] n. marrow.

मज्जा majja [ magg- ] f. marrow.

मज्मन majmana [ mag-mna ] n. lustre, majesty, great ness: in. , altogether: with nkis, no one at all.

मञ्च manca [ mak-a ] m. platform on columns (for spectators), dais; couch; pedestal: -ka, m. n. id., i-k, f. chair; trough on legs; (a) ptha, n. seat on a platform.

मञ्जर manjara [ mag-ara ] n. cluster of blossoms.

मञ्जरय manjaraya [ magara-ya ] den. P. adorn with clus te s of blossoms.

मञ्जरि manjari [ mag-ar-i (or ) ] f. cluster of blos soms; flower-bud; parallel row or line (); a plant (): this word in the first sense is often used --ree; in titles of books; -ik, f. N. of a princess; -ita, den. pp. furnished with a clus ter of blossoms; --kri, turn into flower-buds.

मञ्जिमन् manjiman [ mag-i-man ] m. beauty, loveliness.

मञ्जिष्ठा manjistha [ mag-ishth ] f. [spv. very bright], Indian madder: -rga, m. colour of Indian madder; attachment charming and durable like the colour of Indian madder.

मख makha [ makh- ] a. vigorous, sprightly (V.); m. feast (V.); sacrifice: -dvish, m. foe of the sacrifice, demon, Rkshasa; -mathana, n. performance of the sacrifice; -maya, a. containing or representing the sacrifice; -ved, f. place of sacrifice.

मखस् makhas [ makh-as ] only --ree; a. (RV.1): -y, den. P. . be gay (RV.); -y, a. gay, exuberant.

मग maga [ maga ] m. Magus, priest of the sun: pl. a people in Skadvpa chiefly consisting of Brhmans.

मगध magadha [ magdha ] m. N. of a people inhabit- ing Southern Behar (pl.); N. of a country, Southern Behar: , f. the city of Magadha; long pepper; -desa, m. country of --, -pur, f. city of Magadha, -½svara, m. prince of Magadha; N. of a prince of Magadha, -½ud bhav, f. (produced in Magadha), long pepper.

मगन्द maganda [ maganda ] m. usurer.

मग्न magna [ mag-na ] pp. (&root;magg) sunk, immersed, etc.

मघ magha [ magh- ] n. [&root;magh=mah] gift, reward, bounty.

मघत्ति maghatti [ magh-tti ] f. [t-ti=d()-ti: &root;d] giving and receiving of presents (RV.).

मघवत्त्व maghavattva [ magha-vat-tva ] n. bountifulness (RV.1).

मघवन् maghavan [ magh-van ] a. (V.; strg. st. -vn; mid. -vat; wk. maghon=magha½un: nm. -v or -vn; f. maghn) bountiful, munificent; m. bestower of gifts, esp. of institutors of sacrifices, who pay the priests and singers; the Bounteous One (Indra); in C. only ep. of Indra.

मङ्कणक mankanaka [ ma&ndot;kana-ka ] m. N. of a Rishi.

मङ्कु manku [ ma&ndot;k- ] a. tottering (Br.).

मङ्क्तव्य manktavya [ ma&ndot;k-tavya ] fp. n. imps. one should enter the water (&root;magg).

मङ्क्षु manksu [ ma&ndot;kshu ] ad. immediately, at once.

मङ्गल mangala [ ma&ndot;ga-la ] n. [brightness: &root;mag] luck, fortune, happiness, bliss (sts. pl.); prosperity, welfare; auspiciousness; good omen, whateverconduces to an auspicious issue; benediction, blessing; auspicious or lucky object, amulet; solemn ceremony, auspicious festivity (on important occasions); good old custom; good work; a. auspicious, propitious; m. planet Mars; N.: -karana, n. uttering a prayer for the auspicious issue of an undertaking; -ka lasa-maya, a. consisting of festal jars; -kr aka, a. productive of prosperity, auspicious; -kla, m. auspicious time; -kshauma, n. du. two festal garments (upper and lower) of linen; -gthik, f. solemn chant; -gta, n. id.; -ghata, m. N. of an elephant; -kand ik, f. a form of Durg; -trya, n. musical instrument used on festive occasions: -nisva na, m. sound of auspicious musical instruments; -devat, f. tutelary deity (only --ree;); -pattra, n. leaf used as an amulet; -pthaka, m. pronouncer of benedictions, professional panegyrist; -ptra, n. auspicious pot or vessel (containing propitious objects); -pura, n. N. of a town; -pushpa-maya, a. made of auspicious flowers (garland); -pra tisara, m. cord of an amulet; -prada, a. auspicious; -maya, a. () consisting of no thing but luck etc.; -vat-, f. N.; -vdin, a. pronouncing a blessing; -vrishabha, m. bull with auspicious marks; -sabda, m. benediction, greeting; -skaka, a. indicative of good luck, auspicious.

मकर makara [ m-kara ] m. kind of marine monster (perhaps crocodile or shark): regarded as an emblem of Kma and used as an ornament on gates and on head-dresses; Capricorn (sign of the zodiac); kind of military array shaped like a makara (two triangles joined at the a pex).

मकरकटी makarakati [ makara-kat ] f. N.; -kundala, n. ear-ring in the shape of a makara; -ketana, m. (having the makara for his emblem), Kma; -ketu, m. id.: -mat, m. id.; -damsh- tr, f. N.; -dhvaga, m. (having the makara as his emblem), Kma; kind of military array shaped like a makara.

मकरन्द makaranda [ makaranda ] m. flower-juice; N.; N. of a pleasure-garden near Uggayin; -kan-ya, den. . resemble drops of flower juice; -½udyna, n. N. of a pleasure-gar den; -lkhana, m. (having a makara as his emblem), Kma; -½kara, m. receptacle of makaras, ocean; -½aksha, m. (makara-eyed), N. of a Rkshasa; -½laya, m. abode of makaras, ocean; -½vsa, m. id.

मकरिका makarika [ makar-ik ] f. kind of head-dress; makara-like figure.

मकरी makari [ makar- ] f. female makara: -pattra, n. mark of a makar made on the face of Lakshm; -lekh, f. id.

मकार makara [ ma-kra ] m. letter m.

मकुष्ठ makustha [ makushtha ] m. kind of bean (Phaseolus aconitifolius).

मक्ष् maks  [ mksh ] f. (?) fly (RV.)=mksh.

मक्षा maksa [ mksh ] f. fly (V.).

मक्षिका maksika [ mksh-ik ] f. fly; bee (sts. a, m. on account of metre in C.).

मक्षु maksu [ maksh ] a. (V.) only in. pl. soon; &usharp;, ad. quickly, soon (V.): -tama, spv. (RV.) most zealous; next.

भ्रुकुटि bhrukuti [ bhru-kuti ] f. contraction of the brow, frown: , f. id.; (i)-bandha, m., (i)-rak an, f. knitting of the brows; ()-krit, a. contracting the brow, frowning; ()-mukha, n. frowning face; a. having a frowning face.

भ्रू bhru [ bhr ] f. brow, eyebrow (--ree; a., m. &ubrevcirc;, n. u): -ka, --ree; a. id.; -kut, f. contraction of the brows, frown (-m kri or bandh, knit the eyebrows): -mukha, n. frowning face; a. having a frowning face; -kshepa, m.: -na, n. contraction of the brows, frown; -kpa½ krishta-mukta, pp. drawn and discharged from the bow of the eyebrow.

भ्रूण bhruna [ bhrn ] n. embryo: -ghna, a. slaying an embryo; m. destroyer of an embryo, producer of abortion; -bhid, a. id., -vadha, m., -hati, f., -haty&asharp;, f. killing of an embryo, causing of abortion; -han, a. slaying an embryo; killing a learned Brhman (comm.); m. causer of abortion; murderer of a learned Brhman (comm.); N. killing of an embryo; -hantri, m. slayer of an embryo, causer of abortion.

भ्रूभङ्ग bhrubhanga [ bhr-bha&ndot;ga ] m. contraction of the brows, frown; -bheda, m. id.; -bhedin, a. attended with frowns; -lat, f. brow-creeper, eyebrow; -vikra, m., -vikshepa, m. contraction of the brows, frown; -vikeshtita, (pp.) n., -vibheda, m. id.; -vilsa, m. play of the eyebrows; -samgata-ka, n. contact of the brows.

भ्रेष bhresa [ bhrsh-a ] m. tottering, wavering; slipping; failure; loss, deprivation.

m [ 1. ma ] base of the prn. of the 1st prs.: m (ac.) and me (d., g.) being unaccented never occur at the beginning of a sentence.

m [ 2. ma ] m. fourth note of the Indian scale (abbreviated from madhyama); , f. authority; knowledge.

मंहन maṃhana [ mamh-na ] n. gift (RV.): , ad. willingly, promptly; -anya, fp. to be extolled.

भ्राजन bhrajana [ bhrg-ana ] n. causing to shine.

भ्राजस् bhrajas [ bhr&asharp;g-as ] n. glittering, gleaming; lustre, brilliance.

भ्राजिन् bhrajin [ bhrg-in ] a. shining, glittering; -ishnu, a. shining, radiant, resplendent: -t, f. radiance.

भ्रान्ति bhranti  [ bhrn-ti ] f. wandering about; mov ing about, driving (of clouds), quivering (of lightning); reeling; rotation, revolution; --ree;, encircling (the earth); perplexity, confu sion; uncertainty, doubt; mistake, error, de lusion, erroneousidea or impression: --ree;, wrong idea that something is or was: e. g. sukha-, the delusion that there is such a thing as pleasure: -darsana, n. erroneous perception; -mat, a. revolving; roaming about; being under the erroneous impression that some thing is (--ree;); delusion (a figure of speech in which one thing is represented as mistaken for another owing to their close resemblance).

भ्राम bhrama [ bhrm-a ] m. roaming about, unstableness; -aka, a. (ik) deceptive, delusive; -ana, n. turning round, waving; giddiness.

भ्रामर bhramara [ bhrmara ] a. relating or belonging to the bee; n. honey; , f. ep. of Durg.

भ्रामरिन् bhramarin [ bhrmar-in ] a. subject to giddiness, epileptic.

भ्रामिन् bhramin [ bhrm-in ] a. confused.

भ्राश्य bhrasya [ bhr&asharp;s-ya ] fp. to be broken off (RV.1).

भ्राष्ट्र bhrastra [ bhrsh-tra ] m. frying-pan: -ka, m. (?) id., -g, f. pancake made of ground rice.

भौवादिक bhauvadika  [ bhauvdi-ka ] a. belonging to the class of roots beginning with bh (bh½di), i. e. to the first conjugational class (gr.).

भ्रंश bhraṃsa [ bhrams-a ] m. falling or slipping down or off, fall; decline, decay; destruction, ruin; separation, straying from (--ree;); loss, disap pearance; deprivation of (--ree;); deviation from, abandonment of (ab. or --ree;); slip of the tongue due to excitement (dr.); -ana, a. causing to fall, overthrowing; n. being deprived of, losing (ab.); depriving of (ab.); -in, a. fall ing off, out, or down (from, --ree;); falling, being ruined; transient (--ree;); ruining, de stroying.

भ्रम bhrama [ bhram- ] m. roaming about, roving; wandering about in (--ree;); moving about (the eyes); rotation; whirling flame (RV.); whirl pool; turner's lathe; giddiness; bewilder ment, perplexity; mistake, error, delusion: --ree;, erroneous opinion of=that something is or was: e.g. mani-bhramt, under the erroneous impression that it was a jewel.

भ्रमण bhramana [ bhram-ana ] n. wandering about, roving; roaming over or through (--ree;); tot tering, unsteadiness; rotation, revolution; orbit (of a heavenly body); giddiness; sending round the drum=assembling the people by beat of drum; -anya, fp. to be wandered over (earth).

भ्रमर bhramara [ bhram-ara ] m. [wandering, hovering], bee: -ka, n. humming-top: -bhrmam bhram aya, cause to spin like a humming-top; -ka randa, m. small box of bees (which are let go at night by thieves to extinguish lights in houses); -bdh, f. molestation by a bee; -vilasita, pp. hovered round by bees; n. hovering of bees; a metre (also , f.).

भ्रमरित bhramarita [ bhramar-ita ] den. pp. covered with bees.

भ्रमरी bhramari [ bhramar- ] f. female bee; N.

भ्रमि bhrami [ bhram-i ] f. turning round, revolution; turner's lathe; whirlpool; circular array of troops.

भ्रष्ट bhrasta [ bhrash-ta ] pp., v. &root;bhrams: -½adhikra, a. deprived of office, dismissed: -tva, n. loss of office.

भ्राजदृष्टि bhrajadrsti [ bhr&asharp;gad-rishti ] a. (V.) having flashing spears (Maruts).

भोभवत्पूर्वकम् bhobhavatpurvakam [ bho-bhavat-prva-kam ] ad. with bhoh and bhavat preceding.

भोस् bhos [ bhos ] ij. [contraction of bhavas, V. vc. of bhavat] used in addressing persons male and female (often several), Sir! oh! ho there! hark! often repeated bho bhoh: in soliloquies= alas! (the final visarga is retained before hard letters only, being dropped before vowels and soft consonants.)

भौजङ्ग bhaujanga [ bhauga&ndot;ga ] a. () relating to snakes, snake-like (behaviour).

भौज्य bhaujya [ bhaug-ya ] n. dignity of a prince bear ing the title of Bhoga.

भौट bhauta [ bhauta ] m. Thibetan.

भौत bhauta [ bhauta ] a. relating to or meant for living beings (bhta); possessed by evil spirits, deranged, imbecile; formed of the elements, elemental, material; m. idiot; --ree;, idiot of a --, fool with regard to (water): -ka, --ree; a. idiot; -prya, a. almost imbecile.

भौमिक bhaumika [ bhaum-ika ] a. being on the earth, terrestrial; collected on the ground (water).

भौरिक bhaurika [ bhauri-ka ] m. treasurer, master of the mint.

भौर्ज bhaurja [ bhaurga ] a. coming from the birch.

भौवन bhauvana [ bhauvan ] a. belonging to the world (V.); m. pat. of Visvakarman.


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