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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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भेतव्य bhetavya [ bhe-tavya ] n. imps. one should fear (ab., g.).

भेक bheka [ bhe-ka ] m. frog: , f. female frog: -pati, m. male frog.

भेडगिरि bhedagiri [ bheda-giri ] m. N. of a mountain.

भोग्य bhogya [ bhg-ya ] fp. to be enjoyed, used, or turned to account; useful, serviceable, pro fitable; to be exploited (king); to be endured: -t, f., -tva, n. serviceableness, profitable ness, capability of being exploited.

भोजनवृत्ति bhojanavrtti [ bhogana-vritti ] f. taking of food, eating (sts. pl.); -vel, f. meal-time; -vyagra, a. engaged in eating; -½adhikra, m. superintendence of the provisions, commis sariat; -½arthin, a. desirous of food, hungry.

भोजनीय bhojaniya [ bhog-anya ] fp. edible, eatable; to be fed; to whom enjoyment should be given; n. food.

भोजयितव्य [ bhog-ay-i-tavya ] cs. fp. to be fed; -ayi-tri, m. one who causes any one to enjoy anything.

भोजराज bhojaraja [ bhoga-rga ] m. king Bhoga.

भोजिक bhojika [ bhog-ika ] m. N. of a Brhman; -in, a. (--ree;) enjoying, eating; exploiting; -ya, fp. to be eaten; eatable; to be enjoyed or used; to be carnally enjoyed; -experienced or felt; -fed; n. eatables, provisions, food; eating; enjoyment, advantage (V.): -kla, m. meal time, -t, f., -tva, n. condition of food.

भोट bhota [ bhota ] m. Thibet.

भोगकर bhogakara [ bhoga-kara ] a. () affording enjoy ment; -griha, n. women's apartments, harem; -tva, n. condition of enjoyment etc.; -datt, f. N.; -deva, m. N.; -deha, m. body of en joyment (subtle body assumed by dead persons, with which they enjoy pleasure or pain ac cording to the actions of their pastlife); -pati, m. (lord of the revenue), governor of a city or province, viceroy; -bhug, a. indulging in pleasure; m. wealthy man.

भोगवत् bhogavat [ 1. bhoga-vt ] a. possessed of coils (serpent); m. serpent, Nga: -, f. female serpent; City of Serpents (in the lower re gions); 2. -vat, a. affording enjoyment, de lightful, leading an enjoyable life: -, f. N. of the city of Uggayin in the Dvpara age; night of the second lunar day in a month; -varman, m. N.; -vastu, n. object of enjoy ment; -vsa, m. sleeping apartment; -sena, m. N.; -½yatana, n. seat of enjoyment; -½val, f. panegyric poem by a professional panegyrist.

भोज bhoja [ bhog- ] a. liberal (V.); voluptuous; m. kind of king (Br.); N. of a people (pl.); king of the Bhogas; N., esp. of a king of Mlv, a great patron of letters, who flour ished about a.d. 1000.

भोजदेव bhojadeva [ bhoga-deva ] m. N. king Bhoga (of Mlv), the reputed author of various works.

भोजनbhojana[ bhg-ana ] a. feeding (Siva); n. en joying, using; eating; meal; food (--ree;, a. living on, affording as food, serving as the food of); property, possessions (V.); object of enjoyment; pleasure; giving of food, feed ing; preparation of food, cookery: -kla, m. meal-time; -bhnda, n. dish for food; -bh mi, f. eating-place, dining-hall; -visesha, m. special kind of food, choice food, dainty, delicacy.

भैक्ष bhaiksa [ bhaiksha ] a. living on alms; n. begging, mendicancy; begged food, alms, charity: -m kar, go about begging for (--ree;); beg for alms.

भैक्षचरण bhaiksacarana [ bhaiksha-karana ] n. going about begging: -m kri, practise mendicancy; -karya, n., -kary, f. id.; -bhug, a. living on alms.

भैक्षव bhaiksava [ bhaikshav-a ] a. belonging to the monk (bhikshu).

भैक्षवत् bhaiksavat [ bhaiksha-vat ] ad. like alms; -vritti, f. subsistence on alms, mendicancy; a. living on alms; -½anna, n. begged food; -½sin, a. eating begged food; -½sya, n. subsistence on alms; -½hra, a. eating begged food; -½upa- gvin, a. subsisting on alms.

भैम bhaima [ bhaima ] a. () relating to Bhma; m. pat. descendant of Bhma: , f. pat. daugh ter of Bhma, Damayant.

भैमरथ bhaimaratha[ bhaima-ratha ] a. () relating to Bh ma-ratha.

भैरवीय bhairaviya [ bhairav-ya ] a. relating to Bhairava.

भैषज्य bhaisajya [ bhashag-ya ] n. healing effect; medi cine, drug, remedy, for (g.).

भोक्तव्य bhoktavya [ bhok-tavya ] fp. to be enjoyed or eaten; -used; -utilized or exploited; - ruled (earth); to be fed; n. imps. one should eat or dine; -tri, m. (f. tr), enjoyer, eater; user, possessor, experiencer (of pleasure or pain); ruler, king: -tva, n. enjoyment; per ception; possession.

भोग bhoga [ 1. bhog- ] m. curve, coil (of a serpent); hood of a snake; kind of military array; serpent.

भोग bhoga [ 2. bhg-a ] m. eating, enjoying, con suming; fruition, enjoyment; use, employ ment, application; usufruct; sexual enjoy ment; rule, sway; feeling, perception (of pleasure or pain); utility, advantage; plea sure, joy; object of enjoyment; property, revenue.

भोजनरेन्द्र bhojanarendra [ bhoga-narendra ] m. king Bhoga (the poet and patron of letters).

भेदक bhedaka [ bheda-ka ] a. breaking, -into or through, piercing; breaking down the dam of (tanks), diverting (water-courses); destroy ing (boundary-marks); leading astray (minis ters); discriminating, distinguishing; differ entiating, determining (meaning); n. adjec tive; -kara, a. () breaking down (bridges, --ree;); sowing dissensions among or in (g. or --ree;); -krin, a. causing disunion; making a differ ence, altered; -krit, a. breaking down or into (--ree;); -tas, ad. separately, singly; ac cording to the difference.

भेदन bhedana [ bhed-ana ] a. cleaving, splitting, rend ing, breaking, piercing; n. 1. act. vbl. n. splitting, slitting, rending, piercing; betrayal (of a secret); sowing of dissensions, creation of discord; 2. ps. vbl. n. breaking, bursting, breach; dissension, discord; -anya, fp. to be split or cleft.

भेदवादिन् bhedavadin [ bheda-vdin ] m. maintainer of the doctrine of dualism (the difference be tween God and the world); -saha, a. capable of seduction, corruptible; -½abheda-vdin, m. maintainer of the doctrine both of the differ ence and the identity of God and the world.

भेदिन् bhedin [ bhed-in ] a. breaking, cleaving, pierc ing; putting out (eyes); violating (an agreement etc.); dividing, separating from (ab.); creating discord in or among; interrupting (medita tion); -ya, fp. to be split; capable of being pierced; refutable; to be betrayed; corrupti ble, to be drawn off from his allies; that is differentiated or determined; n. substantive.

भेय bheya [ bhe-ya ] fp. n. one should be afraid of (ab.).

भेरी bheri [ bher ] f. (rarely &ibreve;) kettle-drum.

भेरुण्ड bherunda [ bhe-runda ] a. terrible, formidable; m. a kind of bird; kind of beast of prey: -ka, m. kind of animal, fox.

भेषज bhesaja [ bheshag- ] a. (&isharp;) curing, healing (V.); n. medicament, drug, medicine; remedy for (g. or --ree;); medicinal spells of the Atharva veda: -kandra, m. N., ()-t, f. healing effect, -½gra, n. apothecary's shop.

भृत्यपरमाणु bhrtyaparamanu [ bhritya-parama½anu ] m. mean est atom of a servant=most humble servant; -bhva, m. condition of a servant; -vritti, f. maintenance of servants.

भृत्याय bhrtyaya [ bhrity-ya ] den. . behave like a servant.

भृथ bhrtha [ bhri-th ] m. (?) offering (RV.2).

भृम bhrma [ bhrim- ] m. [&root;bhram] error (RV.).

भृमल bhrmala [ bhrim-al ] a. torpid (AV.1).

भृमि bhrmi [ bhrm-i ] a. [turning swiftly: &root;bhram] quick, active (RV.).

भृश bhrsa [ bhris-a ] a. [falling, weighty: &root;bhras] mighty, powerful; intense (pain); excessive, rigorous (punishment); abundant (food): -m or ree;--, exceedingly, violently, greatly, in a high degree, very much; without hesitation: -t, f. violence; -danda, a. chastising rigor ously (lc.); -druna, a. very terrible; -duh khita, pp. greatly afflicted; -pdita, pp. exceedingly distressed; -svid, a. perspiring profusely.

भृष्ट bhrsta [ bhrish-ta ] pp. &root;bhragg.

भृष्टि bhrsti [ bhrish-t ] f. point; edge.

भेत्तव्य bhettavya [ bhet-tavya ] fp. to be split or broken; -divulged or betrayed; -tr, m. cleaver, breaker, destroyer, piercer; conqueror; dis turber, thwarter; betrayer (of counsel etc.); ep. of Skanda (who cleft Mount Krauka).

भेद bheda [ bhed- ] m. 1. act. vbl. n. breaking, splitting, cleaving, bursting, piercing, per forating, rending; division, separation; be trayal (of a secret); disturbance, interruption, infringement; sowing dissension, winning over an ally (one of the four Upyas); lead ing astray, seduction; 2. ps. vbl. n. (being broken etc.), bursting, rupture, breach; in jury, hurt; bursting open, blossoming; sprout ing (of the beard); contraction (of the brows); disunion, dissension, between (in.), in (--ree;); change, alteration, modification; distinction, difference; 3. concrete: division, part; cleft, fissure, chasm; variety, species, kind.

भृत्यन्न bhrtyanna [ bhriti½anna ] n. sg. board and wages.


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