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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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भृङ्गिन् bhrngin [ bhri&ndot;g-in ] m. N. of an attendant of Siva.

भृङ्गाली bhrngali [ bhri&ndot;g-l ] f. flight or swarm of bees.

भृङ्गार bhrngara [ bhri&ndot;g-ra ] m. n. (golden) pitcher: -ka, m. id.

भृङ्गिरिट bhrngirita [ bhri&ndot;gi-rita ] m. N. of an attendant of Siva; -riti, m. id.

भृज्जन bhrjjana [ bhrigg-ana ] n. frying-pan.

भृत् bhrt [ bhri-t ] a. (--ree;) bearing; possessing, having, endowed with; bringing, affording; maintaining, supporting.

भूषाय bhusaya [ bhsh-ya ] den. . serve as an orna ment.

भूषिन् bhusin [ bhsh-in ] a. adorned with (--ree;).

भूष्णु bhusnu [ bh-shnu ] a. growing; desiring pros perity.

भूष्य bhusya [ bhsh-ya ] fp. to be adorned.

भूसुत bhusuta [ bh-suta ] m. son of the earth, planet Mars; -sura, m. god on earth, Brhman; -strina, m. kind of fragrant grass (Andro pogon Schoenanthus); -stha, a. living on the earth; -svarg-ya, den. . be a heaven on earth.

भृकुटि bhrkuti [ bhri-kuti ] f. (also ) contraction of the brow, frown: -dhara, a. wearing a frown, angry with (lc.).

भृगु bhrgu [ bhrg-u ] m. [bright: &root;bhrg], N. of a race of mythical beings closely connected with fire, which they discover, bring to men, and enclose in wood; N. of one of the leading Brhmanic tribes (pl.); N. of a sage repre senting this tribe and spoken of as the son of Varuna, as one of the seven Rishis, as a law giver, etc.; planet Venus (his day being Fri day); precipice, abyss: -kakkha, m. n. Bank of Bhrigu, N. of a sacred place on the north ern bank of the Narmad; -ga, -tanaya, m. son of Bhrigu, planet Venus; -nandana, m. son of Bhrigu, pat. of Saunaka, Ruru, Para surma, and the planet Venus; -patana, n. fall from a cliff; -pati, m. lord of the Bhri gus, ep. of Parasurma; -putra, m. son of Bhrigu, planet Venus; -suta, -snu, m. id.

भृङ्ग bhrnga [ bhri&ndot;ga ] m. [bhram-ga, going deviously: &root;bhram], large black bee; fork-tailed shrike: -ka, --ree; a. large black bee; -rga, m. kind of shrike; -rola, m. kind of wasp; -srtha, m. swarm of bees; -½adhipa, m. (king of bees=) queen bee.

भृङ्गाय bhrngaya [ bhri&ndot;g-ya ] den. . behave like a bee.

भृत bhrta [ bhri-ta ] pp. borne, supported, etc. (see &root;bhri); m. hireling, mercenary: -ka, a. hired, paid, receiving wages; m. paid ser vant or teacher.

भृत्त्व bhrttva [ bhrit-tva ] n. carrying of (--ree;).

भूर् bhur [ bh&usharp;r ] indec. [vc. of bh, O earth], one of the three vyhritis in the formula bh&usharp;r bhvah svh, where it is taken to mean earth; when fourteen earths are assumed it is the first of the ascending series of seven.

भूरि bhuri [ bh&usharp;-ri ] a. [having existent wealth: rai] abundant, copious; great, much; frequent, nu merous; vast, mighty; ad. abundantly, much, greatly, frequently; m. ep. of Vishnu and Indra; N.

भूरिकालम् bhurikalam [ bhri-klam ] ac. ad. for a long time; -kritrima-mnikya-maya, a. con sisting of many spurious rubies; -gadgadam, a. with much stammering; -guna, a. multi plying greatly; (bh&usharp;ri)-ganman, a. having many births; -t, f. multiplicity, multitude; -tegas, a. having great lustre; m. N.: -a, a. id.; -toka, a. rich in children; -da, a. giving much, liberal; -dakshina, a. attended with liberal rewards (sacrifice); giving rich re wards, munificent; -d&asharp;van, a. (r-) giving much, liberal; -dhman, a. possessed of great might; -nidhana, a. perishing in many ways; -prayoga, a. frequently used; m. T. of a dictionary containing frequently used words; -bhoga, a. having many enjoyments; -retas, a. abounding in seed; -vasu, m. N.; -vikrama, a. of great valour; -vrishti, f. ex cessive rain; -sas, ad. variously; (bhri)- sri&ndot;ga, a. many-horned; (-bh&usharp;ri)-sthtra, a. having many stations, being in many places.

भूरुह् bhuruh [ bh-ruh ] m. (springing from the earth), plant, tree; -ruha, m. id.

भूर्ज bhurja [ bhrga ] m. kind of birch (Betula Bhojpatra), the bark of which is used as a writing material; leaf made of birch-bark for writing on; document: -kanta-ka, m. kind of mixed caste; -druma, m. birch tree.

भूर्णि bhurni [ bh&usharp;r-ni ] a. (V.) excited, impetuous, wild; angry; active [&root;bhur].

भूर्यक्ष bhuryaksa [ bhri½aksh ] a. many-eyed (RV.1).

भूर्लोक bhurloka [ bhr-loka ] m. world of earth.

भूलोक bhuloka [ bh-loka ] m. id.: -sura-nyaka, m. an Indra on earth; -valaya, m. n. circle of the earth; -vallabha, m. lord or husband of the earth, king; -saya, a. resting or dwelling on the earth; living in the earth; m. animal living in the ground; -sayy, f. couch on the bare earth.

भूषण bhusana  [ bhsh-ana ] a. () adorning (--ree;); n. ornament, decoration; --ree; a. adorned with: -t, f. state of an ornament; -petik, f. jewel-casket.

भूषयितव्य bhusayitavya  [ bhsh-ay-i-tavya ] fp. to be adorned.

भूषा bhusa [ bhsh- ] f. ornament: -pet, f. jewel case.

भूम्यनन्तर bhumyanantara  [ bhmi½anantara ] a. immediately adjacent to one's country; m. prince of the adjacent country; -½ekadesa, m. one portion of territory.

भूय bhuya [ bh-ya ] n. becoming, being (--ree;).

भूयःपलायन bhuyhpalayana [ bhyah-palyana ] n. repeated flight.

भूयशस् bhuyasas [ bhya-sas ] ad. mostly, as a rule; again, anew.

भूयस् bhuyas [ bh&usharp;-yas ] cpv. (becoming in a greater degree), more, more numerous or abundant, than (ab.); more important, worth more (ab.); larger, greater, mightier, than (ab.); nume rous, much, many; very great, violent; rich or abounding in (in. or --ree;): n. ad. more; most; much, very, greatly, exceedingly; fur ther on; moreover, still, besides, still more; again, anew: bhyo&zip;pi, bhyas ka½api, punar bhyah, id.; bhyo bhyah, again and again, repeatedly; prvam -bhyah, first--later; dau -paskt -bhyah, at first - afterwards -again; in. bhyas-, ad. exceed ingly, beyond measure, in a high degree, very much; for the most part, generally, as a rule.

भूयस्तरम् bhuyastaram [ bhyas-taram ] ad. in a higher degree than (ab.).

भूयस्त्व bhuyastva [ bhyas-tva ] n. preponderance; in crease; multitude, abundance, plentifulness; great extent.

भूयःसंनिवृत्ति bhuyhsannivrtti [ bhyah-samnivritti ] f. return.

भूयिष्ठ bhuyistha [ bh&usharp;-y-ishtha ] spv. most, most abun dant or numerous; most important, chief, principal; very great, large, much, or nume rous; --ree;, mostly composed or consisting of; highly characterized by, filled with; --ree; after a pp. mostly, almost (a N. belonging to the pp. comes between it and bhyishtha): -m, ad. most; mostly, chiefly; exceedingly, very much, in a very high degree; almost com pletely; -t, f. great number.

भूयोगुण bhuyoguna [ bhyo-guna ] a. doubled; having many virtues; -(a)ngamana, n. non-return; -bhartri-samgama, m. re-union with a hus band; -mtra, n. greatest part of (g.); -vid ya, a. knowing more, more learned.


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