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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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भूमीभृत् bhumibhrt [ bhm-bhrit ] m. supporter of earth, mountain; -ruh, -ruha, m. plant, tree; -sayya, a. sleeping on the ground; i½svara, m. lord of earth, king (--ree;).

भूदिन bhudina [ bh-dina ] n. civil day; -divasa, m. id.; -deva, m. god on earth, Brhman; N.; -dhara, a. supporting the earth; m. moun tain: -ga, m. (mountain-born), tree, -t, f. habit of sustaining the earth, -½svara, m. lord of mountains, ep. of the Himavat.

भूध्र bhudhra [ bh-dhra ] m. [=-dhara] mountain; -nandana, m. N. of a prince; -nyaka, m. leader of the earth, king; -pa, m. protector of the earth or of the land, prince, king: -t, f. royal dignity; (bh&usharp;)-pati, m. lord of beings, ep. of Rudra; lord of earth, prince, king; -patita, pp. fallen on the earth; -pa putra, m. king's son, prince; -paridhi, m. circumference of the earth; -pa-suta, m. king's son, prince; -pta, m. falling on the ground; -pla, m. protector of the earth, prince, king; N. of a son of Somapla: -loka, m. crowd of princes, -vallabha, m. favourite of kings (horse); N.; -putra, m. son of earth, planet Mars: , f. daughter of earth, St; -prakampa, m. earthquake; -pradna, n. gift of land; -bimba, m. n. ter restrial globe; -bhata, m. N.; -bhartri, m. lord of earth, prince, king; -bhga, m. part of earth, place, spot: krosamtrah --, distance of not more than a Krosa; -bhug, m. enjoyer of earth, prince, king; -bhrit, m. supporter of earth, mountain; ep. of Vishnu; prince, king.

भूमन् bhuman [ 1. bh&usharp;-man ] n. (V.) earth; ground; territory, district, place; world; being: pl. aggregate of existing things.

भूमन् bhuman [ 2. bh-mn ] m. abundance, multitude; wealth; large number, plural; --ree; a. filled with; in. bhmn, for the most part, gener ally; lc. bhmni, in the plural.

भूमि bhumi [ bh&usharp;-mi (sts. ) ] f. earth; ground, soil (sts. pl.), for (g.); territory, country, land, district; earth (as a substance); spot, site, place; storey, floor; position, office; part (of an actor); stage (in Yoga); degree, extent; --ree;, object of (love, confidence), opportunity of (recreation), prodigy of (impudence).

भूमिकन्दली bhumikandali [ bhmi-kandal ] f. a plant= kandala; -kampa, m.: -na, n. earthquake.

भूमिका bhumika  [ bhmi-k ] f. earth, ground, soil; tablet for writing (--ree;); spot, place, for (--ree;); storey, floor; stage, degree; part or character (of an actor); preface, introduction.

भूमिक्षय bhumiksaya  [ bhmi - kshaya ] m. loss of terri tory; -gata, pp. fallen on the ground; -gar ta, m. hole in the ground; -griha, n. under ground chamber, cellar; -kala, m.: -na, n. earthquake; -ga, a. produced from the earth; m. planet Mars; -gta, pp. produced or formed on the earth; -goshan, n. choice of ground; -tanaya, m. son of the earth, planet Mars; -tala, n. surface of the earth, ground; -tundika, m. N. of a locality; -da, a. granting land; -dna, n. grant of land; -deva, m. god on earth, Brhman; -dhara, m. supporter of the earth, mountain; prince, king; -ntha, m. lord of earth, king; -pa, m. guardian of earth, king; -pati, m. lord of earth, king: -tva, n. sovereignty, kingship; -parimna, n. square-measure; -pla, m. protector of earth, prince, king; -putra, m. son of the earth, planet Mars; N.; -puramdara, m. Indra on earth, ep. of Dilpa; -pra, a. (V.) filling the earth (fame); -prakala, m. earthquake; -prpta, pp. fallen on the ground; -bhga, m. spot of earth, place; -bhug, m. enjoyer of earth, king; -bhta, pp. forming the soil of anything; -bhrit, m. supporter of the earth, prince, king; -bhedin, a. different from what it is on earth; -vardhana, m. n. corpse; burden of the earth; -vsin, a. dwelling on the ground; -saya, a. lying or living on or in the ground; m. animal living in the ground; -shtha, a. standing on the earth or ground; lying in the ground; being in his country; -smrgya, n. supreme rule over the earth; -suta, (pp.) m. son of the earth, planet Mars; -spris, a. touching the earth; -svmin, m. lord of earth, king.

भूमी bhumi  [ bh&usharp;m ] f., v. bh&usharp;mi.

भूमीच्छा bhumiccha  [ bhmi½ikkh ] f. desire to lie down on the ground.

भूतकरण bhutakarana  [ bhta-karana ] n. that which pro duces the past tense, augment; -kartri, m. creator of beings; -kla, m. past time; -kl ika, a. relating to the past; -krt, a. creat ing beings; m. creator of beings; -ketu, m. N. of a Vetla; -gana, m. the host of created beings; a or the host of spirits; -gr ma, m. sg. & pl. the aggregate of created beings, community of creatures; multitude of spirits; -krin, a. moving among beings (Siva); -kint, f. investigation of the ele ments; -kaitanika, m. believer in the doc trine that mind is produced from material elements; -kaitanya, n. state of matter being mind; -ganan, f. mother of all beings; -gta, n. aggregate of beings; -t, f. verity, truth; -tva, n. condition of created beings or elements; -day, f. tenderness to all creatures; -druh, a. injuring creatures; -dhar, f. supporter of creatures, earth; -dhtr, f. supporter of creatures (sleep); earth; -dhrin, f. earth; -ntha, m. ruler of spirits, ep. of Siva; -nikaya, m. (aggre gate of elements), body; -pti, m. lord of creatures, esp. of evil spirits, ep. of Agni, Bhava, Sarva, and Siva; -pla, m. protector of creatures; -prva, a. having been before, former; old (stories); deceased: -t, f. for mer circumstances; -prakriti, f. primal source of created beings; -bhartri, m. lord of spirits, ep. of Siva; -bhvana, a. blessing creatures, ep. of Brahman; -bhvin, a. creating beings; past and future; -bhsh, f., -bhshita, (pp.) n. language of the goblins; -bhrit, a. supporting beings; -bhautika, a. consisting of the elements and what is formed of them; -maya, a. () including all beings; formed out of the five elements; -mahesvara, m. great lord of the spirits, ep. of Siva; -m tr, f. pl. the subtile elements; the gross and the subtile elements; -yag, m. offering to all created beings (one of the five Mahya gas to be performed daily by the householder; it consists in the oblation of the Bali, q. v.); -yoni, f. origin of created beings; -rg, m. king of the spirits, ep. of Siva; -rpa, a. having the form of a goblin.

भूतल bhutala  [ bh-tala ] n. surface of the earth, ground, earth.

भूतात्मक bhutatmaka  [ bhta½tma-ka ] a. having the na ture of or composed of the elements; -½t man, m. soul of living beings, ep. of Brahman and of Vishnu; individual soul; a. whose soul is purified; m. body (whose nature is the elements); -½di, m. the first of all beings, ep. of Vishnu; m. n. Ahamkra as the pro ducer of the elements; -½anadyatana, m. not the same day in the past; -½antaka, m. des troyer of beings, god of death; -½abhisha&ndot;ga, m. possession by an evil spirit; -½rabdha, pp. formed out of the elements; n. pl. all organic matter; -½artha, m. thing that has really happened, actual fact; -½vsa, m. abode of beings, ep. of Vishnu and Siva; abode of the elements, the body; -½vishta, pp. possessed by evil spirits; -½vesa, m. pos session by evil spirits; -½sana, n. seat of evil spirits, N. of a magical car.

भूति bhuti  [ bh&usharp;-ti (or -t) ] f. vigorous being, ability, fitness, power; well-being, prosperity, wealth, fortune; decoration; ashes.

भूतिकर्मन् bhutikarman [ bhti-karman ] n. rite for welfare (such as domestic ceremonies at birth etc.); -kalasa, m. N.; (bh&usharp;ti)-kma, a. desirous of prosperity or wealth; -kla, m. hour of prosperity, auspicious time; -krit, a. causing prosperity (Siva); -kritya, n. auspicious rite (birth-ceremonies etc.); -da, a. granting pros perity (Siva); -mat, a. prosperous, fortunate; -vardhana, a. increasing prosperity; -var man, m. N. of a Rkshasa; N. of a prince; -siva, m. N.

भूतेज्य bhutejya [ bhta½igya ] a. making offerings to spirits; -½sa, m. lord of creatures, ep. of Brahman, Vishnu, and the Sun; lord of evil spirits, ep. of Siva; -½svara, m. id.; -½odana, m. dish of rice eaten to keep off evil spirits; -½unmda, m. mental aberration due to evil spirits; -½upadesa, m. reference to something already existing; -½upam, f. comparison with another being; -½upasarga, m. possession by evil spirits.

भूत्यर्थम् bhutyartham [ bhti½artham ] ad. for the sake of prosperity.

भूःखार bhuhkhara [ bhhkhra ] a. coming from Bokhara (horses).

भूकम्प bhukampa [ bh - kampa ] m. earthquake; -ks yapa, m. king; -kshra-vtik, f. N. of a locality; -gata, pp. existing or living on earth; -griha, n. underground chamber, cel lar; -geha, n. id.; -gola, m. terrestrial globe; -kara, a. moving on or inhabiting the earth; m. inhabitant of the earth.

भूत bhuta  [ bh-t ] pp. become, having been, past; actually happened; existing, present; being (compounded with a predicate, especially a substantive, to form adjectives; adverbs are thus turned into the corresponding adjectives); mixed or joined with (--ree;); purified; m. n. being (divine, human, animal, and even vege table); good being (V.); created thing; world (V.; gnly. n.); uncanny being, spirit, ghost, goblin (C.); n. past; fact, reality, actual oc currence; welfare; element (esp. the gross elements, earth, water, fire, air, ether; of which the body is supposed to be composed and into which it is dissolved: cp. paka-tva).


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