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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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भायय bhayaya [ bhy-aya ] cs. of &root;bh.

भासाकेतु bhasaketu [ bhs&asharp;-ketu ] a. betokened by light.

भासस् bhasas [ bh&asharp;s-as ] n. 1. light, ray; 2. food, prey.

भुरण्यु bhuranyu [ bhuran-yu ] a. (V.) quivering, restless; active.

भीत bhita [ bh-ta ] pp.: -bhta, pp. excessively terrified; -vat, ad. like one terrified.

भाम bhama [ 1. bh&asharp;-ma ] m. lustre, light; ray (RV.).

भाम bhama  [ 2. bh&asharp;m-a ] m. wrath, rage (V.): , f. N. of a wife of Krishna.

भीषण bhisana [ bh-sh-ana ] a. (, ) terrifying, formidable to (g. or --ree;); --ree;, terrible by, like, at (time); n. terrifying; -sh-aya, cs. of &root;bh.

भार bhara  [ bhr- ] m. burden, load; labour, toil, task, work, trouble; brunt; mass, quantity, abundance (often --ree; w. words meaning hair); load (a certain weight)=20 tuls.

भुवनाण्डक bhuvanandaka [ bhuvana½andaka ] n. mundane egg; -½adbhuta, a. astonishing the world; -½abhyudaya, m. T. of a poem; -½svara, m. lord of the world or earth, king; ep. of Siva: , f. ep. of various goddesses; -½okas, m. dweller in heaven, celestial, god.

भुवस् bhuvas [ 2. bhv-as ] indec. [probably vc. pl. of bh&usharp;], used in the formula bh&usharp;r bhvah svh, and interpreted to mean air; when fourteen worlds are assumed it is the second of the ascending series.

भुविष्ठ bhuvistha [ bhuvi-shtha ] a. standing on the ground (not on a car); dwelling on earth (not in heaven); -spris, a. touching the ground.

भू bhu [ bh&usharp; ] a. (--ree;) becoming, arising, proceed ing or produced from; being, existing; f. place of being, space (pl. spaces, worlds: V.); earth; ground; floor; land, landed property; earth (as a substance); place, spot; subject (of dis pute etc.): lc. on earth; on the ground; bhuvo bhartri, m. lord of earth, king.

भाण्डार bhandara [ bhndra ] m. store-room, ware house.

भुजच्छाया bhujacchaya [ bhuga-kkhy ] f. shadow of the arms, secure shelter; -taru-vana, n. a forest the trees of which are arms (=the ten arms of Siva); -danda, m. long arm; -bandhana, n. clasp of the arms, embrace; -madhya, n. interval between the arms, breast; -mla, n. shoulder; -yashti, f. long slender arm; -lat, f. id.; -vrya, a. strong in the arm; -slin, a. possessing powerful arms; -sam bhoga, m. embrace; -stambha, m. paralysis of the arm.

भुजाग्र bhujagra [ bhuga½agra ] n. tip of the arm, hand; -½ghta, m. blow with the arm; -½a&ndot;ka, m. embrace; -½antara, n. space between the arms, chest; -½antarla, n. id.

भुजाभुजि bhujabhuji [ bhug-bhug-i ] ad. arm to arm= hand to hand (fight); -mla, n. shoulder; -lat, f. long slender arm.

भुजि bhuji [ bhug- ] f. (V.) 1. embrace; 2. grant ing of enjoyment; favour; patron.

भुजिष्य bhujisya [ bhug-ishy ] a. bestowing food (V.); m. servant, slave (C.): , f. handmaid, maid servant.

भुजोपपीडम् bhujopapidam [ bhuga½upapdam ] abs. clasping with the arms.

भुज्मन् bhujman [ bhug-mn ] a. abounding in valleys, fruitful (RV.); -y, a. (V.) easily guided (car); m. N. of a protg of the Asvins; f. adder (?).

भुञ्जापय bhunjapaya [ bhugpaya ] cs. P. feed (v. l.).

भुट्््ट bhutta [ bhutta ] m. N.: -pura, n. city of Bhutta, -½svara, m. N. of a temple erected by Bhutta.

भुरण bhurana [ bhur-ana ] a. active (RV.).

भुरण्य bhuranya [ bhuran-y ] den. P. (RV.) be restless or active; agitate (liquid).

भुवन bhuvana [ bhv-ana ] n. being, creature, existing thing (V.); world, earth (three worlds, and sts. seven or fourteen are assumed); kingdom (fourteen are spoken of as existing on earth); place of existence, abode (V.): -kosa, m. sphere of the world, globe; -kandra, m. N.; -karita, n. doings of the world; -tala, n. surface of the earth; earth; -traya, n. the three worlds (heaven, air, earth); -dvaya, n. the two worlds (heaven and earth); -dvish, m. enemy of the world or earth; (bhvana)-pati, m. lord of creatures or the world (V.); -pvana, a. () purifying the world: , f. ep. of the Ganges; -bhartri, m. lord of the world; -mat, f. N. of a princess; -mtri, f. mother of the world, Durg; -rga, m. N. of a prince; -vidita, pp. famed in the world; -vrittnta, m. events of the world; -ssin, m. ruler of the world, king.

भुःखार bhuhkhara [ bhuhkhra ] m. Bokhara.

भुक्त bhukta [ bhuk-ta ] pp. (&root;bhug) eaten, etc.; n. eating; what is eaten, food; --ree; a. having as one's food, subsisting on: -pta, pp. having eaten and drunk; -bhoga, a. the use of which has been enjoyed, employed, utilized; -mtra, a. just eaten: lc. immediately after eating; -vat, pp. act. having eaten (=finite vb.); -sesha, m. remnants of a meal; a. left from a meal; -supta, pp. sleeping after a meal.

भुक्ति bhukti [ bhuk-ti ] f. eating, enjoyment; fruition, possession; food: -ptra, n. dish for food; -vargita, pp. that cannot be eaten (food).

भुक्तोच्छिष्ट bhuktocchista [ bhukta½ukkhishta ] n. remnant of a meal; -½urvarita, pp. remaining after a meal.

भुग्न bhugna [ bhug-na ] pp. &root;1. bhug.

भुज bhuja [ bhug-a ] m. arm; trunk (of an elephant); branch; curve, coil (of a serpent): bhugayor antaram, n. space between the arms, chest.

भुजग bhujaga [ bhuga-ga ] m. (moving in curves), snake, serpent: (-tva, n. condition of a ser pent): , f. female serpent; (a)-pati, m. prince of serpents; -rga, m. king of serpents, ep. of Sesha: -ya, den. . become the king of serpents; -valaya, m. n. bracelet consist ing of a serpent; -sayana, n. serpent couch; -sisu-srita, pp. having the gait of a young serpent: , f. a metre; -½indra, m. chief of serpents, large serpent; -½svara, m. lord of serpents, ep. of Sesha.

भीति bhiti [ bh-ti ] f. fear, alarm, dread, of (ab. or --ree;); danger: -tas, ad. through fear of (--ree;); -krit, a. causing fear; -kkhid, a. re lieving from danger; -mat, a. timid.

भुजंग bhujanga [ bhugam-ga ] m. (moving in curves), snake, serpent; paramour, gallant; dissolute friend of a prince; constant companion of a prince; N.: , f. female serpent; a-kany, f. young female serpent; -prayta, n. ser pent's gait; a metre; -bhogin, m. devourer of serpents, ep. of Garuda.

भुजंगम bhujangama [ bhugam - gama ] m. (moving in curves), serpent, snake: , f. female snake; a½indra, m. lord of serpents; -½sa, m. id., ep. of Pi&ndot;gala.

भीम bhima [ bh-m ] a. fearful, terrible, formidable: ree;--, ad.; m. ep. of Rudra-Siva; N. of one of the eight forms of Siva; N. of various divine beings and men, esp. of the second son of Pndu: , f. N. of Durg and of an Apsaras; N. of various rivers; N. of a locality.

भीमकर्मन् bhimakarman [ bhma-karman ] a. doing terrible deeds, of terrific prowess; -khanda, n. T. of a section of the Mahbhrata and of the Skanda-purna; -gupta, m. N. of a prince; -g, f. daughter of Bhma, Damayant; -t, f. terribleness; -darsana, a. of terrible as pect; -dhanvan, m. N. of a prince; -nand in, f. Bhma's daughter; -nda, m. dread ful sound; a. sounding dreadfully; -nyaka, m. N.; -parkrama, a. having terrible va lour or prowess; m. N.; -putrik, f. Bhma's daughter; -pura, n. N. of a town; -prvaga, m. Bhma's elder brother, ep. of Yudhishthira; -bala, a. having terrible strength; m. N.; -bhata, m. N.; -bhav-bh, assume the form of Bhma's daughter, i. e. Damayant; -bhu- ga, a. having terrible arms; m. N.; -mukha, a. having a terrible face; m. N.; -ratha, m. (having a formidable car), N. of a Rakshas; N.; -rpa, a. of terrible form; -vakana, n. Bhma's command; -vikrama, a. having ter rible valour; m. N.; -vega, a. having terrible swiftness; m. N.; -ssana, n. Bhma's sum mons; -sut, f. Bhma's daughter, Dama yant; -sena, m. (having a terrible army), N., especially of the second Pndava prince; -½kara, m. N.; -deva, m. N.

भीमौजस् bhimaujas [ bhma½ogas ] a. of terrible might.

भीर bhira [ bh-ra ] a. terrifying.

भीरु bhiru [ bh-r ] a. (&ubrevcirc;) timid, fearful, cowardly; shy; afraid of (ab., --ree;): vc. f. often used in address, O timid one! paratra --, dreading the beyond: (u)-ka, a. timorous, cowardly; afraid of (--ree;); -gana, a. having cowardly followers; -t, f., -tva, n. timidity, bashful ness; cowardice; fear, dread, of (--ree;); -bh ru, a. excessively timid; -maya, a. terrific, frightful; -yodha, a. garrisoned by dastardly soldiers; -sattva, a. having a timid nature, timorous.

भीलुक bhiluka [ bhlu-ka ] a. timorous, cowardly; dreading (--ree;).

भाण्डारिक bhandarika [ bhndr-ika ] m. superintendent of a store, treasurer; -in, m. id.

भाऋजीक bharjika [ bh&asharp;-rigka ] a. brilliant with light.

भीष्म bhisma [ bh-sh-m ] a. frightful, terrific, dread ful; m. N. of a son of Ga&ndot;g and Smtanu, grand-uncle of the Pndus, and leader of the Kuru army: -ka, m. contemptible Bh shma; N. of the father of Rukmin: -½tma- g, f. pat. of Rukmin; -parvan, n. the Bhshma section, T. of the sixth book of the Mahbhrata; -ratna, n. jewel.

भु bhu [ bhu ] a. --ree;=bh, becoming, arising.

भिद् bhid [ bhd ] a. (--ree;) breaking in pieces, cleav ing; crushing; piercing; striking, hitting (a mark); destroying; f. wall (RV.1); distinc tion; species.

भिदा bhida [ bhid- ] f. bursting, rending, tearing; separation, distinction; difference; species, sort: -bhrit, a. torn, lacerated.

भिदुर bhidura [ bhid-ura ] a. capable of being cleft; fragile, brittle; destroying (--ree;); mingling or blending with (--ree;); -ya, m. rushing river; n. breaking in pieces (--ree;).

भिन्दु bhindu [ bhind- ] m. destroyer (RV.1); drop (V.).

भिन्न bhinna [ bhin-na ] pp. &root;bhid; n. fragment, part; stab: -kari½indra-kumbha-mukt-maya, a. () consisting of pearls that fell from the cleft frontal protuberances of a lordly elephant.

भिन्नकाल bhinnakala [ bhinna-kla ] a. overstepping the time; -kta, a. employing different strata gems; -krama, a. having the wrong order, displaced; -ganda-karata, a. whose temples are streaming (elephant); -garbha, a. (hav ing a discordant interior=) suffering from in ternal dissensions, disorganized (army); -gti, a. pl. of different rank; -gtya, a. various; -tva, n. difference from (--ree;); -darsin, a. see ing a difference, distinguishing; -desa, a. occurring in different places: -tva, n. occur rence in widely distant places; -prakra, a. of a different sort; -mantra, a. having be trayed counsel; -maryda, a. breaking down or transgressing the bounds; -ruki, a. having different tastes; -li&ndot;ga, n. incongruity of gender in a simile: -ka, a. (i-k) containing words of different gender; -vakana, a. con taining words of different number; n. incon gruity of number in a simile; -varna, a. co lourless; -vritta, pp. behaving irregularly, leading a bad life; -vritti, a. having differ ent occupations; having a different vocation; leading an evil life: -t, f. abst. N.; -½agana, n. mixed collyrium (applied with oil): -var- na, a. having the colour of mixed collyrium: -t, f. abst. N.; -½artha, a. having a different object; having a distinct sense, clear, intel ligible: -t, f. clearness, intelligibility.

भियस् bhiyas [ bhiy-s ] m. (V.) fear: only in. & ac. sg. (V.): -e, d.=inf. of &root;bh.

भिल्ल bhilla [ bhilla ] m. N. of a wild mountain tribe; prince of the Bhillas: , f. female Bhilla.

भिषायक bhisayaka [ bhishya-ka ] m. Yaksha: -pura, m. N. of a town.

भी bhi [ bh&isharp; ] f. fear, fright, alarm, dread, of (ac. with prati, ab., lc., --ree;).

भीकर bhikara [ bh-kara ] a. causing fear, terrifying, with (--ree;).

भासिन् bhasin [ bhs-in ] a. (--ree;) shining; -ura, a. shining, bright, splendid; distinguished by (--ree;): -ka, m. N.; N. of a lion: -simha, m. id.

भास्कर bhaskara [ bhs-kar ] a. [making light], shin ing, luminous, brilliant; m. sun; N., esp. of a celebrated astronomer (twelfth century a.d.); kind of breach: -nandin, m. son of the sun; -varman, m. N. and ep. of princes; i, m. pat. of the planet Saturn and of the monkey king Sugrva; -ya, a. derived from Bhs kara; m. disciple of Bhskara.

भास्मन bhasmana [ bhsman-a ] a. consisting of ashes, ashy.

भास्य bhasya [ bhs-ya ] a. becoming manifest or known: -tva, n. manifestation.

भास्वत् bhasvat [ bh&asharp;s-vat ] a. (-) shining, luminous, radiant; m. sun.

भास्वर bhasvara [ bhs-var ] a. shining, radiant, bril liant.

भिःखराज bhihkharaja [ bhihkha-rga ] m. N. of a king.

भिक्षण bhiksana [ bhiksh-ana ] n. begging, mendicancy; -&asharp;, f. begging, soliciting, mendicancy; begged food, alms: -m kri, beg; -m at, kar, bhram, or y, go about begging.

भिक्षाक bhiksaka [ bhiksh-ka ] m. beggar; -karana, n. begging, mendicancy; -kara, m. N. of a son of Bhoga; -karana, n. mendicancy: -m kar, go about begging; -krya, n. id.: -m kar, go about begging: , f. id.; -karya- karana, n. id.; -kra, a. practising mendi cancy; m. beggar; -½atana, n. wandering about begging, mendicancy: -m kri, beg; -m kr aya, force any one (ac.) to go begging; -½anna, n. food obtained by begging; -ptra, n. begging-bowl, alms-dish; -prakra, m. going forth to beg; -bhnda, n. begging bowl; -bhug, a. living on alms; -½ayana, n. mendicancy; -½arthin, a. begging for charity; m. beggar; -vat, a. receiving charity, beg ging; -vritti, a. subsisting on alms; -½si tva, n. eating of begged food, living on alms; -½sin, a. eating begged food, living on alms; -½hra, m. begged food; a. living on alms; m. beggar.

भित्त bhitta [ bhit-ta ] n. fragment, section; partition, wall.

भित्ति bhitti [ bhit-t ] f. breaking, splitting; mat made of split cane; wall, partition; panel; --ree; with parts of the body=vertical surface: -buddhi-kara, a. producing the impression of a wall.

भानुमत् bhanumat [ bhnu-mt ] a. luminous, bright, radiant; m. sun; N.: -, f. N.; -maya, a. consisting of rays; -mitra, m. N.; -ratha, m. N.; -varman, m. N.; -vra, m. Sunday.

भाव्य bhavya [ bhv-ya ] fp. that must be or happen; future (sts. =fut. of &root;bh); to be effected or accomplished; -felt; -imagined; -guessed; -approved; -convicted: -proved or demon strated; n. imps. one (in.) should or must be; to be understood: -t, f., -tva, n. futurity.

भाष् bhas [ bhsh ] a. (--ree;) barking.

भाषक bhasaka [ bhsh-aka ] a. (--ree;) talking or chat tering about; -ana, n. speaking, talking, chattering; speech; kind words.

भाषा bhasa [ bhsh- ] f. speech, talk, language; vernacular tongue (either=spoken Sanskrit of Pnini as opposed to Vedic or Prkrit as opposed to Sanskrit); description, definition; plaint, charge, or accusation (in law); -kit raka, n. play on words; -ga, a. versed in languages; m. N.; -parikkheda, m. T. of a compendium of the Vaiseshika system; -sa ma, m. sentence identical with the vernacular (i.e. consisting of words which may be ac counted Sanskrit as well as Prkrit: rh.).

भाषिक bhasika [ bhsh-ika ] a. relating to the ver nacular; n. general rules: , f. language; -ita, pp. spoken, said; n. speech, utterance, lan guage; -itavya, fp. to be addressed; -itri, a. saying, uttering (ac.; Br.), speaking (--ree;); -in, a. saying, speaking; loquacious; gnly. --ree;, speaking, talking.

भाषिपक्षिन् bhasipaksin [ bhshi-pakshin ] m. talking bird.

भाष्य bhasya [ bhsh-ya ] n. speaking, talking; work written in the common or vernacular tongue; extensive commentary explaining a text (esp. a Stra) word for word; T. of Patagali's commentary on the Stras of Pnini (other wise Mahbhshya): -kra, -krit, m. com mentator, scholiast, sp. applied to Patagali.

भास् bhas [ bh&asharp;s ] n. (V.), f. lustre, brightness, light; ray.

भास bhasa [ bhs- ] m. lustre, brightness, light; a bird of prey; N.: (a)-ka, a. showing, making evident; m. N. of a poet, -t, f. condition of a Bhsa; -ana, n. shining, glit tering; brilliance, distinction.

भावरूप bhavarupa [ bhva-rpa ] a. really existing; -vak ana, a. expressing the abstract verbal notion (activity or state); -vat, a. being in a con dition or relation; -vikra, m. modification of the notion of being or becoming; -vritta, pp. relating to creation; -sabda, m. verb; -suddhi, f. purity of heart; -snya, a. de void of affection; -samsuddhi, f. purity of heart; -samhita, pp. composed in mind; -stha, a. being in love, enamoured; -sthira, a. rooted in the heart; -snigdha, pp. heartily or deeply attached.

भावाकूत bhavakuta [ bhva½kta ] n. stirring of love; -½tmaka, a. having the nature of reality, real; -½artha, a. having a verbal meaning; -½ava, a. kind to creatures, tender, compas sionate.

भाविक bhavika [ bhv-ika ] a. () real, actual; full of sentiment, expressive; n. vivid description of something past or future (rh.); language full of emotion.

भाविचक्रवर्तिन् bhavicakravartin [ bhvi-kakravartin ] m. future king, crown prince.

भावित bhavita [ bhv-ita ] cs. pp. (&root;bh) produced, manifested; cherished; good-humoured; elated, conscious of one's power; pervaded or inspired by, engrossed with (in. or --ree;); directed towards (lc.); perfumed: -bhvana, a. furthered and furthering; -buddhi, a. having purified or moulded one's intellect.

भाविता bhavita [ bhvi-t ] f. adaptation to (--ree;).

भावितात्मन् bhavitatman [ bhvita½tman ] a. whose soul is purified or is made the object of meditation; engaged or occupied with (--ree;).

भावित्व bhavitva [ bhvi-tva ] n. necessity of being, in evitableness; --ree;, being; accommodation to.

भाविन् bhavin [ bhv-in ] a. being, becoming, wont to be (gnly. --ree;); future, imminent (often= fut. of &root;bh); inevitable; possessed of (--ree;); manifesting, showing; --ree;, furthering, bless ing; worshipping; m. every vowel except &abrevcirc;: -, f. handsome woman, noble lady.

भावुक bhavuka [ bh&asharp;v-uka ] a. becoming anything (nm., or --ree; with ad. in -am); having an &ae;sthetic sense; n. language full of emotion.

भावोदय bhavodaya [ bhva½udaya ] m. rise of an emotion.

भाति bhati [ bh-ti ] f. lustre, brightness, light; perception, knowledge.

भार्याजित bharyajita [ bhry-gita ] pp. ruled by his wife, hen-pecked; -tva, n. wifehood; -droh in, a. acting maliciously towards his wife; -pati, m. du. man and wife: -tva, n. wed lock; -vat, a. having a wife; -sama, a. equal to a wife.

भाल bhala [ bhla ] n. forehead; splendour: -patta, m. forehead.

भालुकि bhaluki [ bhluk-i ] m. N. of a sage; -in, m. N. of a teacher.

भाव bhava [ bhv-a ] m. becoming, arising, occur ring; turning into (--ree;), transformation into (lc.); being, existence; endurance, continu ance; state of being (--ree;, forming abst. nouns like -t and -tva); being or becoming (as the fundamental notion of the verb, sp. of the int. or imps. vb.); behaviour, conduct; condition, state; rank, position; aspect of a planet (in astrology); true state, reality (ree;--, in reality); manner of being, nature; mental state, dis position, temperament; way of thinking, thought, opinion, sentiment, feeling; emotion (in rhetoric there are eight or nine primary Bhvas corresponding to that number of Rasas or sentiments); supposition; meaning, import (iti bhvah is continually used by commen tators like iti½arthah or iti½abhipryah, at the end of an explanation); affection, love; seat of the emotions, heart, soul; substance, thing; being, creature; discreet man (dr.: vc.=re spected sir); astrological house: bhvo bh vam nigakkhati, birds of a feather flock to gether; bhvam dridham kri, make a firm resolution; bhvam kri or bandh, conceive affection for (lc.): -ka, a. causing to be, pro ducing (--ree;); promoting the welfare of (g.); imagining, fancying (g. or --ree;); having a sense of the beautiful, having a poetic taste; -kar tri-ka, a. having as its agent an abstract noun; -gamya, fp. to be recognised by the imagination.

भावत्क bhavatka [ bhvat-ka ] a. thy, your (in respectful address).

भावन bhavana [ 1. bhv-ana ] a. () effecting, producing; furthering, promoting the welfare of (g. or --ree;); imagining, fancying; teaching; n., , f. producing, effecting; conception, imagina tion, idea, fancy; supposition; , f. settling, determining; saturation of a powder with fluid; --ree; a. nature: in. in thought, in imagi nation; -m bandh, occupy one's imagination with, direct one's thoughts to (lc.).

भावन bhavana [ 2. bh-vana ] n. forest (=blaze) of light.

भावनीय bhavaniya [ bhv-anya ] fp. to be set about; -indulged in (pain); -cherished; -imagined or realized; -supposed or assumed.

भावप्रतिदूषित bhavapratidusita [ bhva-pratidshita ] pp. dis turbed in mind; polluted by nature (vessel); -bandhana, a. heart-uniting; -bodhaka, a. betraying an emotion; -misra, m. honoured sir (dr.; Pr.).

भावय bhavaya [ bhv-aya ] cs. of &root;bh; -ay-itavya, fp. to be cherished or furthered; -ayitri, m. promoter, patron.

भारक bharaka [ bhra-ka ] m. (?) burden, load; mass, quantity (ik, f. id.); -gvin, m. (subsisting by carrying burdens), porter.

भारण्ड bharanda [ bhranda ] m. a bird: , f. its female.

भारप्रत्यवर bharapratyavara [ bhra-pratyavara ] a. lowest by reason of the bearing of burdens (actions); -bhrin, a. bearing burdens; -vat, a. weighty; -vha, a. bearing a burden; m. bearer of a burden; -vhaka, m. burden-carrier, porter; -vhana, m. id.; -vhin, a. burden-carry ing; bearing a load of (--ree;).

भारवि bharavi [ bh&asharp;ravi ] m. N. of the author of the Kirtrgunya (sixth century a.d.).

भारसह bharasaha [ bhra-saha ] a. bearing a heavy bur den, equal to great tasks; -sdhana, a. ac complishing great things, very efficacious (weapons); -sdhin, a. id.; -hrin, a. bear ing a heavy burden (Krishna); -½krnta, pp. overloaded (ship).

भाराय bharaya [ bhr-ya ] den. . be a burden to (g.); pp. -yita, being a burden to (g.).

भारिक bharika [ bhr-ika ] a. burdensome, heavy; m. burden-carrier, porter; -in, a. bearing, carrying (--ree;); heavy; deep (tone); m. burden carrier, porter.

भारोद्वह bharodvaha [ bhra½udvaha ] m. burden-carrier, porter; -½upagvana, n. subsistence by carry ing burdens.

भार्गव bhargava [ bhrgav- ] a. () derived from, be longing or relating to Bhrigu; belonging to Bhrgava (Sukra); m. descendant of Bhrigu, Parasurma; pat. of Sukra, teacher of the Daityas; ep. of Siva: , f. female descend ant of Bhrigu; daughter of Bhrgava (Sukra); ep. of Prvat; (a)-rghavya, a. relating to Parasurma and Rma.

भार्गवीय bhargaviya [ bhrgav-ya ] a. relating to Bhrigu.

भार्म्य bharmya [ bhrmya ] m. pat. of Mudgala.

भार्य bharya [ bhr-y ] fp. to be borne; to be sup ported, cherished, or nourished; m. one sup ported by another, dependent, servant; mer cenary, soldier: tilda;, f. wife; female, mate (of an animal).

भात्वक्षास् bhatvaksas [ bh&asharp;-tvakshas ] a. having mighty light (RV.1).

भस्मीभाव bhasmibhava [ bhasm - bhva ] m. becoming ashes: -m gam, be reduced to ashes.

भारत bharata [ bh&asharp;rata ] a. () derived from the Bha rata (Ritvig) or bearing the sacrifice (?), ep. of Agni; descended from Bharata; belong ing to the Bharatas (with yuddha, n., sam grma, m., samara, m., samiti, f. the battle of the Bharatas; w. khyna, n., itihsa, m., or kath, f. story of the Bharatas; w. mandala or varsha, n. Bharata's realm, India; w. vritti, f. kind of style); inhabiting India; m. de scendant of Bharata; ep. of Yudhishthira: , f. a Vedic deity, later identified with Saras vat, the goddess of speech; speech, voice; quail; n. the land of Bharata, India; the story of the Bharatas and of their struggle (=Ma hbhrata, but sts. distinguished from it).

भारतीवत् bharativat [ bhrat-vat ] a. accompanied by the goddess Bhrat.

भारद्वाज bharadvaja [ bh&asharp;radvga ] a. () derived from or relating to Bharadvga; m. descendant of Bharadvga, pat. of Agastya and others; planet Mars; skylark: , f. female descend ant of Bharadvga; skylark; N. of a river; a-ka, a. belonging to or derived from Bhar advga: i-k, f. skylark.

भारद्वाजिन् bharadvajin [ bhradvg-in ] m. pl. N. of a certain school; -ya, a. relating to Bhrad vga; m. pl. the school of Bhradvga.

भाजिन् bhajin [ bhg-in ] a. (--ree;) participating in, obtaining; combined with; -ya, fp. to be divided.

भाट bhata [ bhta: ree;� -ka ] n. hire, wages; rent.

भाटि bhati [ bhti ] f. wages; earnings of prostitution.

भाट्््ट bhatta [ bhtta ] m. follower of Kumrila-bhatta: pl. N. of a people.

भाण bhana [ bhna ] m. kind of play: i-k, f. id.

भाण्ड bhanda [ bhnda ] n. vessel, pot, pail, dish; vat; box, case; utensil, implement; musical in strument; wares, merchandise (sts. m.); jewel, valuable, treasure; capital, principal; buf foonery: -ka, n. pot; case; --ree; a. wares, mer chandise; -pati, m. merchant; -mlya, n. capital consisting in wares, stock in trade; -vdana, n. playing a musical instrument; -vdya, n. musical instrument; -sl, f. store house; -½gra, n. store-room; treasury; trea sure: i-ka, m. superintendent of a store; treasurer.

भाण्डापुर bhandapura [ bhnd-pura ] n. N. of a town.

भाद्र bhadra [ bhdra ] m. N. of the rainy month Bh drapada (August-September): , f. day of full moon in Bhdrapada; -mauga, a. () made of the plants Bhadra and Muga.

भान bhana [ bh½ana ] n. appearance; perception.

भानव bhanava [ bhnav-a ] a. peculiar to the sun; -ya, a. belonging to the sun, solar.

भानु bhanu [ bh-n ] m. lustre, brightness, light; ray; sun; N.: pl. the sons of Bhnu, the dityas.

भानुज bhanuja [ bhnu-ga ] m. son of the sun, planet Saturn; -tanay, f. daughter of the sun, pat. of the Yamun; -t, f. condition of the sun; -datta, m. N.; -dina, n. Sunday.

भागधेय bhagadheya [ bhga-dhya ] n. share, due; lot, fate; property; share of a king, tax; a. () due as a share (V.); -bhg, a. having a share in anything; m. participator; -bhug, m. (enjoying the taxes), king; -mukha, m. N.; -lakshana, n. indirect indication of the part (rh.).

भागवत bhagavata [ bhgavat-a ] a. () relating to or pro ceeding from the Adorable One (Vishnu or Krishna); m. follower of the Adorable One, Vaishnava monk.

भागशस् bhagasas [ bhga-sas ] ad. in parts (divide); part by part, in due proportion, gradually; -hara, a. receiving a share; m. heir; -hra, m. division (in arithmetic); -hrin, a. in heriting; m. heir; -½apahrin, a. receiving a share of inheritance; -½arthin, a. claiming a share.

भागिक bhagika [ bhg-ika ] a. forming a part; m. N.; -n, a. entitled to a share; receiving or having received a share; participating or concerned in (g., lc., or --ree;); consisting of shares; m. par ticipator; possessor, owner; fortunate man.

भागिनेय bhagineya [ bhgineya ] m. son of a sister (bha gin): -ka, m. id.

भस्मालाबुक bhasmalabuka [ bhasma½albu-ka ] n. gourd used for keeping ashes; -½avasesha, a. of whom nothing remains but ashes, reduced to ashes.

भस्मित bhasmita [ bhasm-ita ] pp. reduced to ashes, an nihilated.

भागीरथ bhagiratha [ bhgratha ] a. () relating to Bha gratha: , f. ep. of the Ganges (also N. of one of the three sources and of an arm of the Ganges): -ntha, m. lord of the Ganges, the ocean, -vallabha, m. lover of the Ganges, id.

भाङ्ग bhanga [ bh&ndot;ga ] a. made of hemp (bha&ndot;g).

भाङ्गासुरि bhangasuri [ bh&ndot;gsuri ] m. son of Bha&ndot;g sura, pat. of Rituparna.

भाजन bhajana [ bh&asharp;g-ana ] n. representation (in. in the place of: g.); --ree;, representing, the equivalent of (V.); --ree; a. sharing in, entitled to, be longing or relating to; n. vessel, dish, pot; recipient, repository, of (g. or --ree;), fit object or person for (g.); a measure of capacity equal to 64 Palas: -t, f. being a vessel of (g.); pos session, -tva, n. being a vessel for, worthiness.

भसद् bhasad [ bhas-d ] f. buttocks; pudendum mu liebre.

भसित bhasita [ bhas-ita ] (pp.) n. ashes (C.).

भस्त्रा bhastra [ bhs-tr ] f. bag, sack; bellows: i-k, f. pouch, purse.

भस्मकूट bhasmakuta [ bhasma-kta ] m. heap of ashes; -krit, a. reducing to ashes (--ree;); -krita, pp. reduced to ashes; -kaya, m. heap of ashes; -t, f. condition of ashes.

भस्मन् bhasman [ bhs-man ] a. eating, devouring (RV.); n. [that which is devoured by fire], ashes.

भस्मपुञ्ज bhasmapunja [ bhasma-puga ] m. heap of ashes; -priya, a. fond of ashes (Siva); -bhta, pp. reduced to ashes; -rs-kri, reduce to a heap of ashes; -renu, m. ash-dust; -laltik, f. forehead mark made with ashes; -syin, a. resting on ashes; -suddhi-kara, a. purifying himself with ashes (Siva).

भस्मसात् bhasmasat [ bhasma-st ] ad. w. as, bh, gam, or y, be reduced to ashes; with kri or n, reduce to ashes.

भस्माख्य bhasmakhya [ bhasma½khya ] a. called ashes= mere ashes.

भाक्त bhakta [ bhkta ] a. inferior, secondary; m. N. of a certain Saiva and Vaishnava sect.

भाग bhaga [ bhg- ] m. portion, share, allotment, inheritance; happy lot; part, fraction (opp. whole); part, region, place, spot, space; --ree; a. supplying the place of; numerator (of a frac tion); degree (the 360th part of a circle): -ka, a. --ree;=bhga, share.

भविन् bhavin [ bhav-in ] m. living being; man.

भविष्य bhavisya [ bhav-ishya ] a. about to be, future; impending, imminent; n. future.

भविष्यत् bhavisyat [ bhav-ishyt ] ft. pt. that is to be, future; n. future, future tense: -kla, a. relat ing to a future tense; -t, f., -tva, n. futurity; -purna, n. T. of a Purna; d-anadyatana, m. not the same day in the future.

भविष्यन्ती bhavisyanti [ bhav-ishyant- ] f. first future (gr.).

भविष्यपुराण bhavisyapurana [ bhavishya-purna ] n. T. of a Purna: -ya, a. belonging to the Bhavishya Purna.

भविष्योत्तर bhavisyottara [ bhavishya½uttara ] n. second part of the Bhavishya-Purna: -purna, n. id.

भव्य bhavya [ bhv-ya ] a. present; future; as it should be, suitable; good, excellent; handsome, beau tiful; gracious, favourable; auspicious, for tunate; n. present; existence; future; prosperity: -t, f. beauty; -½kriti, a. handsome.

भष bhasa [ bhash- ] a. barking (VS.1); -aka, m. dog (C.).


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