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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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भवभङ्ग bhavabhanga [ bhava-bha&ndot;ga ] m. annihilation of mundane existence; -bhva, m. love of the world; -bhvana, a. bestowing welfare: , f. regarding anything as good fortune (--ree;); -bhru, a. fearing rebirth; -bhti, f. for tunate existence; m. N. of a dramatic poet, author of the Mlatmdhava, the Mahvra karita, and the Uttararmakarita, who lived in the eighth century a.d.; -bhoga, m. plea sures of the world; -manyu, m. resentment against the world; -maya, a. proceeding from Siva; -mokana, a. releasing from mundane existence; -sarman, m. N.; -sa&ndot;gin, a. at tached to worldly existence; -samtati, f. continuous series of transmigrations; -syu- gya, n. union with Siva (after death); -sra, m. ocean of existence.

भवातिग bhavatiga [ bhava½atiga ] a. having left mun dane existence behind.

भवानी bhavani [ bhav-n ] f. N. of a goddess (S.), later identified with Siva's wife Prvat (C.); N.: -pati, -vallabha, -sakha, m. ep. of Siva.

भवान्तर bhavantara [ bhava½antara ] n. another existence (past or future): -prpti-mat, a. obtaining rebirth; -½abdhi, m. ocean of existence.

भवितव्य bhavitavya [ bhav-i-tvya ] fp. that must be or happen: often n. imps. with the subject in the in. and the predicate agreeing with it; n. inevitable necessity: -t, f. condition of what must be, inevitable necessity, fate; -i-tri, a. (tr) about to be, future, imminent: nm. also used as future.

भवत् bhavat [ 2. bhv-at ] pr. pt. [the gentleman pre sent], m. used as honorific pronoun of the second person (nm. -n, f. -at-) with the third person (exceptionally with the second) and interchanging with the pronoun of the second person; the pl. is sts. used in token of greater respect. Bhavat is often joined with atra, tatra, and sts. even sa.

भवत्पुत्र bhavatputra [ bhavat-putra ] m. your son; -prva, a. preceded by &open;bhavat&close;: -m, ad. with &open;bha vat&close; at the beginning.

भवदन्य bhavadanya [ bhavad-anya ] a. other than you; -antya, a. having &open;bhavat&close; at the end; -hra½artham, ad. for your food.

भवदीय bhavadiya [ bhavad-ya ] a. thine, your (in re spectful address).

भवदुत्तरम् bhavaduttaram [ bhavad-uttaram ] ad. with &open;bha vat&close; at the end; -vakana, n. your speech; -vidha, a. one like you (in respectful address).

भवद्विरहनाम bhavadvirahanama [ bhavad-viraha-nma ] n. mere mention of separation from you.

भवन bhavana [ bhav-ana ] n. dwelling, abode, man sion; palace; temple; horoscope, natal star; coming into existence, production; place where anything grows: -dvra, n. palace gate.

भवनन्द bhavananda [ bhava-nanda ] m. N. of an actor; -nandana, m. son of Siva, pat. of Skanda.

भवनशिखिन् bhavanasikhin [ bhavana-sikhin ] m. domestic peacock; -½a&ndot;gana, n. court of a palace.

भवनाशिनी bhavanasini [ bhava-nsin ] f. (destroying mundane existence), ep. of the Saray; -ni bandha-vinsin, a. destroying the bonds of worldly existence.

भवनीय bhavaniya [ bhav-anya ] fp. that must be or happen: yushmbhir etad bhavanyam ka na½anyath, and you must not let this be otherwise.

भवन्ती bhavanti [ bhav-ant- ] f. pr. pt. present time.

भवन्मध्य bhavanmadhya [ bhavan-madhya ] a. having &open;bha vat&close; in the middle: -m, ad. with &open;bhavat&close; in the middle.

भरण bharana [ bhar-ana ] n. bearing; wearing (of a garment, --ree;); bringing, procuring; maintaining, supporting, nurture; hire, wages: , f. (gnly. pl.) a lunar asterism; -anya, fp. to be supported, nourished, or fed.

भरत् bharat [ bhr-at ] pr. pt. of &root;bhri.

भरत bharata [ bhar-at ] m. [to be maintained], N. of a certain Agni who is kept alive by the care of men (V.); a certain Agni with a son of the same name (E.); actor; N. of various princes and men; N. of a tribe, the descend ants of Bharata (pl.); N. of a manual of the histrionic art composed by a certain Bharata: -rishabha, m. ep. of Visvmitra; -khanda, n. N. of a division of Bhrata-varsha; -putra, m. son of Bharata, actor; -pura, n. N. of a city; -roha, m. N.: -ka, m. id.; -½rishabha, m. noblest among the Bharatas, ep. of various men; -vkya, n. actor's speech = epilogue of a play; -srdla, m. tiger among --, -sreshtha, -sattama, spv. best of the Bharatas, id.; -sena, m. N. of a commentator on the Meghadta, Raghuvamsa, Sisuplavadha, and Bhattikvya.

भरद्वाज bharadvaja [ bhard-vga ] m. [bearing strong flight], skylark; N. of a sage: -dhanvantari, m. N. of a divine being.

भरध्यै bharadhyai [ bhra-dhyai ] (V.) d. inf. of &root;bhri.

भरहूति bharahuti [ bhra-hti ] f. (RV.) battle-cry; a. raising a shout of battle.

भरित bharita [ bhar-ita ] den. pp. full, filled with (g.[or --ree;).

भरु bharu [ bhar-u ] m. ep. of Vishnu and Siva.

भर्ग bharga [ bhrg-a ] m. effulgence (V.); ep. of Siva; -as, n. glorious form (V.).

भर्तव्य bhartavya [ bhar-tavya ] fp. to be borne; -supported, -maintained or nourished; -hired or kept.

भर्त्सन bhartsana [ bharts-ana ] n., , f. threatening; abusing; -ita, pp. n. threat, against (lc.).

भर्मन् bharman  [ bhr-man ] n. maintenance, nurture.

भल bhala  [ bhala ] enc. pcl. truly, indeed (V.).

भल्ल bhalla  [ bhalla ] m., , f. kind of arrow; m. bear; n. kind of arrow-head.

भल्लात bhallata  [ bhallta ] m. marking-nut plant; n. the nut: -ka, m. n. id.

भल्लूक bhalluka  [ bhall-ka ] m. bear.

भव bhava  [ bhav- ] m. birth, production; origin, source; existence, life; worldly existence; world; well-being, prosperity; N. of a god, a companion of Rudra (V.); N. of Siva (E. C.): --ree;, becoming, turning into; --ree; a. arising, produced, or found in, coming from.

भवत् bhavat [ 1. bhav-at ] pr. pt. (nm. -an; f. -ant) being; present.

भय bhaya [ bhay- ] n. dread, alarm, fear, anxiety, of (ab., g., --ree;); sg., pl. terror, danger, peril, distress (from, ab. or --ree;; to, --ree;): ab. through fear; -m kri, be afraid of (ab.); -m d, give a fright, terrify.

भयकर bhayakara [ bhaya-kara ] a. terrifying; endan gering (g.); -kartri, -krit, m. one who terri fies or endangers; -m-kara, a. () fear-in spiring, terrifying, formidable (to, --ree;); m. N.; -dindima, m. battle-drum; -trtri, m. rescuer from danger; -da, a. terrifying or bringing danger to (g. or --ree;); -dna, n. gift given through fear; -dyin, a. fear-inspir ing; -dhana, a. abounding in dread, terrible; -pratkra, m. removal of danger; -prada, a. fear-inspiring; -pradyin, a. bringing into danger consisting of (--ree;); -vihvala, a. agi tated with fear; -vyha, m. kind of mili tary array in view of danger on all sides; -soka-samvishta, pp. filled with fear and sorrow; -samtrasta-mnasa, a. having a mind scared with fear; -sthna, n. occasion of danger; -hraka, a. freeing from fear or danger; -hetu, m. cause of alarm.

भयानक bhayanaka [ bhayna-ka ] a. terrible, dreadful.

भयापह bhayapaha [ bhaya½apaha ] a. releasing from fear, warding off danger from (--ree;); -½abdha, a. undisturbed by fear; -½rta, pp. stricken with fear, terrified; -½vaha, a. bringing fear or danger to (--ree;); -½uttara, a. attended with fear; -½upasama, m. allaying of danger, fear.

भय्य bhayya [ bhay-ya ] fp. n. one should be afraid of (ab.).

भर bhara [ bhr-a ] a. (--ree;) bearing; bestowing; maintaining; m. bearing, carrying (V.); gain ing (V.); booty (V.); battle, fight (V.); burden, load, weight; quantity, multitude, bulk, mass; excess; (stress), shout or song of praise (V.): -m kri, rest one's weight on (lc.); do one's utmost; in., ab. in full measure, with all one's might.


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