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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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भटीय bhatiya [ bhat-ya ] a. relating to ryabhata.

भट bhata [ bhata ] m. [Pr. for bhrita, hired], mer cenary, soldier, warrior; hireling, servant.

भट्््टोजि bhattoji[ bhatto-gi ] m. N. of a grammarian, author of the Siddhnta-kaumud: -dk shita, -bhatta, m. id.

भन्दनाय bhandanaya [ bhandan-ya ] den. P. only pr. pt. -yt, shouting, yelling (RV.1).

भन्दिष्ठ bhandistha [ bhnd-ishtha ] spv. shouting loudest, praising best.

भप्पट bhappata [ bhappata ] m. N. of the erector of a temple: -½svara, m. N. of a temple.

भम्भराली bhambharali [ bhambharl ] f. [perhaps Pr. for bhramara½ali], fly.

भम्भराव bhambharava [ bhambha-rva ] m. bellowing (of a cow).

भञ्जक bhanjaka [ bhag-aka ] m. breaker (of doors); -ana, a. breaking; m. breaker (--ree;); dispeller; n. breaking, destroying; dispelling, remov ing; disturbing, interrupting.

भण्ड bhanda [ bhand-a ] m. jester, buffoon; a mixed caste: -tva, n. buffoonery; -anya, fp. to be derided; m. N. of a minister of Srharsha.

भद्र bhadra [ bhad-r ] a. [laudable: &root;bhand] bless ed, auspicious; fair, beautiful; good; fortu nate, prosperous; skilful in (lc.): vc. m. my good friend, worthy sir, f. my good lady, pl. good people; dis, f. the auspicious quarter, the south; vk, f. kindly speech; -m, a-y, in. (V.) joyfully; -m kri or -kar, do well; -m kri, grant welfare to (d.); m. kind of evil doer (pl.); N.; n. welfare, happiness, bless ing, prosperity: -m te, prosperity to you, God bless you (often used parenthetically in a sentence).

भद्रक bhadraka [ bhadra-ka ] a. good: pl. used as a term of address, good people: , f. N.; -kal pa, m. the present cosmic age (among the Buddhists); -kraka, a. causing prosperity; -kl, f. a goddess, later a form of Durg; -kshtha, n. wood of the Devadru tree (Pinus Deodora); -krt, a. causing pros perity, blessing (V.); -ghata, m. pot of for tune, lottery vase.

भद्रंकर bhadrankara [ bhadram-kara ] m. (auspicious), N.

भद्रतर bhadratara [ bhadra-tara ] cpv. better; happier; more prosperous; -t, f. honesty, upright ness; -danta, m. N. of an elephant; -dru, m. n. the Devadru tree; -nidhi, m. treasure of fortune (a precious vessel offered to Vishnu); -pada, n. a metre; -ptha, n. auspicious seat, throne; -bhu, m. N. of a son of Vasudeva; N. of a prince of Magadha; -bhata, m. N.; -mukha, a. having an auspicious counte nance: only used in the vc. (or nm.=vc.) gen tle sir: pl. good people; -mriga, m. kind of elephant; -ratha, m. N.; -rp, f. N.; -vat, a. auspicious: -&isharp;, f. courtesan; N.; -vasana, splendid garment; -virg, f. a metre; -sla vana, n. forest of the splendid Sla trees, N. of a forest; -sen, m. N.

भद्राक्ष bhadraksa [ bhadra½aksha ] m. N. of a prince; -½yudha, m. N.; -½asva, m. N.; -½sana, n. splendid seat, throne; a sitting posture among ascetics; -½sa, m. ep. of Siva; -½s vara, m. N. of various statues and emblems of Siva; N. of a locality; N. of a scribe.

भन्ददिष्टि bhandadisti[ bhand-d-ishti ] a. (V.) speeding with shouts (the Maruts); -na, a. shouting: , f. shouting, praise (sts. pl.).

भङ्ग bhanga [ bha&ndot;g- ] a. breaking (V.1); m. breaking (also of waves), -down or off; plucking off; falling out; injury; fracture (of bones); separation, analysis (of words); bend, curve; collapse, downfall, fall, ruin, destruction, decay; interruption, disturbance; frustration, failure; infringement, diminution; non-performance (of an order); dispersion, discomfiture, rout, defeat (also in a lawsuit); fear; rejection, refusal; refutation; fragment; contraction, knitting (of the brows); fold; wave: -kara, a. breaking; m. breaker, infringer.

भङ्गि bhangi [ bha&ndot;g-i (or ) ] f. breaking; bend, curve; crooked path, circuitous way; circumlocution, roundabout way of speaking or acting; manner, method; way of dressing, fashion, costume; disguise, semblance, of (--ree;); figure; step; wave: -bhta, pp. resembling (--ree;), -½antarena, in. in another way; in an indirect manner.

भङ्गिन् bhangin [ bha&ndot;g-in ] a. fragile, passing away (--ree;).

भङ्गिमत् bhangimat [ bha&ndot;gi-mat ] a. wavy (hair); -man, m. waviness; perversity; -vikra, m. distor tion of the features (of the face).

भङ्गीभक्ति bhangibhakti [ bha&ndot;g-bhakti ] f. formation of steps, wave-like stair.

भङ्गुर bhangura [ bha&ndot;g-ura ] a. fragile, transitory, per ishable, as (--ree;); changeable, variable; curved (brow, etc.): -t, f. transitoriness, perishable ness; -niskaya, a. fickle, inconstant.

भङ्गुरय bhanguraya [ bha&ndot;gura-ya ] den. P. break, destroy; curl.

भजन bhajana [ bhag-ana ] n. adoration, worship: -t, f. id.; -anya, fp. to be loved or adored; -i-tavya, fp. id.

भट्््ट bhatta [ bhatta ] m. [Pr. for bhartri], doctor (designation of great scholars: the real name often being omitted, =e.g. Kumrila); , f. N. of a sorceress.

भग्न bhagna [ bhag-na ] pp. (&root;bhag) broken, etc.; n. fracture of the leg; -krama, n. violation of syntactical construction; -gnu, a. broken-kneed; -t, f. condition of being broken: pravahanasya, ship wrecked condition; -pra krama, n. inappropriate sequence in using a word not suiting one previously employed (rh.); -pratiga, a. having broken one's promise, faithless; -bhnda, a. having broken his pots; -manas, a. discouraged; -manoratha, a. disappointed; -mna, a. whose pride has been offended; -yka, a. whose request has been refused; -vrata, a. having broken his vow; -sakti, a. whose power is broken; -samdhi, a. having broken joints; -½sa, a. whose hopes have been frustrated, disap pointed; -½udyama, a. whose efforts have been foiled, baffled.

भट्््टि bhatti [ bhatti ] m. N. of the author of the Bhat tikvya (by various commentators identified with Bhartrihari): -kvya, n. the poem of Bhatti (sixth or seventh century a.d.), the main object of which, while describing the deeds of Rma, is to illustrate the forms of Sanskrit grammar.

भणन bhanana [ bhan-ana ] a. discoursing on, declar ing (--ree;); -anya, fp. to be said; -ita, (pp.) n. speech, discourse; -iti, f. id.

भट्््टवार्त्तिक bhattavarttika [ bhatta-vrttika ] n. T. of a work; -½krya, m. famous teacher (gnly. designa tion of Kumrila-bhatta).

भट्््टार bhattara [ bhattra ] m. [Pr. for strg. base of bhartri], N. of various men: -ka, m. lord, venerable or worshipful person (used of gods, men of rank, or scholars); kind of Saiva-monk; -matha, m. (conj.) N. of a college; -vra, m. day of the Lord, Sunday; -½yat ana, n. house of the Lord, temple.


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