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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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फलेग्रहि phalegrahi [ phale-grahi ] a. bearing fruit; successful.

फलाय phalaya [ phalâ-ya ] den. Â. be the reward or consequence of (--°ree;).

फलेतर phaletara [ phala½itara ] n. (?) no fruit: -tâ, f. absence of fruit.

फलार्थिन् phalarthin [ phala½arthin ] a. desirous of fruits; -½âsin, a. subsisting on fruit; -½âhâra, a. id.

फुत्phut [ phut ] onomatopoeic ij. always with kri, puff, blow; shriek, yell: -kâra, m. puffing, blowing, hissing; shriek, yell; -krita, (pp.) n. sound of wind instruments; shriek, yell; -kriti, f. blowing, hissing; blowing of a wind instrument.

फुल्ल phulla [ phulla ] pp. (&root;1. phal) expanded, blown (flower); wide open, dilated (eyes); puffed, inflated (cheeks); beaming, smiling (face): -na, a. inflating (--°ree;); -pura, n. N. of a city; -½utpala, n. (having blooming lotuses), N. of a lake.

फेट्कार phetkara [ phet-kâra ] m. howl, yell.

फेण phena [ phena ] incorrect for phena.

फेत्कार phetkara [ phet-kâra ] m. howl, yell; -krita, n. id.; -kârin, a. howling, yelling.

फेन phena [ phéna ] m. (n.1) foam, froth; moisture of the lips; n. cuttle-fish bone: -ka, m. ground rice soup; -giri, m. N. of a mountain at the mouth of the Indus; -dharman, a. having the nature of foam, transient; -pa, a. froth-drink ing, living on froth; -vat, a. frothy, foamy.

फेनाय phenaya [ phenâ-ya ] den. Â. foam.

फेनाहार phenahara [ phena½âhâra ] a. subsisting on froth.

फेनिल phenila [ phen-ila ] a. foaming, frothy, with (--°ree;); m. a tree.

फेरव pherava [ phe-rava ] m. jackal; râkshasa; -ru, m. jackal.

फलोत्प्रेक्षा phalotpreksa [ phala½utprekshâ ] f. a kind of simile; -½udaya, m. appearance of consequences, retribution, recompense, punish ment, for (g., lc., --°ree;); attainment of success; -½udgama, m. development of fruit; -½ud bhava, a. obtained from fruit; -½unmukha, a. on the point of yielding fruit; -½upagama, a. fruit-bearing; -½upagîvin, a. living by the sale of fruit; -½upabhoga, m. enjoyment of the fruit, participation in the consequences or reward of anything.

फल्गुन phalguna [ phálguna ] a. (î) reddish, red: î, f. N. of a double lunar mansion (pûrvâ and uttarâ); a-ka, m. N. of a people (pl.); N.

फल्गुप्रासह phalguprasaha [ phalgú-prâsaha ] a. having little strength.

फाणित phanita [ phânita ] cs. pp. (&root;phan) m. n. thickened juice of the sugar-cane, syrup.

फाण्ट phanta [ phânta [phân(i)ta] ] a. obtained by fil tered infusion; m. filtered infusion of pounded drugs with four parts of hot water; n. first particles of butter obtained by churning.

फाल phala [ ph&asharp;l-a ] m. [render], ploughshare; kind of shovel; m.n. tuft, nosegay; m. leap; core of a citron: -krishta, pp. ploughed; growing on ploughed land; n. (?) ploughed land; m. pro duce of ploughed land; -½âhata, pp. ploughed.

फणि phani [ phan-í ] m. serpent (only g. pl.): -kan yâ, f. serpent maiden; -in, m. hooded snake; serpent; ep. of Râhu and of Patañgali.

फाल्गुन phalguna [ phâlguná ] a. (&isharp;) belonging to the lunar mansion Phalgunî; m. month of which the full moon is in the asterism Phalgunî (February-March); ep. of Arguna; n. kind of grass used as a substitute for the Soma plant; N. of a place of pilgrimage: î, f. day of full moon in the month Phâlguna; the asterism Phalgunî.

फिट्सूत्र phitsutra [ phit-sûtra ] n. the Phit-sûtras, T. of a grammatical work.

फिरङ्ग phiranga [ phira&ndot;g-a ] a. belonging to the Franks, European; m. Europe; -in, m. European.

फुट phuta [ phuta ] n. (?) hood of a serpent: -½âtopa, m. expansion of a serpent's hood.

फणिनायक phaninayaka [ phani-nâyaka ] m. chief of the serpents, ep. of Vâsuki; -pati, m. chief of snakes, gigantic serpent; lord of serpents, ep. of Sesha; ep. of Patañgali; -bhâshita-bhâ shya½abdhi or -bhâshya½abdhi, m. ocean of comments uttered by Patañgali (designation of Patañgali's Mahâbhâshya); -bhug, m. (serpent-eater), peacock; -mukha, n. snake-face, a kind of burglar's implement; -latâ, -vallî, -vallîka, -vîrudh, f. betel pepper.

फणीन्द्र phanindra [ phani½indra ] m. Lord of serpents, ep. of Sesha and of Patañgali; -½îsa, -½îsvara, m. ep. of Patañgali.

फर् phar [ PHAR [= SPHAR] ] only intv. phar phar-at1, scatter.

फर्फराय pharpharaya [ phar-phar-âya ] intv. Â. dart about.

फल phala [ phál-a ] n. (--°ree; a. â or î) fruit (esp. of a tree); kernel of a fruit (rare); fruit=consequence, effect, result; reward, recompense, advantage; retribution, punishment, loss, disadvantage; gain, enjoyment; compensa tion; result of a calculation, produet, quo tient etc. (in mathematics); interest (on capital); gaming-board; blade; arrow-head.

फलहक phalahaka [ phala-ha-ka ] m. board, plank; -hîna, pp. destitute of fruit and paying no wages.

फलागम phalagama [ phala½âgama ] m. advent of fruit, i. e. time when the fruit is ripe, autumn; -½âdhya, a. rich in (=thickly bestrewn with) fruit; -½anubandha, m. consequences of (--°ree;).

फलित phalita [ phal-ita ] pp. &root;phal; -itavya, fp. n. fruit should be borne by (in.); -ín, a. bearing or yielding fruit, fruitful; reaping advan tage (V.); iron-headed (arrow); m. fruit-tree: -î, f. a. plant.

फलीकरण phalikarana [ phalî-kárana ] n. cleansing of grain; m. pl. chaff (of rice) or smallest grains (according to commentator); -kri, cleanse grain from chaff; -bhû, obtain a reward.

फक्किका phakkika [ phakkikâ ] f. provisional statement, thesis to be proved; T. of a commentary.

फटा phata [ phatâ ] f. hood of a serpent: -½âtopa, m. expansion of a serpent's hood.

फण phana [ phan-á ] m. froth (V.); stick shaped like a serpent's hood; m. nostril; hood of a serpent (ordinary mg.): -dhara, m. hooded serpent; snake: -dhara, m. ep. of Siva; -bhrit, m. (hooded) snake; -vat, a. hooded (serpent); m. hooded snake; serpent.

फणा phana [ phan-â ] f. nostril; hood of a ser pent: -bhrit, a. hooded (serpent); -vat, m. hooded snake; kind of genius.


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