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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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प्रोक्त prokta [ pra½ukta ] pp. (&root;vak) declared, etc.: -kārin, a. doing what he is told.

प्लाशुक plasuka [ pl&asharp;su-ka ] a. [=pra½āsu-ka] rapidly growing up again.

प्लिहन् plihan[ plih-an ] m. spleen.

प्लीहा pliha [ plīh-ā ] f. spleen: -½udara, n. disease of the spleen; -½udarin, a. suffering from disease of the spleen.

प्लुत pluta [ plu-ta ] pp.; n. leap, bound: -gati, f. moving by leaps.

प्लुति pluti [ plu-ti ] f. overflowing, inundation, flood; protracted pronunciation of a vowel, prolation; leap, bound.

प्लेङ्ख plenkha [ ple&ndot;khį ] m. swing.

प्लोत plota [ plota ] m. or n. cloth, bandage, rag.

प्लोष plosa [ plosh-a ] m. burning, combustion, con flagration; -ana, a. burning, scorching (--°ree;); -in, a. id. (--°ree;); m. scorcher (--°ree;).

प्सरस् psaras [ 1. psaras ] n. id. (in a-psarįs).

प्सरस् psaras [ 2. ps-ar-as [bh(a)s-ar-as] ] n. feast, enjoyment.

प्सुरस् psuras [ ps-śr-as [bh(a)s-ur-as] ] n. crop.

प्रौढ praudha [ pra½ūdha ] pp. (&root;vah) full grown, fully developed; mature, middle-aged (woman); luxuriant (of plants); large, great; strong, impetuous, violent; thick, dense; full of (--°ree;); self-confident, bold, saucy, pert (esp. of girls): -tva, n. boldness, pertness; -pāda, a. having the feet raised (i. e. resting on a bench); -pushpa, a. having full-blown flowers; -yauvana, a. being in the prime of youth; -vāda, m. bold or arrogant assertion; -svaram, ad. with a loud voice; -½a&ndot;ganā, f. bold woman; -½ākāra, m. bold or uncon strained behaviour (pl.).

प्रौढि praudhi [ pra½ūdhi ] f. growth, increase; ma turity, perfection; self-confidence, boldness, assurance.

प्रौढोक्ति praudhokti [ praudha½ukti ] f. bold assertion.

प्रौष्ठपद prausthapada [ praushtha-pada ] a. (ī) relating to the lunar mansion Proshthapada; m. a month (=Bhādrapada); ā, f. pl. a certain double lunar mansion; ī, f. day of full moon in the month Praushthapada.

प्लक्ष plaksa [ plakshį ] m. wavy-leaved fig-tree (Fi cus infectoria): (a)-prasravana, -rāga, m. N. of a locality where the Sarasvatī rises; -sravana, n. id.

प्लव plava [ plav-į ] a. [&root;plu] swimming, floating; inclined or sloping, towards (--°ree;); transient; m. n. boat, skiff; m. kind of duck (Kāran dava); swimming; bathing; overflowing of a river, flood; leaping, bound: -ga, m. (moving by leaps), frog; monkey: -½indra, m. Lord of the Monkeys, ep. of Hanumat.

प्लवंग plavanga [ plava-m-ga ] a. moving by leaps, ep. of fire; m. monkey, ape; -gama, m. frog; ape, monkey.

प्लवन plavana [ plav-ana ] a. inclined or sloping to wards (--°ree;); n. swimming; bathing, in (--°ree;); flying; leaping, over (--°ree;); trotting (of horses).

प्लववत् plavavat [ plava-vat ] ad. as with a boat; a. possessing a boat.

प्लवित plavita [ plav-ita ] (pp.) n. swimming or leap ing; -itri, m. one who leaps (with g. of distance).

प्लाक्ष plaksa [ pl&asharp;ksha ] a. relating or belonging to the wavy-leaved fig-tree (Ficus infectoria).

प्लात plata [ plāta ] m. pat. son of Plati.

प्रो pro [ pro ] V. pra+u (not liable to euphonic combination).

प्रोक्षण proksana [ pra&halfacute;ukshana ] n. besprinkling with water; consecration by sprinkling; vessel for holy water: ī, f. pl. water for sprinkling, holy water (containing grains of rice and barley); sg. vessel for holy water: ī-ya, n. sg. & pl. holy water.

प्रोच्चण्ड proccanda [ pra½ukkanda ] a. extremely violent or powerful; -½ukkātanā, f. scaring away; -½ukkais, in. ad. exceedingly loud; in a very high degree; -½ugghitum, inf. (&root;uggh) to escape, evade; -½uńkhana, n. wiping away or off; -½uta, pp. (&root;vā, weave), woven, sewn, etc.; -½utkata, a. very great: -bhritya, m. high official; -½utkantha, a. stretching out the neck far; at the top of one's voice (shout etc.); -½utkrushta, (pp.) n. loud noise, up roar; -½uttāna, a. far-extended; -½uttāla, a. very loud; -½uttu&ndot;ga, a. very high; -½ut phulla, a. full-blown, fully expanded (flower); wide open (eyes); -½utsārita, cs. pp. (&root;sri) relinquished, given up, etc.; -½utsāha, m. great exertion; -½utsāhana, n. instigation, stimulation, invitation, to (--°ree;).

प्रोथ protha [ proth-a ] n. (?) nostrils (of a horse); snout (of a boar); buttocks (of a man).

प्रोदक prodaka [ pra½udaka ] a. dripping, wet; from which the water has run off; -½udakī-bhāva, m. dripping off of water; -½udgārin, a. giv ing forth (--°ree;); -½udghushta, pp. resonant, resounding; -½udghoshanā, f. proclaiming aloud; -½uddanda, a. prominent, swollen; -½uddāma, a. extraordinary, prodigious; -½ud dīpta, pp. blazing; -½uddhūshita, pp. in correct for -½uddhrishita (pp. &root;hrish); -½ud bodha, m. awaking, appearance; awakening (tr.); -½unmāthin, a. destroying (--°ree;); -½ur- nunavishu, des. a. wishing to cover or con ceal; -½ushita, pp. &root;vas, dwell: -bhartri kā, a. f. whose husband is away from home.

प्रोष्ठ prostha [ próshtha ] m. [pra½ava-stha, standing out below], bench, stool: pl. N. of a people: e-sayį, a. lying on a couch.

प्रोष्ण prosna [ pra½ushna ] a. burning hot.

प्लाव plava [ plāv-a ] m. [&root;plu] flowing over; leaping; -ana, n. ablution, bathing; filling to overflowing (for the purification of fluids); protracted pronunciation of a vowel; -ayi tri, m. ferryman; -ita, cs. pp. &root;plu; n. in undation, deluge; -in, a. spreading, divulg ing (--°ree;); flowing from (--°ree;); -ya, fp. to be immersed in (in.).

प्लाशि plasi [ plāsķ ] m. sg. & pl. one of the intestines.

प्रैयमेध praiyamedha [ praiyamedha ] m. pat. descendant of Priyamedha.

प्रैयरूपक praiyarupaka [ praiya-rūpa-ka ] m. pleasant ap pearance.

प्रैष praisa [ pra½esha ] m. order, command; invita tion (esp. ritual), to (--°ree;): -kara, -krit, a. performing behests; m. servant.

प्रैष्य praisya [ praish-yį ] a. menial (w. gana, m. ser vant); m. servant, menial (ā, f.); n. servi tude: -gana, m. coll. servants, train; -bhā va, m. condition of a servant, servitude.


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