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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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प्रासह््prasah [ pr-sh ] a. mighty; f. might, force: in. forcibly; -saha, m. power, force; ab. forcibly.

प्रेयस् preyas [ pr-yas ] cpv. (of priya) dearer, more agreeable, etc.; m. lover; n. flattery (rh.): -, f. mistress, wife; -t, f., -tva, n. being dearer, greater dearness.

प्रेरक preraka [ pra½r-aka ] a. urging, impelling; m. stimulator, instigator; -ana, n. (also , f.) stimulation, instigation, incitement, to (pra ti); activity, action; -anya, fp. to be urged, to (d.); -ita, pp. urged, instigated, etc.; sent, despatched; -itri, m. instigator, inciter.

प्रेषण presana [ pra½ishana ] n. despatching (a messen ger), to any one (prati); sending on a mis sion, charge, commission, order; rendering of a service: -krit, a. executing an order or commission, -½adhyaksha, m. head of the executive.

प्रेषित presita [ pra½ish-ita ] pp. sent, despatched on an errand; -itavya, fp. n. impl. one should call upon.

प्रेष्ठ prestha [ pr-shtha ] spv. (of priya) dearest, most beloved; m. lover, husband: , f. mistress, wife.

प्रेष्य presya [ pra½ishya ] fp. to be sent or despatched; m. servant, menial; n. servitude; behest, command: -kara, a. performing the behests of (g.); -gana, m. domestics, household; ser vant; -t, f., -tva, n. servitude, bondage, to (--ree;); -bhva, m. condition of a servant, ser vitude, bondage; -vadh, f. handmaid; -var ga, m. body of servants, retinue.

प्रेष्या presya [ preshy ] f. handmaid: -tva, n. con dition of a handmaid.

प्रैतोस् praitos [ pra½etos ] g. inf. of &root;i (Br.).

प्रेङ्ख prenkha [ pre&ndot;kh- ] a. rocking, swaying, pitch ing; m., , f. swing; -ana, n. moving to wards (--ree;); n. swinging; kind of minor play in one act.

प्रेत preta [ pra½ita ] pp. gone forward, i. e. departed, dead; m. dead man, corpse; ghost, spirit: -karman, n. funeral ceremony; -krya, -kritya, n. id.; -gata, pp. gone to the de parted, dead; -gopa, m. guardian of the dead (in Yama's realm); -krin, a. moving among the dead (Siva); -tva, n. condition of a dead man, death; condition of a ghost; -dhma, m. smoke from a burning corpse; -ntha, m. Lord of the dead, ep. of Yama; -paksha: -ka, m. fortnight of the Manes, dark fortnight in the month Bhdra; -pat k, f. funeral flag; -pati, m. Lord of the dead, ep. of Yama: -pataha, m. drum of death (fig.); -pinda-bhug, a. partaking of the funeral feast; -pitri, a. whose father is dead; -pur, f. city of the dead, Yama's abode; -prasdhana, n. adornment of the dead; -bhva, m. condition of one dead, death; -medha, m. funeral sacrifice; -rga, m. King of the dead, ep. of Yama; -loka, m. world of the dead; -vasa, m. power of the dead; -sil, f. stone of the dead (a stone near Gay on which funeral cakes are offered); -suddhi, f., -sauka, n. purification for the dead or after a death; -samklipta, pp. pre pared in honour of a dead person (food); -sparsin, m. corpse-bearer; -hra, m. id.

प्रेताधिप pretadhipa [ preta½adhipa ] m. Lord of the dead, ep. of Yama: -nagar, f. city of Yama; -½adhipati, m. Lord of the dead or the Manes; -½anna, n. food offered to the Manes; -½vsa, m. burial-place; -½asthi, n. bone of a dead man.

प्रेति preti [ pra&halfacute;iti ] f. departure, flight.

प्रेतेश pretesa [ preta½sa ] m. Lord of the dead, ep. of Yama; -½svara, m. id.

प्रेत्य pretya [ pra½itya ] gd. after dying, i.e. in the other world (opp. iha): -gti, f. position in the next world; -bhg, a. enjoying the fruits of anything after death; -bhva, m. condition after death, future life: i-ka, a. relating to the condition after death.

प्रेत्वन् pretvan [ pra½i-tvan ] a. (r-) wandering at large; m. ep. of Indra.

प्रेप्सा prepsa [ pra½ps ] f. wish to obtain; desire; assumption, supposition; -½psu, des. a. wish ing to obtain, seeking, longing for, aiming at; assuming, supposing.

प्रेमबन्ध premabandha [ prema-bandha ] m. bond of love, affection: -na, n. id.; -bhva, m. affection; -rs-bh, become a heap of affection, become intense (love); -vat, a. (-) loving, affection ate; -visvsa-bhmi, f. object of love and confidence.

प्रेमाकर premakara [ prema½kara ] m. wealth of love; -bandha, m. bond of love, affection.

प्रीणय prinaya [ pr-n-aya ] cs. of &root;pr.

प्रीततर pritatara [ prta-tara ] cpv. more pleased; -manas, a. delighted at heart; -½tman, a. id.

प्रावृत pravrta [ pr-vrita ] pp. (&root;1. vri) covered, etc.; n. cloak, upper garment; covering, wrapping.

प्रीति priti [ pr-ti ] f. satisfaction, gratification, joy, delight, pleasure (in or at, lc. or --ree;); kindly feeling, favour; friendship, with (sa mam or --ree;); affection, love, or fondness for (g., lc., --ree;); Joy (personified, esp. as the daughter of Daksha and as one of the wives of Kma): in. joyfully; in a friendly way; affectionately: -kara, a. giving satisfaction to, pleasing (--ree;); -karman, n. act of love, friendlyaction; -kta, N. of a village; -datta, pp. given through affection or love; -dna, n. gift of love; -dya, m. id.; -dhana, n. money given through friendship; -prva kam, ad. kindly, affectionately; -pramukha, a. kindly (speech); -mat, a. glad; satisfied; feeling love or friendship for (g. or lc.); kind (word); -maya, a. produced by joy; -yug, a. beloved, dear; -rasyana, n. elixir of joy; -vakas, n. kind or friendly words; -vardhana, m. (increaser of joy), N. of the fourth month; -visrambha-bhgana, n. re pository of affection and confidence; -sam gati, f. friendly alliance with (in.).

प्रुष्वा prusva [ prsh-v (or &asharp;) ] f. rime, ice.

प्रेक्षक preksaka [ pra½ksh-aka ] a. (ik) looking on; looking at or intending to look at (ac.); con sidering, investigating, judging; m. specta tor; -ana, n. viewing, looking at; looking on at a performance; view, look; eye; public show, spectacle: -ka, a. looking on; m. spectator; n. spectacle, show; comedy (opp. reality); -anya, fp. to be seen, visible, to (in.); to look at, looking like (--ree;); worthy to be seen by (--ree;); beautiful to look at: -ka, n. show, spectacle, -tara, cpv. more beautiful to look at, -t, f. fitness to be seen.

प्रेक्षा preksa [ pra½ksh- ] f. seeing, viewing; look ing on at a performance or entertainment; appearance; good looks, beauty; public spec tacle, show; being regarded as or taken to mean (--ree;); reflexion, deliberation; under standing: -½agra, m. n., -griha, n. play house, theatre; -prva, ree;-or -m, ad. with deliberation; -prapaka, m. stage-play; -vat, a. circumspect, deliberate; -vidhi, m. stage-play; -samga, m. du. public shows and assemblies.

प्रेक्षित preksita [ pra½ksh-ita ] pp. viewed, beheld, looked at, etc.; n. glance, look; -i-tavya, fp. to be seen or beheld; -i-tri, m. spectator; -in, a. beholding, looking on or towards; watching for; having a glance like (--ree;, e. g. a deer); -ya, fp. to be seen, visible; to be looked at or regarded; worthy to be seen, by (--ree;).

प्रियक priyaka [ priya-ka ] m. kind of deer (with a very soft pile); kind of bird; a tree; -kara, a. pleasing, delightful; -karman, n. act of a lover; a. doing a service, kind; -kalaha, a. quarrelsome; -kma, a. desirous of render ing a service to (g.); -km-y, f. desire of doing any one (g.) a service; -kra, a. doing any one a service; -kraka, a. causing plea sure; -krana, n. occasion for kindness: ab. in order to do one a kindness; -kr-in, a. (n-) showing any one a kindness: (-i)-tva, n. abst. n.; -krit, a. doing a service.

प्रियंकर priyankara [ priya-m-kara ] a. (, ) doing a ser vice or kindness to (g.); agreeable, delight ful; m. N. of a Dnava.

प्रियचिकीर्षा priyacikirsa [ priya-kikrsh ] f. desire to do any one (g.) a kindness; -kikrshu, des. a. wishing to do a service to any one (g.); -gana, m. loved person (male or female); -gni, m. gallant, lover; -gvita, a. to whom life is dear: -t, f. attachment to life; ()-ta ma, spv. very dear; m. lover, spouse; -tara, cpv. dearer: -tva, n. being dearer to any one (lc.) than (ab.); ()-t, f., -tva, n. popularity; affection; fondness or love for (--ree;); -darsa, a. pleasant to look at; -darsana, n. sight of a dear friend; a. having a pleasing aspect, good-looking, handsome, to (g.); m. N. of a prince of the Gandharvas: , f. N.; -darsin, m. (kindly-looking), ep. of Asoka; -prasna, m. friendly inquiry (after any one's health etc.); -prya, a. exceedingly kind (speech); -bhshana, n. kind words; -bhshin, a. speaking kind words; -bhogana, a. fond of eating; -mandana, a. fond of ornaments; ()-medha, m. N. of a Rishi; -vaktri, m. one who says pleasant things (in a good or a bad sense); flatterer: -tva, n. kindly speech; -vakana, n. kind or endearing words; -vak as, n. id.; a. speaking kindly; -vasantaka, m. pleasant spring and dear Vasantaka; -vas tu, n. favourite object or topic; -vk-sahita, pp. accompanied by kind words; -vk, f. kind words; a. speaking kindly or affably; -vda, m. kind words; -vdik, f. kind of musical instrument; -vd-n, a. speaking sweetly or kindly, saying pleasant things; flattering; m. flatterer: (-i)-t, f. pleasing speech; flat tery; -vinkrita, pp. abandoned or deserted by one's beloved; ()-vrata, a. having de sirable ordinances or loving obedience; m. N.; -sravas, a. fame-loving, ep. of Krishna; -samvsa, m. society of loved ones: -sakha, m. (, f.) dear friend; a. loving one's friends; -samgamana, n. meeting of beloved ones, N. of a place where Indra and Krishna are said to have met their parents Kasyapa and Aditi; -satya, a. pleasant as well as true; -samprahra, a. quarrelsome; -shasa, a. addicted to indiscretions: -tva, n. abst. n.; -suhrid, m. dear friend; -sevaka, a. kind to one's servants; -hita, pp. pleasant as well as salutary; n. what is agreeable and bene ficial.

प्रियाख्य priyakhya [ priya½khya ] a. announcing good tidings; called pleasure; -gana, m. pl. loved ones, mistresses; a½atithi, a. fond of guests, hospitable; a½tman, a. of an agreeable na ture, pleasant; a½annatva, n. dearness of food; a½apriy, n. (sg., du., pl.) what is agreeable and disagreeable, pleasure and dis pleasure, likes and dislikes; -mukh-bh, turn into the face of one's beloved; a½arha, a. worthy of love or kindness.

प्रियाल priyala [ priyla ] m. a tree (Buchanania lati- folia), commonly called Piyal.

प्रियालापिन् priyalapin [ priya½lpin ] a. speaking plea santly, amiable; -½asya-mat, f. N.

प्रियैषिन् priyaisin [ priya½eshin ] a. desirous of pleas ing (--ree;); -½ukti, f. kind or friendly speech.

प्री pri [ pr ] a. (only --ree;) kind; delighting in.

प्रीणन prinana [ pr-n-ana ] a. pleasing, soothing; n. delectation, satisfaction; means of satis fying etc.

प्रासाद prasada [ pr-sda ] m. raised platform for sitting, terrace; top storey of a lofty building; edifice on high foundations, palace; temple, shrine: -gata, pp. gone to the flat roof of the palace; -garbha, m. inner apartment or sleeping chamber of a palace; -tala, n. flat roof of a palace; -prishtha, n. balcony on the top of a palace; -stha, a. standing on the top of the palace; -½agra, n. top of a palace.

प्रासादिक prasadika [ prsd-ika ] a. gracious; lovely.

प्रासादिका prasadika [ prsd-ik ] f. room on the roof of a house.

प्रासुक prasuka [ pra½asu-ka ] a. free from living crea tures, clean.

प्रास्ताविक prastavika [ pr-stv-ika ] a. () introductory; -sthn-ika, a. referring to a journey or to departure; suitable or favourable for depar ture; n. preparations for a journey.

प्रास्थिक prasthika [ prsth-ika ] a. holding or weighing a prastha.

प्राहरिक praharika [ pr-harika ] m. probably=-hrika; -hrika, m. watchman, beadle.

प्राहुण prahuna  [ prhuna ] m. [dialectical for pra½ ghrna], guest (, f.): -ka, m. id., i-k, f. female guest; i-ka, m. guest.

प्राह्ल prahla  [ pra½ahna ] m. forenoon: lc. in the fore noon.

प्रिय priya [ priy- ] a. [&root;pr] dear, beloved, of (d., g., lc., --ree;); favourite, cherished; pleasing, agreeable; dear, expensive (very rare); fond of, prone or attached to (lc. or --ree;); ree;-of a. cpds. before a noun, fond of, devoted to; with ab. dearer than; -m, ad. agreeably, kindly; in. gladly; m. friend; lover, husband; son-in-law; n. kindness, favour, pleasing or kind act; , f. beloved, mistress, wife; female (of an animal).

प्रियंवद priyaṃvada [ priya-m-vada ] a. speaking kindly, affable to (g. or --ree;); m. N.: , f. N.; -vada ka, m. N.

प्रावृट्काल pravrtkala [ prvrit-kla ] m. rainy season: -vaha, a. flowing only during the rains (river).

प्रावृण्मय pravrnmaya [ prvrin-maya ] a. () resembling the rainy season.

प्रावृष् pravrs [ pr-vrsh ] f. rainy season, rains (as a division of the calendar embracing the months shdha and Srvana, which are the first half of the actual rains); -vrishi-ga, a. produced or occurring in the rainy season; -vrish-&isharp;na, a. belonging to or beginning the rainy season (day); -vrish-enya, a. referring or belonging to the rainy season.

प्रावेप pravepa [ pr-vep ] m. hanging fruit swaying on a tree.

प्रावेशिक pravesika [ pr-ves-ika ] a. () relating to en trance into the house or on the stage; -vrg ya, n. life of a religious mendicant.

प्राश prasa [ pra½sa ] m. eating, tasting; food; first feeding of a child with rice; -½asana, n. id.; feeding: -½arthya, a. intended for food; -½asanya, fp. serving as food.

प्राशस्त्य prasastya [ prsast-ya ] n. praiseworthiness, pre-eminence, excellence.

प्राशित prasita [ pra&halfacute;asita ] pp. eaten; -½asi-tr, m. eater.

प्राशित्र prasitra [ prsitr ] n. [belonging to the Pr sitri], portion of sacrificial ghee eaten by the Brahman priest: -hrana, n. vessel for hold ing the Prsitra.

प्राशु prasu [ pra½s ] a. very swift or agile.

प्राश्््निक prasnika [ prsn-ika ] a. containing many ques tions; m. (inquirer), arbitrator, umpire.

प्राश्वमेध prasvamedha [ pra½asvamedha ] m. preliminary horse sacrifice.

प्रास prasa [ pra½sa ] m. throw, cast; sprinkling; dart; N.

प्रासङ्गिक prasangika[ prsa&ndot;g-ika ] a. () derived from close connection or attachment, relevant; in cidental, episodical; casual.

प्रार्थन prarthana [ pra½arthana ] n. solicitation, entreaty, prayer, request, desire, for (lc. or --ree;); peti tion, suit; supplication of any one (--ree;): , f. (more common), id.: -bha&ndot;ga, m. refusal of a request, -½abhva, m. absence of a suit, -siddhi, f. fulfilment of a desire or request.

प्रार्थनीय  prarthaniya [ prrth-anya ] fp. to be wished or solicited; desirable; to be asked (person); -ayitavya, fp. desirable; -ayitri, m. suitor, lover; -ita, pp. requested, solicited; desired, sought, required; n. wish, desire: -durla bha, a. desired but hard to obtain; -in, a. wishing, desiring (--ree;); -ya, fp. desired of (in., g., --ree;); desirable; n. imps. one should request.

प्रार्पण  prarpana  [ pra&halfacute;arpana ] m. arouser, author (V.); -½arpya, gd. having roused.

प्रालम्ब pralamba [ prlamba ] a. hanging down, pen dent; n. (?) garland hanging down from the neck.

प्रालेय praleya [ 1. prleya ] den. P. resemble snow, etc.

प्रालेय praleya [ 2. prleya ] n. (?) hail; snow; rime; dew: -bhdhara, m. snow-mountain, ep. of the Himlaya; -rasmi, m. (cold-rayed), moon; -rokis, m. id.; -varsha, n. (?) fall of snow; -saila, m. snow-mountain, ep. of the Him laya; -½amsu, m. (cold-rayed), moon; -½adri, m. snow-mountain, ep. of the Himlaya.

प्रावचन pravacana [ prvakana ] a. usual while reciting Vedic texts; i-ka, a. id.

प्रावरण pravarana [ pr-vrana ] n. covering; cloak, upper garment.

प्रावर्षिन् pravarsin [ pr-varshin ] a. beginning to rain.

प्रावादुक pravaduka [ pr-vdu-ka ] m. opponent (in a disputation).

प्रावार pravara [ pr-vra ] m. cloak, upper garment; N. of a locality; a. infesting clothes: -ka, m. cloak, upper garment, -ktaka, m. clothes louse.

प्रावारिक pravarika [ prvr-ika ] m. maker of upper garments.

प्रावालिक pravalika [ prvl-ika ] m. seller of coral.

प्रावीण्यं pravinyaṃ [ prvn-ya ] n. skilfulness, dexterity, proficiency, in (lc. or --ree;).

प्रायेण prayena [ pryena ] in. ad. for the most part, mostly, generally, as a rule; in all proba bility.

प्रायोक्त्र prayoktra [ pryoktra ] a. () occasionally em ployed.

प्रायोगिक prayogika [ pryog-ika ] a. applicable.

प्रायोज्य prayojya [ pryog-ya ] a. belonging to what is requisite.

प्रायोपगमन prayopagamana [ prya½upagamana ] n. going to death, starving oneself to death; -½upayog ika, a. most usual; -½upavishta, pp. sit ting down to starve oneself to death; -½upa-vesa, m.: -na, n. starvation by fasting; -½upavesin, a. sitting down to starve oneself to death.

प्रायोभाविन् prayobhavin [ pryo-bhvin ] a. occurring generally or regularly; -vda, m. current saying, proverb.

प्रारम्भ prarambha [ pra½-rambha ] m. beginning of a task, undertaking, enterprise; commencement.

प्रारोह praroha [ pr-roha ] m. shoot, sprout.

प्रार्थ prartha [ pra&halfacute;artha ] a. eager; m. equipment, im plement.

प्रार्थक prarthaka [ pra½arth-aka ] a. soliciting; courting; m. wooer, suitor.


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