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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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प्रत्वक्षस्् pratvaksas [ pr-tvakshas ] a. energetic, vigorous.

प्रत्यमित्र pratyamitra[ prati½amitra ] a. hostile; m. enemy, adversary.

प्रत्त pratta [ pr-t-ta ] pp. &root;d; ()-t-ti, f. gift.

प्रत्यृचम््pratyrcam[ prati½rikam ] ad. at or with each stanza; -½ritu, ad. at every season.

प्रलेप pralepa [ pra-lepa ] m. adhesion to (--ree;); salve, plaster; -leha, m. kind of broth; -lehana, n. licking.

प्रस्रंस prasraṃsa [ pra-sramsa ] m. falling down; -srams ana, n. dissolvent; -sramsin, a. (-) mis carrying; -srava, m. flowing forth; stream, flow; flow of milk (lc. when the milk flows): pl. gushing tears; -srvana, n. gushing or streaming forth, trickling, oozing; effusion, discharge (of, from, or into, --ree;); spring, foun tain; spout; -srava-yukta, pp. discharging milk (breasts), -samyukta, pp. id.; stream ing (tears); -sravin, a. pouring forth, dis charging (--ree;); discharging milk (cow); -srva, m. urine; -sruta, pp. oozed, issued, etc.

प्रस्वन prasvana [ pra-svana ] m. sound, noise; ()-sv das, a. very sweet, highly pleasing; -svpa, a. inducing sleep, soporific (missile); m. fall ing asleep; dream; -svpana, a. () causing slumber: das, f. condition of sleep; n. causing sleep; -sveda, m. perspiration; -svedin, a. perspiring, covered with sweat.

प्रहणन prahanana [ pra-hanana ] n. striking; -hata, pp. (&root;han) struck, beaten, etc.; -hati, f. stroke, blow; -hantavya, fp. to be killed; -han tr, a. striking down (ac.); -hara, m. (stroke on a gong), watch (period of about three hours): -ka, m. id.; -harana, n. strik ing, beating; pecking; attacking; combat; removing, dispelling; weapon; -haranya, fp. to be attacked; -removed or expelled; n. weapon, missile; -hartavya, fp. to be at tacked; n. imps. one must strike or attack (d. or lc.); -hartri, m. sender; assailant, combatant, warrior; -harsha, m. great joy, rapture: -m kri, delight in (lc.); -harshana, a. causing (the hair of the body) to stand on end; making very glad, enrapturing; n. erection (of the hair of the body); joy, rap ture; -harsha-vat, a. rejoicing; -harshin, a. gladdening; -hasana, n. laughter; deri sion; kind of comedy, farce; -hasita, (pp.) n. breaking out into a laugh; -hasta, m. hand with extended fingers; a. long-handed; m. N.; -hna, n. 1. abstraction, speculation; 2. abandonment, avoidance; -hni, f. dis appearance; -htavya, fp. to be abandoned; -hra, m. stroke, blow, thump, cut, thrust, shot, kick (with, --ree;; on, lc., sts. --ree;): -da, a. giving a blow to, striking (--ree;), -varman, m. N. of a prince, -½rta, pp. wounded; -hrin, a. striking, with (--ree;); fighting against (g. or --ree;); m. good fighter; -hsa, m. laughter; derision, irony; -hasn, a. laughing, derisive.


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प्रस्तार prastara [ pra-stra ] m. strewing, spreading out; abundance; litter, bed of straw; couch; layer; stair (leading down to water); flat surface; table of all the possible combinations in a metre: -pa&ndot;kti, f. combination-pa&ndot;kti, a metre (12+12+8+8 syllables); -strin, a. spreading out, extending to; -stva, m. pre liminary mention, allusion, propounding or introducing a topic; subject of conversation, topic; opportunity, occasion, season, proper time; beginning, commencement; introduction; -of a Sman sung by the Prastotri priest: in. at any one's convenience; lc. on a suitable occasion, opportunely, -tas, ad. in the course of (--ree;); -stvan, f. blazing abroad, through (in.); beginning, commencement; introduction, (dramatic) prologue (the scene between the benediction and beginning of the first act); -stva-sadrisa, a. suited to the occasion, seasonable, appropriate; -stvita, cs. pp. commenced, begun; referred to.

प्रस्तुत prastuta [ pra-stuta ] pp. begun; propounded, under discussion, in question: -tva, n. state of being under discussion, -½a&ndot;kura, m. figure in which allusion is made to a passing cir cumstance, hinting at something analogous present in the mind; ()stuti, f. praise.

प्रस्थ prastha [ pra-stha ] m. n. [standing forth, promi nent], table-land on a mountain, plateau; level expanse, plain; a measure of capacity (=32 Palas); -sthna, n. setting out, march ing forth, proceeding, departure; advent; de spatch (of wares), journey to the next world; religious mendicancy; way of thinking, method, system, sect; kind of inferior drama: -dundubhi, m. drum giving the sig nal for marching; -sthnya, a. relating to departure; -sthpana, n. sending away, de spatching, dismissing; giving currency to (an expression); -sthpita, cs. pp. (&root;sth) sent away, despatched; -sthpya, cs. fp. to be sent away or dismissed; -sthyin, a. setting out, departing; -sthita, pp. (&root;sth) set out, departed; marched forth; gone on a journey; n. departure: -ygy, f. verse pro nounced on offering the Soma vessels called &open;prasthita;&close; -sthiti, f. setting out, depar ture; -stheya, fp. n. imps. one should set out or depart.

प्रस्नव prasnava [ pra-snava ] m. stream or flow (of milk etc.): pl. tears; -snvin, a. dropping, pour ing forth (--ree;); -snuta, pp. dropping, flow ing: -stan, a. f. having streaming breasts; -snush, f. grandson's wife; -snya, fp. suitable for bathing.

प्रस्पन्दन praspandana [ pra-spandana ] n. quivering, pal pitating; -spardhin, a. rivalling; -sphuta, a. plain, manifest, evident; -sphurita, pp. quivering, vibrating, tremulous; manifested; -sphuli&ndot;ga, m. (?) darting spark; -sphot ana, n. splitting (int.); causing to expand or bloom.

प्रस्मर्तव्य prasmartavya [ pra-smartavya ] fp. to be forgotten.


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प्रस्यन्द prasyanda [ pra-syanda ] m. trickling or welling forth; -syandana, n. id.; exudation; -synd in, a. oozing forth; --ree;, shedding (tears); m. shower of rain.

प्रसुप् prasup [ pra-sp ] a. slumbering; -supta, pp. slept; sleeping; fast asleep: -t, f. sleepi ness; -supti, f. id.

प्रसू prasu [ pra-s&usharp; ] a. bearing, giving birth to; fruitful, prolific; producing, providing for (--ree;); f. mother; sprout; flowering sacrificial grass; -sta, pp. born, produced; n. pri mordial soul or matter (phil.); ()-sti, 1. f. instigation, command; permission; (a) sti, 2. f. bringing forth, parturition; laying (of eggs); birth; coming forth, production (of fruit, flowers, etc.); producer; child, off spring, progeny; product; -stik, f. a. re cently confined; having lately calved; -sna, pp. &root;s; n. blossom, flower: -bna, m. (flower-arrowed), Kma, -½suga, m. id.

प्रसृत prasrta [ pra-srita ] pp. &root;sri; m. outstretched hollowed palm; handful (as a measure=2 Palas); ()-sriti, f. flow; successful pro gress; diffusion; hollow outstretched palm; handful (as a measure=2 Palas): -yvaka, m. eating porridge made of not more than a handful of barley; -srimara, a. welling forth, distilling; going in front, being at the head of (g.); -srishta, pp. &root;srig.

प्रसेक praseka [ pra-seka ] m. effusion; watering of the mouth, nausea; exudation, resin; spout (of a ladle); -sekin, a. discharging fluid; suffering from (excessive) salivation; -sena: -git, m. N. of various princes; -sevaka, m. sack, bag; damper on the neck of a lute.

प्रथन prathana [ prth-ana ] n. broadening, extension; place of extension (Br.); manifestation of (--ree;; C.).

प्रस्कण्व praskanva [ pr-skanva ] m. N. of a Vedic Rishi: pl. descendants of Praskanva; -skandana, a. leaping forward, attacking, ep. of Siva; suf fering from diarrh&oe;a; n. bounding over or across (--ree;); aperient; -skandin, a. leaping into (--ree;); -skanna, pp. &root;skand; -skunda, m. support or (according to a commentator) circular altar; -skhalana, n. stumbling, stag gering.

प्रस्तम्भ prastambha [ pra-stambha ] m. becoming rigid; -star, m. (that which is strewn forth), straw bed, couch of grass or leaves, litter; couch of (--ree;); bunch of sacrificial grass; flat surface, pavement, terrace; plain, plateau; stone, rock; section, paragraph; -starana, n. couch, seat; -stava, m. song of praise.

प्रष्ठ prastha [ pra-shtha ] a. standing or going in front; chief, foremost, most excellent, best, of (--ree;); m. front-man, leader: -tva, n. pre-eminence.

प्रसकल prasakala [ pra-sakala ] a. very full (bosom); -sakta, pp. &root;sag: ree;-or -m, ad. incessantly; -saktavya, fp. to be attached to (lc.); -sak ti, f. attachment, devotion, or addiction to, indulgence in, occupation with (lc.), occur rence of a case; bearing, applicability; practicableness: -m pra-y, be practicable; -sa&ndot;ktavya, fp. to be allowed to occur; -sa&ndot;khy, f. sum total; consideration; -sam khyna, n. enumeration; reflexion, medita tion; fame, reputation; -sa&ndot;ga, m. attach ment, inclination; fondness for, addiction to; indulgence in (lc. or --ree;); gratification, of (g.); association or intercourse with (--ree;); illicit pursuit; applicability; contingency; opening, opportunity, occasion; connexion (pl. all that is connected with or results from anything): in. assiduously, with one's whole soul; in the course of (--ree;); occasionally, in cidentally (also ab., ree;--, or -tas); amun or tat-prasa&ndot;gena, on that occasion; etat prasa&ndot;ge, on this occasion; prasa&ndot;ge ku tra½api, on a certain occasion: -vat, a. occa sional, incidental, -vinivritti, f. non-recur rence of a contingency, prevention of the re currence; -sa&ndot;gin, a. attached or devoted to (--ree;); connected with anything; contin gent, occurring; secondary, unessential; -sag ya, fp. applicable: -t, f. -ness, -pratishe dha, m. negative form of an applicable (posi tive) statement: -tva, n. abst. n.; -satti, f. graciousness; favour, complacency; -sam dhna, n. combination, union; -sanna, pp. (&root;sad) clear; bright; pleased, soothed, de lighted; complacent; gracious, propitious, kindly disposed; plain (meaning); distinct (impression); correct (supposition): -t, f. clearness, purity; brightness; perspicuity; complacence, good humour, -tva, n. clearness, brightness, -mukha, a. of a placid counte nance, looking pleased, -salila, a. having clear water; -sabha, ree;-or -m, ad. forcibly; violently; exceedingly, very much; importu nately: -damana, n. forcible subjugation; -sara, m. advance; diffusion, expansion, ex tension; range; issue (of smoke); free scope, ample space; motion (of the eye); appear ance, manifestation; prevalence, influence; stream, flood; multitude, quantity: -na, n. running away, escaping; coming into force; complaisance, amiability; -srga (or ), m. gushing forth; dismissal; -srpana, n. going forward, advancing; betaking oneself to (lc.); -sarpin, a. issuing from (--ree;); slinking away.

प्रसव prasava [ pra-sav ] m. 1. pressing (of Soma); 2. setting in motion, impulse; course, current; quickening power, stimulation, instigation; aid; command; acquisition; vivifier; 3. be getting, generation; conception; bringing forth, bearing; birth; delivery, confinement; augmentation; birth-place; flower, blossom; sg. & pl. offspring, progeny (--ree;, sts.=young --): -griha, n. lying-in chamber; -savana, n. bringing forth, bearing of children; fe cundity; -sava-vedan, f. pangs of child birth, travail; -savitr, m. 1. impeller, in citer, vivifier (of, g.); 2. (-tri), m. procreator, father; -savin, a. bearing, producing; -sa vya, a. (holding the left hand out towards anything), following one's left hand, keeping one's left hand towards anything (in walking round it): -m, ad. to the left; -sh, a. (str. st. -s&asharp;h) overpowering; -saha, a. enduring, withstanding (--ree;); m. endurance, resistance (only --ree;); beast or bird of prey; -sahana, n. resisting; overcoming; embracing; -sahya, 1. gd. forcibly; exceedingly; without more ado; necessarily (with na, by no means); 2. fp. conquerable; with inf. capable of being (ps. pt.): -krin, a. acting with violence; -harana, n. forcible abduction or appro priation.

प्रसाद prasada [ 1. pra-sda ] den. P. be bright.

प्रश्रय prasraya [ pra-sraya ] m. support, resting-place; (inclining forward), respectful demeanour, deference, civility, modesty: -vat, a. defer ential; -sray-in, a. id.: (-i)-t, f. respect fulness.

प्रसाद prasada [ 2. pra-sda ] m. clearness (of water, the voice); brightness; perspicuity (of speech or style); radiance (of the countenance); calm ness (of mind), serenity; cheerfulness, good temper; kindness, graciousness, favour; help, aid; gracious gift; food offered to an idol; remnants of a preceptor's food (which may be eaten without scruple): -m kri, be gra cious, show favour; grant the favour of (inf. or --ree;); -sda-ka, a. making clear, clarifying; cheering, gladdening; -sdana, a. () making clear, clarifying; n. making clear, clarification; soothing, calming, tranquillizing; rendering cheerful; gratifying; propitiation; -sdanya, fp. to be propitiated; -sda-par&ndot;mukha, a. () indifferent to any one's favour; with drawing one's favour from (g.); -sda-bh mi, f. object of favour, favourite; -sdayi tavya, fp. to be rendered propitious towards (upari); -sda-vitta: -ka, a. abounding in favour, standing high in the favour of (g. or --ree;); m. favourite; -sda½antara, n. another mark of favour; -sdita, cs. pp. (&root;sad) pleased, propitiated, well-satisfied; -sdin, a. bright (eye, face); clear (neetar); perspi cuous; cheering, gladdening; -sd-kri, grant (ac.) as a favour to (g.), graciously present; -sdya, 1. cs. gd. having ap peased, pleased, or propitiated; 2. fp. to be propitiated; -sdhaka, a. (ik) adorn ing; m. dresser, valet; f. (ik) lady's maid; -s&asharp;dhana, a. accomplishing; n. ac complishment; putting in order, arranging; embellishment, personal adornment, toilet; means of decoration, toilet requisites; orna ment of (--ree;): , f. comb; -sdhita, pp. ac complished; decorated; -sra, m. spreading or stretching out, extension; rising, whirling up (of dust); opening; -srana, n. stretch ing out, extending; development; extension, diffusion, augmentation; vocalization of a semivowel (gr.); -sranin, a. containing a semivowel liable to vocalization (gr.); -sr ita, cs. pp. (&root;sri) extended, expanded, dif fused; stretched forth, exposed for sale; -srin, a. breaking forth, issuing from (--ree;); stretching oneself out; extending to (--ree;); -srya, 1. cs. gd. having extended or put forth; 2. fp. to be vocalized (semivowel).

प्रसित prasita [ pra-sita ] pp. (&root;si) devoted to, intent on (in. or lc.); ()-siti, (V.) f. onward rush (of fire); onset; shot, missile; extension, sphere; duration; dominion, power; -siddha, pp. &root;sidh: -t, f., -tva, n. notoriousness; -siddhi, f. accomplishment, success; proof; current opinion, general acceptation; publicity, no toriousness; fame, celebrity: -m utpdya, having spread the rumour; ato me sasa&ndot;ka iti prasiddhih, therefore I am generally known as Sasa&ndot;ka: -mat, a. universally known, famous.

प्रश्््न prasna [ pras-na ] m. 1. question; interrogation (also of the stars, etc.); judicial inquiry or investigation; inquiry after (--ree;); subject of controversy, disputed point, problem; lesson (in Vedic recitation); short section or para graph (in books): -m i, submit a question to any one (ac.) for decision; -m -gam, id. (but lc. of person); 2. wicker-work, wicker-basket.

प्रश्््नकथा prasnakatha [ prasna-kath ] f. story involving a question; -prvakam, -prvam, ad. with a preceding question, after examination.

प्रश्््नय prasnaya [ prasna-ya ] den. P. question, interro gate, inquire after (2 ac.).

प्रश्््नविवाद prasnavivada [ prasna-vivda ] m. controversy.

प्रश्््निन् prasnin [ prasn-n ] m. questioner, interrogator.

प्रश्््नोत्तर prasnottara [ prasna½uttara ] n. question and answer; verse consisting of question and an swer; -½upanishad, f. title of an Upanishad consisting of six questions and six answers.

प्रत्न pratna [ pra-tn ] a. ancient, old: ()-th, -vt, ad. as formerly, in the wonted manner.

प्रत्यंसम्् pratyaṃsam [ prati½amsam ] ad. upon the shoulders.

प्रश्््लित praslita [ pra-slita ] pp. (=-srita), changing &open;as&close; to &open;o&close; before sonant letters (samdhi); -slishta, pp. slurred, coalescent (euphonic combina tion of a or with a following vowel or of other vowels with homogeneous ones); vowel resulting from coalescence or accent of a coalescent vowel (gr.); -slesha, m. close con tact or pressure; coalescence (of vowels).

प्रश्वसितव्य prasvasitavya [ pra-svas-itavya ] fp. n. imps. one should restore or revive any one (g.) by means of (in.); -svsa, m. inhalation.

प्रष्टव्य prastavya [ prash-tavya ] fp. (&root;prakh) to be asked, interrogated, or examined, concerning (ac.); to be inquired about.

प्रष्टि prasti [ pr-shti ] m. [being beyond or in front], side-horse or leader; man at one's side; tri pod (supporting a dish): -mat, a. having side-horses; -vhn, a. yoked with three horses.

प्रव्रजन pravrajana [ pra-vragana ] n. going abroad, leav ing home; -vragita, (pp.) m. religious men dicant (Brhman in the fourth order); n. life of a religious mendicant: , f. nun; -vragya, n. going abroad, migration, wander ing forth from home: , f. religious mendi cancy; order of ascetics; joining the monastic (or fourth) order; -vraska, m. cut; -vrg, m. religious mendicant, recluse; -vrg, m. river-bed (V.); -vrgaka, m. religious men dicant: -str, f. mendicant nun; -vrgik, f. id.; -vrgana, n. banishment; -vr&asharp;gin, going forth or after (--ree;); m. religious mendi cant; -vlaya, m. collapse.

प्रशंसक prasaṃsaka [ pra-samsa-ka ] a. praising (--ree;); -samsana, n. laudation; -samsanya, fp. to be praised; -sams&asharp;, f. praise, eulogy, ap plause (sts. pl.); fame; -nman, n. term of praise, -½lpa, m. applause, -vakana, n. laudatory remark, -½vali, f panegyric poem; -samsin, a. praising, extolling (--ree;); -sam s½upam, f. comparison implying praise (rh.); -samstavya, fp. praiseworthy; -sms ya, fp. id.; better than (ab.); -sama, m. tranquillization, pacification, appeasement; composure, calm; cessation, extinction (of fire), abatement, removal (of obstacles, pain, etc.); mental calm, quietude; -samaka, a. tranquillizing, rendering innocuous (--ree;); -sam am-kara, a. causing the cessation of (g.), disturbing; -samana, a. tranquillizing, calming, allaying, extinguishing, curing; n. tranquillization, pacification; alleviation, mitigation; healing; rendering innocuous; securing (property); -sas, f. axe, knife; -sasta, pp. (&root;sams) praised, commended, etc.: -kalasa, m. N., -tva, n. excellence; -sastav ya, fp. praiseworthy; ()-sasti, f. praise, laudation; glory; direction, guidance; bene diction expressing a desire for peace in the realm (dr.); (metrical) eulogistic inscription: -krt, a. bestowing praise, approving, -patta, m. written edict; -ssya, fp. praiseworthy, com mendable, excellent; blessed: -t, f. excellence.

प्रवृत्त pravrtta [ pra-vritta ] pp. turned forward; begun, proceeded with, going on; set in, ensued; engaged, occupied, busy, with (lc. or --ree;); in terested (action): -kakra, a. whose wheel rolls on unimpeded: -t, f. unlimited power; -vk, a. of fluent speech; -samprahra, a. having begun the fight.

प्रशाखा prasakha [ pra-skh ] f. branch; extremity (of the body); -skhik, f. small branch, twig; -stana, n. breaking off; -snta, pp. (&root;sam) tranquillized, calmed, etc.: -ka, a. calm (of the mind), -t, f. mental calm, com posure; -snti, f. tranquillization, appease ment, alleviation; tranquillity, calm; abate ment, cessation; extinction (of fire); de struction; mental calm, composure, quietude; -s&asharp;m, (nm. n) a. painless; -ssaka, m. spiri tual guide; -s&asharp;sana, n. guidance, govern ment, rule; -ssitri, m. governor, master; sovereign ruler, dictator; -sstr, m. spiritual guide; N. of a priest (also called Maitrva runa), who is the first assistant of the Hotri; -sstr, n. office or Soma-vessel of the Prass tri priest; -ssya, fp. to be ordered by (g.).

प्रशिथिल prasithila [ pra-sithila ] a. very loose, flaccid, or lax; extremely feeble, hardly perceptible: -sithil-kri, make very loose; -sithil-bh, become very loose; -sishta, pp. &root;ss; ()- sishti, f. order, command; -sishya, m. pupil of a pupil: -tva, n. abst. n.; -ss, f. order, precept.

प्रशुचि prasuci [ pra-suki ] a. perfectly pure; -suddhi, f. clearness, purity.

प्रशोष prasosa [ pra-sosha ] m. dryness.

प्रश्््चोतन prascotana [ pra-skotana ] n. dripping, sprink ling.

प्रविषय pravisaya [ pra-vishaya ] m. range: -m drishter gam, become visible; -vishta, pp. (&root;vis) en tered (act. & ps.): -ka, n. air of entering the stage (only in. sg. as a stage direction); -vish- tak-ya, den. . appear in person; -vistara, m. extent: in. in great detail; -vistra, m. id.; -vi-spashta, pp. perfectly evident.

प्रवीण pravina [ pra-vna ] a. skilful, clever, in (lc. or --ree;): -t, f. skill, cleverness, ability; -vn kri, make fit for anything; ()-vra, m. great hero, among (g. or --ree;): -ka, m. N. of various men, -vara, m. N. of an Asura.

प्रत्येतव्य pratyetavya [ prati½etavya ] fp. to be recognised, accepted, or regarded as (nm.); -½etos, g. inf. &root;i (sc. svarah); (prti)-½enas, m. next heir; -½enasya, n. next reversion of (g.).

प्रवृत्ति pravrtti [ pra-vritti ] f. moving forward, ad vance, progress; appearance, manifestation, production; rise, origin; advent, setting in (of spring etc.); activity, efficacy, function; advance into, prosecution of, engaging in, ex posure of oneself to danger, predilection, pro pensity, addiction to (lc. or --ree;); proceeding, occupation; behaviour, practice; employ ment, use, currency; applicability or validity of a grammatical rule; continuance, preva lence, continued validity; lot, fate; tidings, of (g. or --ree;): -mat, a. devoted to a thing; -vriddha, pp. (&root;vridh) grown up, great; -vriddhi, f. growth, increase; rise (of price); preferment, promotion, elevation; prosperity; -vrdh, f. growth.

प्रवेक praveka [ pra-veka ] a. choice, chief, exquisite, most excellent of (--ree;); -vega, m. great swift ness; -vegita, den. pp. moving rapidly; -ve- n, f. braid of hair; coloured woollen cloth; -vetri, m. charioteer; -vettri, m. connoisseur of (--ree;); -vedana, n. making known, pro claiming; -vedin, a. thoroughly knowing (--ree;); -vedya, fp. to be made known; -vedha, m. shot; -vepin, a. trembling; -verita, pp. cast, hurled; -vesa, m. entrance, entry, pene tration, intrusion, into (lc., g.antar, or --ree;); appearance on the stage; getting into the house, coming into one's possession (e. g. of a deposit); obtrusiveness, meddlesomeness; entering into=admissibleness, applicability in (lc.); employment or utilization of (--ree;); entrance, door: -ka, a. --ree;, id.; m. interlude (explaining what has happened between two acts and is essential for the understanding of what follows); -vesana, n. entering, en trance or penetration into (g., lc., or --ree;); co pulation; introduction, into (lc.); driving home (of cattle); -vesa-bhgika, m. collector of taxes; -vesayitavya, fp. to be introduced; -vesita, cs. pp. introduced, made or allowed to enter; n. causing to appear on the stage; -vesin, a. entering, into (--ree;); accessible through or over (--ree;); having sexual intercourse with (--ree;); -vesya, fp. to be entered; -played (musical instrument); -introduced; -vesh- tavya, fp. to be entered; -allowed to enter; n. imps. one should enter or penetrate into (lc.); -veshtri, m. one who enters: -tva, n. condition of --.

प्रव्यक्ति pravyakti [ pra-vyakti ] f. manifestation, appear ance; -vydh, m. shot, shooting distance; -vyhra, m. prolongation of a discourse: -m kri, address any one (g.).

प्रवण pravana [ pra-van ] m. (?) slope, declivity; abyss, depth (in V. only lc. sg. and pl.1; in E. also ab. sg.); a. shelving, sloping, towards (--ree;); prone, inclined, or devoted to (d., g., lc., inf., or --ree;); declining, vanishing; di rected towards (--ree;): -t, f. inclination or proneness to (--ree;); -vana-vidhy-bh, gladly obey (a command); -vanyita, (den. pp.) n. proneness or inclination to (lc.); -van-kri, dispose favourably or incline any one (ac.); -van-bh, become favourably disposed.

प्रवर्ग pravarga [ pra-varga ] m. large earthenware pot (used in the Pravargya ceremony); -vargy, m. introductory ceremony of the Soma sacri fice, at which fresh milk is poured into a red-hot pot: -vat, a. connected with the Pravargya ceremony; -vrgana, n. perform ance of the Pravargya rite, placing in or near the fire; -vartaka, a. (ik) causing to roll onward, setting in motion; promoting, insti gating; causing, producing; m. founder, author; n. entrance of a previously announced person on the stage (at the end of the intro duction); -vartana, n. advance, forward movement; emergence from (ab.); flow (of water); walking; activity; occupation with, engaging in (in., lc.); going on, proceeding, coming to pass, occurrence; procedure, be haviour; moving onward; erection, execu tion (of works); stimulation, promotion, pro duction, introduction, employment (of, g. or --ree;): , f. incitement to activity; -vartan ya, fp. to be employed; -commenced; -vart ayitri, m. instigator, of (g.), to (lc.); erector, introducer; employer: -tva, n. instigation; -vartita, cs. pp. administered, dispensed; al lowed to take its course; enforced; -varti tavya, fp. n. imps. one should act; -varti tri, m. producer, bringer; one who fixes or settles; -vartin, a. issuing, streaming forth; moving forward, flowing; engaging in action; causing to flow; producing; employing; in troducing, propagating; -vartya, fp. being incited; -vardha-ka, a. (ik) augmenting, increasing (--ree;); -vardhana, a. id.; -varsha, m. rain (sts. pl.): -na, n. raining; first rain; -varshin, a. raining, shedding (--ree;); -varha, v. -barha; -valha, m. riddle; -vasath, n. departure; separation (pl.) from (ab.); -vas ana, n. setting out on travel; dying, de cease; -vaha, a. carrying, wafting; m. one of the seven winds which set the planets in motion; one of the seven tongues of fire; reservoir for receiving water; -vahana, n. giving a girl in marriage; carriage; ship (also , f.: --ree; a. ): -bha&ndot;ga, m. shipwreck.

प्रत्यक्षय pratyaksaya [ pratyaksha-ya ] den. P. make mani fest or visible; see with one's own eyes.

प्रत्यक्षरश्््लेषमय pratyaksaraslesamaya [ prati½akshara-slesha-maya ] a. containing an ambiguity in every syllable (ree;--).

प्रविग्रह pravigraha [ pra-vi-graha ] m. distinct separation of words euphonically combined; -ghatana, n. breaking in pieces; -kra, m.: -n, f. dis tinction, species; -kintaka, a. foreseeing; -ketana, n. comprehension; -dalana, n. shattering; -dra, m. bursting asunder.

प्रविद्वस्pravidvas [ pra-vidvas ] pf. pt. knowing, con scious.

प्रविधान pravidhana [ pra-vi-dhna ] n. means employed; -bhga, m. division, separation, classifica tion; part: -vat, a. having subdivisions.

प्रविरल pravirala [ pra-virala ] a. standing far apart; isolated, rare.

प्रविलम्बिन् pravilambin [ pra-vi-lambin ] a. prominent; -laya, m. melting; dissolution, complete dis appearance; -lpana, n. annihilation; -lpayitavya, fp. to be annihilated; -lpita-tva, n. complete annihilation; -lpin, a. lament ing; -lpya, fp. to be completely destroyed; -vda, m. quarrel; -vikta, pp. &root;vik; n. (?) solitude (only lc. pl.); -vikshu, des. a. being about to enter; -veka, m. complete retirement.

प्रलघु pralaghu [ pra-laghu ] a. very small or insignificant (retinue): -t, f. excessive smallness; -lap ana, n. prattling, chattering; -lapita, pp. &root;lap; n. prattle, chatter; lament; -lab dhavya, fp. to be made sport of, to be de ceived; -lamba, a. hanging down, pendulous; stooping; m. N. of a Daitya slain by Bala deva or Krishna: -t, f. pendulousness, -bhu, a. having pendulous arms, -bhuga, a. id.; -lambin, a. pendulous; -lambha, m. obtainment; deception; -lambhana, n. taking in, deceiving; -laya, m. dissolution, destruction, death; annihilation or end of the world; setting (of stars); cause of dissolu tion; swoon: -ghana, m. cloud producing the dissolution of the world, -m-kara, a. () causing destruction, -t, f. dissolution: -m gam, be annihilated, -tva, n. id.: -ya klip, go to ruin, -dahana, m. conflagration causing the destruction of the world, -½anta-ga, a. perishing only at the end of the world (sun).

प्रललाट pralalata [ pra-lalta ] a. having a prominent forehead; -lav, m. cutting (of a reed); -lav ana, n. cutting of corn.

प्रलाप pralapa [ pra-lp ] m. prattle, chatter, idle talk; lamentation; raving, delirious talk; -lpana, n. teaching to talk; -lpi-t, f. lovers' prattle; -lpin, a. prattling, chattering, talking (gnly. --ree;); lamenting; delirious (fever).

प्रलोप pralopa [ pra-lopa ] m. destruction, annihila tion; -lobha, m. allurement: -ka, m. enticer, N. of a jackal; -lobhana, a. enticing; n. allurement; -lobhin, a. alluring, seductive; -lobhya, a. alluring, enticing; -lola, a. vio lently agitated (ocean).

प्रव prava [ prav- ] a. hovering.

प्रवक्तव्य pravaktavya [ pra-vaktavya ] fp. to be propounded, imparted, or taught; -vaktri, m. one who tells, imparts, or says anything (--ree;); good speaker; teacher, propounder; originator of a story: -tva, n. condition of an instructor; -vakana, n. speaking; propounding; reciting; instruction; expression, designation; pro pounded doctrine, holy treatise, sacred scrip tures, sp. the Brhmanas: -patu, a. skilful in speech, eloquent; -vakanya, fp. to be propounded.

प्रयाग prayaga [ pra-yga ] m. Place of sacrifice: cele brated place of pilgrimage at the confluence of the Yamun and the Ganges; also known as a kingdom: pl. inhabitants of Prayga; N.; -ykaka, a. entreating (-artham); -ykana, n. imploration; -yg, m. preliminary offer ing (gnly., five, sts. nine or eleven); -y&asharp;na, n. setting out, going forth, departure; march, journey; day's journey; gait; attack (--ree;); riding on (in.); expiration of life, decease; beginning; back of a horse (where the rider sits): -ka, n. march, journey, day's march, -kla, m. time of death, -pataha, m. march ing drum, -bha&ndot;ga, m. interruption of a journey.

प्रयात prayata [ pra-yta ] pp. set out, gone, departed; gone towards, advanced, advancing; -ytav ya, fp. to be attacked; n. imps. one should set out; -ytri, m. one who goes or can go or fly; -ypya, cs. fp. to be sent away; -y yin, a. going or riding on, marching with (--ree;); -ys, m. exertion, trouble, effort, about (g., lc., --ree;, -arthya, or -nimittena); -ysita, pp. n. id.

प्रयुक्त prayukta [ pra-yukta ] pp. &root;yug; ()-yukti, f. impulse; employment; -yg, (V.) f. (?) team; impulse, motive; gain; -yta, n. million; ()-yuti, (V.) f. absence (of mind); -yud dha, pp. &root;yudh; n. contest, battle; -ydh, a. attacking.

प्रयोक्तव्य prayoktavya [ pra-yoktavya ] fp. to be discharged (missile); -employed or applied; -repre sented (play); -pronounced or uttered; -yoktri, m. shooter (of missiles); performer, agent (of an action); undertaker or giver of a sacrifice; procurer; employer, of (--ree;); mime; speaker, reciter; composer, author, poet; lender of money: -t, f., -tva, n. abst. n.

प्ररक्षण praraksana [ pra-rakshana ] n. protection; -rh, a. shooting (of plants); f. shoot, sprout; -rdha, pp. &root;ruh; -rdhi, f. shooting up; growth, in crease; -rek, m., -rkana, n. abundance; -rokana, a. () seductive; n. instigation; se duction; laudation; elucidation: , f. enco mium; exciting interest by praise (rh.); painting the future in rosy colours; -roha, m. germinating, sprouting (also fig.); sprout, shoot, bud; excrescence; shoot=ray of light (--ree;); -rohana, n. sprouting, budding, shoot ing or growing up (also fig.); sprout, shoot, bud; -rohin, a. shooting up, out of (--ree;); producing, causing to grow (--ree;); -rohi-skh in, a. the branches of which grow again.

प्रमीतपतिका pramitapatika [ pra-mta-pati-k ] a. f. whose husband is dead; -mti, f. destruction; -ml aka, m., -mlik, f. closure of the eyes, drowsiness; -ml, f. id.

प्रमुक्ति pramukti  [ pra-mukti ] f. liberation; -mukha, a. having the face turned towards (ac.); foremost, first, chief, principal: gnly. --ree;, having as the foremost=preceded or led by, and so forth; n. beginning (of a chapter); present time: lc. in front, opposite (w. g. or --ree;): ree;--, before one's face, in one's presence; -tas, ad. in front, at the head; opposite; in the presence of, before (g. or --ree;); -md, f. pleasure, de light; joy of love; -mudita, pp. &root;mud; n. mirth, gaiety: -vat, act. pp. (he) rejoiced.

प्रभा prabha [ pra-bh&asharp; ] f. (shining forth), splendour, brightness, light; brilliancy, radiant beauty: often --ree; a. (a) radiant like: -kara, m. sun; N.: du. sun and moon: -deva, m. N., -vardhana, m. N. of a prince, -varman, m. N. of a minister, -svmin, m. N. of a temple of Vishnu; -bhga, m. division; -bhta, pp. (&root;bh) begun to be light; n. dawn, daybreak: -kalpa, a. nearly grown light, approaching dawn (night), -prya, a. id.; -bh-praroha, m. rising lustre, effulgence; -bh-mandala, n. circle or orb of light: -ka, n. id.; -bh maya, a. consisting of light, radiant; -bh lepin, a. radiant, brilliant; -bhva, m. might; majesty; dignity; supernatural power; effi cacy; power, over (lc.); splendour: in., ab., -tas,=by means or in consequence of, through; -bhva-ka, a. prominent, in (lc. or --ree;); -bh vat, a. luminous, splendid: -, f. N.; -bhv ana, a. () creating, creative; bestowing prosperity; m. creator: , f. promulgation (of a doctrine); -bhvayitri, a. raising to power or dignity (ac.); -bhva-vat, a. power ful; -bhvita, cs. pp. id.; -bhvin, a. id.; -bhsha, n. declaration; doctrine; -bhsh ana, n. explanation; -bhshita, (pp.) n. speech; -bhshin, a. talking, speaking; -bhsa, m. (radiance), N. of a Vasu; N. of the son of a minister of Kandraprabha; m. n. N. of a place of pilgrimage on the west coast of the Deccan; -bhsana, n. illumination; -bhsura, a. of great brilliance; -bhs-vat, a. brilliant; -bhs-vara, a. id.

प्रभिन्न prabhinna [ pra-bhinna ] pp. &root;bhid; m. elephant in rut.

प्रमृग्य pramrgya [ pra-mrigya ] fp. to be visited= specially adapted for (d.); -mrida, a. gracious; gladdening; -mrin, a. destructive; -mrita, pp. deceased, dead; n. death: -ka, a. dead; -mrishta, pp. (&root;mrig) cleansed, pure, pol ished, bright: -mani, m. polished or bright gem: -kundala, a. having ear-rings of pol ished gems; -mrishti, f. overspreading with (--ree;).

प्रमेय prameya [ pra-meya ] fp. measurable, limited; ascertainable, demonstrable; that of which a correct notion should be formed; n. object of correct knowledge or of demonstration: -tva, n. demonstrability.

प्रमोक pramoka [ pra-moka ] m. setting free, release; -moktavya, fp. to be released; -moksha, m. loss; release, deliverance, from (--ree;); redemp tion; -mokana, a. () delivering from (--ree;); n. shedding (of tears); freeing or delivering from (--ree;); -mod, m. joy, delight (sts. pl.); strong perfume; N.: -ka, m. kind of rice; N.; -modana, a. delighting; n. enjoyment, hilarity; gladdening; -modita, (cs. pp. &root;mud) m. ep. of Kubera; N.; -modn, a. delighting; m. kind of rice; -moda½upa-ruddha, (pp.) n. retreat of joy, harem; -mo sha, m. deprivation; -moha, m. bewilder ment: -kitta, a. bewildered in mind; -moh ana, a. () bewildering; -mohin, a. (--ree;) id.

प्रयस्् prayas [ pry-as ] n. [&root;pr] enjoyment, de light; refreshing draught, libation (of ghee): -vat, a. offering libations.

प्रमाण pramana [ pra-mna ] n. measure, scale, standard; extent, size; length; distance; weight; quan tity; duration; sp. prosodical length of a vowel; measure of physical strength; prin cipal (opp. interest); right measure, stand ard, authority; rule of action; means of cor rect knowledge, evidence, proof; true con ception, correct notion: bhavat or bha vantah pramnam, you are the authority, i. e. the decision rests with you: in this sense the word is almost exclusively used in the sg., rarely in the pl. or fem. (); with the inf. it =person authorized to: -ka, a. --ree;=pram na, measure etc., means of knowledge, proof; -koti, f. extreme of evidence=irrefragable proof; -tara, a. or n. greater authority than (ab.); -tas, ad. with respect to measure, size, weight, length, etc.; -tva, n. correct ness; -drishta, pp. accounted an authority; demonstrable; -patha, m. way of proof: -m na½ava-tri, not admit of proof; -paddha ti, f. id.; -purusha, m. arbitrator, umpire, referee.

प्रत्येक pratyeka [ prati½eka ] a. each single: ree;-or -m, ad. singly; at, on, with, or for each singly; in connexion with each; -buddha, m. isolated Buddha (who works out his individual salvation only); -sas, ad. singly, for each single one.

प्रमाणय pramanaya [ pramna-ya ] den. P. adjust; re gard, admit, or set up as an authority or model, in (lc.); use as evidence; prove, show clearly; -yukta, pp. having the right mea sure; -vat, a. attested, well-founded (state ment); -vkya, n. authority; -sstra, n. work of sacred authority, scripture; -stra, n. measuring line; -stha, a. of normal size; being in the normal condition, imperturbed; -½adhika, a. exceeding the ordinary measure, immoderate; -½anurpa, a. adapted to one's physical strength; -½antara-t, f. condition of being another proof; -½abhva, m. lack of a standard to judge by; -½abhyadhika, a. exceeding in size, bigger.

प्रमाणीकरण pramanikarana [ pramn-karana ] n. quoting as an authority; -kri, apportion anything (ac.) to any one (g.); regard or adopt (a per son or thing) as an authority (ac.), act ac cording to, follow (ac.); regard as evidence.

प्रमातामह pramatamaha [ pra-mtmaha ] m. maternal great-grandfather.

प्रमात्व pramatva [ pram-tva ] n. state of true concep tion or knowledge.

प्रमाथ pramatha [ pra-mtha ] m. tugging; violent ab duction (of a woman); subjugation; destruc tion; N. of a Dnava; -mthin, a. striking off; stirring, agitating, disturbing, afflicting; m. N.; -m&asharp;da, m. intoxication; heedlessness, inattention, negligence, with regard to (--ree;): -ptha, m. wrong reading; -mdin, a. heedless, careless, negligent, off one's guard; -mpa-ka, a. proving; -mpana, 1. (cs. &root;m) n. form, figure; 2. (cs. &root;m) a. () murder ing; m. murderer; n. killing; -mpayitri, a. leading to destruction: -tva, n. abst. n.; -myu, -m&asharp;yuka, a. liable to perish; -mrg aka, a. wiping off, removing; -mrgana, n. wiping away; removal.

प्रमित pramita [ pra-mita ] pp. &root;m, measure; -miti, f. correct notion; condition of being proved or established; manifestation.

प्रभङ्ग prabhanga [ pra-bha&ndot;g ] m. breaker, crusher; crushing, destruction; -bha&ndot;gn, a. breaking, crushing, destroying; -bhagana, a. id.; m. storm, tempest, hurricane; wind; god of wind; n. breaking; -bhadraka, a. extremely handsome; n. a metre; combination of four slokas containing a single sentence; -bhartav ya, fp. to be nourished or maintained; -() bhartri, m. bringer, procurer (RV.); () bharman, n. setting before, presenting; reci tation (of a hymn); -bhav, a. prominent; m. origin, source, cause of existence, birthplace; a. arising or proceeding from, originating with; being in or on; -bhavitri, m. mighty one, great lord; -bhavishnu, a. mighty, pre-eminent; producing, creating; m. mighty one, master, lord, of (g., lc., --ree;): -t, f. lordship, dominion; power, to (inf.); tyranny.

प्रतुद pratuda [ pra-tuda ] m. pecker (a class of birds); goad; -tushti, f. satisfaction: -da, a. giving pleasure to (--ree;); -trid, a. cleaving; -tod, m. goad; -tol, f. broad road, main street.

प्रभू prabhu [ pra-bh ] v. -bhu; -bhta, pp. much, abundant: -t, f. quantity, plenty, large num ber, -tva, n. id., -yavasa½indhana, a. abound ing in meadow-grass and fuel, -vayas, a. of advanced years, aged, -sas, ad. frequently; ()-bhti, (V.) f. origin; violence; suffi ciency.

प्रभृति prabhrti [ pr-bhriti ] f. offering (of praise or sacrifice); throw, stroke, blow; beginning: --ree; a. having as its beginning=beginning with, and the remainder, and so forth (an accompanying substantive in the pl.); ad. --ree; or immediately following an ad. in -tas or an ad. of time, from -onwards: ganma prabhriti, from birth; tatah or tad pra bhriti, from that time onwards, thenceforth; adya --, from now or to-day (the pcl. eva as a rule follows prabhriti, not the preceding ad.): -ka, a. --ree;=prabhriti, beginning with, and so forth.

प्रभृथ prabhrtha [ pra-bhrith ] m. offering.

प्रभेद prabheda [ pra-bheda ] m. cutting through, pierc ing, division; opening of the temples of ele phants during rut; separation, distinction, difference; species, kind; -bhedana, a. (--ree;) cleaving, piercing; -bhramsin, a. falling down; -bhrashta-sla, a. of fallen character, immoral (person); -bhrg, a. (nm. t) flaming up.

प्रपक्व prapakva [ pra-pakva ] a. inflamed (med.); -pak sha, m. tip of a wing; -paka, m. expansion, prolixity, amplification, of (g. or --ree;); phe nomenon; manifestation or form of (g.); phenomenal world (ph.); mutual flattery (rh.); ludicrous dialogue (dr.): in. or -tas, ad. in detail, -paka-ka, a. (ik) multiply ing (--ree;); amplifying, explaining in detail; -pakana, n. detailed or prolix account; -paka-buddhi, a. crafty, wily; -paka-ya, den. describe or explain in detail; represent in a false light; -paka-vakana, n. prolix discourse; -pan, m. trade, barter, purchase; -patana, n. flying away; falling down, from (ab. or --ree;), into (lc. or --ree;); -patti, f. pious resignation; ()-patha, m. onward way, journey; road; -pathn, a. wandering; -pad, f. 1. road; 2. (pr-) fore part of the foot; (pr) pada, n. fore part or tip of the foot; -pada na, n. entry, into (--ree;); -padam, ad. reciting in such a manner as to cut up verses into sec tions of an equal number of syllables and to interpose between them formulae contain ing the word prapadye (Br.); -panna, pp. (&root;pad) reached, arrived; attained, obtained: -pla, m. protector of suppliants (Krishna); -palyana, n. flight; -palyin, a. fleeing, fugitive; -p&asharp;, f. water-tank, reservoir, well; water-hut for travellers; affluent (of a tank etc.); -pka, m. ripening (of an ulcer etc.); digestion; -ptha: -ka, m. lesson (subsection in books); -pni, m. fore-arm: -ka, m. id.; -pndu, a. very white: -ra, a. id.; -pta, m. kind of flight; leaping forward; hasten ing away; fall, from (ab. or --ree;), into (lc. or --ree;); falling out (of the hair); effusion (of semen); fall (of a glance on anything); steep declivity, precipice; -ptana, n. felling, cast ing down; directing or causing (the eye) to alight (--ree;); -pna, n. drinking; -p-plik, -p-pl, f. female watcher of a water-tank, well, or water-hut; -p-mandapa, m. water hut (for travellers); -plaka, m. protector, guardian; -plana, n. guarding, protecting.

प्रमंहिष्ठीय pramaṃhisthiya [ pra-mamhishth-ya ] n. N. of RV. I. 57 (which begins with the words &open;pra mamhishthya&close;); ()-mati, f. care, protection; provider, protector; -matta, pp. (&root;mad) inattentive, careless, heedless, negligent, remiss: -sakiva, a. having a careless minister; -matha, m. Teazer, kind of sprite attendant on Siva; -mathana, a. () tor menting, harassing; destroying, removing; m. N. of a Dnava; n. destruction; -ma tha-ntha, m. ep. of Siva; -matha½adhipa, m. id.; -mathin, a. tormenting, racking, harassing; -mada, m. pleasure, joy; a. intoxicated, wild, mad: , f. handsome, buxom, lively woman; woman; -madana, n. joy of love; place of amusement, playground; -ma da-vana, n. pleasure-grove (of a prince); -mad-gana, m. womankind, the female sex, woman; -mad-vana, n. pleasure-grove of the women (of a prince); -mad½spada, n. harem, gynaeceum; -maditavya, fp. n. imps. one should be negligent regarding (ab.); -madvara, a. foolish; m. fool: , f. N. of the wife of Ruru; -mnas, a. careful, tender; pleased, joyful; willing; -mantha, m. fire-drill (by the rotation of which fire is produced from wood); -manyu, a. indignant with, incensed against (lc.); very sad; -maya, m. death; -mar, m. death; -marana, n. dying, death; -mardaka, a. crushing, destroying; -mardana, a. crushing, destroying, annihi lating (g. or --ree;); m. N. of a fairy; -mardi tri, m. crusher, destroyer; -mardin, a. crush ing, destroying (--ree;); ()-mahas, a. of great might.

प्रपितामह prapitamaha [ pr-pitmaha (or ) ] m. great grandfather; also designation of Brahman and Krishna: pl. great-grandfathers, ances tors: , f. paternal great-grandmother; -pi trivya, m. paternal grand-uncle; -pitv, (V.) n. going away; flight, retreat; retired spot; evening; -pitsu, des. a. desirous of plunging into (lc.); wishing to enter upon a path (ac.); -pdana, n. pressing, squeezing; means of squeezing tumours; -purna, a. long kept, old; -pushpita, pp. covered with blossoms, flowering; -praka, a. (ik) fulfilling, satis fying; -prana, a. () filling up (oil) and increasing (love for anything); insertion in (lc. or --ree;); drawing of a bow; embellishment of Indra's banner; -prya, ps. base of &root;1. pri, be thoroughly filled or satiated; be filled to the brim.

प्रपौत्र prapautra [ pra-pautra ] m. great-grandson: , f. great-granddaughter; -plvana, n. extinc tion of fire with water.

प्रफर्वी prapharvi [ pra-pharv&isharp; ] f. wanton girl; -phulla, pp. full-blown, blooming; covered with flowers (lake); opened wide like a full-blown flower (eyes).

प्रबाधक prabadhaka [ pra-bdha-ka ] a. repelling, keep ing off (--ree;); -bdhana, n. repelling, keeping off; harassing, tormenting; -bdhin, a. harassing, tormenting (--ree;); -bla, v. -vla; -bhu, m. lower arm; -b&asharp;huk, ad. in line.

प्रबुद्ध prabuddha [ pra-buddha ] pp. awake, wide awake; awakened: -t, f. enlightenment, wisdom; -bdh, a. watchful; f. awaking; -budha, m. great sage.

प्रबोध prabodha [ pra-bodha ] m. awaking; revival, re covery of consciousness; awaking=opening of flowers; manifestation, appearance (of intelligence); waking, wakefulness; know ledge, understanding, intelligence; awak ening (tr.); restoration of an evaporated scent; friendly admonition: -ka, a. awaking =causing to open or blossom; --ree; a. (i-k), knowledge, understanding; -kandra, m. moon of knowledge: -½udaya, m. rise of the moon of knowledge: title of a philosophical drama; -bodhana, a. awaking, arousing; n. awaking (int.), understanding, comprehension; instructing, enlightening; wakening (tr.); -bodhita, cs. pp. aroused, awakened: -vat, pp. act. (he) aroused; -bodhin, a. awaking; -bodha½udaya, m. rise of knowledge: title of a work; -bodhya, 1. cs. gd. having in structed, explained, suggested, or called the attention; 2. fp. to be awakened.

प्रदित्सुpraditsu [ pra-ditsu ] des. a. intending to give (ac.); -div, 1. f. (nm. -dyas) third and uppermost heaven (in which the fathers dwell); also the fifth of seven heavens; -dv, 2. a. of former days, long existing, ancient: ab. from of old, ever; -ds, f. indication, guidance, order, dominion (V.); direction, point of the compass; intermediate point, half-quarter (e.g. north-east): ac. pl. in all directions.

प्रधन pradhana [ pra-dhna ] n. prize of the contest; contest, battle; best of one's goods, valuables: -½ghtaka, a. setting a contest on foot, -½a&ndot;gana, n. battle-field; -dharsha, m. as sault (--ree;); -dharsha-ka, a. (--ree;) wronging, violating (another man's wife); -dharshana, a. attacking, molesting; n., , f. assaulting, laying hands on, ill-treatment, molestation; -dharshanya, fp. liable to assault, ill-treat ment, or insult.

प्रधान pradhana [ pra-dhna ] n. (that which is put for ward), important or chief thing, object, or person; essential, best, or most important part, head (ree;-=principal, chief, head); chaos, unevolved nature; supreme or universal soul; --ree; a. having at the head or as the chief person or thing, chiefly dependent on; devoted to; a. most excellent, best, foremost, principal, chief; pre-eminent in (in.); better, than (ab.), superior, to (ab.): -ka, n. unevolved nature; -krana-vda, m. the system asserting that unevolved nature is the cause of the world, the Smkhya or evolutionist theory; -tama, spv. pre-eminent, most important; -tara, cpv. better, superior; -tas, ad. in consequence of his superiority, as being the most excellent; -t, f. excellence, pre-eminence, superiority, premiership; -tva, n. id.; -purusha, m. chief person, authority; -bhg, a. pre-eminent among, foremost of (g.); -mantrin, m. prime minister; -vdin, m. adherent of the Sm khya system; -½a&ndot;ga, n. chief member of the body, chief person of the state; -½tman, m. supreme or universal soul; -½adhyaksha, m. chief superintendent: -t, f. office of --.

प्रधावन pradhavana [ pra-dhvana ] n. ablution.

प्रधि pradhi [ pra-dh ] m. [outer setting: &root;dh], felly (of a wheel); disc (of the moon); -dhura, n. tip of the pole; -dhrishti, f. subjugation; -dhrishya, fp. assailable (--ree;).

प्रध्यान pradhyana [ pra-dhyna ] n. reflexion, absorp tion; -dhvamsa, m. annihilation, destruc tion; disappearance (of a disease); -dhvms ana, a. destroying; m. destroyer; -dhvams a½abhva, m. (non-existence in consequence of annihilation), cessation of existence; -dhvamsin, a. perishable, transitory; --ree;, de stroying.

प्रनृत्त pranrtta [ pra-nritta ] n. dance.

प्रत्यक्् pratyak [ pratyk ] n. of pratyak: -tva, n. back ward direction; -pushkara, a. having the bowl turned towards the west (spoon); -pra vana, a. devoted to the individual soul.

प्रदीध्यान pradidhyana [ pra-ddhyna ] pr. pt. radiant; -dpa, m. lamp; fig.=ornament, of (--ree;); often --ree; in the titles of explanatory works= commentary: -ka, m., i-k, f. (little) lamp; small commentary; -dpana, a. inflaming; m. kind of poison; n. kindling; -dp-ya, den. . represent or play the part of a lamp; -dpta, pp. kindled, blazing, burning: -½aksha, m. (flaming-eyed), N. of a Yaksha; -dpti-mat, a. radiant, luminous; -drgha, a. extremely long; -dshaka, a. defiling, polluting; -dshana, a. deteriorating, spoiling; ()-dripti, f. wantonness, madness.

प्रदेय pradeya [ pra-deya ] fp. to be given, bestowed, or offered, to (--ree; or d.); -given in marriage, marriageable (f.); -imparted (news, doctrine) or taught, to (d. or --ree;); -initiated or instructed in (lc.); m. present; -desa, m. designation, reference; determination, definition; appeal to a precedent; example; spot, place, region (often --ree; with a part of the body); short while: -bhg, -vartin, -stha, a. of short duration, -vat, a. occupying a place; -des- ita, cs. pp. urged, directed; -desin, f. fore-finger; second toe; -deshtri, m. chief justice; -deha, m. unction; unguent, plaster.

प्रद्युम्न pradyumna [ pra-dyumna ] m. (Mighty), god of love; the pleasant (=kma); intellect (=man as); N.; N. of a mtn.; N. of a river: -pura, n. N. of a city; -dyot, m. flashing forth, radiance, light; N. of a Yaksha and of various kings; -dyotin, a. illustrating, explaining (--ree;).

प्रद्रव pradrava [ pra-drava ] a. fluid; -drnaka, a. poverty-stricken; -drvin, a. fugitive.

प्रद्वार्् pradvar [ pra-dvr ] f. space in front of the door or gate; -dvra, n. id.; -dvesha, m. aversion, dislike, of (g., lc., --ree;); enmity, hatred: -na, n. hating.

प्रथस्् prathas [ prth-as ] n. breadth; extension: -vat, a. broad, extensive; -, f. spreading out; fame, celebrity; origin (--ree;); -ita, pp. &root;prath; -i-mn, m. breadth; extension, enlargement; -ishtha, spv., -yas, cpv. of prith; -u, a. distant, long (journey); reaching farther than (ab.).

प्रद prada [ pra-da ] a. (gnly. --ree;) giving, granting, bestowing; yielding; furnishing; uttering, pronouncing; causing, producing; -dakshi- na, a. moving to the right; standing or being on the right; auspicious, favourable, pros perous; turning one's right hand to any one, respectful: -m kri or pra-kri, turn one's right hand towards an object as a mark of respect (ac.); ree;-or -m, ad. towards the right, from left to right (so that the right side is towards an object, as a sign of respect); towards the south: with kri or pra-kri, turn one's right side to an object (ac.); m. n., , f. keeping the right side towards an object, circumambula tion from left to right (the object of the honour being in the g. or ree;--, or, when kri or d is used, in the d., g., or lc.): (a)-kriy, f. honour of right-hand circumambulation.

प्रदक्षिणय pradaksinaya [ pra-dakshina-ya ] den. P. walk round from left to right or from east to west.

प्रदक्षिणार्चिस्् pradaksinarcis [ pradakshina½arkis ] a. having its flame on the right; -½varta, a. turned towards the right; -½vrit-ka, a. turned to wards the right, having a person or thing on one's right.

प्रदक्षिणित्् pradaksinit [ pra-dakshint ] ad. in such a manner that one's right side is turned towards an object; -dakshin-kri, turn one's right side towards (ac.), walk round (ac.) from left to right; -dakshinena, in. ad. from left to right; towards the south; -dagdhavya, fp. to be burnt; -datta, pp. (&root;d) given up, re stored: -nayana½utsava, a. affording a feast to the eyes; -dar, m. dispersion (of an army); cleft, fissure (in the ground); -darsa, m. ap pearance (--ree;); direction, injunction: -ka, a. showing, indicating; propounding, teaching; m. teacher; -darsana, n. appearance (often --ree;); showing, exhibition, designation; teach ing; example: , f. indication; -darsin, a. (--ree;) beholding, seeing; showing, indicating; -darsya, cs. gd. having exhibited or shown; -dahana, n. burning (of earthenware).

प्रदातव्य pradatavya [ pra-dtavya ] fp. to be given or be stowed; -given in marriage; -delivered or restored; -granted; -allowed; -placed in (lc.); -dtr, m. giver, bestower (often --ree; with the object, exceptionally with the reci pient); giver of a girl in marriage; imparter of, instructor in (g. or --ree;); granter (of a wish); -d&asharp;na, n. giving, bestowal; presentation (of an offering in the fire); delivery; donation, gift; giving away a girl (g.) in marriage to (d.); utterance (of a curse); granting, vouch safing (a boon); imparting, teaching, an nouncing; declaring; application; bringing about or to pass: -vat, a. bountiful; -dp ya, cs. fp. to be forced to give or pay (ac.); -dya, n. gift: -ka, a. giving, bestowing, granting, imparting; -dy-in, a. id.; causing, producing: (-i)-tva, n. position of supplier of (--ree;); -dha, m. burning, heating with fire; destruction of (--ree;).

प्रत्युपेय pratyupeya [ prati½upeya ] fp. to be met or treated with (in.); -½urasam, ad. against or upon the breast; -½usha, m., -½ushas, n. day break; -½rdhvam, ad. upwards, above (ac.); -½sha, m. or n. (?) dawn, daybreak; -½shas, n. id.; -½ha, m. hindrance, impediment, obstacle: -krin, a. obstructing; -½hana, n. suspension, cessation.

प्रथम prathama [ pra-tham [=pra-tama ] spv. foremost], a. first; earliest; original; prior, pre vious, former; chief, most excellent, eminent, leading: it may often be translated by an ad.: first, for the first time; previously; just; forthwith: ree;-or -m, ad. first, first of all, for the first time; only just; forthwith; for merly, previously: with g. before, previously to; ab. first; m. first consonant of a class, unaspirated tenuis; first (=our third) per son; personal endings of the third person; , f. first or nominative case (including the vocative), termination of the nominative (in cluding the vocative): du. the two first cases, the terminations of the two first cases (=nm. and ac.); n. sg. coll. the first.

प्रथमक prathamaka [ prathama-ka ] a. first; -kalpa, m. primary ordinance; -kalpita, pp. first in rank; -garbha, m. first pregnancy; a. f. , pregnant for the first time; -ga or -g&asharp;, a. first-born; original; firstling; born in the first (i. e. first mentioned) wedlock; -gta, pp. first-born; -tara, ree;-or -m, (cpv.) ad. first; -tas, ad. first; forthwith; before, in preference to (g.); be fore, previously to (--ree;); -darsana, n. first sight (lc. at --): -dina, n. first day of seeing any one (g.); -dugdh, pp. just milked; -dhra, m. (?) first drop; -nirdishta, pp. first stated or mentioned; -purusha, m. first (our third) person (gr.); -pravada, a. utter ing the first sound (child); -prast, pp. f. having calved for the first time; -bh&asharp;g, a. obtaining the first share; -yag, m. first sacrifice; -rtra, m. beginning of the night; -vayas-n, a. young; -vasati, f. original or old home; -vitt, f. first wife; -samgama, m. N.; -samvritta, pp. only just turned to wards (lc.); -½gmin, a. coming or men tioned first; -½desa, m. initial position (of a word); -½abhidheya, n. fundamental meaning: -t, f. abst. n.; -½ardha, m. n. first half; -½ava ra-tva, n. higher and lower rank, seniority and juniority; -½astamita, n. recent setting of the sun; -½ahm, ad. on the first day; -½hra, m. first employment; -½itara, a. re verse of the first, second.

प्रत्याश्रय pratyasraya [ prati½-sraya ] m. shelter, abode; -srv, m., -sr&asharp;vana, n. answering call (ritual formula); -svsa, m. breathing again, re covery; -svsana, n. consolation; -samkali ta, (pp.) n. weighing side by side, pondering both sides of a question; -sa&ndot;ga, m. con nexion; proximity (--ree;); -satti, f. immediate proximity (in time or space); analogy; cheer fulness, good humour; -sanna, pp. near, proximate, close at hand: -t, f. proximity; -svara, a. reflecting back.

प्रत्याह pratyaha [ pratyha ] a. daily (incorrect for pratyaha).

प्रत्याहरण pratyaharana [ prati½-harana ] n. bringing back; withdrawal or withholding from (ab.); -hra, m. withdrawal (of troops), retreat; with holding (the senses) from (ab.); abstention from the objects of the senses; withdrawal of creation, dissolution; technical grammatical contraction to a single syllable of a series of letters or suffixes by combining the initial of the first with the final of the last: thus al, the first vowel a+the last consonant ha-l (h with the technical suffix l), designates the entire alphabet; -hrya, fp. to be received or learned, from (ab.); -hvaya, m. echo.

प्रत्युक्त pratyukta [ prati½ukta ] pp. &root;vak; n. answer: -tva, n. refutation; -½ukti, f. reply; -½uggv ana, n. revival; resuscitation; -½uta, ad. on the contrary, rather, even; -½utkarsha, m. surpassing; -½ttabdhi, f. supporting, propping; -½uttambha, m.: -na, n. id.; -½ut tara, n. reply to an answer, rejoinder; an swer; -½uttar-karana, n. making a reply, answer; -½uttar-kri, answer; -½utthna, n. rising up to meet (a guest), respectful recep tion; rising up against, hostility; -½uttheya, fp. to whom respect should be shown by rising; -½utpanna, pp. prompt, ready: -mati, a. possessed of presence of mind; m. Ready wit, N. of a fish; -½udadhi, ad. at the sea; -½udharana, n. counter-example; -½ud hrya, fp. to be given as a counter-example; -½udgati, f., -½udgama, m.: -na, n. going to meet, esp. as a mark of respect; -½udgaman ya, fp. suitable for the respectful reception of a guest; -½udyama, m. counter-weight, balance; -½udyamin, a. balancing; -½udy tri, m. assailant; -½udymn, a. rebellious; -½unnamana, n. rebounding.

प्रत्युपकार pratyupakara [ prati½upa-kra ] m. requital of kindness, service in return; -krin, a. re turning a kindness; requiting (--ree;); -kriy, f. requital of kindness, service in return; -desa, m. instruction in return; -panna mati, a. possessed of presence of mind: -tva, n. presence of mind; -bhoga, m. enjoyment; -mna, n. counter-simile; -vesa, m. beset ting or besieging (any one in order to make him yield); -sthna, n. imminence; -sth pana, n. (mental) realisation; -sparsana, n. renewed washing or rinsing; -hra, m. re storation, restitution.

प्रत्याताप pratyatapa [ prati½tp ] m. sunny spot; -½tma, ree;-or -m, ad. for or in every soul; singly; -½tmaka, -½tmika, a. belonging to oneself, severally one's own; -½tmya, n. likeness to oneself: in. after his own image; -½darsa, m. incorrect for pratydesa; -½dna, n. re covery, re-acquisition; reiteration, repetition; -½ditya, 1. m. mock sun; 2. ad, towards the sun (ree;--); -½ditsu, des. a. desirous of gaining or regaining; -½deya, fp. to be received; -½desa, m. injunction, order; repudiation, rejection; refusal; prevention, determent, (deterrent) example; casting into the shade, eclipsing.

प्रत्याधान pratyadhana [ prati½-dh&asharp;na ] n. place for keep ing anything; -nayana, n. fetching back again; bringing back, restoration; -neya, fp. to be made good.

प्रत्यापत्ति pratyapatti [ prati½-patti ] f. turning back from evil, conversion; restoration, restitution; ex piation, sanctification; -plavana, n. leaping back; -mnna, n. opposite or altered de signation; -mnya, m. id.; conclusion (in a syllogism).

प्रत्यायक pratyayaka [ prati½ya-ka ] (cs.) a. [&root;i] causing to know or comprehend; convincing, cre dible; -½½ayana, 1. n. setting (of the sun); -½yana [fr. cs. of &root;i], 2. a. convincing, credible; n. elucidation, explanation, demon stration: , f. convincing; consolation; -½yay itavya, fp. to be elucidated or demonstrated; -½yita, (cs. pp.) m. agent.

प्रत्यारम्भ pratyarambha [ prati½rambha ] m. recommence ment; prohibition; annulment.

प्रत्यालिङ्गन pratyalingana [ prati½-li&ndot;gana ] n. return em brace; -vartana, n. return; -vsakam, ad. to every tent; -vsam, ad. in every house; -vritti, f. return.

प्रत्याशम्् pratyasam [ prati½sam ] ad. in all directions; -½s, f. confidence in (--ree;); hope, expectation.

प्रमा prama [ pra-m&asharp; ] f. fundament, pediment (V.); measure, scale (V.); true conception, correct notion.

प्रत्यरि pratyari [ prati½ari ] m. well-matched foe, adver sary equal to (g.); -½arka, m. mock sun; -½ark ana, n. return of a salutation; -½artham, ad. with regard to anything; -½arthin, a. hostile; rivalling, vying with (--ree;); m. opponent, ad versary, rival; defendant; (prti)-½ardhi, a. standing at the side of, equal to (g.); -½arp ana, n. re-delivery, restoration; -½arpanya, fp. to be given back or restored; -½arsh, m. side, slope (of a hill).

प्रत्यवनेजन pratyavanejana [ prati½ava-negana ] n. renewed ablution; -bhsa, m. appearance before any one; -marsa, m. inward contemplation of, absorption in (--ree;); counter-conclusion, re consideration; -marsana, n. inward contem plation, reflexion; -marsa-vat, a. contempla tive, reflective; -yava, ree;-or -m, ad. on every part of the body; for every part, singly, in detail.

प्रत्यवर pratyavara [ prati½avara ] a. lower, more insigni ficant, of less value, than (ab.): -klam, ad. later than, after (ab.).

प्रत्यवरोधन pratyavarodhana [ prati½ava-rodhana ] n. obstruc tion; -roh, m. coming down towards any one; descending succession; a kind of ritual verse; -rohana, n. coming down towards any one (from a seat, etc.); renewed descent (a do mestic rite in the month Mrgasrsha); -roh am, abs. descending; -rohin, a. moving downwards, descending; -sna, n. eating; -sita, pp. &root;s; -skanda, m. attack, sur prise; -sthna, n. objection; -hartos, g. inf. &root;hri; -hra, m. withdrawal; dissolution.

प्रत्यवाय pratyavaya [ prati½avya ] m. decrease, diminu tion; reverse, contrary course, opposite con duct; unpleasantness; disadvantage; disap pointment; sin; -½avekshana, n., -½aveksh, f. looking after, care, attention, trouble; -½avekshya, fp. to be regarded or paid at tention to; -½asta-gamana, n. setting (of the sun); -½astam, ad. with gam, set, cease; -½as tam-aya, m. cessation; -½astra, n. counter missile; -½aha, a. daily: -m, ad. every day.

प्रत्यनन्तर pratyanantara [ prati½anantara ] a. being in the immediate neighbourhood of (g.); next in rank; m. next of kin, heir presumptive: -m, ad. immediately after (ab.); -bh, betake oneself close to (g.); -½anka, a. (having one's face against), hostile, opposing (g.); prejudic ing, injuring; opposite; *rivalling; m. op ponent, enemy; n. hostile army; hostility, rivalry (sg. & pl.); retaliatory revilement of an enemy's following: -bhva, m. condition of being the opposite; -½anumna, n. counter or opposite inference; -½anuyoga, m. counter question; -½anta, m. boundary: pl. barbar ous tribes: -desa, m. frontier country; -½an tar-bh, betake oneself close to any one (*g.); -½antt, ad. to the end in each case; -½antika, a. situated on the frontier.

प्रत्यपकार pratyapakara [ prati½apakra ] m. counter-injury.

प्रत्यब्दम्् pratyabdam [ prati½abdam ] ad. every year.

प्रत्यभिघारण pratyabhigharana [ prati½abhi-ghrana ] n. repeated besprinkling of a sacrificial remnant; -g, f. recognition; regaining of consciousness; -gna, n. recognition; counter token of re cognition; reciprocity; -gpana, n. causing to recognise; -gyamna-tva, n. recog nition (ps.); -nandin, a. receiving grate fully (--ree;); -bhshin, a. speaking to (ac.); -marsa, m.: -na, n. stroking or touching (with the hand); -methana, n. mocking reply; -yoga, m. countersuit or action; -lekh ya, n. counter-document (leg.); -vda, m. re turn salutation: -ka, a. returning any one's greeting; -vdana, n. answer to a salutation (g.), counter greeting to (g.); -vdayitri, m. one who returns a salutation; -skandana, n. counter-accusation.

प्रत्यभ्यनुज्ञा pratyabhyanujna [ prati½abhyanug ] f. permission, consent; -½abhysam, ad. at every repetition; -½abhyutthna, n. rising to receive (a guest).

प्रत्यय pratyaya [ prati½aya ] m. [going or turning to, recourse], confidence, trust, belief, faith, in (g., lc., --ree;); conviction, certainty; proof, as certainment; assumption; solution, explana tion; conception, notion, idea; cause; ordeal; following letter (gr.); suffix (gr.): -kraka, a. causing confidence, trustworthy; -dhtu, m. (suffix-root), denominative base (gr.).

प्रत्ययनम्् pratyayanam [ prati½ayanam ] ad. every year.

प्रत्ययसर्ग pratyayasarga [ pratyaya-sarga ] m. intellectual creation.

प्रत्ययित pratyayita [ pratyay-ita ] den. pp. proved, trust worthy; -i-tavya, fp. credible; -in, a. trust worthy.

प्रत्याकलित pratyakalita [ prati½-kalita ] (pp.) n. counter investigation: judicial consideration as to which of the litigants is to prove his case, after the defendant has pleaded; -kshepaka, a. mocking, deriding; -khyta, pp. rejected, refused: -tva, n. rejection; -khytavya, fp. to be impugned or denied; -khytri, m. re fuser; -khyna, n. rebuff, rejection; refusal; combating (feelings, etc.); impugnment, de nial, disavowal; -khyyin, a. rejecting (--ree;); -khyeya, fp. to be repelled or rejected; curable (disease); -gati, f., -gama, m. return; -gamana, n. coming back, return, to (--ree;); -ghta, m. repulse; -kakshna-ka, a. in tending to dispute anything (ac.); -kra, m. corresponding conduct.

प्रत्यक्षवत्् pratyaksavat [ pratyaksha-vat ] ad. as if it were a perfect certainty; -vidhna, n. explicit regu lation; -vishay-bh, present oneself within the range of vision; -vihita, pp. expressly enjoined; -vritti, a. formed clearly or in telligibly (word); -½gamana, n. approach in bodily form.

प्रत्यक्षाय pratyaksaya [ pratyaksh-ya ] den. . become manifest: -mna-tva, n. manifestness.

प्रत्यक्षीकरण pratyaksikarana [ pratyaksh-karana ] n. ocular inspection; -kri, look at with one's own eyes; -bh, become manifest, appear in bodily form.

प्रत्यक्सरस्वती pratyaksarasvati [ pratyak-sarasvat ] f. the western Sarasvat; -srotas, a. flowing to wards the west.

प्रत्यक्ष pratyaksa [ prati½aksha ] a. being before the eyes, evident, visible, perceptible; clear, plain, manifest; undoubted, actual, real; immediate, direct; having a clear knowledge of (g.); n. superintendence of, care for (g.); evidence, immediate perception; cognizance: -m, ad. before one's eyes or face; in the presence of (g. or --ree;); visibly, evidently, from one's own immediate knowledge; clearly, distinctly; actually, really; immediately, directly, per sonally; ab. actually, really; immediately; in. before one's eyes, to one's face; at sight, evidently; lc. id.; ree;--, before one's face, visibly; clearly; actually; directly, person ally: -karana, n. personal observation; -kri ta, pp. directly or personally addressed (in the second person); containing a direct invo cation; -krin, a. moving in bodily shape before (g.); -gna, n. immediate know ledge; -tamt, -tam&asharp;m, ad. most evidently, immediately, or actually, etc.; -tas, ad. before one's very eyes: with &root;sru, hear with one's own ears; -t, f. visibility: in. visibly; -tva, n. manifestness; explicitness; direct ness of perception; -darsana, n. seeing with one's own eyes, power of seeing (a god) bodily; -darsin, a. seeing or having seen anything (g.) with one's own eyes; -dris, a. seeing any thing clearly as if with one's own eyes; -drisya, fp. to be seen with one's own eyes, evident; -drishta, pp. seen with one's own eyes; -pram, f. correct conception gained by the evidence of the senses; -bhaksha, m. actual eating; -bhta, pp. manifested, be come visible, appearing in bodily shape.

प्रत्यगक्ष pratyagaksa [ pratyag-aksha ] n. inner organ; a. having inner organs; -tman, m. inward or individual soul; individual; -nanda, a. con sisting of inward joy; -sis, f. personal wish; a. containing a personal wish; -udak, ad. (west-northerly, i. e.) north-westerly; -eka rasa, a. having a taste for the inward, i. e. one's own soul, only; -gyotis, n. inward light; -dakshina-tas, ad. (west-southerly, i. e.) south-westerly; -dakshin, ad. id.: -pra vana, a. precipitous towards the south-west; -dis, f. west; -dris, f. inward gaze; a. hav ing one's gaze directed inward; -dhman, a. having inward light.

प्रत्यग्नि pratyagni [ prati½agni ] ad. towards the fire; at or in every fire.

प्रत्यग्र pratyagra [ prati½agra ] a. [being at the beginning], new, fresh; young; early (rays); recent; renewed, repeated: ree;-or -m, ad. recently; -prasav, a. f. having recently brought forth, -calved; -yauvana, a. being in early youth; -rpa, a. youthful; -vayas, a. of youthful years.

प्रत्यङ्कम्् pratyankam [ prati½a&ndot;kam ] ad. in every act (of a play).

प्रत्यङ्मुख pratyanmukha [ pratya&ndot;-mukha ] a. () having the face turned westward.

प्रत्यधिकरणम्् pratyadhikaranam [ prati½adhikaranam ] ad. at every section or paragraph.

प्रत्युपाकरण pratyupakarana [ prati½upa½karana ] n. recom mencement of Vedic study; -½sanam, ad. for every kind of worship.

प्रतीति pratiti [ prti½iti ] f. approach; obviousness; notoriety; distinct knowledge, clear concep tion or understanding (of anything); con viction; trust, credit.

प्रतीनाह pratinaha [ prat-nha ] m. obstruction (--ree;); flag.

प्रतीपय pratipaya [ pratpa-ya ] den. P. be opposed to any one (lc.); turn round, reverse.

प्रतीपवचन pratipavacana [ pratpa-vakana ] n. contradic tion; -½ukti, f. id.

प्रतीमान pratimana [ prat-mn ] n. (counter-measure), weight (measure); -vpa, m. admixture (esp. in a decoction); -vha, m. reward; -v&isharp;, a. accepting, receiving gladly; m. f. acceptance; -vesa, a. neighbouring; -hartri, m. door keeper, chamberlain; -hr, m. porter, janitor, warder (, f. female door-keeper): -t, f., -tva, n. office of a door-keeper or chamber lain, -dhuramdhar, f. female door-keeper.

प्रतिहाराय pratiharaya [ prati-hr-ya ] den. play the door-keeper; -hrya, n. jugglery.

प्रतिहिंसित pratihiṃsita [ prati-himsita ] (pp.) n. requital of an injury, revenge; -hita, pp. &root;dh; -hiti, f. adjustment of the arrow; -hita½i shu, a. having adjusted the arrow to the string; -hridayam, ad. in every heart; -homa, m. compensatory sacrifice; -hrsa, m. curtailment; -hvar, m. slope.

प्रतीकार pratikara [ prat-kra ] m. reaction, retalia tion, revenge; counteraction, prevention; remedy, preventive; resource, means of escape; mode of alliance formed on the assumption of the requital of former services; -ks, m. reflexion; appearance; --ree; a. resembling.

प्रतीक्ष pratiksa [ prati½ksh-a ] a. looking back (--ree;); waiting for, expecting; considerate towards (--ree;); -aka, a. waiting for, expecting (--ree;); -ana, n. consideration, regard; observance, fulfilment; -anya, fp. to be waited for or expected; -am, abs. waiting for; &asharp;, f. ex pectation; regard for (--ree;); -in, a. waiting; waiting for, expecting (--ree;); -ya, fp. to be expected or waited for; -kept, observed, or fulfilled; -treated with consideration, worthy.

प्रतीघात pratighata [ prat-ghta ] a. warding off (--ree;); m. prevention, obstruction, repression; ob stacle, hindrance, impediment; resistance; -ghtin, a. obstructing (--ree;).

प्रतीची pratici [ pratk-&isharp; ] f. of pratyak; -n, 1. a. turned or coming towards; -&isharp;na, 2. a. averted, turning the back; coming from or being be hind; turned or lying westward; imminent, future; following upon (ab.); --pati, m. ep. of Varuna, ocean.

प्रतीच्छक praticchaka [ prati½ikkha-ka ] m. receiver.

प्रतीच्य praticya [ pratk-ya ] a. being or dwelling in the west; ree;--, the west.

प्रतीत pratita [ prati½ita ] pp. &root;i: -½artha, a. having a recognised meaning.


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