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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

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प्रतिफलन pratiphalana [ prati-phalana ] n. reflexion, reflected image.

प्रज्ञान prajnana [ pra-g&asharp;na ] n. cognisance; know ledge; token of recognition, distinctive mark; monument.

प्रज्ञात prajnata[ pra-g-ta ] pp. well-known; -tavya, fp. to be known; -ti, f. information; ascertainment of the way to (g.); -tr, m. knowing the way, guide.

प्रज्ञात्मन्् prajnatman[ prag½tman ] a. whose nature is intellect, being all intellect; -½ditya, m. Sun of Wisdom, ep. of a clever man.

प्रतिहार pratihara[ prati-hra ] m. striking against any thing, contact (of the tongue); certain syl lables with which the Pratihartri strikes into the chant (in the Sma litany); gate; janitor: , f. female janitor; (a)-goptr, f. female door-keeper; -pa, m. door-keeper; -bhmi, f. site or region of the gate; office of a door keeper; -raksh, f. female door-keeper.

प्रतिशङ्का pratisanka[ prati-sa&ndot;k ] f. supposition, con sidering to be (--ree;); -satru, m. combatant, antagonist, foe; -sabda, m. echo: -ka, m. id., -ga, a. following the sound, -vat, a. echoing; -sama, m. cessation; -sayita, pp. &root;s; n. importunity; -sara, m. fracture; -sarsana, n. adversary's bow; -sasin, m. mock moon; -skham, ad. for every Vedic school; -skh, f. minor branch: pl. all the Vedic schools; -spa, m. counter-curse; -ssana, n. secondary authority (--ree;); -syya, m. cold, catarrh; -sraya, m. refuge, assistance; asylum, shelter; dwelling, abode, habitation; repository of (g.); --ree; a. dwelling; -srav, a. answering (V.); m. promise, word, assurance; -srava- na, n. answering; promising; assenting; -srut, f. echo; answer; -sruti, f. answer; promise; echo; -slokam, ad. at every sloka.











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प्रतिषेद्धव्य pratiseddhavya[ prati-sheddhavya ] fp. to be re strained; -denied; -sheddhri, m. preventer, restrainer, of (g., sts. ac. of thing); -shedha, m. prevention, determent, restrainment; pro hibition; annulment, negation; negative; refusal: -ka, a. (ik) keeping off, forbidding; negativing; -shedana, a. warding off; n. preventing, deterring, restraining, from (ab.); prohibition against (ab.); rejection, refuta tion; -shedanya, fp. to be restrained or prevented; -shedhayitri, a. (tr) negativing; -shedha½akshara, n. refusal; -shedha½t maka, a. having a negative form; -she dha½apavda, m. annulment of a prohibition; -shedha½arthya, a. having the meaning of a negation; -shedha½ukti, f. negative or pro hibitory expression; -shedha½upam, f. com parison having a negative form; -shedhya, fp. to be prevented, prohibited, or rejected; -denied; -shtambha, m. obstruction, hind rance, impediment; annulment; -shtambh in, a. impeding (--ree;); -shth, a. steadfast; resisting; -shth, f. standing still; stead fastness, stability, perseverance in (--ree;); stand ing-place, position; repository; foundation; support; abiding-place, homestead, dwelling; pediment, foot (of men or animals); tran quillity; pre-eminence; standing, high posi tion; accession to the throne; erection of an image or Li&ndot;ga; N. of various metres: () kma, a. desiring a fixed abode or high position; -shth&asharp;na, n. firm standing-place, foundation; pedestal, foot; founding of a city; N. of a town situated at the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamun; m. N. of a locality on the Godvar (the Paithana of the Greeks); -shthpana, n. erection of an image; establishment, corroboration: , f. counter-assertion, statement of an antithesis; -shthpayitavya, fp. to be placed; -shth&asharp;p ya, fp. to be placed or based on (lc.); to be entrusted to (d. or lc.); -shthsu, des. a. in tending to depart; -shth, f. resistance; -shthita, pp. (&root;sth) famous, celebrated; expert in (lc.): -pada, n. having verses (pdas) containing a fixed number of sylla bles); -shthiti, f. firm stand or footing.

प्रतिस्कन्ध pratiskandha[ prati-skandha ] m. each shoulder: in. each on his shoulder; -sthnam, ad. in every place, everywhere; -sneha, m. incor rect for pati-sneha; -spardhin, a. vying with, rivalling, emulating; -spas, a. spy ing, lurking; -srotas, ad. against the stream, upstream; -svana, m. pl. or ree;--, echo; -svam, ad. each singly; -svara, m. echo.

प्रतिहतधी pratihatadhi [ prati-hata-dh ] a. hostilely dis posed; -hata-raya, a. whose current is im peded by (--ree;); -hati, f. blow; rebound; -hantavya, fp. to be opposed; -hantri, m. warder off, preventer; -hartr, m. withdrawer; destroyer; remover, preventer; a kind of priest, assistant of the Udgtri; -harsha, m. expression of joy; -harshana, a. causing joy in return; -hasta, m. (person at one's hand), substitute, deputy, proxy: -ka, m. substitute, -tva, n. deputyship; -hastin, m. keeper of a brothel.


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प्रतिरजनि pratirajani [ prati-ragani ] ad. every night; -ratha, m. (whose chariot is against one), adversary in fight, equal antagonist; -rath yam, ad. on every road; -rav, m. shouting at any one, quarrelling, brawl; echo (sg. & pl.); -rasita, (pp.) n. echo.

प्रतिराज pratiraja [ prati-rga ] m. rival or hostile king; -rgan, m. id.; -rtram or -rtri, ad. every night; -ripu, ad. against the enemy; -rpa, n. (counter-form), effigy, image, likeness; pattern; counterfeit, of (g.); a. resembling; corresponding, suitable; handsome, comely: -ka, a. (ik) resembling, having the appear ance of; counterfeit; m. quack, charlatan, -kary&asharp;, f. exemplary conduct.

प्रतिलक्षण pratilaksana [ prati-lakshana ] n. symptom; -labhya, fp. obtainable; -lambha, m. obtain ment, acquirement; regainment; compre hension; -lbha, m. obtainment, acquisition; -li&ndot;gam, ad. at every phallus; -lekhana, n., -lekh, f. prescribed cleansing of all utensils; -loka, m. every world; -lom, a. against the hair, against the grain, contrary, unfavourable; hostile; inverted, contrary to the natural or prescribed order: ree;-or -m, ad. in the inverted order, in the wrong direction, perversely; in. in an unkind way; -lomaka, a. inverted, contrary to the natural or pre scribed order; n. perverseness; -loma-tas, a. on account of the inverted order or direc tion; in the reverse order or direction; -lo ma½anuloma, a. (against or with the grain), speaking for or against: ree;-or -m, ad. in the inverted order; in the wrong and (or) the natural order or direction, -tas, ad. in an unfriendly and a friendly manner.

प्रतिवक्तव्य prativaktavya[ prati-vaktavya ] fp. to be replied to; to be given (answer); to be combated or disputed; to be contradicted (person); -vak ana, n. answer, reply, to (g. or --ree;): -kri, give as an answer, reply with (ac.); -vakas, n. answer; -vatsara, m. year; -vatsaram, ad. every year; -vaditavya, fp. to be com bated or disputed; -vanam, ad. in every forest; -vat, a. containing the word &open;prati;&close; -vanit, f. female rival; -varna, m. each caste: -m, ad. for every caste; -varnika, a. having a corresponding colour, similar; -var sha, ree;-or -m, ad. every year; -vallabh, f. female rival, concubine; -vasati, ad. in or on every house; -vastu, n. corresponding thing, equivalent, compensation: -½upam, f. parallel simile (rh.); -vahni-pradakshi- nam, ad. at every circumambulation of the fire from left to right; -vkya, n. answer; -vk, f. yelling or barking at (pl.); answer; -vkita, n. answer; -vta, m. wind blowing in front: -m, ad. against the wind; lc. to the leeward; -vda, m. refusal, rejection; -vd in, a. contradicting; refractory; m. oppo nent; defendant (in a lawsuit); -vrana, 1. a. warding off; n. keeping off; 2. hostile elephant; -vrtt, f. news; -vrya, fp. to be warded off (--ree;); -vsaram, m. daily.

प्रतिविघात prativighata [ prati-vighta ] m. warding off; -vitapam, ad. for every branch; -vidyam, ad. at every doctrine; -vidhtavya, fp. to be employed; -provided against; n. impl. one should take care; -vidhna, n. counter action, prevention, precaution against (g. or --ree;); care or provision for (--ree;); -vidhi, m. remedy for (--ree;); -vidhits, f. desire or in tention to counteract; -vidheya, fp. to be done against; -rejected; n. impl. one should take precautions; one should take measures against (lc.); -viparta, pp. exactly opposite; -vibhga, m. distribution, apportionment; -virati, ad. on each cessation or disappear ance; -visesha, m. peculiarity, particular circumstance; -viseshana, n. detailed speci fication; -visva, a. pl. all and sundry: lc. in all cases; -visha, a. containing an antidote; -vishaya, m. pl. all objects of sense: ree;-or -m, ad. with regard to each individual object of sense; -vta, pp. &root;vy; -vra, m. op ponent; equal antagonist; -vrittntam, ad. according to the saying, as they say; -vri sha, m. hostile bull; -vedam, ad. in the case of or for every Veda; -vedntam, ad. in every Upanishad; -velam, ad. at every opportunity; -vesa, a. neighbouring; aux iliary, subordinate, minor; m. neighbour; neighbouring house; -vesin, a. neighbouring; m. neighbour; -vesma, ad. in every house; -vesman, n. neighbouring house; -vesya, m. neighbour; -vaira, n. counter-hostility, re venge; -vodhavya, fp. to be carried home.

प्रतिव्याहार prativyahara [ prati-vyhra ] m. answer; -vyha, m. opposing battle-array; echo.

प्रतिभू pratibhu [ prati-bh ] m. surety, for (d., g., or --ree;); representative of=equalling; -bh pla, m. hostile prince: pl. every single prince; -bhbhrit, m. hostile prince.

प्रतिभेद pratibheda [ prati-bheda ] m. severance; be trayal, discovery; -bhedana, n. splitting, bursting, dashing to pieces; -bhairava, a. terrible; -bhoga, m. enjoyment; (medically) prescribed diet.

प्रतिमङ्गलवार pratimangalavara [ prati-ma&ndot;gala-vra ] m. pl. every Tuesday; -mandala, n. counter or second disc; -mantrana, n. response; -man tram, ad. with or at every verse; -mandi ram, ad. in every house; -manvantara, n. every Manu period: -m or e, in every --; -malla, m. counter-wrestler, opposing war rior; rival.

प्रतिमा pratima [ prati-m&asharp; ] f. [counter-measure], likeness, image, figure; picture; idol; symbol (ree;-with a word meaning moon=reflected moon, reflexion of the moon); measure; --ree; a. (a) resembling, like; -mtri, ad. according to the several mothers; -mtr, f. pl. all the morae; -m&asharp;na, n. counter-measure; well matched opponent; pattern; comparison, resemblance, equality; weight (measure); -mnan, f. homage; -mnayitavya, fp. to be regarded or considered; -my, f. counter charm; -mrga, m. way back; -m-visesha, m. kind of image or figure; -msa, ree;-or -m, ad. every month.

प्रतिमोक्षण pratimoksana [ prati-mokshana ] n. remission (of taxes); -mokana, n. riddance, deliver ance from (--ree;).

प्रतियत्न pratiyatna [ prati-yatna ] m. trouble bestowed upon anything, elaboration, preparation, manufacture; -ytana, n. requital: , f. image, figure, statue (of a god); -yna, n. return; -ymini, ad. every night; -yyin, a. going against, attacking; -yuddha, n. counter-contest, fight in return; -yuvati, f. female rival, concubine; -yuvam, ad. to wards the youth; -yoga, m. opposition, re sistance: in. pl. by remedies or antidotes; -yogam, ad. rule by rule; -yogika, a. cor relative, contrasting with (--ree;): -tva, n. corre lativeness; -yog-in, a. correlative, contrast ing; m. opponent, adversary: (-i)-t, f., (-i) tva, n. correlation, contrast; -yogayitavya, fp. to be strung or the strings of which are to be tuned (lute); -yoddhavya, fp. to be fought against in return; -yoddhri, m. combatant; well-matched adversary; -yodha, m. combat ant, antagonist; -yodhana, n. combating; combat; -yodhin, m. combatant, equal an tagonist (--ree;); -yoshit, f. female rival, con cubine.

प्रतिबद्ध pratibaddha [ prati-baddha ] pp. connected: -t, f. connexion with (--ree;); -banddhri, m. hinderer, obstructor: -t, f. obstruction; -bandha, m. connexion; investment, siege; hindrance, impediment; stoppage, suspension; logical impediment, obstructive argument; support: in. by employing all kinds of obstacles: -ka, a. (ik) hindering, obstructing, -vat, a. beset with obstacles; -bandhi-kalpan, f. assump tion liable to a legitimate contradiction; -bandhin, a. liable to be impeded or checked; --ree;, impeding, obstructing; -bandhi-t, f. state of checking, obstruction; -bala, 1. n. hostile army; 2. a. having equal strength, being a match for (g.), equally strong in (--ree;); capable of, adequate to (inf. or d. of vbl. n.); m. well-matched adversary; -bdhaka, a. repelling (--ree;); -bdhana, n. warding off, re pulsion (of, g.; ac.1); -bhu, m. fore-arm.

प्रतिबिम्ब pratibimba [ prati-bimba ] (m.) n. reflected disc (of the sun or moon in the water); reflected image, reflexion, shadow, likeness; -bim bana, n. reflexion; comparing; -bimbita, (den.) pp. reflected, in (--ree;); -bimb-kri, re flect, resemble (ac.).

प्रतिबुद्धि pratibuddhi [ prati-buddhi ] f. awaking (fig.); -bodha, m. awaking; knowledge: -ka, a. awaking (ac.); m. instructor; -bodhana, a. awakening, quickening; n. awaking; spread ing, diffusion; wakening; enlightening, in structing: , f. awaking, recovery of con sciousness; -bodhanya, fp. to be wakened; -bodha-vat, a. possessed of understanding; -bodhin, a. awaking.

प्रतिभट pratibhata [ prati-bhata ] a. being a match for any one, equal to anything; rivalling (g. or --ree;); m. adversary: -t, f. rivalry with (g.); -bhat-kri, put on an equality with; -bha ya, a. formidable, terrible, dangerous: -m, ad.; n. fear, of (ab. or --ree;); danger: -kara, -m-kara, a. causing fear.

प्रतिभा pratibha [ prati-bh ] f. resemblance, image; light, lustre (--ree;); understanding, intelligence; presence of mind; brilliant idea, happy thought; well-founded presumption; fancy, phantom; -bhga, m. daily present (consist ing of fruit, flowers, and vegetables offered to a king): -sas, ad. in divisions or classes; -bh na, n. obviousness; brilliancy of conception; understanding: -vat, a. quick-witted, en dowed with presence of mind, prompt: -tva, n. quick intelligence, promptness; -bhva, m. counterpart: -t, f. abst. n.; -bh-vat, a. endowed with presence of mind; quick witted; -bhsa, m. appearing; appearance; occurrence of a thought; delusion: -na, n. appearing; appearance, semblance; -bh, f. fear.

प्रतिपाण pratipana [ prati-pn ] a. bartering; m. counter stake; revenge at play; -ptram, ad. in or on every part (in a play); -pdaka, a. (ik) giving, bestowing (--ree;); discussing, treating of, teaching; explanatory, illustrative; -pd ana, n. causing to attain (--ree;); giving, be stowal, on (lc. or --ree;); giving back, return ing; bringing back; inauguration in (--ree;); producing, causing; setting forth, treating of, propounding, illustrating, teaching; com mencement; -pdanya, fp. to be given, in marriage (Pr.); to be propounded, dis cussed or treated of; -pdapam, ad. in every tree; -pdam, ad. in every verse (pda); -pdayitavya, fp. to be bestowed or pre sented; -pdayitri, m. bestower, on (lc.); propounder, teacher; -pduk, f. pedestal; -pdya, fp. to be propounded, explained, or discussed; under discussion; -pna, n. drink ing; drinking water; -ppa, a. bad in return, requiting any one (lc.) with evil; -plana, n. watching, guarding, protection; rearing, nurture (of animals); keeping, observance, maintenance, of (g. or --ree;); expectation (Pr.); -planya or -playitavya, fp. to be ex pected or waited for; -plin, a. guarding, protecting; -plya, fp. to be protected or guarded; to be waited for.

प्रतिपित्सा pratipitsa [ prati-pits ] f. desire to obtain, striving after; -pitsu, des. a. desiring to obtain, striving after (ac. or --ree;); wishing to learn (ac.); -pipdayish, f. desire to pro pound or discuss (ac.); -pipdayishu, des. a. being about to propound, discuss, or ex plain; -pdana, n. devastation, of (--ree;).

प्रतिपुंनियत pratipunniyata [ prati-pum-niyata ] pp. specially meant for every soul; -purusha, m. similar man, representative; companion; doll; ree;-or -m, ad. man for man, for each man; for every soul; -pustaka, n. copy of an original manuscript, transcript; -pgaka, a. honour ing (--ree; or g.); -pgana, n. doing honour to (g.); -pg, f. id. (with g. or lc.); -pgya, fp. to be honoured; -prana, n. filling, oc cupation of (g.); being filled with (in.); stoppage, obstruction; -prishth, f. each side of a leaf.

प्रतिप्रज्ञाति pratiprajnati [ prati-pragti ] f. discrimina tion, ascertainment; -pranavam, ad. at every &open;om;&close; -pranava-samyukta, pp. accompanied with &open;om&close; on each occasion; -pranma, m. counter-bow, salutation in return; -prat, a. (m. n.) forming a counterpart, counterbalanc ing, a match for (ac.); -pratka, ree;-or -m, ad. at every initial word; on every part of the body; -pradna, n. giving back, restitu tion; bestowal in marriage; -prabh, f. pl. reflexion (of fire); -prabhtam, ad. every morning; -prayavana, n. repeated mixing; -prayna, n. return; -prasna, m. counter question, answer; -prasava, m. counter pre cept, annulment of a prohibition regarding (--ree;); return to the original state; -prasa vam, ad. at every birth; -prasthtr, m. priest assisting the Adhvaryu; -prasth&asharp;na, n. office of the Pratiprasthtri; -prahra, m. counter blow, stroke in return; -prni, ad. in or for every living being; -prbhrita, n. counter present; -prsthnika, a. relat ing to the office of the Pratiprasthtri.

प्रतिप्रिय pratipriya [ prati-priya ] n. counter-favour, service in return; -prekshana, n. looking at any one again; -praisha, m. counter call; -plavana, n. leaping back.

प्रतिज्ञा pratijna [ prati-g ] f. agreement, under standing, assent; promise; assertion, declara tion; prosecution, action (leg.); announce ment of a proposition in an argument (logic); -gta, pp. promised, agreed; propounded, proposed; n. promise; -gna, n. admission, assent; promise; assertion; propounding a subject.

प्रतिज्ञान्तर pratijnantara [ pratig½antara ] n. change of the proposition in an argument; -paripl ana, n. adherence to a promise, keeping one's word; -prvakam, ad. beginning with the prosecution; -virodha, m. contradiction between proposition and argument; -sam nysa, m. abandonment of one's own pro position after hearing the argument of one's opponent; -hni, f. abandonment of a pro position in a disputation.

प्रतितद्विद्् pratitadvid [ prati-tadvid ] f. recognition of the contrary; -tantra-siddhnta, m. doc trine recognised in various systems (but not in all); -tara, m. sailor; -tar&asharp;m, with bh, retire more and more; -taru, ad. at every tree; -tryaham, ad. for three days each time.

प्रतिदण्ड pratidanda [ prati-danda ] a. (counter to the rod), refractory; -darsa, m. sight; -darsana, n. beholding, perceiving; appearing; sight, appearance; -dtavya, fp. to be restored; -dna, n. giving or present in return; -d pya, fp. to be forced to be restored; -dinam, ad. every day, daily, day by day; -divasam, ad. id.; -disam, ad. in every quarter or di rection, all round; -d&isharp;van, m. adversary at play; -dh, (nm. -dhuk), milk fresh from the cow; -dta, m. return messenger; -drs, a. (or prti-), similar; -drisam, ad. in or for every eye; -drishtnta, m. counter instance: -sama, m. irrelevant objection by adducing a counter instance which ignores one's oppo nent's example; -deya, fp. to be restored; -devatam, ad. for every deity; -devat, f. corresponding deity; -desam, ad. in every country; -deham, ad. in every body; -dai vatam, ad. for every deity; -dvandva, m. adversary, rival; -dvandvin, m. id.; --ree; = rivalling; -dvandv-bh, become an adversary; -dvdasan, a. pl. twelve each; -dvram, ac., -dvri, lc. ad. at every door or gate; -dvirada, m. hostile elephant; -dv pam, ad. in every part of the world.

प्रतिनगरम्् pratinagaram [ prati-nagaram ] ad. in every town; -nadi, ad. at every river; -nndana, n. greeting; grateful acceptance; -namas kra, a. returning a reverential salutation; -nava, a. new, young, fresh, recent; -nga, m. hostile elephant; -nd, f. branch-vein; -nda, m. echo; -nma, ad. by name: -grah anam, n. ad. mentioning each individual name; (prti)-nman, a. related in name; -nyaka, m. opposing hero (in a play); -nr, f. female rival; -nidhtavya, fp. to be substituted; -nidhpayitavya, fp. to be caused to be substituted; -nidhi, m. substi tution; substitute; image, likeness; counter part of (--ree;); -nidh-kri, substitute anything (ac.) for (--ree;); -nidheya, fp. to be substi tuted; -nipta, m. falling down; -niyama, m. rule for each particular case; -nirdesa, m. reference back to, renewed mention of (g.): -ka, a. referring back to; -nirdesya, fp. referred to again; -nirytana, n. restor ation, restitution; -nivartana, n. return; -nivrana, n. keeping off; -nivritti, f. re turn; -nisam, ad. every night; -niskaya, m. opposing opinion; -nishtha, a. standing on the opposite side; -nripati, m. rival king; -noda, m. repulse; -nyym, ad. in reverse order; -nysa, m. counter deposit.

प्रतिक्षणम्् pratiksanam [ prati-kshanam ] ad. every mo ment or instant, continually; -kshapam, ad. every night; -kshipta-tva, n. repudiation, rejection; -kshetra, n. spot, place: lc. in the place of (g.); -kshepa, m. contest; combat ing (--ree;); rejection; -kshepana, n. combating (--ree;); -kshonibhrit, m. opposition king.

प्रतिगज pratigaja [ prati-gaga ] m. hostile elephant; -gata, pp. &root;gam; n. return; -gamana, n. return; -gar, m. call in reply (of the Adhvaryu to the address of the Hotri); -gar itri, m. one who replies with a call; -garg ana, n. answering roar (of a cloud): , f. id.; -gtra, ree;-or -m, ad. at every member; -giri, m. mountain opposite; -gryam, fp. n. one should reply with a call; -gpya, fp. one should beware of (ab.); -griham, ad. in every house; -grihtavya, fp. to be re ceived kindly, to be welcomed (incorrect for -grah-); -grihtri, m. receiver (incorrect for -grah-); -geham, ac. ad. in every house.

प्रतिग्रह pratigraha [ prati-grah ] m. receipt, acceptance (of gifts), right to receive gifts (privilege of Brhmans; the person from whom the pre sent is received is ree;--, ab., or g.sakst; the object is ree;--); friendly reception; favour, grace; receiving with the ear, hearing; re ceiver; gift, present: in. as a present; -m kri, receive presents; -grahana, a. receiving; n. reception; acceptance (of gifts); -graha dhana, n. money received as a present; a. whose wealth consists in presents only; -gra ha-prpta, pp. received as a present; -grah tavya, fp. to be received, that may be ac cepted; -grahtr, m. receiver (of gifts); one who receives a girl, one who weds; nm. sg. used as ft.; -grmam, ad. in every vil lage; -grhaka, a. receiving gifts (only --ree;); -grhin, a. receiving, accepting; -grhya, fp. to be received, from (ab.); from whom anything may be accepted.

प्रतिचक्षण praticaksana [ prati-kkshana ] n. looking at, beholding; appearance; making visible; -kkshya, fp. visible; -kandra, m. mock moon; -kikrsh, des. a. (nm. -kikh), wish ing to requite or avenge anything (lc.); -kikrsh, f. desire to requite or retaliate on (ac. or g.); -kikrshu, des. a. wishing to requite (ac.); -kintanya, fp. to be pon dered anew; -kkhanda, m. image, likeness (--ree;=-like): -ka, m. likeness; substitute; -kkhy, f. likeness, image; -kkhyik, f. image, phantom; -gan, m. adversary; -ga nam, ad. in every one; -ganman, n. rebirth; -ggarana, n. watching (g.); -gihrshu, des. a. desirous of requiting (ac.); -gvana, n., -gvita, (pp.) n. resuscitation.

प्रतिपक्ष pratipaksa [ prati-paksha ] m. opposite side; opposition, hostile party; opponent, adver sary; rival (in, --ree;); --ree; a. rivalling: -gan man, a. produced by enemies, -t, f., -tva, n. opposition, hostility; -pakshita, pp. op posed, contradictory; -pakshin, m. opponent, adversary; -pan, m. exchange; counter stake (in play); -pattavya, fp. to be ob tained or received; -given (answer); comprehended or understood; n. impl. one should behave; one should assume or lay down; -patti, f. obtainment, acquirement; perception, comprehension; understanding, intelligence; supposition, view, assertion; admission; giving, bestowal on any one (lc. or --ree;); causing; taking in hand (--ree;); enter prise, procedure, action, in or with (g. or lc.); respectful behaviour, mark of respect, honour; confidence, assurance, determination; re source, means for (lc.), expedient against (g.); high rank, dominion, rule; conclusion; ta tra k pratipattih syt, what is to be done in that case? k tasya pratipattih, what is to be done with it? pratipattim d, show honour: -daksha, a. resourceful; -prva kam, ad. respectfully; -pradna, n. showing of honour; -mat, a. intelligent, resourceful.

प्रतिकञ्चुक pratikancuka [ prati-kakuka ] m. man armoured against all assaults, obstinate adversary; -kantham, ad. singly, one by one; -kara, a. () counteracting (--ree;); m. compensation (--ree;); -karkasa, a. equally hard with, of the same hardness as (--ree;); -kartavya, fp. to be re quited (of good or evil); to be repaid to (g.); to be done by way of compensation; to be paid back (debt); to be opposed or counter acted; n. (impl.) one should requite (d., lc.); -repay as a debt to (d.); -counteract any one (g.); -give medical aid to (g.); -kartri, m. requiter; opponent; -karma, ad. for every act; at every rite or celebration; -karman, n. requital; corresponding action (--ree;); counter action; (medical) treatment; personal adorn ment; -karsha, m. combination; -k&ndot;k shin, a. desiring (--ree;); -kmm, ad. accord ing to wish, at pleasure; -kmin, a. dis agreeable; -kmin, f. female rival; -kya, m. (counter body), adversary; -kra, m. re quital (of good or evil), compensation for (--ree;); counteraction, employment of remedies; alleviation, remedy: -karman, n. opposition, resistance, -vidhna, n. medical treatment; -krin, a. obviating, counteracting (--ree;); -kr ya, n. reward (to, g.); -kitava, m. adver sary at play; -kugara, m. hostile elephant.

प्रतिकूल pratikula [ prati-kla ] a. (against the bank, uphill), contrary, adverse (wind, fate, etc.); perverse, wrong; disagreeable, repugnant; hostile, refractory, rebellious (towards, g.): -m, ad. against any one, contrary (wind); inversely; n. inverse order; repugnant con duct (v. l. prtiklya): -krin, a. offering resistance to, opposing (g.); -t, f. adverse ness (of fate); rebelliousness, hostility; -dai va, a. opposed by fate: -t, f. hostility of fate; -pravartin, a. taking an adverse course (ship) and acting with hostility (tongue); -bhshin, a. contradicting.

प्रतिकूलय pratikulaya [ pratikla-ya ] den. P. oppose (ac.).

प्रतिकूलवचन pratikulavacana [ pratikla-vakana ] n. contra diction; -vat, a. refractory, rebellious; -vart in, a. counteracting, opposing, disturbing (g.); -vda, m. contradiction (--ree;); -vdin, a. contradicting, any one (g.); -visarpin, a. moving against the wind or stream (ship) and moving rancourously (tongue of a rogue); -vritti, a. resisting, opposing, any one (g.); -vedanya, fp. affecting one disagreeably; -½karita, (pp.) n. offensive action, injury; -½ukta, n. pl. contradiction.

प्रतिकूलिक pratikulika [ pratikl-ika ] a. hostile (incor rect for prti-).

प्रतिकृत pratikrta [ prati-krita ] (pp.) n. requital, re taliation; resistance; -kriti, f. resistance; counterfeit, image, likeness: -rakan, f. painting of a likeness.

प्रतिकोप pratikopa [ prati-kopa ] m. wrath, anger.

प्रतिक्रम pratikrama [ prati-krama ] m. inverse order; -krmana, n. striding hither and thither; going to confession (B.); -kriy, f. requital (of good or evil: --ree; with object; --ree;, g., or lc. of person); compensation; resistance; counteraction, remedy, help; venting (of anger); adornment (of the person): --ree; a. (a) warding off, repelling; -krodha, m. anger in return.

प्रणिधान pranidhana [ pra-nidhna ] n. application, em ployment; exertion, endeavour; respectful behaviour, towards (lc.); submission to the will of (--ree;); profound meditation; vehement desire (B.); vow (B.); -nidhyin, a. em ploying (emissaries); -nidhi, m. spying; sending out (of emissaries); request; spy, emissary; -nidh-bh, become a spy in the service of (--ree;); -nidheya, fp. to be applied; to be sent out as a spy; -nipatana, n. falling down before any one, prostration; -nipta, m. prostration, reverent salutation; humble submission to (g.); -niptin, a. prostrating oneself, submitting; -n&isharp;, m. leader; ()-nta, pp. &root;n: , f. pl. water fetched (on the morning of the rite), holy water: -karu, m. pot for the holy water, -pranyana, n. vessel for fetching the holy water; ()-nti, f. guidance; leading away.

प्रणुद्् pranud [ pra-nud ] a. (--ree;) driving away, re moving, dispelling; -nuda, a. id.

प्रणेजन pranejana [ pra-ngana ] a. () wiping; n. wash ing, bathing; water for washing; -netavya, fp. to be led or guided; to be performed or employed; -netr, m. leader, guide (of, g.; ac. in V.); fashioner, creator; author: -mat, a. containing the notion of leading; -neduh, 3 pl. pf. &root;nad, they uttered cries; -neya, fp. to be led or guided; amenable, yielding, obedient; to be employed, applicable; to be performed; to be fixed or determined; -nod ya, fp. to be driven away (--ree;).

प्रतङ्कम् pratankam[ pra-t&ndot;kam ] abs. gliding, creeping; -tata, n. (?) high bank; -tatmaha, m. great grandfather; -tanu, a. very fine, delicate, narrow, slender, thin, emaciated, small, or in significant: -ka, a. very delicate; -tapana, n. warming; -tapta, pp.; n. (?) purified gold; -taptri, m. burner, scorcher; -tam&asharp;m, (spv. ac. f.) ad. especially; -tara, m. crossing over (--ree;); -trana, a. () furthering, pro moting, increasing; n. crossing over; -tarm, -tar&asharp;m, (cpv. ac.) ad. further, still more; in future; -tarka, m. inference, supposition; -tarkya, fp. conceivable; -tardana, a. de stroying; ()-tavas, a. vigorous, powerful; -tn, m. tendril; plant with tendrils, climb ing plant: -vat, a. having tendrils; rami fied; -tnita, pp. treated diffusely; -tpa, m. heat; splendour; majesty, dignity, su periority (often compared with the heat of the sun); vigour, power, energy; N.; -tpana, a. making it hot for any one, pressing hard on, harassing, afflicting; n. heating; -tpa pla, m. N.; -tpa-pura, n. N. of a city; -tpa-vat, a. full of dignity, powerful, ma jestic, glorious (of persons); -tpa-sla, m. N. of a prince; -tpa½ditya, m. Sun of Majesty, N. and ep. of various princes; -tp itri, m. nm. used as 3 sg. ft. of cs. of pra tap; -tpin, a. hot, burning, scorching; making it hot for any one, harassing, afflict ing; glorious, majestic; conferring dignity; -tmra, a. extremely red; -tra, m. crossing over (g.): -ka, a. deceiving, cheating; m. cheat; -trana, n. taking across (water); crossing over (g. or --ree;)=-tarana; deceiving, cheating: , f. cheating, fraud; -tranya, fp. to be deceived or cheated; -trayitri, m. promoter, increaser.

प्रति prati [ prti ] ad. with verbs and ree;-- with nouns, against, counter; back, in return; with nouns also =every; prp. 1. with (usually preceding) ac. against, towards, to, upon, in the direction of; before, in the presence or the eyes of; about, near, on, in, at; at the time of, about; through, for (of time); from (protect); compared with; in favour of, for; concerning, in regard to, on account of, through; for, as (with predicative ac., e. g. take for, regard as); according to, by; in or at every; 2. with ab. at the time of, about (only RV.); 3. with g. concerning, with regard to; ree;-in ad. cpds. towards; at the time of, about; according to; in or at every; tmnam prati, to oneself (speak); kiram --, for a long time; bhrisam --, repeatedly; mm --, in my opinion, to my mind; varsham --, every year; na bubhukshitam prati bhti kim kit, to a hungry man nothing is of any ac count; mm prati aranyavat pratibhti, to me seems like a (lonely) forest.

प्रज्ञापारमिता prajnaparamita  [ prag-pramit ] f. highest degree of knowledge or understanding; -½ape ta, pp. destitute of knowledge; -maya, a. consisting of understanding; -mtr, f. element or basis of cognition, organ of sense; -vat, a. intelligent, wise, knowing, shrewd; -vda, m. word of wisdom; -sahya, a. having intelligence as a companion, wise, intelligent, shrewd.

प्रज्वलन prajvalana  [ pra-gvalana ] n. flaming up; -gval ita, (pp.) n. blazing, burning; -gvra, m. heat of fever; -gvlana, n. kindling (a fire); -gvl, f. flame.

प्रणख pranakha  [ pra-nakha ] n. (?) tip of the nail; -nata, pp. bowing etc.; -nati, f. bow, reverential salutation, obeisance (with g., lc., or --ree; of the object); ()-napt, m. great-grandson; -nap tri, m. id.; -namana, n. bowing down be fore (g. or --ree;).

प्रणय pranaya  [ pra-naya ] m. leader; guidance; mani festation, display; confidence, in (lc.); friendly regard; familiarity; affection, love; fond attachment (of lovers), display of affection; desire, longing, for (lc.): in., ab., ree;--, and pranaya½upetam, ad. confidently, fearlessly; unreservedly, without ceremony: -kalaha, m. friendly quarrel; -nayana, n. bringing, fetching; means or vessel for fetching; mani festation, display; adduction; wielding (a weapon), infliction of punishment (danda); establishing, founding; performance, execu tion; composition (of, --ree;); satisfying, satiat ing (--ree;); -naya-bha&ndot;ga, m. breach of con fidence; -naya-vat, a. acting without re serve or ceremony, unaffected; tenderly at tached to (lc. or --ree;); addicted to (--ree;); -nay i-kriy, f. friendly service; -nayi-t, f. love, affection (for, lc.); desire, longing (for, g. or --ree;); -nay-in, a. beloved, dear (to, g.); ten derly attached, affectionate, loving; fond of, liking, devoted to, longing for (in. or --ree;); frequenting, dwelling or being in (--ree;); aim ing at, having in view (--ree;); combined or provided with (--ree;); m. favourite, dear friend; lover, husband: -, f. mistress, wife; -nay kri, attach closely: pp. connected with (in. or --ree;); -nay-bh, again become attached to (lc.).

प्रणव pranava  [ pra-nva (or ) ] m. [pronouncement: &root;nu] the sacred syllable om: -ka, --ree; a. id.

प्रणाडिका pranadika  [ pra-ndi-k ] f. channel: in. in directly; by means of (--ree;); -nd, f. id.; -nda, m. loud noise, shout, yell, roar, cry, neigh, etc.; tingling in the ear; -nma, m. bow, obeisance, reverent salutation (--ree; with the object): bhuvi or bhmau --, bow down to the ground; -nmin, a. (--ree;) bowing down before, worshipping; -nyaka, m. commander (of an army); -nyya, fp. suitable, worthy (pupil); -nla, m. row, series (?): , f. chan nel, watercourse; mediation, means; -nl ik, f. channel, conduit; means: in. in directly; by means of; -nsa, m. extinction, cessation, disappearance, loss; decease, death; -nsana, a. () causing to cease, destroying, removing; n. destruction; -nsin, a. destroy ing, removing (only --ree; f. and at the end of a kemistich).

प्रजार्थे prajarthe [ prag½arthe ] lc. ad. for the sake of offspring.

प्रजावत्् prajavat [ prag&asharp;-vat ] a. (-) productive of off spring, bestowing progeny; abounding in offspring, fruitful: -, f. pregnant; bearing, mother of (--ree;); brother's wife.

प्रजावृद्धि prajavrddhi [ prag-vriddhi ] f. abundance of offspring; -vypra, m. care for or interest in the people; -srig, m. creator of the world, ep. of Brahman and of Kasyapa; -han, a. (f. -ghn) killing offspring.

प्रजिहीर्षु prajihirsu [ pra-gihrshu ] a. about to strike; -gvana, n. livelihood, maintenance; -gvin, m. N. of a minister of the crow-king Megha varna.

प्रजेश prajesa [ prag½sa ] m. lord of creatures, Creator; genius presiding over procreation; lord of the people, prince, king; -½svara, m. id.; -½h, f. desire of offspring.

प्रज्ञ prajna [ pra-ga ] a. intelligent; knowing, acquainted with (--ree;): ()-t, f. knowledge; -gapti, f. instruction, information; kind of magic art personified: -kausika, m. N. of a teacher familiar with this art.

प्रज्ञा prajna [ pra-g ] f. information; discrimina tion, judgment, intelligence, understanding; wisdom, knowledge; purpose, resolve: -gup ta, pp. protected by wisdom; -kakshus, n. eye of understanding; a. seeing with the eye of understanding; having understanding in place of eyes, blind; -½dhya, m. (rich in wisdom), N.

प्रजागुप्ति prajagupti [ prag-gupti ] f. protection of sub jects; -ghn, f. of -han; -kandra, m. moon to his subjects (honorific epithet of a prince); -tantu, m. continuation of a family, progeny.

प्रजाति prajati [ pr-gti ] f. procreation, parturition, propagation, birth; procreative energy: -k ma, a. desirous of propagation; -mat, a. (verse) containing words relating to procreation.

प्रजादान prajadana [ prag-dna ] n. procreation of children; -dvra, n. gate of progeny, ep. of the sun; -dhara, a. maintaining creatures (Vishnu); -½adhyaksha, m. surveyor of creatures, ep. of the sun, Daksha, etc.; -ntha, m. lord of creatures, ep. of Brahman, Manu, and Daksha; protector of the people, king, prince; -½antaka, m. destroyer of creatures, Yama.

प्रजापति prajapati [ prag&asharp;-pati ] m. lord of creatures; genius presiding over procreation, protector of life; Creator, N. of a supreme being above the Vedic gods; this epithet is in the post-Vedic period applied to various holy men regarded as demiurgic beings; Time (personified); planet Mars; N.: -yaga, m. sacrifice to Pragpati=procreation of children prescribed by law; -lok, m. Pragpati's world.

प्रजापाल prajapala [ prag-pla ] m. guardian of creatures, ep. of Krishna; protector of the people, prince, king; N. of a prince; -plana, n. protection of the people; -plya, n. office of guardian of the people or of king.

प्रजायिनी prajayini [ prag-y-in- ] a. f. about to bring forth; --ree;, bearing, mother of.


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