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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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पौष्कल्य pauskalya[ paushkal-ya ] n. complete development, full strength.

पौष्कर pauskara [ paushkara ] a. () relating to the blue lotus.

पौष्टिक paustika [ paushti-ka ] a. () relating to or furthering prosperity or growth; furthering (g.).

पौष्ण pausna [ paushn ] a. () belonging, relating, or sacred to Pshan; relating to the sun; n. the lunar asterism Revat.

पौष pausa [ pausha ] a. () relating to the time when the moon is in the asterism Pushya; m. a month, December-January; , f. night or day of full-moon in the month Pausha.

पौष्प pauspa [ paushpa ] a. () coming from or made of flowers; -ketava, a. relating to the god of love (Pushpa-ketu).

पौष्य pausya [ paushya ] a. relating to the asterism Pushya.

प्र pra [ 1. pr ] ad. (with verbs) before; forward, onward, on, forth; ree;-with nouns, fore-; great(in relationship); ree;-with a. exceedingly, very.

प्रउग pruga [ pr-ga ] n. fore-part of the shafts of a vehicle; triangle; m. n. N. of the second Sastra in the morning libation.

प्रकटय prakataya [ prakata-ya ] den. P. manifest, make visible; show, disclose: pp. ita, displayed, shown: ree;--, ad. evidently.

प्रकम्प prakampa [ pra-kamp-a ] a. trembling; m. tremor, quake; -ana, m. wind; N. of an Asura; n. shaking, wagging; -ita, pp. &root;kamp; n. tremor; -in, a. trembling, moving to and fro; -ya, fp. to be caused to tremble or quake.

पौलस्त्य paulastya [ paulastya ] a. relating to or descended from Pulasti or Pulastya; m. pat. descendant of Pulasti or Pulastya, ep. of Kubera and of Rvana; moon.

पौराग्रगण्य pauragraganya [ paura½agra-ganya ] m. chief of the city; -½a&ndot;gan, f. woman of the town, female citizen.

प्रजन prajana [ pra-gana ] m. (n.) procreation, impregnation; parturition; m. procreator; -gnana, a. generating, procreative; n. impregnation; parturition, procreation; birth, propagation; production, of (--ree;); genital member; progeny, children; -gaya, m. victory; -galpa, m. conversation; prattle; -galpana, n. speaking, talking; -gav, m. haste, speed; -gav ana, a. running very fast; -gavin, a. hurry ing, running fast, quick; -gas, a. --ree;=prag, progeny; -gahit, pp. given up, abandoned.


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प्रजा praja [ pra-g&asharp; ] f. procreation, propagation, birth; offspring, progeny, family, descendants; creature; folk, people, subjects (of a prince): -kma, a. desirous of offspring; m. desire of offspring.

प्रजागर prajagara [ pra-ggara ] a. watching, waking: m. watchman; watching, waking; waking up (int.); -ggarana, n. waking, sleeplessness.

प्रग्रह pragraha [ pra-graha ] m. holding forth, stretching out; grasping, seizing; seizure of the sun or moon, beginning of an eclipse; kindness; obstinacy (rare); rein, bridle (ord. mg.); leader, guide; companion, satellite; -grahana, m. leader, guide (only --ree; a. = led by); n. grasping, seizing; commencement of an eclipse; -grham, abs. keeping the words separate (i. e. not combining them according to the rules of Sandhi: Br.); -grva, m. railing or fence enclosing a house.

प्रघण praghana [ pra-ghana ] m. [&root;han] space outside the door of a house; -gharsha, m. friction; -ghna, m. = -ghana; -ghosha, m. sound, noise.

प्रचण्ड pracanda [ pra-kanda ] a. violent or impetuous; very powerful (heat); very fierce, furious, or terrific; m. N. of a Dnava: -tar-bh, grow more furious; -varman, m. N. of a king.

प्रचय pracaya [ pra-kaya ] m. [&root;ki] picking, gathering; accumulation, collection, quantity, multitude; -kayana, n. collecting; -kaya-svara, m. accumulated tone (i. e. tone occurring in a series of syllables), tone of the unaccented syllables following a Svarita; -karana, n. setting to work: &isharp;, f. kind of supplementary wooden ladle (rit.); -karanya, fp. being in actual use (Br., S.); -karitavya, fp. n. imps. one should set to work; -kala, a. moving, tremulous, shaking; -kalana, n trembling, swaying; fleeing; -kalyita, (den. pp.), n. nodding while asleep (sna-, -in a sitting posture); -kalita, pp. set out, departed, etc.; -kra, m. walking about, ranging; going in pursuit of (--ree;); showing oneself, manifestation, appearance; application, employment; currency; conduct, behaviour; pasture-ground; exercising-ground; -krana, n. scattering; -krin, a. going about; attaching oneself to (lc., --ree;); acting, behaving; -kita, pp. (&root;ki), pronounced with the Prakaya tone; -kura, a. abundant, ample, much, many, frequent; --ree;, abounding in, replete with: -gaha&ntod;a, a. having abundance of impervious passages, -tva, n. abundance of (--ree;), -ratna-dhana½ gama, a. having a large income of gems and money; -kurī-bh, grow in extent; -kritta- sikha, a. having loosened braids or flowing hair; ()-ketas, a. heedful, intelligent, wise (V.); m. (C.), ep. of Varuna; N.; -kodana, n. instigation, incitement; command; -kodin, a. driving before one (--ree;).



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प्रच्छद pracchada  [ pra-kkhada ] m. coverlet, bed-cover; -kkhanna, pp. (&root;khad), hidden, secreted, disguised, etc.; -khhdaka, a covering, concealing (--ree;); m. song, accompanied by the lute, of a woman deserted by her husband, and containing a veiled reference to her forlorn state; -kkhdana, a. covering, concealing (--ree;); n. concealment; -kkhdya, fp. to be concealed; -kkhya, n (?) shady place, shade; -kkhita, pp. &root;kh.

प्रच्यवन pracyavana [ pra-kyavana ] n. withdrawal, departure; loss of (ab.); -kyuta, pp. (&root;kyu) fallen, degraded, banished, etc.; -kyuti, f. departure, withdrawal; loss of (ab.); abandonment of (--ree;): smya½avasthnt--, loss of equilibrium.

प्रक्रम prakrama [ pra-kram ] m. stride (Br., S.); C.: beginning (also S.); proportion, measure; right sequence of words, grammatical construction; -kramana, n. striding forward; advancing towards (--ree;); going forth; -krama-bha&ndot;ga, m. violation of grammatical construction; -krnta, pp. &root;kram; n. setting out, departure: -tva, n. state of being meant; -kriy, f. procedure, method, manner; ceremony; formality; privilege, prerogative, precedence, high position (ord. mg.); insignia of high rank; characterization; chapter; -krd, m. sport; playground; -krdn, a. playing, gambolling (RV.1).

प्रक्षपण praksapana [ pra-kshapana ] n. destruction; -kshaya, m. id. ruin, end; -ksharana, n. flowing; -kshlaka, a. washing; m. washer;-kshlana, a. performing frequent ablutions; -kshlana, a. performing frequent ablutions; n. washing, -off, cleansing, purifying; water for washing; means of purifying; -kshna, pp. &root;kshi; -kshepa, m. cast, throw; throwing or scattering upon; setting down (of the feet, pāda-, pl.=steps); interpolation; sum deposited by each member of a commercial company; -kshepana, n. sprinkling or pouring upon; throwing into, -upon (--ree;); fixing (of a price, --ree;); -kshepin, a throwing or placing upon (--ree;); -ksheptavya, pp. to be thrown into (lc.); -thrown or scattered on (lc.); -kshepya, pp. to be put on (ornament).

प्रखर prakhara  [ pra-khara ] a. very hard; -khala, m. great rogue; -khy, a. [&root;khy] visible; clear, bright: , f. appearance: only --ree; a. a, having the appearance of, resembling, like; lustre, beauty: only --ree; a. a, bright or beautiful as; -khyta, pp. (&root;khy) famous etc.; -khyti, f. perceptibility; -khypana, n. cs. (--ree;) making known, announcement of (--ree;); -khya, d. inf. &root;khy (RV.1).

प्रगम pragama [ pra-gama ] m. first advance of love in courtship; -gardhn, a. hastening onwards (RV.); -galbha, 1. den. . be courageous or resolute; be capable of (lc.), be able to (inf.); 2. a. bold, intrepid, resolute, confident; mature (age): -kulla, m. dexterous potter, -t, f. boldness, confidence; -gth, m. kind of three-verse stanza (combination of a Brihat or Kakubh with a Satobrihat); N. of a Rishi; -guna, a. right, correct (road); being in good order, efficient; excellent; gunaya, den. P. put in order; manifest, show: pp. ita, put in order, properly arranged; -guna-rakan, f. putting in proper order; -gunin, a. kind towards (lc.); -gun kri, put in proper order, arrange; render amenable to (lc.); -grihta-pada, a. having the words pronounced separately (i. e. with out Sandhi); -grihya, fp. (to be) pronounced separately, not liable to the rules of Sandhi (vowel).

प्रगे prage  [ pra-ge ] lc. ad. [in the foregoing time] early in the morning: -tana, a. matutinal.

प्रकाश prakasa  [ pra-ks ] a. shining (out), clear, bright; manifest, open, visible, public; produced or occasioned by (--ree;); generally known, renowned, for (in. or --ree;), in (--ree;); having the appearance of, resembling, like (--ree;): -m or ree;--, ad. openly, publicly; aloud (dr.); m. lustre, splendour, light (often --ree; in titles of exegetical works); manifestation; renown; open place, open air; publicity: ab. manifestly, certainly; lc. publicly, openly; aloud; -ksa-ka, a. (ik) clear, bright, shining; generally known, renowned; illuminating; making clear, explaining; expressing, designating; m. illuminator, sun; -ksa-t, f. brightness, lustre; renown; publicity: -m gam, become known; -ksa-tva, n. manifestation, appearance, renown; -ksa-dev, f. N.; -ks-ana, a. illuminating; n. illumination; allowing to appear, manifestation; -ksa-nr, f. public woman, prostitute; -ks-anya, fp. to be illuminated; -ks-ayi tavya, fp. to be made clear or evident; to be manifested; -ksa½tma-ka-tva, n. luminousness; -ksa½tman, a. whose nature is light, luminous; -ks-i-t, f. brightness, light; -ks-i-tva, n. id.; -ks-in, a. bright, shining; bringing to light (g.); -ks-karana, n. illumination; -ks-kri, illuminate; pub lish; -ks-bhva, m. becoming light, dawn; -ksa½itara, a. reverse of manifest, invisible; -ks-ya, fp. to be brought to light or manifested: -t, f. publicity.

प्रकिरण prakirana [ pra-kirana ] n. strewing, scattering; -krna, pp. (&root;kr) agitated, excited, wild; n. miscellany: -ka, a. scattered; miscellaneous; m. fly-whisk; tuft of hair (as an ornament of horses); miscellany; judicial decision of an isolated case (not provided for in the law-books).

प्रकीर्तन prakirtana [ pra-krtana ] n. proclaiming, announcing: , f. mention; -krti, f. celebration, praise; -kuka, m. a measure of capacity equal to about a handful; -krita, pp. &root;kri: -tva, n. state of being in question.

प्रकृति prakrti [ pra-kriti ] f. (putting before, what is presupposed), original or natural form or condition (opp. vi-kriti, derivative form); nature, constitution, disposition, temper; fundamental form, pattern, standard, rule (sp. damental form, pattern, standard, rule (sp. in ritual); nature (opp. spirit: ph.): pl. material elements (rare); primary constituents of nature (from which all else is evolved: there are eight: avyakta, mahat, ahamkra, and the five elements: ph.); constituent elements of the state (in politics: there are seven: king, minister, fortress, territory or subjects, treasure, army, and ally; kings primarily (of these there are four) and secondarily (of these there are eight) concerned in a war (each of these twelve having five prakritis in the form of minister, territory, fortress, treasure, army); constituent elements of a king's own state (exclusive of himself); ministers; subjects, citizens; sg. root, base (gr.): ree;-or in. by nature, originally, properly; in the original state, unchanged: -ka, a. (--ree;) id.; kripana, a. naturally feeble in discriminating between (lc.); -ga, a. innate; -purusha, m. nature and spirit (du.); minister; -bhva, m. original or unmodified state; -mandala, n. whole circle of subjects, entire territory; -mat, a. having or being in the original, natural, or usual condition or form; -sampanna, pp. endowed with a noble nature; -subhaga, a. naturally beautiful; -stha, a. being in the natural state or condition, natural, genuine, normal; healthy; being in good circumstances.

प्रकृष्ट prakrsta [ pra-krishta ] pp. (&root;krish) extended, long (road); distinguished: -tva, n. excellence; -ket, m. (V.) perception, intelligence, understanding; knower; -kopa, m. raging (of war, disease); turbulence, tumult, insurrection; anger, rage (ord. mg.): -m -kri, be angry with (g.); -kopana (or na), a. () exciting, arousing (--ree;); n. irritation; provoking, exasperating; -kopita, cs. pp. (&root;kup) provoked, enraged; -koshtha, m. fore-arm (ord. mg.); space near the gate of a palace; court of a palace (Pr.).

प्रकर prakara [ pra-kara ] m. (scattered) heap, quantity, plenty: , f. kind of song; short interlude (in a drama); -karana, n. production, creation; treatment, discussion, exposition; subject of discussion, topic; section, chapter; special treatise, monograph; kind of drama (in which the plot is invented by the poet): asminn eva prakarane, in regard to this very point, in this connection; na ka prakaranam vetsi, nor do you know what the point in question is: -tas, ad. on a suitable occasion, -tva, n. condition of discussing (--ree;); -kartavya, fp. to be prepared; to be displayed or cherished; to be appointed to (lc.); -kartri, m. one who causes or occasions; -karsha, m. (preference, advantage), excellence, superiority, pre-eminence; intensity, excess; predominance; --ree; a. consisting for the most part in: in., ab., ree;--, highly, strongly, thoroughly; -karshana, m. troubler; n. drawing off; protrusion; extension, long duration; -karsha-vat, a. excellent; --ree;, distinguished or pre-eminent in; -kalpan, f. allotment; -kalp-ita, pp. fitted, arranged, placed; -kalp-ya, to be allotted or settled; -k&ndot;ksh, f. appetite; -knda, m. n. trunk of a tree (between the root and branches); minor section in a book; --ree;=pre-eminent, excellent; -km, m. delight, voluptuousness: pl. objects of desire: -m, -tas, or ree;--, ad. with delight, willingly; according to desire, sufficiently; in very deed; -kra, m. kind, sort, species; way, manner; --ree; a. of the nature of, -like: kena prakrena, in what way? how? prakraih, in one way or another; rmyanasya bhratasya v pra krah, a kind of Rmyana or Mahbhrata; -kra-ka, a. (--ree;) of the nature of, -like; -kra-t, f. speciality; -kra-vat, a. belonging to a species; -krya, fp. to be exhibited; -klana, a. driving on; m. N. of a Nga.

पौराण paurana [ paurna ] a. () relating to past ages, ancient: i-ka, a. () id.; versed in ancient story.

पौरिक paurika [ paur-ika ] m. townsman, citizen.

पौरुष paurusa [ paurush ] a. () human; manly; belonging or relating to Purusha; m. man's load; n. manhood; manliness; manly cour age, vigour, or deed, valour, prowess; force (opp. intellect); length of a man; generation; membrum virile.

पौरुषेय pauruseya [ paurush-eya ] a. () made by, derived from or relating to men; derived from the soul; n. human effort: -tva, n. human origin.

पौरुष्य paurusya [ paurush-ya ] a. relating to Purusha; n. manly deed, valour.

पौरुहूत pauruhuta [ pauru-hta ] a. relating to Puru hta or Indra.

पौरोगव paurogava [ pauro-gava ] a. superintendent of a princely kitchen; -dhas-a, n. office of Purohita; -bhg-ya, n. ill-will, envy; -hitya, n. office of Purohita.

पौर्णमास paurnamasa [ paurna-ms ] a. (&isharp;) belonging or relating to or offered at full-moon; m. n. full-moon sacrifice; n. day of full-moon: , f. night or day of full-moon.

पौर्तिक paurtika [ paurt-ika ] a. relating to a charitable or meritorious work.

पौर्वक paurvaka [ paurva-ka ] a. derived from ancestors, inherited; ancient; -kl-ya, n. priority; -deh-ika (or -daih-ika), a. relating to or derived from a former existence; performed in a former life.

पौर्वापर्य paurvaparya [ paurva½apar-ya ] n. relation between prior and posterior, succession; -½ahn-ika, a. () relating to the forenoon.

पौर्विक paurvika [ paurv-ika ] a. () prior, previous, former, ancient.

पौलोम pauloma [ pauloma ] a. relating to or treating of Pulom; m. pl. a class of demons: , f. pat. of the wife of Indra: -vallabha, m. lover of Paulom, ep. of Indra.

पौरसख्य paurasakhya [ paura-sakhya ] n. friendship or equality of fellow-citizens.

पौरस्त्य paurastya [ pauras-tya ] a. situated in front (puras), foremost: pl. the eastern people (= the Gaudas): -pavana, m. east wind.



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