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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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UKT notes :

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पोटी poti [ pot ] f. straight gut.

पृक्त prkta [ prik-ta ] pp. &root;prik.

पुरुषी purusi [ purush-&isharp; ] (V.) f. female, woman.

पृक्ष्् prks [ prksh ] f. comfort; nourishment.

पेचक pecaka [ peka-ka ] m. owl; root of an elephant's tail.

पेट peta [ peta ] m. (?), , , f. basket, casket.

पृथुलोचनपृथुलौजस्् prthulocanaprthulaujas [ prithula½ogas ] a. having great energy.

पौण्ड्र paundra [ paundra ] m. N. of Bhshma's conch: pl. the Paundras, a people; sg. prince of the Paundras; n. sectarian mark: -ka, m. pl. N. of a people=Paundra; sg. prince of the Paundras; a mixed caste; n. sectarian mark (--ree;).

पौतिनासिक्य pautinasikya [ pauti-nsik-ya ] n. affliction of a foul-smelling nose.

पौत्र pautra [ patra ] a. () relating to or proceeding from a son or children; m. son of a son, grandson: -ka, m. id.

पौत्रिकेय pautrikeya [ pautrik-eya ] m. son of a daughter adopted instead of a son: -vat, a. having a grandson by an adopted daughter.

पौत्रिन्् pautrin [ pautr-in ] a. having a grandson.

पौत्री pautri [ pautr- ] f. granddaughter.

पौनःपुन्य paunhpunya [ paunah-pun-ya ] n. frequent repetition.

पौनरुक्त्य paunaruktya [ paunar-ukt-ya ] n. repetition; tautology.

पौनर्भव paunarbhava [ paunar-bhava ] a. connected with a remarried woman; m. son of a remarried woman; -bhavika, a. () relating to a second birth; -vasava, a. relating to the physician Punarvasu: w. yuvan, m. student of medicine; -vkika, a. pleonastic, redundant.

पौर paura [ paura ] a. urban; m. townsman, citizen: -kany, f. maiden of the city; -gana, m. townsfolk, citizens; -gnapada, m. pl. citizens and country-folk.

पौरंदर paurandara [ pauramdara ] a. () belonging or relating to Puramdara, i. e. Indra.

पौरमुख्य pauramukhya [ paura-mukhya ] m. chief man of the city; -rukideva, m. N.; -loka, m. sg. & pl. townsmen, citizens.

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पौरव paurava [ paurava ] a. () belonging to or descended from Pru; m. descendant of Pru: pl. race of Pru.

पोत pota [ pota ] m. young of an animal (only --ree; with names of animals); young shoot, young -(only --ree; with names of plants); m. n. vessel, ship, bark, boat: -ka, m. young of an animal; young tree (--ree;); -tva, n. condition of a boat or ship.

पोतप्लव potaplava [ pota-plava ] m. boatman; -banig, m. voyaging merchant; -bha&ndot;ga, m. ship wreck; -½dhna, n. fry (of fish).

पोतास potasa [ potsa ] m. kind of camphor.

पोतिका potika [ pot-ik ] f. cloth, garment.

पोत्र potra [ po-tr ] n. Soma-vessel of the Potri; office of the Potri; boar's snout: (a)-ka, m. N.

पोत्रिन्् potrin [ potr-in ] m. wild boar.

पोत्रीय potriya [ potr-ya ] a. belonging or relating to the Potri.

पोथ potha [ potha ] m. blow, with (--ree;).

पोष posa [ psh-a ] m. thriving, prosperity; de velopment, increase; abundance, wealth; nourishing, nurture, rearing.

पोषक posaka [ posh-aka ] a. nourishing, breeding, rearing; m. nourisher, breeder; -ana, a. cherishing, favouring (--ree;); n. nurture, maintenance, cultivation (of trees, of the senses); -anya, fp. to be nourished; -ayitn, a. causing to thrive (ac.); -ayishn, a. beneficial; -i-tri, m. nourisher, breeder; -in, a. rearing, bringing up (--ree;); -u-ka, a. thriving; -tri, m. nourisher, bringer up; -ya, fp. thriving, well-fed; abundant; causing prosperity; to be nourished: -putraka, m. adopted son.

पौंश्््चलीय pauṃscaliya [ paumskal-ya ] a. referring to courtesans; -ya, n. running after men.

पौंस्न pauṃsna [ paums-na ] a. human; fit for a man; n. manliness, manhood.

पौंस्य pauṃsya [ pams-ya ] a. manly, peculiar to men; n. manliness; manly power, courage, or deed: pl. hosts of men.

पौगण्ड pauganda [ pauganda ] a. boyish; n. boyhood (age between 5 and 10).

पौच्छ pauccha [ paukkha ] a. being on the tail, caudal.

पौणकि paunaki [ paunak-i ] m. pat. descendant of Punaka.


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पौण्डरीक paundarika [ paundarka ] a. made of lotuses; m. a certain Soma sacrifice lasting eleven days.

पैङ्गि paingi [ pai&ndot;g-i ] m. pat. of Yska; -in, a. com ing from Pai&ndot;gya; m. follower of Pai&ndot;gya; -ya, m. pat. N. of a certain teacher; n. doctrine of Pai&ndot;gya.

पैच्छिल्य paicchilya [ paikkhil-ya ] n. sliminess.

पैजवन paijavana [ paigavan ] m. son of Pigavana, pat. of various men.

पैण्डपातिक paindapatika [ painda-ptika ] a. living on alms.

पैतापुत्रीय paitaputriya [ pait-putr-ya ] a. relating to father and son; -maha, a. () relating to or inherited from the grandfather; belonging or relating to Brahman; m. son of Brahman.

पैतुदारव paitudarava [ paitu-drava ] a. coming from the Ptudru tree.

पैतृकpaitrka [ paitri-ka ] a. () paternal; ancestral; relating or sacred to the Manes; n. paternal house; father's temperament; rite sacred to the Manes.

पैतृमेधिक paitrmedhika [ paitri-medh-ika ] a. relating to the sacrifice to the Manes; -yag-ika, -yag ya, a. id.; -shvas-eya, a. () descended from a father's sister; m. son of a paternal aunt.

पैत्त paitta [ paitta ] a. () relating to gall, bilious; i-ka, a. id.; having a bilious temperament.

पैत्र paitra [ paitra ] a. () relating or sacred to the Manes.

पैनाक painaka [ painka ] a. belonging to or proceed ing from Siva; m. pat. descendant of Pinka.

पैप्पल paippala [ paippala ] a. made of the wood of the Peepul or sacred fig-tree.

पैप्पलाद paippalada [ paippalda ] a. coming from Pip palda; m. pat. descendant of Pippalda: pl. a school of the AV.

पैल paila [ paila ] m. metr. son of Pl, N. of a teacher.

पैलव pailava [ pailava ] a. made of the Plu tree.

पैशल्य paisalya [ paisal-ya ] n. affability.

पैशाच paisaca [ paiska ] a. () relating or peculiar to the Piskas; belonging to the goblins, demon-like.

पैशुन paisuna [ paisun-a ] n. tale-bearing, espionage, slander; -ya, n. id.; -vdin, a. slanderous.

पैष्ट paista [ paishta ] a. () made of meal; i-ka, a. id.

पोगण्ड poganda [ poganda ] a. not full grown; m. boy.

पेटक petaka [ peta-ka ] m. n., ik, f. little basket, casket; n. multitude, company, flock: -m -kri, band themselves together.

पेट्््टाल pettala  [ pettla ] n. (?) basket: -ka, n. (?) id.

पेडा peda  [ ped ] f. basket.

पेत्व petva  [ ptva ] m. ram; wether.

पेय peya [ pe-ya ] fp. to be drunk or imbibed; drinkable; that can be tasted; delectable to (e. g. the ear); m. libation; n. drinking, draught (--ree;, V.); drink.

पेयूष peyusa  [ peysha ] m. or n. (?) cow's biestings; nectar.

पेरु peru [ per- ] a. [&root;2. pri] passing through; leading through, delivering.

पेलव pelava [ pela-va ] a. soft, tender, delicate; too delicate for (--ree;): -pushpa-pattrin, a. hav ing delicate flowers as arrows.

पेश pesa [ pes-a ] m. [&root;pis] ornament.

पेशन pesana [ ps-ana ] a. () well-formed; decorated, beautiful.

पेशलpesala  [ pesa-l ] a. artistically fashioned, decorated; beautiful, charming, lovely; tender; refined; skilful, dexterous, clever, ingenious; n. beauty, charm: -tva, n. dexterity, skill; -½aksha, a. lovely-eyed: -t, f. abst. n.

पेशस्् pesas [ ps-as ] n. form, figure; artistic figure, ornament, embroidery; embroidered garment.

पेशस्कारिन्् pesaskarin [ pesas-krin ] m. wasp; -kr&isharp;, f. female embroiderer; -krit, m. hand (as a fashioner); wasp.

पेशी pesi [ pes- ] f. lump of flesh or meat; muscle; kind of drum.

पेष pesa [ pesh-a ] a. () crushing, grinding (--ree;); m. id. (--ree; with object or instrument); -aka, m., -ik, f. crusher, grinder (--ree;); -ana, n. crushing, grinding: -m y, be crushed; -an, f. grindstone; -tri, m. crusher, grinder; -tra, n. bone; -ya, fp. to be ground to (--ree;).

पैङ्गल paingala [ pai&ndot;gal-a ] m. pat. fr. Pi&ndot;gala; n. treatise composed by Pi&ndot;gala; -ya, n. tawny colour.

पृष्ठ्य prsthya [ prshth-ya ] a. bearing on the back; asva, m. ridingor pack-horse; a. coming from the heights.

पृष्ट prsta [ prish-t ] pp. (&root;prakh) asked, question ed, interrogated; demanded, etc.: -prativak ana, n. answering a question; -vat, pp. act. (he) asked or questioned; -½abhidhyin, a. answering when asked, always ready with a reply.

पृष्टि prsti [ prish-t ] f. rib.

पृष्ठ prstha [ prishth ] n. [pra-sth, prominent ridge], prominent back of animals; back; upper side, surface; height, ridge, top; hinder part, rear; kind of Stotra (consisting of several Smans and employed at the midday libation): lc. at the back, in or from the rear, behind (g.); -m d, bow deeply; e-na y, ride upon (g.); e-na vah, carry on the back.

पृष्ठक prsthaka [ prishtha-ka ] n. back: e kri, put be hind one, disregard, renounce; -ga, a. riding on (g. or --ree;); -gopa, m. protector of one's rear; -tap, a. letting one's back be scorched (by the sun).

पृष्ठतस्् prsthatas [ prishtha-ts ] ad. prp. on or at the back; from behind; backward; behind (g., --ree;); with the back=with averted face; be hind the back, secretly; -tah kri, take on the back; turn one's back to; put behind one, abandon, renounce, disregard; -to gam, follow; pursue; -to bh, be behind one, be of no account.

पृष्ठदेश prsthadesa [ prishtha-desa ] m. back part, rear: lc. behind (g.); -ptin, a. being at any one's back, keeping an eye on one; -pth, f. broad back; -bhga, m. hind part, back; rear; -bhmi, f. top-storey, roof-terrace (of a palace); -madhya, m. middle of the back; -mmsa, n. back-flesh: -m khd or bhaksh, bite the back-flesh; backbite; -mmsa½da, m. backbiter; -yna, n. riding; a. riding on (--ree;); -yyin, a. riding on (--ree;); -lagna, pp. hanging about one's back, dogging one's foot steps; -vamsa, m. backbone; -vstu, n. upper storey; -vha, m. riding animal, sump ter ox.

पृष्ठानुग prsthanuga  [ prishtha½anuga ] a. going behind, following; -½anugmin, a. id.; -½avagunth ana-pata, m. horse-cloth; -½ashthla, n. (?) tortoise's back.

पृथुवक्षस्् prthuvaksas [ prithu-vakshas ] a. broad-chested; -vyamsa, a. broad-shouldered; ()-siras, a. broador flat-headed; -srvas, a. far-famed; m. N.; -sr, a. of great prosperity, extremely fortunate; -sron&ibrevcirc;, a. f. broad-hipped; -sam pad, a. extremely wealthy.

पृथूदर prthudara  [ prithu½udara ] m. (broad-bellied), N. of a Yaksha.

पृथ्वी prthvi [ prithu½&isharp; ] f. the (wide) earth; land, realm; ground; earth (as an element): -khta, n. cavern or hole in the earth; -griha, n. dwelling in the earth, cave; -tala, n. surface of the earth, dry land; -danda-pla, m. chief constable of the country: -t, f. office of --; -dhara, m. support of the earth, mountain; -pati, m. lord of the earth, prince, king: -tva, n. sovereignty; -pla, m. N.; -bhug, m. enjoyer of the earth, prince, sovereign; -bhrit, m. supporter of the earth, prince, king; -rgya, n. dominion over the land, sovereignty; -rpa, m. N. of a prince; -½sa, m. lord of earth, prince, king; -hara, m. N.

पृदाकु prdaku [ prdku ] m. adder, snake.

पृशन prsana [ pris-ana ] n. [&root;spris] hug, caress.

पृशनी prsani [ pris-an ] a. f. [&root;spris] hugging, caressing, tender.

पृश्््नि prsni [ prs-ni ] a. [(s)pris-ni, touched, spot ted], speckled, dappled (esp. of kine): pl. manifold; f. dappled cow; milk; earth; cloud; starry sky; N. of the mother of the Maruts: (in C. this word occurs only as a N.)

पृश्््निमत्् prsnimat [ prisni-mat ] a. containing the word &open;Prisni;&close; (prsni)-mtri, a. having the earth or Prisni as a mother.

पृषत्् prsat [ prsh-at ] (pr. pt.) a. (-) speckled, spot ted, dappled (V.); m. spotted gazelle; prish atm patih, m. lord of the dappled (clouds), wind; -, f. dappled cow; piebald mare; female of the spotted gazelle.

पृषत prsata [ prish-at- ] m. spotted gazelle; drop of water; spot.

पृषत्क prsatka [ prishat-ka ] m. (variegated), arrow.

पृषदश्व prsadasva [ prshad-asva ] a. having dappled horses (RV.); m. wind (also personified); -gya, n. speckled butter, ghee clotted with curds.

पृषातक prsataka [ prish&asharp;ta-ka ] m. n. =prishadgya; m. a kind of ceremony (pl.); ep. of Rudra.

पृषोदर prsodara [ prisha½udar ] a. speckle-bellied.

पृथग्गण prthaggana [ prithag-gana ] m. separate or distinct class; -gotra, a. pl. belonging to different families; -gana, m. man of lower classes: sg. & pl. common people; -gaya, m. victory in a duel; -dris, a. seeing something dif ferent from (ab.); -dvra, n. pl. special doors, i. e. means of attainment; -dharma vid, a. pl. each knowing different institutes of law; -bhva, m. separate condition, dif ference, variety; -yoga, a. pl. having dif ferent lots (perhaps incorrect for -bhoga or -bhga); -lakshana, a. having different cha racteristics; -varsha, n. pl. a year in each case; -vidha, a. various, manifold, several; different from (in.).

पृथा prtha [ prith- ] f. N. of one of the wives of P ndu: -ganman, m. son of Prith, metr. of Yudhishthira; -½tmaga, m. id.; -bh, m. id.; -suta, m. son of Prith, metr. of Arguna; -snu, m. son of Prith, metr. of Yudhishthira.

पृथिवी prthivi [ prith-i-v-&isharp; ] f. [=prithu½] the (wide) earth, orbis terrarum (three earths are spoken of); Earth (personified); land, realm; ground; earth (as an element).

पृथिवीकम्प prthivikampa [ prithiv-kampa ] m. earthquake; -kshit, a. inhabiting the earth; earth-ruling; m. prince, king; -kandra, m. N. of a prince of Trigarta; -tala, n. surface of the earth, ground; also=world, infernal regions (bot tom of the earth); -danda-pla, m. chief constable of the country: -t, f. office of --; -dev, f. N.; -pati, m. lord of the earth, prince, king; -pariplaka, m. prince, king; -pla: -ka, m. keeper of the earth, king, sovereign; -bhug, m. enjoyer of the earth, prince, king; -bhugamga, m. spouse of the earth, prince, king; -bhrit, m. support of the earth, mountain; -mya, formed of earth, earthen; -rgya, n. dominion over the land, sovereignty; -ruha, m. (growing out of the earth), plant, tree; -½sa, -½svara, m. lord of the earth, prince, king; -½pda, m. N. of two princes of Cashmere.

पृथु prthu [ prith- ] a. (v-&isharp; & in C. u) broad, wide, spacious, large, great; copious; far-extending; abundant, extensive, manifold, numerous; detailed; m. a measure of length (= pritha); N.

पृथुक prthuka [ prthu-ka ] m. n. half-ripe, flattened rice; m. boy; young of an animal; -ku- ka½utpdam, abs. pressing to her full bosom; -kru½akita½kshana, a. having wide, beau tiful, and curved eyes; -gaghana, a. having broad hips; -tara, cpv. very great or con siderable; -tar-kri, open (the eyes) wider; -t, f., -tva, n. largeness, greatness, wideness; -damshtra, a. having large incisors; -datta, m. N. of a frog; -darsin, a. far-seeing (fig.); -dhra, a. broad-edged; -prsu, a. having broad (curved) swords; ()-pni, a. broad-handed (Savitri); -pratha, a. far-famed; -protha, a. having wide nostrils (horse); -bhu, a. thick-armed; -yasas, a. far-famed.

पृथुल prthula [ prithu-la ] a. broad, great.

पृथुलोचन prthulocana [ prithu-lokana ] a. large-eyed.

पृक्ष prksa [ priksh- ] a. spotted, dappled; or ac cording to the commentators, furnished with nourishment; m. dappled horse; N.

पृच्छ prccha [ prikkha ] pr. st. of &root;prakh.

पृच्छक prcchaka [ prikkh-aka ] a. asking, inquiring, about (g.); -, f. question, addressed to (--ree;), inquiry regarding (--ree;).

पृत्् prt [ prt ] f. combat, battle (only lc. pl.).

पृतन prtana [ prt-ana ] n. hostile host; , f. contest, battle; hostile host; army; sp. division of an army (consisting of 243 elephants, 243 cha riots, 729 cavalry, and 1215 infantry).

पृतनाय prtanaya [ pritan-ya ] den.: only pr. pt. -y-t, fighting; m. enemy.

पृतनाषह्् prtanasah [ pritan-shh (str. st. -sh&asharp;h) ] a. conquering hostile hosts.

पृतन्य prtanya [ pritan-y ] den. P. fight against, at tack: pr. pt. fighting; m. enemy.

पृतन्यु prtanyu [ pritan-y ] a. attacking; m. enemy.

पृथ prtha [ prith- ] m. palm of the hand; a mea sure of length=13 a&ndot;gulis; , f. N. of one of the wives of Pndu.

पृथक्कार्य prthagartha [ prithak-krya ] n. separate busi ness, private affair; -kriti, f. individual; -kriy, f. separation; -kshetra, a. pl. be gotten by one father on different mothers; -kesht, f. various and distinct activities; -t, f., -tva, n. separateness; separation; severalty; individuality: in. singly, one by one; -pada, a. consisting of single (uncom pounded) words; -pinda, m. distant kinsman making separate funeral offerings (i. e. not in common with others); -sabda, m. word by itself; -sayy, f. sleeping by oneself; -su kha, a. having separate and distinct joys.

पृथगर्थ prthagartha [ prithag-artha ] a. having separate and distinct advantages; having a severally distinct meaning: -t, f. separate signification; -laya, a. pl. having separate dwellings; -updna, n. separate mention.

पूग puga [ pga ] m. society, corporation; multi tude, quantity; betel-palm (Areca Catechu); n. betel-nut: -yaga, m. sacrifice offered for a corporation.

पूगीफल pugiphala [ pg-phala ] n. betel-nut; -lat, f. betel-palm.

पूर्वाक्षर purvaksara [ prva½akshara ] a. accompanied by the previous letter; -½agn, m. original, i. e. domestic, fire; -½a&ndot;ga, n. former body; com ponent of what precedes; m. first day in the civil month; -½akala, m. eastern or sunrise mountain; -½krya, m. ancient or former teacher; -½dya, a. beginning in the east; -½adri, m. eastern or sunrise mountain; -½a dhika, a. greater than before; -½anubhta, pp. formerly experienced; -½anta, m. end of the preceding word; anticipation; -½apara, a. being before and behind, directed forward and backward; eastern and western; earlier and later; preceding and following, follow ing in succession, relatively connected: -dak shina, a. eastern, western, and southern, -dina, n. forenoon and afternoon, -rtri, f. former and latter half of the night.

पूर्वापरीभाव purvaparibhava [ prva½apar-bhva ] m. suc cession.

पूर्वाभिमुख purvabhimukha [ prva½abhimukha ] a. turned or flowing eastward; -½abhishek, m. prelimin ary anointment; -½abhysa, m. repetition of something previous: in. anew; -½ambudhi, m. eastern ocean.

पूर्वार्जित purvarjita [ prva½rgita ] pp. acquired formerly or by previous works; -½ardh, m., n. (C.) fore or upper part; eastern side; first half: -dinasya, first half of the day, forenoon; -½ardha-kya, m. upper part of the body; -½ardha-bhga, m. fore part, point (of an arrow); -½avadhrita, pp. formerly disdain ed; -½vedaka, m. plaintiff.

पूर्वाशा purvasa [ prva½s ] f. eastern quarter, east; -½sin, a. eating before others (ab. or lc.).

पूर्वाह्ल purvahla [ prva½ahn ] m. forenoon: gnly. lc.; i-ka, a. () belonging to the forenoon.

पूर्वी purvi [ prv-&isharp; ] f. of pur.

पूर्वेण purvena [ p&usharp;rvena ] in. ad. prp. with ac. or g. before, in front of; to the east of.

पूर्वेद्युस्् purvedyus [ prve-dys ] ad. the day before, yesterday; early in the morning.

पूर्वोक्त purvokta [ prva½ukta ] pp. said or mentioned before, aforesaid; -½ukita, pp. accustomed in former days, known from of old; -½uttara, a. north-eastern (lc. in the north-east): du. preceding and following; -½utthyin, a. aris ing first (in the morning); -½utthita, pp. having risen before (smoke); -½utpatti, a. arising before; -½utpanna, pp. having arisen before: -tva, n. priority; -½upakrin, a. having formerly done one a service; -½upa-nihita, pp. previously hidden away; -½uprg ita, pp. formerly acquired.

पूर्वभाग purvabhaga [ prva-bhga ] m. fore or upper part; earlier part (of the day=forenoon, morning); -bh&asharp;g, a. receiving the first share, privileged; excellent; relating to what precedes; -bhva, m. priority; -bhvin, a. preceding, prior; -bhshin, a. speaking first, affable; -bhuk ti, f. priority of occupation, long-continued possession; -bhta, pp. being before, pre ceding; -bhbhrit, m. eastern mountain (be hind which the sun rises); former prince.

पूर्वमध्यान्ह purvamadhyanha [ prva-madhyhna ] m. forenoon; -mrin, a. dying before, predeceasing; -m mms, f. earlier Mmms (the philosophi cal system founded by Gaimini and dealing with the discussion of the sacred text); -mu kha, a. facing eastwards.

पूर्वरङ्ग purvaranga [ prva-ra&ndot;ga ] m. prelude (of a play); -rga, m. incipient love; -rga, m. ex-king; -rtra, m. first part of the night; -rp, n. (previous appearance), omen; precursor of (g.), sure symptom of (prati); first of two vowels or consonants coming into contact (gr.); a. having its previous form, being as before; -lakshana, n. preceding symptom; -vt, 1. ad. as before, as formerly; as said above; 2. -vat, a. preceded by something; containing an inference from cause to effect; -vayas, a. being in early life, young; -vart in, a. being in front of (--ree;); previously ex isting: (-i)-t, f. priority; -vda, m. (prim facie statement), action at law; -vdin, m. plaintiff; -vid, a. knowing the past; -vidhi, m. preceding rule; -vrita, pp. previously chosen; -vritta, pp. having happened before; relating to a former occurrence; n. former occurrence, event of old; former behaviour; -vairin, a. commencing hostilities first.

पूर्वशैल purvasaila [ prva-saila ] m. eastern or sunrise mountain.

पूर्वसंचितpurvasancita  [ prva-samkita ] pp. formerly col lected; -samudra, m. eastern ocean; -s gara, m. id.; -srin, a. going before, pre eminent; -siddha, pp. previously determined or established; -supta, pp. previously or already fallen asleep; -stha, a. standing in front, pre-eminent.

पूर्वा purva [ prv ] f. east.

पूर्व्य purvya [ prv-y (or less commonly p&usharp;rvya) ] a. former, ancient; preceding, first; next; most excellent: -m, ad. previously, first, long since.

पूल pula [ pla ] m. bunch: pl. straw: -ka, m. id.

पूषण्वत्् pusanvat [ pshan-vt ] a. accompanied by Pshan.

पूषन्् pusan [ psh-n ] m. N. of a Vedic deity, keeper of flocks and herds and bringer of prosperity; being a sun-god, he surveys all things and acts as a conductor on journeys and on the way to the next world; sun.

पूर्वज purvaja [ prva-g ] a. born or produced before others, former, ancient; first-born, elder, eldest (son, brother, sister); prior to (--ree;); m. forefather, ancestor; eldest son; elder or eldest son; -ganma-krita, pp. done, wrought, or performed in a former birth or previous state of existence; -ganma-yoga, m.: in. by means or in consequence of a former exist ence; -ganman, 1. n. former birth, previous state of existence; 2. m. (having prior birth), elder brother; -gti, f. former birth, previ ous state of existence; -gna, n. knowledge of a previous existence.

पूर्वतर purvatara [ p&usharp;rva-tara ] cpv. long past; also= prva: -m, ad. long beforehand; -tas, ad. before, in front; towards or in the east; first; -taskara, m. former thief, reformed thief; -t, f. condition of being accompanied by (--ree;); -tra=lc. (of prva), e.g. -ganmani, in a previous existence, -dine, on the pre ceding day; ad. in what precedes; -tva, n. precedence; priority; previous condition.

पूर्वथा purvatha [ prv-th ] ad. formerly, immemori ally; as formerly; first, previously.

पूर्वदक्षिण purvadaksina [ prva-dakshina ] a. south-eastern; -datta, pp. previously given or presented; -dis, f. eastern quarter, east; -dishta, pp. determined by previous actions; -dkshin, a. taking the first consecration (of two or more who sacrifice at the same time and place); -dugdha, pp. previously (milked=) drained or plundered; -drisht, pp. seen before; formerly seen, ancient; looked upon of old or long regarded as (nm.); -deva, m. primaeval god; -devat, f. primaeval deity; -desa, m. eastern direction: lc. to the east of (ab.); eastern country; -deha, m. former body: lc.=in a previous existence.

पूर्वनिपात purvanipata [ prva-nipta ] m. irregularity of the previous word, irregular precedence as a member of a compound; -nivishta, pp. pre viously made (by another); -nyya, m. pro visional judgment or sentence.

पूर्वपक्ष purvapaksa [ prva-paksh ] m. fore part or side; first half of a lunar month (when the moon increases), light fortnight; (prim facie case), action at law; first objection to a proposi tion; -pakshin, a. making the first objection to a proposition; -paksh-kri, make the first objection to a proposition; -patha, m. pre vious path, same way as before; -pada, n. previous member of a compound (gr.); -pad ya, a. belonging to the first member of a compound; -parigraha, m. first claim, pre cedence, privilege; a. claimed as a privilege by (g.); -pda, m. fore-foot; -pitmaha, m. fore-grandfather=ancestor; -pthik, f. in troduction; -purusha, m. forefather (pl. ancestors); primaeval spirit, ep. of Brahman: -½uprgita, pp. collected by one's ancestors; -pgita, pp. previously consecrated; -prva, a. every preceding one, each previously men tioned one; m. pl. ancient ancestors; -pr va½ukta, pp. respectively mentioned before; -pya, n. precedence in drinking; precedence (in general); -prag&asharp;, f. knowledge of the past, memory; -prati-panna, pp. having previously agreed to or promised something; -pravritta, pp. having occurred previously; -prasthita, pp. having started previously, hastening on before.

पूर्णाञ्जलि purnanjali [ prna½agali ] m. two handfuls; -½tman, m. probably incorrect for prnt man; -½nanda, m. perfect joy; -½aprna, pp. sometimes full, sometimes short (measure); -½yata, (pp.) n. bow fully drawn; -½artha, a. having one's object attained or one's wish fulfilled; -½hut, f. full offering, offering of a full ladle.

पूर्णिमा purnima [ prn-i-m ] f. day or night of full moon: -dina, n. day of full moon, -rtri, f., -sarvar, f. night of full moon.

पूर्णेच्छ purneccha [ prna½ikkha ] a. whose wish has been fulfilled; -½indu, m. full moon: -vadana, a. having a face like the full moon.

पूर्णोपमा purnopama  [ prna½upam ] f. complete simile (containing all the four requisites: opp. lup topam).

पूर्त purta [ pr-t ] pp. (&root;1. pri) filled; bestowed; fulfilled; n. fulfilment; reward; merit; charitable work.

पूर्तय purtaya [ prta-ya ] den. P. with dharmam, perform charitable works.

पूर्ति purti [ pr-t ] f. filling, completion; fulfilment; reward.

पूर्भिद्् purbhid [ pr-bhd ] a. destroying citadels; -bhdya, n. destruction of citadels.

पूर्व purva [ pr-va ] a. being in front, fore; fronting, eastern; being to the east of (ab.); preceding; former, earlier; prior to (ab. or --ree;); ancient, traditional, of the olden time; first (in succession); lowest (fine); previously or first mentioned or named; very commonly --ree; after a pp.=previously or before (e.g. drishta-prva, seen before); e vayasi, in youth; --ree; a. having as the preceding thing=preceded or accompanied by, based on, with: -m, ad. before, beforehand, previously, already; first; formerly, long ago (sts. with pr.); --ree; (also prvena), in accordance with, amid, after, with (or when the privative negation precedes=without); m. pl. the ancients, forefathers, ancestors; sg. elder brother; n. fore part; , f. east.

पूर्वक purvaka [ prva-ka ] a. (ik) prior, preceding, previous; first; --ree; a. accompanied or pre ceded by, based on, consisting above all things in: -m, ad. after, with, amid, in accordance with (--ree;); m. forefather, ancestor; -karman, n. former or previous action; preparation; -kalpa, m. previous manner, precedent; olden time (only lc. sg. & pl.); -kya, m. fore part of the body (of animals), upper part of the body (of men); -krin, a. acting first; -kr ya, fp. to be done first; -kla, a. belonging to a previous time; previously mentioned: -t, f. priority of time; -klika, a. belonging to a former time; -klna, a. prior in time; -krita, pp. formerly done, performed in a previous life; n. former act, act committed in a previous life; -krama½gata, pp. handed down from one's ancestors; -kriy, f. preparation.

पूति puti [ 1. p&usharp;-ti ] f. purification, purity; 2. a. stinking, putrid; m. pus, matter: -ka, a. putrid, stinking; -gandh, m. stench, foul smell; -nsika, a. having a stinking nose; -bhva, m. putrefaction; -mrittika, m. (hav ing stinking earth), N. of a hell; -vaktra, a. having a stinking (mouth=) breath: -t, f. condition of having stinking breath.

पूत्यण्ड putyanda [ pti½anda ] m. (having stinking eggs), kind of winged stinking insect.

पूप pupa [ ppa ] m. cake: -sl, f. bakehouse.

पूय puya [ pya ] m. n. pus, purulent matter.

पूयमान puyamana [ p-y-mna ] pt. ps. of &root;p.

पूर pura [ pr-a ] a. filling; satisfying; m. filling; satisfying; swelling of a river or of the ocean; volume of water, flood, stream (often --ree; with words denoting water or other fluid); superabundance, high degree of (--ree;); cake; slow inhalation of breath through the nose (an ascetic practice); -aka, a. filling, -up, completing (g. or --ree;); fulfilling, satisfying; m. stream, effusion; multiplier; slow inspira tion of breath through the nose (an ascetic practice); citron-tree: -pinda, m. pl. flour balls for completing the sacrifice to the Manes; -ana, a. () filling; fulfilling, satis fying; producing; m. filler-up or completer of a number, masculine ordinal number (from dvitya onwards); n. act of filling or filling up; complete drawing of a bow; fulfilling, satisfying; equipping: -pratyaya, m. suffix forming ordinal nouns (gr.); -anya, fp. to be filled in or supplied; to be fulfilled or satisfied; -ayitavya, fp. to be filled up or completed; to be satisfied; -ayitri, m. filler, of (g.); fulfiller, satisfier.

पूरय puraya [ pr-aya ] cs. of &root;1. pri, fill.

पूरिका purika [ pr-ik ] f. kind of cake; -in, a. (--ree;) filling; fulfilling.

पूरु puru [ pr- ] m. man; N. of a tribe; N. of a prince, son of Yayti; N. of the author of a Vedic hymn.

पूरोत्पीड purotpida [ pra½utpda ] m. sudden rise in the volume of water.

पूर्ण purna [ pr-n ] pp. (&root;1. pri) filled, full: -kma, a. whose wishes are fulfilled; -kumbha, m. pitcher full of water (also with apm); m. n. breach of a particular form; a. having a full pitcher; -kandra, m. full moon: -nibha, a. resembling the full moon, -prabh, f. lustre of the full moon; -t, f. fulness; plenty; -tva, n. id.; being full of (--ree;); -ptr, m., , f. full vessel, vessel-full: also as a measure of capacity; n. present (such as clothes) given to the bringer of good news: (a)-pra tibhata, a. vying with a full vessel=over flowing, supreme (glory), -maya, a. () con sisting of a full vessel or of the measure called prna-ptra, amounting to so much or only concerned therewith (speech); -bhadra, m. N. of a snake-demon; -mandala, n. full circle; -mnasa, a. whose heart is satisfied; ()-ms, m. full moon; -msa, m. full moon and full-moon sacrifice: , f. day or night of full moon; -mukha, n. full mouth: in. (blow) with full cheeks; m. (full-faced), N. of a snake-demon; -mushti, m. f. handful; -yau vana, a. being in the full bloom of youth; -ratha, m. (having a complete chariot), pre eminent warrior; -lakshm-ka, a. having abundant splendour or wealth; -vapus, a. full-orbed (moon); -sr, a. having abundant riches.

पूर्वचित्ति purvacitti [ prv-kitti ] f. presentiment, fore taste: only d.=at the first notice, forthwith; (predilection), N. of an Apsaras; -kintana, n. former cares or troubles; -kodita, pp. before-mentioned, previously prescribed: -tva, n. abst. n.

पूजक pujaka [ pg-aka ] a. (ik) honouring, rever encing, worshipping (g. or --ree;); -ana, n. honouring, worshipping, hospitable reception of (g. or --ree;); -anya, fp. to be worshipped or honoured, by (g.); deemed worthy of re spect, worship, or honour; -ayitavya, fp. id.; -ayitri, m. worshipper.

पूजा puja [ pg- ] f. honour, respect; homage, worship, adoration; hospitable reception (--ree; after the object of the honour or that with which it is shown): -kara, a. doing or show ing honour or homage to (--ree;); -griha, n. house of worship, temple; -½arha, a. worthy of honour or distinction; -vidhi, m. showing of honour (Pr.).

पूजित pujita [ pg-ita ] pp. honoured, treated with marks of distinction.

पूजोपकरण pujopakarana [ pg½upakarana ] n. requisite for doing honour (Pr.).

पूज्य pujya [ pg-ya ] fp. to be honoured or wor shipped; venerable, adorable; fit for or de serving of worship, adoration, etc. (with in., g., or --ree;): -tama, spv. most worthy of honour; -t, f., -tva, n. venerableness.

पूतदक्ष putadaksa [ pt-daksha ] a. of pure disposition; -dhnya, a. containing purified grain.

पूतन putana [ ptana ] m. kind of demon, spectre: , f. N. of a female demon causing a certain disease in children, and killed by Krishna; i-k, f. id.

पूतभृत्् putabhrt [ pta-bhrt ] m. kind of Soma-vessel receiving the clear juice; -mrti, a. having their form cleansed, become pure, purified.

पूर्वग purvaga [ prva-ga ] a. going before, preceding; -ga&ndot;g, f. the eastern Ganges, ep. of the Narmad or Rev; -gata, pp. gone before.

पुष्पक puspaka [ pushpa-ka ] (m.) n. Kubera's car: -vimna, n. id.; -karanda, n. flower-basket: -½udyna, n. N. of a pleasure-garden near Uggayin; -kla, m. flower-time, spring; time of menstruation; -granthana, n. weav ing of a wreath of flowers; -kpa, m. bow of flowers, Kma's bow; m. (having a bow of flowers), Kma; -danta, m. Flower-tooth, N. of an attendant of Siva; n. N. of a temple; -dman, n. garland of flowers; -dha, m. (&root;dh) son of an outcast Brhman; -dhanus or -dhanvan, m. (having a bow of flowers), Kma; -nysa, m. offering of flowers; -pata, m. flowery cloth; -pattrin, a. having flowers for arrows; -pura, n., -pur, f. Flower-city, ep. of Ptaliputra; -phala, n. flowers and fruits; -bali, m. of fering of flowers; -bna, m. (flower-arrowed), Kma; -bha&ndot;ga, m. festoon of flowers; -bh ti, m. N. of a prince; -maya, a. () formed or consisting of flowers; -mtham, abs. with &root;math, crush like a flower; -ml, f. gar land of flowers; -mitra, m. N. of two princes; -megha, m. cloud raining flowers; -megh kri, turn into a cloud raining flowers; -rak ta, a. red like the flower of (--ree;); -ratha, m. pleasure-car; -rga, m. (flower-hued), topaz; -lv, f. flower-picker, weaver of garlands, flower-seller; -vat, 1. ad. like a flower; 2. a. flowering, adorned with flowers: -, f. menstruating; -vartman, m. hidden name of Drupada; -varsha, m. N. of a mountain; n. rain of flowers; -vtik or -vt, f. flower garden; -vrishti, f. rain of flowers; -ven, f. garland of flowers; -sayy, f. couch of flowers; -sarsana, m. (having a bow of flowers), Kma; -silmukha, m. (flower arrowed), id.; -sekhara, m. garland of flowers; -syaka, m. (flower-arrowed), K ma; -hsa, m. (laughing with flowers), flower garden.

पुष्पाकर puspakara [ pushpa½kara ] a. abounding in flowers: with msa, m. spring; -½gama, m. (arrival of the flowers), spring; -½agra, n. pistil.

पुष्पामोद puspamoda [ pushpa½moda ] m. fragrance of flowers; -½yudha, m. (having flowers for weapons), Kma; -½rma, m. flower-garden; -½sava, m. decoction of flowers; -½sra, m. rain of flowers.

पुष्पित puspita [ pushp-ita ] pp. flowering, blossom ing, blooming, flowery; having flower-like marks, spotted; in full bloom (fig.); flowery (talk=empty words); provided with (in. or --ree;): -palsa-pratima, a. resembling a flower ing Palsa tree (i. e. covered with red spots).

पुष्पिन्् puspin [ pushp-n ] a. bearing flowers, blos soming; flowery (speech); menstruating.

पुष्पेषु puspesu [ pushpa½ishu ] m. (flower-arrowed), Kma.

पुष्प्य puspya [ pushp-ya ] den. P. flower, blossom: pp. pushpita.

पुष्य pusya [ 1. psh-ya ] n. nourishment; flower (= uppermost or best of anything); 2. (-y) m. the sixth lunar asterism (=the earlier term Tishya); day on which the moon is in the asterism Pushya, Pushya-day; the month Pausha (December-January); N. of various princes: -ratha, m. the asterism Pushya as a car.

पुष्यसे pusyase [ push-ys-e ] d. inf. of &root;push.

पुस्त pusta [ pusta ] n. (?) working in clay, modelling: -ka, m. n. boss; manuscript, book; booklet: -kara, m. embosser, -½starana, n. wrapper of a manuscript.

पुस्तमय pustamaya [ pusta-maya ] a. wrought in clay, modelled.

पुस्तिका pustika [ pust-ik ] f. manuscript, book.

पुष्् pus [ push (--ree;) ] a. nourishing, causing to thrive; acquiring; displaying.

पुरुषोत्तम purusottama [ purusha½uttama ] m. best of men; excellent servant; highest person, supreme soul, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna; N.; -½upa-hra, m. human sacrifice.

पुरुहानि puruhani [ puru-hni ] f. great loss; -ht, pp. much-invoked; m. ep. of Indra.

पुरूचीpuruci  [ purk- ] a. f. (of *puru½ak, extend ing in many directions), abundant, ample; long (years).

पुष्कर puskara [ psh-kara ] n. blue lotus flower; bowl of a spoon; skin of a drum; tip of an ele phant's trunk; water; air, sky; N. of a celebrated place of pilgrimage (sts. pl., three places of this name being spoken of); N. of one of the Dvpas or terrestrial islands; m. the Indian crane (Ardea sibirica); kind of cloud occasioning dearth (pl.); N., esp. of Nala's brother: -pattra, n. petal of the blue lotus: -netra, a. having eyes like a lotus petal; -bga, n. lotus seed; -srag, f. garland of blue lotuses; a. wearing a garland of blue lotuses; -½aksha, a. lotus-eyed; m. N.; -½ vartaka, m. pl. kind of cloud producing dearth; -½hva, m. Indian crane (Ardea sibi rica).

पुष्करिन्् puskarin [ pushkar-in ] a. abounding in blue lotuses; m. elephant: (-n)-, f. pool with lotuses; pond.

पुष्करेक्षण puskareksana [ pushkara½kshana ] a. lotus-eyed.

पुष्कल puskala [ push-kal ] a. plenteous, abundant; much, numerous; rich, excellent; loud, reso nant; m. kind of drum; N. of a son of Bharata; n. bowl of a spoon; a certain mea sure of capacity: -ka, m. musk-deer.

पुष्कलावत puskalavata [ pushkalvata ] m. inhabitant of Pushkalvat; n. N. of the residence of Push kala, son of Bharata: , f. N. of a town.

पुष्कस puskasa [ pushkasa ] m. incorr. for pulkasa.

पुष्ट pusta [ push-t ] pp. &root;push; n. (V.) property, abundance, wealth (esp. in children or cattle).

पुष्टाङ्ग pustanga [ pushta½a&ndot;ga ] a. fat-limbed, well-fed, lusty.

पुष्टिकर pustikara [ pushti-kara ] a. producing growth or prosperity, nourishing; -kma, a. desirous of prosperity or wealth; -da, a. conferring prosperity etc.; ()-pati, m. lord of wealth; -mt, a. abundant, thriving, prosperous, wealthy; -vrdhana, a. increasing prosperity.

पुष्प puspa [ psh-pa ] n. flower, blossom (--ree;, a. f. , after names of plants generally ); flowers= menses; flowery speeches, gallantry, declara tion of love; m. topaz.

पुरूरवस््pururavas  [ pur-rvas ] a. crying much or loud; m. N. of the lover of Urvas; -vsu, a. possessing many goods, abounding in wealth.

पुरोरथ puroratha [ puro-rath ] a. whose car is in front of others; surpassing others, pre-eminent; -rk, a. shining before; f. kind of Nivid verse to be recited before the hymn (skta) or its parts at the morning sacrifice during the recitation of the gya and Praga; -vartin, a. being before any one's eyes; for ward, obtrusive; -vt, m. wind from the front, east wind (which brings rain); -vda, m. previous mention; -vritta, pp. being in front, preceding.

पुरोहित purohita [ pur-hita ] pp. set before or in charge, appointed (esp. to priestly functions); m. commissioned person, agent; sp. appointed priest, domestic chaplain of a prince: -tva, n. office of a Purohita; ()-hiti, f. priestly service.

पुर्यष्ट puryasta [ pur½ashta ] n. the eight component parts of the body: -ka, n. id.

पुलक pulaka [ pula-ka ] m. an esculent plant: pl. erec tion of the hairs of the body (symptomatic of exquisite delight).

पुलकय pulakaya [ pulaka-ya ] den. P. feel an erection of the hairs of the body (caused by pleasure): pp. ita, having the hairs of the body erect (symptomatic of exquisite delight), feeling a thrill of joy.

पुलस्ति pulasti [ pulas-t ] a. wearing the hair of the head smooth.

पुलस्त्य pulastya [ pulas-tya ] m. N. of an ancient Rishi, mentioned as one of the spiritual sons of Brahman, as one of the Pragpatis, and as one of the seven Rishis; N. of a star.

पुलह pulaha [ pula-ha ] m. N. of an ancient Rishi, mentioned as one of the spiritual sons of Brahman, as one of the Pragpatis, and as one of the seven Rishis; N. of a star.

पुलाक pulaka [ pulka ] m. kind of cereal; blighted grain.

पुलिन pulina [ pul-ina ] n. alluvial formation in a river, low sandbank, small island: -dvpa- sobhita, pp. adorned with sandbanks and islands; -pradesa, m. sandbank.

पुलिन्द pulinda [ pulinda ] m. pl. N. of a barbarous tribe (later identified with the Bhillas and Sabaras); sg. man of this tribe; prince of the Pulindas: -ka, m. id.; N. of a prince of the Pulindas, Sabaras, and Bhillas.

पुलोमजा pulomaja [ puloma-g ] f. pat. of Indrn.

पुलोमारि pulomari [ puloma½ari ] m. foe of Puloman, ep. of Indra.

पुरोग puroga [ puro-ga ] a. going before, preceding; chief, best; m. leader: --ree; a. having -at the head, led by, following or accompanying; at tended, filled, or inspired with; -gata, pp. standing or placed before or in front; -gama, a. going before, preceding; chief, best; m. leader: --ree; a. having -as leader, following; accompanied by; -gava, m. (fore-bull), leader: &isharp;, f. leader; -g&asharp;, m. leader; -ganma-t, f. priority of birth; -ganman, a. born before; -gyotis, a. having a light before, preceded by radiance.

पुरोत्तम purottama [ pura½uttama ] n. best of cities; -½utsava, m. festival celebrated in the city; -½udyna, n. city pleasure-grounds or park, public garden.

पुरोधस्् purodhas [ puro-dha-s ] m. (one placed at the head: &root;dh), appointed priest, domestic chaplain of a prince; -dh, f. office of Puro hita or domestic priest; -dhtri, a. appoint ing the Purohita; -dh-ik, f. (preferred), favourite.

पुरोनिःसरण puronihsarana [ puro-nihsarana ] n. precedence in going out.

पुरो&100;नुवाक्या puro&100;nuvakya[ puro-(a)nuvkytilda; ] f. intro ductory or invocatory verse (to be recited before the havis).

पुरोभाग  purobhaga [ puro-bhga ] m. front part; for wardness, obtrusiveness; disfavour: -m muk, abandon one's forwardness = retire discom fited; (mama) e, before (me); -bhgin, a. obtrusive, forward; grudging, censorious; -bhvin, a. impending, imminent; -mruta, m. east wind; -mukha, a. having the aper ture turned frontways or eastward.

पुरीतत््  puritat  [ pur-tt ] m. n. pericardium or en trail near the heart; entrails.

पुरीष purisa  [ pr-sha ] n. (a. --ree;, f. ) [fillings, heaps: &root;1. pri], crumbling earth (opp. fluids), land, earth (V.); rubbish, rubble (V.); dirt, excre ment (Br., S.; C.); -½dhna, n. rectum, strait-gut; -½utsarga, m. discharge of excre ment.

पुरीष्य purisya   [ pursh-y ] a. being in the earth (ep. of fire); rich in land; excremental.

पुरुक्षु puruksu [ puru-ksh ] a. rich in food; -git, m. N.; -tma, spv. ever-recurring; -tr&asharp;, (V.) ad. in many ways, places, or directions; fre quently; -dh (only before two consonants) or -dh&asharp;, ad. in many ways; frequently; -v&isharp;ra, a. rich or abounding in men (RV.).

पुरुष purusa [ pru-sha ] m. (metrically often leng thened to p&usharp;-), man; human being (pl. people; man kind); person (with danda, m. punishment personified); attendant; functionary; per sonal and animating principle, soul; highest personal principle, universal soul, Supreme Spirit (sts. with para, parama, or uttama); primaeval male from whom the universe was evolved ( nryana); member of a race, generation; person (in grammar: prathama --, =our third person; uttama--, =our first).

पुरुषक purusaka [ purusha-ka ] n. vertical position, rearing (in horses); -kra, m. human effort (opp. fate); manly act, heroism; haughtiness, pride: e-na hna, destitute of human effort to save it (animal); -gh, a. f. having killed her husband; -kkhandsa, n. metre appro priate to man (the dvipad); -gna, n. know ledge of men; -tantra, a. dependent on the subject, subjective; ()-t, f. manhood: in. (id.) after the manner of men; -tr&asharp;, ad. among people; -tva, n. manhood; -datta, m. N.; -dravya-sampad, f. abundance of men and material; -pasu, m. man as a sacrificial victim; beast of a man; -mn-in, a. think ing himself a hero: (-i)-tva, n. abst. n.; -me dh, m. human sacrifice; -½rishabha, m. bull among men, eminent man; -rpa, n. human form: -ka, a. having a human form; -vy ghr, m. man-tiger; tiger among men, pre eminent man; -srdla, m. tiger of men, chief of men; -srshaka, n. (?) (man-headed), kind of burglar's implement; -simha, m. lion among men, pre-eminent man; -skta, n. the Purusha-hymn (RV. X, 90) describing the primaeval soul.

पुरुषाकार purusakara [ purusha½kra ] a. having a human form; -½kriti, f. figure of a man; -½ada, a. () man-devouring; m. man-eater, Rkshasa: -ka, a., m. id.; -½anrita, n. falsehood respect ing a human being; -½antara, n. another (= following) generation; m. (sc. samdhi) proxy ship, a kind of treaty settled by a duel be tween warriors representative of both parties: -m, ad. through an intermediary, indirectly; -½yusha, n. full period of human life; -½ar tha, m. human object, aim of existence; action of man, human effort: -m, ad. for man; for the sake of the soul; -½avatra, m. human incarnation.

पुरस्तादपकर्ष purastadapakarsa [ purastd-apakarsha ] m. an ticipation (gr.); -brihat, f. a metre (a bri hat the first pda of which has twelve syl lables).

पुरःसर purhsara [ purah-sar ] a. () preceding; m. forerunner; attendant; --ree; a. preceded, at tended, or accompanied by: -m, ad. amid, with, by means of, after (--ree;).

पुरा pura [ pur&asharp; ] (in.) ad. once upon a time, for merly; in a previous existence (with na, never); in the olden time, in days of yore; at first; sma, with pr. (to be translated by pf.) hitherto, long, from of old: with na, never yet (to be translated by pf.); with pr.=ft. soon, shortly; prp. with ab. before (time); in protection or safety from; without; cj. with pr. before.

पुराकथा purakatha [ pur-kath ] f. tale of the olden time; -kalpa, m. bygone age: lc. sg. & pl. in olden times; -krita, pp. formerly done; n. former deed; -g&asharp;, a. born in the olden time, ancient, primaeval.

पुराण purana [ pur-n ] a. () belonging to the olden time, primaeval, ancient, old; withered (leaf); n. things of the olden time; tale of past ages, ancient legend; Purna, N. of eighteen legen dary works treating chiefly of cosmogony and divine genealogy; m. a coin of a certain weight (a measure of silver equal to eighty cowries).

पुरातन puratana [ pur-tana ] a. () belonging to the olden time, bygone, former, ancient, old: lc. formerly, in olden times, in bygone ages; m. pl. the ancients.

पुराधिप puradhipa [ pura½adhipa ] m. governor of a city, head constable; -½adhyaksha, m. command ant of a castle, governor of a city, chief constable; -½arti, m. foe of Pura, ep. of Siva; -½ari, m. id.

पुराविद््puravid  [ pur-vid ] a. knowing the past, versed in ancient lore; -vritta, pp. having happened in the olden time, long past, ancient; n. event of the past: -kath, f. story or le gend of the olden time; -½khyna-katha nam, n. telling of old legends.

पुरी puri [ pur- ] f. citadel, city, town.

पुरमथन puramathana [ pura-mathana ] m. crusher of Pura, ep. of Siva; -mrga, m. street; -raksha, -rakshin, m. town watchman, policeman; -vsin, m. citizen; -ssana, m. chastiser of Pura, ep. of Siva.

पुरश्््चरण purascarana [ puras-krana ] a. preparatory to (--ree;); n. preparatory rite: -t, f. preparation.

पुरःशुक्रम्् purhsukram [ purah-sukram ] ad. as if the planet Venus were in front.

पुरस्् puras  [ pur-s ] ad. forward; before, in front, in the van; in one's presence; in or towards the east; previously, first, first of all; prp. before, in front or presence of (ac., ab., g., --ree;); before (g. of time); puras-kri, place in front or at the head, cause to precede; honour; appoint for (lc.); make the chief thing; regard; prefer, choose; display: pp. puras krita, placed in front, advanced to the foremost rank, honoured; accompanied, attended, or distinguished by, possessed of, occupied with (--ree;): -m, ad. amid, with (--ree;); gd. pu raskritya, often=regarding, on account of, about; puro dh, place before or at the head; esteem, honour; consider; appoint to (d.), make one's priest (.); purah sthita, im pending, imminent.

पुरस्कर्तव्य puraskartavya [ puras-kartavya ] fp. to be placed in front, to be honoured or respected; -kra, m. preference; deference; accompaniment: --ree; a.=accompanied by; -krya, fp. to be en trusted with or commissioned to (lc. or inf.); -kriy, f. deference, honour.

पुरस्तात्् purastat [ purs-tt ] ad. forward; before, in front, in one's presence; in or from the east; above or below (in a book); in the beginning, at first; previously, formerly; prp. with ac., ab., g., or --ree;, before (of time or place).

पुरस्तात्त्न purastattna  [ purastt-tna ] a. preceding.


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