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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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पुरंध्रि puram-dhri, ˚ध्री purandhri puram-dhri, &degree;dhri [ -dhr ] f. (respect able) matron; woman.

पुरंधि purandhi [ pram-dhi ] a. spirited; f. sg. and pl. high spirit, enthusiasm, exaltation.

पुरतस्् puratas [ pura-tas ] ad. forward; before (also of time), in front or in presence of (g. or --ree;); previously: -kri, place in front; honour.

पुरद्वार puradvara [ pura-dvra ] n. city gate.

पुरंदर purandara [ pura-m-dar ] m. destroyer of strong holds, ep. of Indra, Agni, and Siva: (a)-pura½atithi, m. guest in Indra's city=deceased; -pur, f. N. of a town.

पुनर्गमन punargamana [ punar-gamana ] n. setting out again; -garbha-vat-, a. f. again pregnant; -grahana, n. repetition; -ganman, n. second birth, regeneration; -gta, pp. born again; -dars ana, n. seeing again; -dra-kriy, f. marrying again (after the death of the first wife); -bhava, a. born again; m. re-birth; -bhr y, f. second wife, re-marriage; -bh&usharp;, a. being renewed; f. re-married widow.

पुनर्युद्ध punaryuddha [ punar-yuddha ] n. renewal of battle; -lbha, m. re-attainment, recovery; -lekhana, n. renewed writing down; -vaktavya, fp. to be repeated: -t, f. abst. n.; -vakana, n. saying over again, repeating; -vasu, a. bringing back boons; m. du. & sg. fifth or seventh lunar mansion.

पुनस्तराम्् punastaram [ punas-tarm ] cpv. ad. over and over again.

पुनःसंस्कार punhsaṃskara [ punah-samskra ] m. renewed consecration; -samgama, m. re-union; -sam dhna, n. id.; -sambhava, m. renewal; -sara, a. coming back; -siddha, pp. cooked twice.

पुंनपुंसक punnapuṃsaka [ pum-napumsaka ] n. masculine and neuter; -nga, m. a tree (Rottleria tinctoria); elephant among men, pre-eminent man; (n) nman, a. bearing the name of &open;pud&close; (hell).

पुंपशु pumpasu [ pum-pasu ] m. human victim, human sacrifice.

पुंभाव pumbhava [ pum-bhva ] m. manhood, male sex; -bhman, m. masculine plural.

पुर्् pur [ 1. pr ] f. fulness (only in. pl.).

पुर्् pur [ 2. pr ] f. (nm. ph) stronghold, citadel; fortified city; town.


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पुर pura [ pur-a ] n. castle, fortified city; town; =Tri-pura, the three citadels of the Asuras: , f. id.

पुरउष्णिह्् purusnih [ pura(h)-ushnih ] f. a metre (12 + 8 + 8 syllables); -etr, m. one who goes before, leader, guide.

पुरःपाक purhpaka [ purah-pka ] a. whose fulfilment is imminent; -prahartri, m. champion; -phala, a. prognosticating fruits.

पुद्गल pudgala [ pudgala ] a. beautiful; m. body; material object (including atoms); the ego, soul; individual.

पुनःपाक punhpaka [ punah-pka ] m. repeated cooking; repeated burning (of earthenware); -pratyu pakra, m. retribution; -preps, f. desire to regain.

पुनर्् punar [ pnar ] ad. back, home; again, anew; any more or longer, still, yet; further, more over, besides; on the contrary, on the other hand, but, nevertheless: with i, gam, g, go back, go away again; with d, give back, restore; requite; with bh, turn round; be renewed; re-marry (of a woman); pnah punah or simply punah, again and again, repeatedly; na punah punah, nevermore; dau--punah paskt, at first -then -later; punar aparam, besides; atha v punah, api v punah, or v punah at the end of a verse= v; kad punah, at any time, ever; kim punah, how much more or less; however; but; punah--punah, now--now.

पुनरपगम punarapagama [ punar-apagama ] m. going away again; -abhidhna, n. repeated mention; -abhykram, abs. by repeatedly attracting; -gata, pp. returned; -gama, m. return: -gamana, n. coming back, return; re-birth; -dyam, abs. repeatedly; -dhna, n. renewed kindling of the sacred fire; -dhya, fp. to be kindled again (sacred fire); -vartin, a. returning to terrestrial existence; leading to a return of earthly existence; - vritta, pp. repeated; -vritti, f. return, re appearance; renewed birth.

पुनरुक्त punarukta [ punar-ukta ] pp. said over again, repeated; superfluous, useless: -m or ree;--, ad. repeatedly; n. repetition, tautology: -t, f., -tva, n. repetition, tautology; -ukta-vad- bhsa, m. seeming tautology (rh.); -ukti, f. repetition; useless repetition, tautology; useless or empty word: -mat, a. tautological; -ukt-kri, render superfluous; -upagamana, n. return; -upasadana, n. repeated performance; -upkarana, n. renewal of study; -upgama, m. return.

पुरकोट्््ट purakotta [ pura-kotta ] n. citadel: -pla, m. commandant of a --; -gana, m. sg. the citizens; -git, m. conqueror of citadels or of Pura, ep. of Siva (cp. tri-pura).

पुरंजय puranjaya [ pura-m-gaya ] m. conqueror of cities, N.

पुण्ड्र pundra [ pundra ] m. pl. N. of the people of the modern Bengal and Behar; n. sectarian mark; -ka, m. pl. id.; -vardhana, n. N. of a town; -½ikshu, m. sugar-cane.

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पुण्य punya [ pn-ya ] a. auspicious, propitious, lucky, favourable; beautiful, agreeable; fragrant; good, virtuous, righteous, meritorious; pure, purifying, holy; n. the good, virtue; good work; moral or religious merit: -kartri, m. righteous man; -karman, n. virtuous action; a. righteous, virtuous; -krit, a. acting piously, virtuous; -gandha, -gandhi: -n, a. of plea sant smell, fragrant; -geha, n. abode of virtue; -gan, m. pl. good people, designation of cer tain genii (V. E.)=the Yakshas (C. P.): -½s vara, m. ep. of Kubera; -gala, a. having pure water; -tar-kri, make purer or holier; -t, f. purity, holiness; -trtha, n. sacred place of pilgrimage (esp. along the course of sacred streams); a. possessed of sacred bath ing-places; -tva, n. purity, holiness; -dars ana, a. of handsome appearance, beautiful; -ppa, n. pl. good and bad deeds; -punya t, f. supreme holiness; -prada, a. meritori ous; -phala, n. fruit or reward of good works; -bharita, pp. abounding in bliss; -bhg, -bhgin, a. happy, blessed; -yoga, m. con sequence of virtuous actions (done in a former life); -vat, a. righteous, virtuous, meritori ous; lucky, fortunate, happy: with ab.= happier than; -varman, m. N. of a prince; -sla, a. righteous, virtuous; -srka, a. happy; -sloka, a. of good repute; m. ep. of Nala, Yudhishthira, and Krishna: -didriksh, f. desire to see Nala, -par&ndot;mukha, a. averse to Nala; -sena, m. N.; -sthna, n. sacred place.

पुण्यात्मन् punyatman [ punya½tman ] a. righteous, virtu ous; -½saya, a. pious, guileless; -½ah, n. good or happy day; wishing any one a good day: -vkana, n. wishing good day, paying one's respects to (g.); -½eka-karman, a. doing virtuous actions exclusively; -½udaya, m. rise of fortune in consequence of antecedent good works.

पुत्तिका puttika [ putt-ik ] f. [Pr. for putr-ik, little daughter], doll; white ant.

पुत्र putra [ putr ] m. son, child; young of an animal, whelp: du. two sons or son and daughter; vc. (sg., du., pl.) often used in addressing young persons: , f. daughter; (a)-ka, m. son, boy: often used as a term of endearment; N. of the reputed founder of Ptaliputra; -kmy&asharp;, f. wish for a son or children; -kri ta-ka, a. adopted as a child; -kritya, n. duty of a son; -krith, m. n. procreation of children; -t, f., -tva, n. sonship; -dra, n. sg. son and wife, wife and child; -nivesana, n. son's abode; -pura, n. N. of a town; -pau tra, n. sg. or m. pl. sons and grandsons: -ka, n. sg. id.; -pautrin, a. having sons and grand sons; -priya, a. dear to or beloved by one's son; -bhga, m. heritage of a son; -bhnda, n. (?) substitute for a son; -vat, ad. like a son or sons; as in the case of the son; ()-vat, a. having a son, sons, or children; possessed of a son in the true sense of the word.

पुत्राचार्य putracarya [ putra½krya ] a. having one's son as a teacher, learning the Veda from one's son.

पुत्रिका putrika [ putr-ik ] f. daughter; sp. daughter of a sonless father who claims her son as his own; doll, puppet: -prva-putra, m. son of a daughter previously adopted instead of a son.

पुत्रिन्् putrin [ putr-n ] a. having a son or sons, rich in or blessed with children; m. father of a son; n-, f. mother of a son.

पुत्री putri [ putr ] f. daughter (v. putra).

पुत्रीय putriya [ putr-ya ] a. relating to or procuring a son.

पुत्रैषणा putraisana [ putra½eshan&asharp; ] f. desire for a son or sons.

पुञ्ज punja [ puga ] m. (--ree;) heap, mass; quantity of.

पुञ्जय punjaya [ puga-ya ] den. P. heap up, compress, put together: pp. ita, heaped; pressed to gether, clenched. ud, heap up.

पुट puta [ put-a ] m. n., , f. fold, bag; cluster (of shoots), concavity, cavity; slit; m. cup formed of a leaf; covering; -ka, m. concavity; fun nel-shaped cavity formed of a leaf; -pka, m. baking in a leaf-case (a method of preparing medicines by baking them in leaves encased in clay).

पुटकिनी putakini  [ putak-in- ] f. lotus; group of lo tuses.

पुटिका putika  [ put-ik ] f. funnel-shaped cavity formed of a leaf.

पुण्डरीक pundarika  [ pundrka ] n. (white) lotus flower (also as an emblem of the human heart); m. N. of the elephant of the south-eastern quarter; -mukh, f. kind of leech; -½aksha, m. Lotus-eyed, ep. of Vishnu or Krishna.

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