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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893, http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg ;
1929, http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/macdonell/ 110416 , 110611 

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL  Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , http://www.softguide.net.mm , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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पीठिका pithika [ pthik ]
- f. bench; pedestal.

पीत pita [ 1. p-t ] pp. &root;p, drink.

पीत pita [ 2. pta ] a. yellow: -t, f. yellowness; yellow colour.

पीडन pidana [ pd-ana ] n. pressing, squeezing; dis tressing, tormenting; calamity; eclipse.

पीडा pida [ pd- ] f. pain, ache, suffering (in.= unwillingly); harm, disadvantage, damage; restriction; infringement, violation; eclipse: -kara, -krit, a. harmful, hurtful; -krita, (pp.) n. infliction of hurt.

पीडित pidita [ pd-ita ] pp.; n. damage.

पुंरत्न puṃratna [ pum-ratna ] n. jewel of a man; -rpa, n. male form; -lakshman, n. mark of a man, manliness; -li&ndot;ga, n. mark of a man, manliness; male gender (gr.); a. masculine (gr.): -t, f. masculine gender; -vat, ad. like a man; as in the case of a man; like the masculine (gr.); -vesh, a. f. wearing male attire.

पुंश्््चली puṃratna [ pums-kal-&isharp; ] a. consorting with men; f. whore; -ya, m. son of a whore.

पुंसवन puṃsavana [ pum-savana ] a. causing the birth of a male child; n. (vrata) domestic rite (at the beginning of conception) for the obtain ment of a son.

पुंस्कोकिल puṃskokila [ pums-kokila ] m. male Indian cuckoo: -tva, n. virility, manhood; mascu line gender (gr.).

पुक्कश pukkasa [ pukkasa ] m., , f. a despised mixed caste (offspring of a Nishda and a Sdr).

पुङ्ख punkha  [ pu&ndot;kh-a ] m. feathered end of an arrow: i-ta, pp. possessed of a feathered end (arrow); shot by (--ree;).

पुंगव pungava  [ pum-gava ] m. (male cow), bull; hero, chief among, most excellent of (--ree;): -ketu, m. having a bull for his emblem, ep. of Siva.

पुच्छ puccha [ pkkha ] m. n. tail; extreme end: -vat, a. possessed of a tail; -½agra, n. tip of the tail.

पीतकोश pitakosa [ pta-kosa ] a. having sealed an alli ance with a drink; -vat, a. having drunk; containing the verb p, drink; -½ambara, a. wearing a yellow garment; m. ep. of Krishna Vishnu; -½avasesha, a. (having a residue from what has been drunk), drunk up except ing a small remainder.

पीति piti [ p-t ] f. drinking (ac., g.); draught.

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पीतुदारु pitudaru [ p&isharp;tu-dru ] m. kind of tree; n. its resin.

पीथ pitha [ p-tha ] m. draught of (--ree;).

पीथिन्् pithin [ pth-in ] a. drinking, squandering (--ree;).

पीन pina [ p-na ] pp. (&root;2. p) swelling, full, round; robust, muscular; -kakudmat, a. having a fat hump; -t, f. fatness; -tva, n. id.; denseness (of darkness); -sroni-payodhara, a. having swelling hips and breasts.

पीनस pinasa [ pnasa ] m. cold, catarrh.

पीनायतककुद्््मत्् pinayatakakudmat [ pna½yata-kakudmat ] a. having a fat and lofty hump.

पीयूषpiyusa  [ p-y-&usharp;sh-a ] m. n. first week's milk of a cow, biestings; cream; juice; nectar (obtained at the churning of the ocean of milk): -bhnu, m. (nectar-rayed), moon; -bhug, m. (nectar-quaffer), god; -varsh-ya, den. . become a shower of nectar.

पीव piva  [ p&isharp;-va ] a. fat; -van, a. (r-) swelling, full, exuberant, fat; -vara, a. fat, large, broad (shoulders); abounding with (--ree;): , f. N., -tva, n. fulness, heaviness; -vas, n. fat (V.).

पीवोरूप pivorupa [ pvo-rpa ] a. having a fat ap pearance (Br.).

पिशाचक pisacaka [ piska-ka ] m. (, f.) Piska: -pu ra, n. N. of a village; -grihta-ka, m. one possessed of a demon; -t, f., -tva, n. con dition of a Piska; -pati, m. ep. of Siva; -vadana, a. having the face of a Piska; -½uraga-rkshasa, m. pl. imps, serpents, and demons.

पिशित pisita [ pis-it ] pp. &root;pis; n. carved flesh, flesh (sts. pl.): -vas-maya, a. () consist ing of flesh and fat; -½sa, m. flesh-devouring demon, Piska or Rkshasa; -½asana, a. flesh devouring; m. Piska or Rkshasa; -½sin, a., m. id.

पिशुन pisuna [ ps-una ] a. backbiting, detracting, slanderous, calumnious (person, speech); treacherous; malignant, mischievous, insi dious; wicked, base, vile; --ree;, betraying, in dicative of; m. backbiter; tale-bearer, in former, betrayer; N. of a minister of Dush yanta: -t, f. backbiting, sycophancy; -vak ana, n. calumnious speech, detraction, slan der.

पिशुनय pisunaya [ pisuna-ya ] den. P. betray, mani fest: pp. ita.

पिष्ट pista [ 1. pish-t ] pp. &root;pis.

पिष्ट pista [ 2. pish-t ] pp. &root;pish; n. meal: -ka, m. pastry, cake; n. meal.


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पिष्टप pistapa [ pishtapa ] m. n. various reading for vishtapa.

पिष्टपचन pistapacana [ pishta-pakana ] n. pan; -pasu, m. sacrificial animal made of flour; -maya, a. () made of flour.

पिष्टातक pistataka [ pishta½ata-ka ] n. (?) fragrant pow der.

पिहित pihita [ pi-hita ] pp. &root;dh.

पीठ pitha [ ptha ] n. stool, chair, seat, bench; base, pedestal; kind of temple (erected at the places where the limbs of Prvat when hewn in pieces at Daksha's sacrifice are supposed to have fallen); district, province; office: -ka, n. (?) chair, bench; -kakra, n. waggon with a seat; -marda, m. attendant of a man of rank; sp. companion of the hero in import ant enterprises (dr.).

पिपील pipila [ pi-pl- ] m. [intv. greatly squeezed in, very thin-waisted: &root;pd], ant: -ka, m. id.

पिपीलिका pipilika [ pip&isharp;l-ik ] f. id.: a, m. id.: -ma- dhya, a. slender in the middle like an ant: , f. any metre the middle pda of which is shorter than the preceding and following; -madhya, n. ant-waist fast (beginning with fifteen mouthfuls at full moon, decreasing daily by one till new moon, and increasing similarly till full moon).

पिप्पल pippala [ pip-pal-a ] m. sacred fig-tree, Peepal (Ficus religiosa); , f. N. of a river; n. (pp-), berry, sp. the fruit of the sacred fig-tree; sensual enjoyment: -½ada, a. eating the fruit of the Peepal tree; m. pl. a school of the AV.; &isharp;, f. berry; long pepper.

पिप्रु pipru [ p-pr-u ] m. [&root;pri], N. of a demon vanquished by Indra.

पिप्लु piplu [ pi-pl-u ] m. mole, freckle: -prakkhd ana, a. concealing the mole.

पिब piba [ piba ] pr. base of &root;p, drink: -vat, a. containing a form of the verb p, drink.

पिम्पला pimpala [ pim-pal- ] f. N. of a river (per- haps incorrect for pippal).

पियारु piyaru [ pyru ] a. mocking, overbearing.

पियाल piyala [ piy-la ] m. [for priyla], a tree (Buchanania latifolia); n. its fruit.

पिश pisa [ pis- ] m. [dappled, fair], deer.

पिशङ्ग pisanga [ pis-&ndot;-ga ] a. () [moving brilliantly, glittering], reddish, tawny: -gata, m. N. of an ascetic (having a reddish top-knot); -t, f., -tva, n. reddish or tawny colour: i-ta, pp. orange-coloured; -kri, colour reddish.


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