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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA), Daw Khin Wutyi, Daw Thuzar Myint and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR : http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{ni:.} - noting the fact that Visarga {wic~sa.} विसर्गः is used differently in Skt-Dev (also in Mon-Myan} from Bur-Myan,
   this phoneme may have only half-blink duration.

UKT notes :

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p144c3-b14/ p088

निषेद्धव्य [ ni-shed-dhavya ]
-- fp. to be restrained or prevented; -sheddhr, m. restrainer, preventer; -shedha, m. keeping off, prevention; prohibition; negation: -ka, a. prohibiting; -shedhin, a. repelling = surpassing (--); -shedhya, fp. to be prevented or prohibited; -sheva, a. practising (--); m. adoration: , f. practice, addiction to; enjoyment; adoration; -shevaka, a. (--) frequenting; practising; enjoying; -shevana, n. visiting; practice; employment of, addiction to (g., --); -shev- (end p144c3) (p145c1-top) -itavya, fp. to be practised or observed; -employed; -enjoyed; -shevin, a. devoting oneself to, practising; enjoying, having sexual intercourse with; -shevya, fp. to be visited; -enjoyed; venerable.
निषेद्धव्य  ni-shed-dhavya to be restrained or prevented; -sheddhr, m. restrainer, preventer;


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p145c1-b01/ p088

निष्क [ nishk ]
-- m. (n. rare) gold (silver) neck or breast ornament: used as a weight (varying with the period); a coin (of variable value): -kantha, a. () wearing a gold necklace.
 निष्क   nishk gold (silver) neck or breast ornament: used as a weight (varying with the period);


p145c1-b02/ p088

निष्कण्टक [ nish-kantaka ]
-- a. free from thorns or enemies; -kampa, a. not trembling, im movable, motionless; unmoved, steadfast: -t, f. firmness; -karuna, a. pitiless, cruel; -karman, a. inactive, idle; -karsha, m. drawing out, extraction; essence, substance, main point: ab. chiefly, mainly; -karsha na, n. drawing out, extraction; putting off; -kala, a. lacking parts, undivided; frail; m. decrepit old man; -kalaṅka, a. spotless, undefiled; -kalmasha, a. sinless, spotless: bh, become spotless or sinless.
निष्कण्टक   nish-kantaka free from thorns or enemies;


p145c1-b03/ p088

निष्कान्त niskanta [ nish-knta ]
-- a. uncomely, ugly; (nsh)-kma, a. free from desires; disinterested (act); -kmuka, a. free from worldly desires; -krana, a. having no cause or motive; disinterested: --, -m, ab. without cause, from disinterested motives; -ksh, m. scrapings of a pan.
निष्कान्त   nish-knta uncomely, ugly;


p145c1-b04/ p088

निष्किंचन niskincana [ nish-kimkana ]
-- a. having nothing, penniless: -tva, n. poverty; -kilvisha, a. free from sin.
निष्किंचन   nish-kimkana having nothing, penniless:


p145c1-b05/ p088

निष्कुट niskuta [ nish-kuta ]
-- m. n. grove; -kuthala, a. free from curiosity; -kula, a. having no family, whose family is extinct, alone in the world: -t, f. extirpation; -kulna, a. of ignoble family.
 निष्कुट   nish-kuta grove;

extirpate v. tr. extirpated extirpating extirpates 1. To pull up by the roots. 2. To destroy totally; exterminate. See note at abolish. 3. To remove by surgery. [Latin exstirpāre exstirpāt- ex- ex- stirps root] -- AHTD


p145c1-b06/ p088

निष्कृत niskrta [ nish-krit ]
-- (pp.) n. expiation; appointed place, rendezvous; (nsh)-kriti, f. restoration, restitution, compensation; expiation; -kripa, a. pitiless.
 निष्कृत   nish-krit expiation; appointed place, rendezvous;

expiate v. expiated expiating expiates v. tr. 1. To make amends or reparation for; atone: expiate one's sins by acts of penance. v. intr. 1. To make amends; atone. [Latin expiāre expiāt- ex- intensive pref.; See ex- pi āre to atone ( from pius devout) ] -- AHTD


p145c1-b07/ p088

निष्केवल्य niskevalya [ nsh-kevalya ]
-- a. belonging to some one exclusively: with sastra, n., or uktha, n. midday recitation meant for Indra alone; -kaitava, a. free from fraud, honest (person); -kaivalya, a. mere, simple.
  निष्केवल्य   nsh-kevalya belonging to some one exclusively:


p145c1-b08/ p088

निष्कोश niskosa [ nish-kosa ]
-- a. withdrawn from the scabbard; -koshana-ka, a. fit for picking the teeth (g.).
निष्कोश   nish-kosa withdrawn from the scabbard;


p145c1-b09/ p088

निष्क्रम niskrama [ nish-krama ]
-- m. going out; first walk out with a child in the fourth month after birth; -kramana, n. id.; leaving (ab.); disappearing; -krya, m. redemption; compensation; reward, payment: -kryana, n. redemption; ransom; expiation.
निष्क्रम   nish-krama going out; first walk out with a child in the fourth month after birth;


p145c1-b10/ p088

निष्क्रिय niskriya [ nish-kriya ]
-- a. inactive, idle; neglecting one's religious duties: -‿tman, a. lazy, -‿tmat, f. laziness; habitual neglect of religious duties.
निष्क्रिय   nish-kriya inactive, idle;


p145c1-b11/ p088

निष्क्रोध niskrodha [ nish-krodha ]
-- a. not angry with (g.); -klesa-lesa, a. free from the smallest of cares, perfectly happy.
निष्क्रोध   nish-krodha not angry with (g.);


p145c1-b12/ p088

निष्ठ nistha [ ni-shtha ]
-- a. (--) being or situated on; based or dependent on; relating to; devoted to, intent on; --, dependent (people, loka, m. pl.=dependants); with d. leading to, producing; , f. basis, state; intentness; perfection, completion; summit, limit; end, catastrophe, death; perfect knowledge, certainty, complete familiarity with (lc.); decision, regarding (g.); the terminations -ta and -ta-vat of the past participle, one of these past participles (gr.): -snya, a. irresolute (mind). ( end p145c1 )
 निष्ठ   ni-shtha (--) being or situated on; based or dependent on;

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p145c2-b00/ p088

निष्ठीवन nisthivana [ ni-shthv-ana ]
-- n. spitting; spittle: -sarva, m. spittoon.
   निष्ठीवन   ni-shthv-ana spitting; spittle: -sarva, m. spittoon.


p145c2-b01/ p088

निष्ठुर nisthura [ ni-shth-ura ]
-- a. [√sth] harsh, coarse; contumelious, rude: -t, f., -tva, n. harshness; coarseness.
निष्ठुर   ni-shth-ura [√sth] harsh, coarse; contumelious, rude:

contumely  n. pl. contumelies 1. Rudeness or contempt arising from arrogance; insolence. 2. An insolent or arrogant remark or act. [Middle English contumelie from Old French from Latin contumēlia contumāxinsolent] -- AHTD

p145c2-b02/ p088

निष्ठ्यूत nisthyuta [ ni-shthyta ]
-- pp. √shthiv; n. ejected spittle.
 निष्ठ्यूत   ni-shthyta √shthiv; n. ejected spittle.


p145c2-b03/ p088

निष्णात nisnata [ ni-shn-ta ]
-- pp. √sn: -tva, n. familiarity with (prati).
निष्णात   ni-shn-ta √sn: -tva, n. familiarity with (prati).


p145c2-b04/ p088

निष्पङ्क nispanka [ nish-paṅka ]
-- a. free from mud or dirt, clean, pure; -patti, f. being brought about; maturity; derivation, from (--); -pat tra, a. featherless; leafless; -pattr-kri, wound with an arrow in such a manner that only the feathers do not penetrate; -pathya, a. ill.
  निष्पङ्क   nish-paṅka free from mud or dirt, clean, pure;


p145c2-b05/ p088

निष्पन्द nispanda [ nish-[s]panda ]
-- a. motionless: kri, render motionless; -parikara, a. not having made the necessary preparations; -parikaya, a. not becoming intimate; -pari- kkhada, a. having no retinue; -paryanta, a. unlimited.
 निष्पन्द   nish-[s]panda motionless: kri, render motionless;


p145c2-b06/ p088

निष्पाण्डव nispandava [ nish-pndava ]
-- a. delivered from the Pndavas; -pda-ka, a. accomplishing; -pdana, n. accomplishment; -pdya, fp. to be accomplished, -brought about: -‿abda sahasra, full millennium; -ppa, a. sinless; -plaka, a. having no guardian; -pdana, n. pressure; -putra, a. sonless, childless; -pu rusha, a. having no males; -pulka, a. free from shrivelled grain: -kri, free from shrivelled grain; -pesha, m. impact; clash ing sound; -paurusha‿marsha, a. destitute of manliness and anger; -prakra-ka, a. free from specifications; -praksa, a. dark; -praga, a. witless, stupid; -pratpa, a. destitute of dignity; -pratikriya, a. not to be saved, past help: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -prati graha, a. accepting no gifts: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -pratigha, a. unobstructed; -pratipaksha, a. having no adversary: -t, f., -tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -pratibandha, a. free from obstacles; unobjectionable; -pratkra, a. that cannot be helped; irremediable; unhindered; -pratysa, a. having given up all hope of (lc. or upari): -bhu, lose all hope of (prati); -pratyha, a. free from obstacles: -m, ad. without hindrance; -pradesa, a. having no fixed place; -prapaka, a. unevolved, exempt from multiformity: -sad-tman, a. having real existence without being evolved; -pra bha, a. deprived of radiance or splendour: -t, f., -tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -prabhva, a. powerless: -tva, n. -ness; -pramna-ka, a. supported by no authority; -prayogana, a. disinterested (spectator); useless: -m, ad. uselessly; needless, uncalled for; -pravni, a. fresh from the loom; quite new.
 निष्पाण्डव   nish-pndava delivered from the Pndavas; -pda-ka, a. accomplishing;


p145c2-b07/ p088

निष्फल nisphala [ nish-phala ]
-- a. bearing no fruit; fruitless, useless, vain; reaping no advantage, unsuccessful: -tva, n. abst. ɴ.
निष्फल   nish-phala bearing no fruit; fruitless, useless, vain;


p145c2-b08/ p088

निष्फलय nisphalaya [ nish-phala-ya ]
-- den. P. render fruitless.
निष्फलय   nish-phala-ya P. render fruitless.


p145c2-b09/ not online

-- leave unrewarded


p145c2-b10/ p088

निष्यन्द nisyanda [ ni-shyanda ] m. shower.
 निष्यन्द   ni-shyanda shower.


p145c2-b11/ p088

निःष्पन्दता nihspandata [ nih-shpanda-t ]
-- f. motionlessness.
 निःष्पन्दता   nih-shpanda-t motionlessness. 

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p145c2-b12/ p088

निस् nis [ ns ]
-- ad. out, forth (V.); prp. combined with verbs, out, away from (ab.); nominal prefix, 1. as prp.: out of; 2. as negation: dis-, lack of; without,-less; 3. emphasizing the following word: altogether.
  निस्   ns out, forth (V.); prp. combined with verbs, out, away from (ab.);


p145c2-b13/ p088

निसर्ग nisarga [ ni-sarga ] m. evacuation of excrement; giving away; bestowal, grant; creation; innate disposition, nature: --, -tas, in., ab. by nature; -ga, a. innate, original, origin- (end p145c2) (p145c3-top) ally formed by (--); -padva, a. () naturally inclined towards (lc.).
  निसर्ग   ni-sarga evacuation of excrement; giving away;


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p145c3-b01/ not online

निसूदन nisudana [ ni-sdana ]
-- v. nishdana.


p145c3-b02/ p088

निसृत nisrta [ ni-srita ]
-- pp., v. √sri.
 निसृत   ni-srita √sri.


p145c3-b03/ p088

निसृष्टार्थ nisrstartha [ ni-srishta‿artha ]
-- a. authorized; m. envoy.
 निसृष्टार्थ   ni-srishta̮artha authorized; m. envoy.


p145c3-b04/ p088

निस्तमस्क nistamaska [ nis-tamas-ka ]
-- a. free from darkness, light; -tamisra, a. id.; -taraṅga, a. waveless, calm; -tarana, n. getting out of danger, escape; -taranya, fp. to be got over; -tartavya, fp. to be crossed; to be overcome; -tala, a. not flat, round, spherical; -tra, m. crossing, passing over the sea (also fig.); liquidation, payment.
 निस्तमस्क   nis-tamas-ka free from darkness, light;


p145c3-b05/ p088

निस्तुष nistusa [ nis-tusha ]
-- a. unhusked; purified, pure; -trish, a. satisfied.
निस्तुष   nis-tusha unhusked; purified, pure;


p145c3-b06/ p088

निस्तेजस् nistejas [ nis-tegas ]
-- a. devoid of lustre; destitute of energy or vigour; spiritless, dull; -toya, a. destitute of water: -trina-pdapa, a. destitute of water, grass, and trees.
 निस्तेजस्   nis-tegas devoid of lustre; destitute of energy or vigour; spiritless, dull; -toya, a. destitute of water: -trina-pdapa, a. destitute of water, grass, and trees.


p145c3-b07/ p088

निस्त्रप nistrapa [ nis-trapa ]
-- a. shameless; -trimsa, a. cruel, pitiless (-tva, n. pitilessness); m. sword: -dharmin, a. resembling a sword; -traigun ya, a. not endowed with the three qualities.
 निस्त्रप   nis-trapa shameless; -trimsa, a. cruel, pitiless (-tva, n. pitilessness);


p145c3-b08/ p088

निस्यन्द ni-syanda, ˚ष्यन्द nisyanda ni-syanda, syanda [ -shyanda ]
-- a. trickling or streaming down; m. trickling, effusion; downward flow, stream, discharge; sweat; -syandin, a. streaming or trickling down; dropping (--).
निस्यन्द   -shyanda trickling or streaming down;


p145c3-b09/ p088

निस्वन nisvana [ ni-svana ]
-- m. noise, sound; voice.
 निस्वन   ni-svana noise, sound; voice.

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{ni:.} (?)

p145c3-b10/ p088

निःसंशय nihsaṃsaya nihsadhara [ nih-samsaya ]
-- a. undoubted, certain; undoubting, sure: -m, a1 certainly, undoubtedly; -samsayita, pp. unquestioned, sure, safe; -samskra, a. unrefined, ill-mannered: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -saṅkhya, a. innumerable; -saṅga, a. unattached; indifferent to (lc.), disinterested, free from all desires: -t, f., -tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -sakiva, a. lacking a minister; -samkra, a. not going out, not leaving the house; -samga, a. unconscious; -sattva, a. devoid of reality; wanting in courage or firmness; weak, wretched; deprived of living beings: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -satya, a. untrue, lying: -t, f. untruthfulness, mendacity, insincerity; -sam tati, a. destitute of offspring; -samdigdha, pp. not doubtful, certain: -m, ad. undoubtedly, certainly; -samdeha, a. id.; -samdhi, a. lacking a joining or interstice; close, firm (embrace); -sapatna, a. having no rival; uncontested; unrivalled: -t, f. abst. ɴ.; -sambdha, a. uncrowded; -sambhrama, a. unperplexed (about, inf.); -sarana, n. going out; exit; expedient against (ab. or --); -sarani, a. pathless; -sarpa, a. free from serpents; -salila, a. waterless; -saha, a. powerless; fainting: --, ad. in a faint; -sahya, a. companionless, helpless.
 निःसंशय   nih-samsaya undoubted, certain; undoubting, sure:


p145c3-b11/ p088

निःसाधार [ nih-sdhra ]
-- a. unsupported: -m, ad. without a support; -sdhvasa, a. fearless, undaunted: -tva, n. abst. ɴ.; -sm arthya, a. unsuitable; -smnya, a. unusual, extraordinary; -sra, a. sapless, insipid; insignificant; worthless, vain, transitory (-t, f., -tva, n. abst. ɴ.); m. a musical measure; -srana, n. removal; expulsion; -srya, fp. to be excluded from (ab.).
 निःसाधार   nih-sdhra unsupported:


p145c3-b12/ p088

निःसीमन् nihsiman [ nih-sman ]
-- a. unlimited, boundless; -sukha, a. joyless, sad; -stra, a. lacking a cord; helpless; -soma-ka, a. moonless.
 निःसीमन्   nih-sman unlimited, boundless;


p145c3-b13/ p088

निःस्तम्भ nihstambha [ nih-stambha ]
-- a. lacking pillars; having no support.
निःस्तम्भ   nih-stambha lacking pillars;


p145c3-b11/ p088

निःस्नेह nihsneha [ nih-sneha ]
-- a. not oily, not greasy, free from fat; lacking moisture (soil); devoid ( end p145 ) ( p146c1-top  )
of affection for (prati); having no desire for, indifferent towards (--); not treated with affection (servants); abhorred, odious.
 निःस्नेह   nih-sneha not oily, not greasy, free from fat;


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