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A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary


by A. A. Macdonell, 1893,
http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/scans/MDScan/index.php?sfx=jpg 1929.
Nataraj ed., 1st in 2006, 2012

Edited, with additions from Pali sources, by U Kyaw Tun (UKT) (M.S., I.P.S.T., USA) and staff of Tun Institute of Learning (TIL) . Not for sale. No copyright. Free for everyone. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Research Station, Yangon, MYANMAR :  http://www.tuninst.net , www.romabama.blogspot.com

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{za.la.} - cont
/ {za} : Maukcha-Weikcha Rule
/ {za-ga.}
{za-nga.} : as coda


UKT notes :

Maukcha-Weikcha Rule : {mauk-hkya.}-{weik-hkya.} rule

- UKT 160310:
I hold that there is a reason why certain glyphs are based on a single-circle, whilst others are based on double-circles. The reason is either on "pronunciation" or on "meaning", and I try to stick to the rule which I had learnt as a child, that {mauk-hkya.} is used for single-circle glyphs and {weik-hkya.} is for double circles. My friend U Tun Tint of MLC has disputed what I have remembered and holds that the choice of {mauk-hkya.} or {weik-hkya.} is set arbitrarily.


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{za.la.} - cont



जलद [ gala-da ]
- m. (water-giver), cloud: -kla, m. rainy season; -kshaya, m. (disappearance of clouds), autumn; -taskara, m. robber of a cloud; -samaya, m. rainy season; -‿gama, m. (arrival of clouds), rainy season; -‿atyaya, m. autumn.



जलदान [ gala-dna ]
- n. libation of water (fes tival in Uggayin); -dravya, n. ocean-pro duct, pearl; -dhara, m. (water-bearer), cloud: -ml, f. tract of clouds, -‿abhyudaya, m. (rise of the clouds), rainy season; -dhr, f. stream of water, shower; -dhi, m. ocean, sea: -t, f. abst. n., -rasan, f. ocean-girt (earth); -nidhi, m. ocean, sea; -pakshin, m. water bird; -patha, m. sea-voyage; -pda, m. (water-foot), N. of a frog-king; -pra, m. full channel (of a river); -prusha, m. water pixie; -pravha, m. current; -plava, m. deluge; -bindu, m. drop of water: -durdina, n. shower of rain; -budbuda, m. water-bubble; -bhgana, n. water-vessel; -maya, a. () consisting of water; -mnusha, m. () fa bulous aquatic being; otter; -muk, a. discharging rain; m. cloud.



जलयन्त्र [ gala-yantra ]
- n. squirt; water-clock: -ka, n. squirt, -kakra, n. water-wheel, -man dira, n. apartment with shower-bath; -rsi, m. waters; sea, ocean; -ruh, -ruha, m. day lotus (growing in the water); -rekh, f. streak on the water; strip of water; -lekh, f. id.; -lava-muk, m. (shedding drops of water), cloud; -vat, a. abounding in water; -vsa, m. abode in the water; a. living in the water; -vs-in, a. living in the water: (i)-t, f. abst. n.; -vha, a. bearing water: -ka, m. water carrier; -sayy, f. lying in the water (as a penance); -samnivesa, m. reservoir, pond; -srya: -ka, m. reflection of the sun in the water; -stha, a. being in the water; -sthna, n. reservoir, lake; -snna, n. bathe; -hastin, m. (water-elephant), crocodile; -hra, m. water-carrier; , f.



जलांशु [ gala‿amsu ]
- m. (cool-rayed), moon (= gadmsu); -‿gama, m. rain; -‿agali, m. two handfuls of water in honour of the dead; fare well for ever (fig.); -‿atyaya, m. (cessation of the rain), autumn; -‿dhra, m. reservoir, pond.



जलाय [ gal-ya ]
- den. . turn into water.



जलायुका [ gal-yu-k ]
- f. leech.



जलार्थिन् [ gala‿arthin ]
- a. thirsty; -‿rdra, a. wet, moist: , f. wet garment; damp cloth (used for fanning); -rdrik, f. id. (-- a.); -‿saya, m. reservoir, pond, lake; sea; a. rest ing in the water; stupid.



जलाष [ glsha ]
- a. soothing, healing; -bhe shaga, a. having soothing remedies.



जलाहति [ gala‿hati ]
- f. downpour of rain.



जलेचर [ gale-kara ]
- a. () living in the water; m. aquatic animal (-- a. f. ); -saya, a. abiding in the water; ep. of Vishnu.



जलेश [ gala‿sa ]
- m. lord of water, ep. of Varuna, ocean.



जलेश्वर [ gala‿svara ]
- m. lord of water, ep. of Varuna.





जलोदर [ gala‿udara ]
- n. (water-belly), dropsy; -‿uddhata-gati, a. moving violently in the water; f. a metre; -udbhava, a. sprung from the water; m. aquatic animal; N. of a water sprite.


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जलौक [ gala‿oka ]
- m. leech; , f.: -‿okas, a. living in the water; m. aquatic animal; N. of a king; f. leech; -‿oka‿avakaranya, fp. treating of the application of leeches.





जल्प [ galp-a ]
- m. talk, conversation, words: pl. prate; -aka, a. chattering; m. chatterer; -ana, n. speaking, talking; -ka, a. chattering, loquacious; -ita, pp. n. talk; words; -in, a. speaking, talking (--); -ya, n. chatter.


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जव [ gav- ]
- a. swift; m. swiftness, speed; haste: ab. at once; -ana, a. () quick, swift; n. quickness, swiftness; -anik, f. curtain.



जवस् [ gv-as ]
- n. swiftness.



जवा [ gav ]
- f. China rose.



जवाधिक [ gava‿adhika ]
- a. running faster.



जविन् [ gav-n ]
- a. swift; quick, speedy, hasty.



जविष्ठ [ gv-ishtha ]
- spv. swiftest, quickest; -yas, cpv. quicker or swifter than (ab.).


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जसु [ gs-u ]
- f. exhaustion; -uri, a. exhausted; -van, a. wretched.





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जहका [ ghak ]
- f. hedgehog.



जहत्स्वार्थ [ gahat-svrtha ]
- a. giving up its original meaning; , f.=gahal-lakshan.



जहल्लक्षणा [ gahal-lakshan ]
- f. mediate designation giving up the primary meaning (e.g. "on the Ganges", meaning 'on the bank of the Ganges'.



जहित [ ga-hi-t ]
- pp. (√h) forsaken, forlorn.



जहु [ gahu ]
- m. young of an animal.



जन्हु [ gahnu ]
- m. N. of a king who adopted the Ganges; N. of a cave in the Himlaya from which the Ganges issues: -kany, f. daughter of Gahnu, Ganges; -sut, f. id.




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/ {za}

UKT 160310: I hold that there is a reason why certain glyphs are based on a single-circle, whilst others are based on double-circles. The reason is either on "pronunciation" or on "meaning", and I try to stick to the rule which I had learnt as a child, that {mauk-hkya.} is used for single-circle glyphs and {weik-hkya.} is for double circles. My friend U Tun Tint of MLC has disputed what I have remembered and holds that the choice of {mauk-hkya.} or {weik-hkya.} is set arbitrarily.


  जा [ g&asharp; ]
- a. --=-ga, born; m. f. (nm. -s) offspring: pl. progeny.


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/ {za-ga.}


जागत [ ggata ]
- a. composed in gagat metre.

UKT 160310: Jagati meter is one of the seven main meters in Sanskrit poetry with 4 padas of 12 syllables containing 48 syllables in each stanza. The study of meter is one of the six Vedanga disciplines which are more important to the Myanmar Buddhists than Veda itself which is made up of mainly hymns and mantras directed to the Hindu gods and goddesses. See also Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedic_meter 160310


जागर [ g-gar-a ]
- m. waking; waking vision; -aka, m. waking; -ana, a. awake; n. waking; -it, pp. wakeful; n. waking: -sthna, a. being in a wakeful condition; -ishnu, a. wake ful; -&usharp;ka, a. watchful; occupied with (--).






जागृवि [ ggri-vi ]
- a. watchful; bright; stimulating.



जाग्रत् [ ggr-at ]
- pr.pt. watching; n. waking: -svapn, m. du. waking and sleep.


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जाघनी [ g&asharp;ghan ]
- f. tail (connected w. gagha na).


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{za-nga.} : as coda


जाङ्गल [ gṅgala ]
- a. open, dry, even, and productive (country); existing in such a country; m. quail; n. game, meat.



जाङ्घिक [ gṅgh-ika ]
- a. swift-footed; m. run ner


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जाजिन् [ gg-in ]
- m. fighter.


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जाठर [ gthara ]
- a. () relating to the belly; (with agni, m. digestive fire, hunger); m. son.


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जाड्य [ gd-ya ]
- n. chilliness; want of sensation, dulness; stupidity; inanimateness.



जाड्यभाव [ gdya-bhva ]
- m. stupidity.


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  जात [ g-t ]
- pp. (√gan); m. son; n. creature; birth; race, kind, genus; --, all that is comprised by --, sum total of --, any --, every kind of --: lc. in general.



जातक [ gta-ka ]
- a. --, begotten by --; born under (a star); m. new-born child; n. (astrological) nativity; story of one of Buddha's former births.



जातकर्मन् [ gta-karman ]
- n. after-birth ceremony; -dosha, a. guilty; -nashta, pp. hav ing appeared and disappeared; -paksha, a. fledged; -prya, a. almost come to pass; -preta, pp. first born and then deceased; -mtra, a. but just born, only just arisen; -rpa, a. of native beauty, beauteous; golden; n. gold: -maya, a. () golden; -vat, a. born; containing a derivative of the √gan; -vsaka, n. lying-in room; -vsa-griha, n. (apartment in which living takes place), sitting room; ()-vidy, f. science of the origin or of the essence of things, metaphysics; -vi nashta, pp.=gta-nashta; -visvsa, a. having confidence engendered, inspired with con fidence; ()-vedas, a. having knowledge of beings; m. Agni; (C.) fire; -vesman, n. chamber of a new-born infant; lying-in room; -sil, f. (real=) massive stone; -samkalpa, a. resolved; enamoured.

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जातापत्य [ gta‿apatya ]
- a. having offspring; -‿amarsha, a. having one's anger roused, enraged; -‿avamna, a. filled with self-contempt.



जाति [ g-ti ]
- f. birth, origin, rebirth; existence, life; state; rank, caste; family, tribe, race; genus (opp. species), species (opp. individual), kind, class; disposition; normal character, genuineness: in. -tas, --, by birth.


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जातिजानपद [ gti-gnapada ]
- a. relating to the castes and to the districts; -bhg, a. subject to birth; -bhramsa, m. loss of caste; -bhrashta, pp. having lost caste; -mat, a. high-born; capable of being classed under a general notion; -mtra, n. mere rank: -‿upa- gvin, a. subsisting by the name of his caste only; -vakana, n. generic term; - sampanna, pp. endowed with good family, high-born; -smara, a. remembering one's former existence: -t, f., -tva, n. abst. n.; -smarana, n. remembrance of a former birth; -hna, pp. destitute of good family, of low birth or rank.



जाती [ g-t ]
- f. rarer form of gti; nutmeg tree: -kosa, m. nutmeg.



जातीय [ gtya ]
- a. belonging to the caste, family, race, kind, or genus, of (--): -ka, a. id.


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जातु [ g&asharp;-tu ]
- ad. at all; ever; possibly, perhaps, once: na gtu, not at all, by no means, never (sts. with kid or kad kid added).





जातुष [ gtusha ]
- a. () made of or painted with lac.



जातूकर्ण [ gt-karna ]
- m. N. of an old teacher, physician, and author of a law-book; , f. N. of Bhavabhti's mother: -putra, m. son of Gtkarn, Bhavabhti.



जातूकर्ण्य [ gtkarnya ]
- m. descendant of Gtkarna.


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जातेर्ष्य [ gta‿rshya ]
- a. having jealousy engendered, jealous; -ishti, f. sacrifice on the birth of a child.


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